King Von - GTA (Audio)
Pred 2 mesiacmi
King Von - Mine Too (Audio)
King Von - Demon (Audio)
Pred 2 mesiacmi
King Von - Ride (Audio)
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King Von - Same As Us (Audio)
King Von - 3 A.M. (Audio)
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King Von - Broke Opps (Audio)
King Von - Block (Audio)
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Reginald Patterson
Reginald Patterson Pred dňom
He was the game changer
TNB_packs2k Pred dňom
Rip kingvon 🕊🕊🖤🖤
GesùBambino DiNazaret
GesùBambino DiNazaret Pred dňom
Wish I knew his music before, rip von
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor Pred dňom
artists with songs called Armed and dangerous 1. juice wrld 2. pop smoke 3. von y’all see a trend? 💔
Claude Bradley
Claude Bradley Pred dňom
Lil Fred Hodge
Lil Fred Hodge Pred dňom
Rip von
Dantedijon1 Pred dňom
Views jumped from 19 million to 65 million...jeez
Lenny Autin
Lenny Autin Pred dňom
R.E.P V.ROY 😈❤️🕊
Build and shoot
Build and shoot Pred dňom
We not from 63rd
Matteo Ciampi
Matteo Ciampi Pred dňom
Besta von song ever
grim ballin
grim ballin Pred dňom
He wasn’t arm and dangerous when he got smoke
DarkL0rd Pred dňom
He had an open case that didnt allow him to have a gun on him but he try to fight Quando n Quandos homeboy saw that Von was whooping quandos ahh an started shootin..
Chynya Whyte
Chynya Whyte Pred dňom
I miss you I love you I want you back I need you back Damn dayvon Why 😔
Deandra Mitchell
Deandra Mitchell Pred dňom
Von the goat on God
Magnolia Pred dňom
This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
chris mchaney
chris mchaney Pred dňom
R.I.P King Von nothing but love and we will always carry you on in our hearts. A talent taken away from us too soon smfh🤢
matthew gamertv
matthew gamertv Pred dňom
Police say waching me
Amadou Bah
Amadou Bah Pred dňom
R.i.p Von
Mike Mosley
Mike Mosley Pred dňom
YOOO the beginning really had me skip so fast
Jaden DeckZ
Jaden DeckZ Pred dňom
0:47 when the cop catches you drinking
kayla norman
kayla norman Pred dňom
Besides it’s crip all day on gang🥶❄️♿️💙
Officer Ricky
Officer Ricky Pred dňom
Who else came here from a SVpost ads?
kayla norman
kayla norman Pred dňom
He still alive bc on his insta it day y’all thought y’all killed me it’s demon time and plus they never made a video for this song because I’ve knew this song every since it came out and I thought there was going to be a video and there wasn’t one and now months later here goes a video
kayla norman
kayla norman Pred dňom
I mean on his insta it says
Keygan Anderson
Keygan Anderson Pred dňom
Bruh a duck & von song would've shut Chicago down we used to be brothers 2-15-19 & im from east Atlanta
Jailani Saksii-Phrommavongxay
Jailani Saksii-Phrommavongxay Pred dňom
7m in 4dayz u kno dis nigga celebrating
daevon smith
daevon smith Pred dňom
fly high
Jjpostreamer Pred dňom
Man von good but 4 days ago he alive
Mia Lewis
Mia Lewis Pred dňom
I love and miss you soooooo muchhh Von omm words can’t explain I need to see you smile again laugh again tweet again go live again I miss you so much I just want you to come back already someway somehow I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART VON 💙💙💙💙🥺
Silver The Goat
Silver The Goat Pred dňom
Remember me when im famous
Mia Lewis
Mia Lewis Pred dňom
7 million in 4 days Von period you know how your REAL supporters coming we never played about youuuu💙💙💙
Jam Hodge
Jam Hodge Pred dňom
Them 4K dis likes are from people who are gay
Salmon king
Salmon king Pred dňom
R.I.P.king von #LLJ 🕊️
Flux Kinshott
Flux Kinshott Pred dňom
best song
Zyrizzy 11
Zyrizzy 11 Pred dňom
Rip 🪦 King von
Nita Gray
Nita Gray Pred dňom
That best song von and melly made
The Unknown
The Unknown Pred dňom
Rip von
josiah williams
josiah williams Pred dňom
dead or alive my nigga droppen beats on god
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Pred dňom
Silver The Goat
Silver The Goat Pred dňom
Son: Mom, why does all the good people die? Mom: Bc people kill them cuz they are jealous
Silver The Goat
Silver The Goat Pred dňom
Me: *throwing some gang signs* Me 5 sec afta it: Wtf am I doing
Badkidcam Drippy
Badkidcam Drippy Pred dňom
I’m obsessed with king von even if he’s dead own the channel every day
Silver The Goat
Silver The Goat Pred dňom
The dislikes are from the beard guy playin basketball
ALF_ EPG55 Pred dňom
I got to say it this is my favourite king von song its for sure platinum
Rip to a real street legend ❤️
Sara Smith
Sara Smith Pred dňom
The teeny-tiny daisy parenthetically pretend because guatemalan radiographically signal than a chubby size. grateful gratis, somber tennis
Twisty_ Aloe
Twisty_ Aloe Pred dňom
Long Live King of Drill
Dezron Grimmage
Dezron Grimmage Pred dňom
oh yuh jhit still snappin
Cjaaoo yo game
Cjaaoo yo game Pred dňom
Go von
Coolninja Pred dňom
Rip king von
Vîñ Tägē
Vîñ Tägē Pred dňom
I remember when he went live when shooting this video.I thought he was in jail lol.RIP VON💪
Cjaaoo yo game
Cjaaoo yo game Pred dňom
Wo you good l pay for your gun wow that's up
Коля Соловей
Коля Соловей Pred dňom
If Polo G continue doing amazing guess's parts, He was king of guess's parts as Quavo, Swae Lee or Gunna.
Humam Banan
Humam Banan Pred dňom
These are the kinda storys yo homies tell ya when u missed one Day of school
CyrxAU -
CyrxAU - Pred dňom
It’s so sad how king von died
AQIF 1516
AQIF 1516 Pred dňom
Same like JUICE WRLD
R.I.P Man it hit me when u passed because i really loved ya music.🥺💖
Nataelie Jordan
Nataelie Jordan Pred dňom
He still alive
Hot Boi Tazz
Hot Boi Tazz Pred dňom
R.I.P. King Von
Nataelie Jordan
Nataelie Jordan Pred dňom
I’m a get my revenge for king Von
Beverly Ogden
Beverly Ogden Pred dňom
The Slick Rick Of Drill
Deesil The Menace
Deesil The Menace Pred dňom
You the type shoot with your eyes closed 💀💨🔫
NMPump Pred dňom
The people that like quando rondo are trump supporters
XanaX Damage
XanaX Damage Pred dňom
I miss you so much
Maurice Smith
Maurice Smith Pred dňom
Destiny Hendrix
Destiny Hendrix Pred dňom
MMP Movement
MMP Movement Pred dňom
This hits so different now.😞💯
Dloreal Bonty
Dloreal Bonty Pred dňom
This. Lit
Dloreal Bonty
Dloreal Bonty Pred dňom
Mads Grosås
Mads Grosås Pred dňom
Best story teller rip
sh my
sh my Pred dňom
kknapweedd ms
kknapweedd ms Pred dňom
Ты в сердце🕊❤️
Kam Russ
Kam Russ Pred dňom
dee kay
dee kay Pred dňom
You made everyone feel like they knew you and was their homie...when we lost you the world took that serious like we was all boutta bust on whoeva for you! REST EASY KING!
Matthew TK
Matthew TK Pred dňom
Ya'll know Von was the best upcoming rapper in the game
brodriguez83 Pred dňom
Long Live King Von. Im a old head so I must admit I never heard of him until he was no longer. This dude was nothing but straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Premium 91 gas flow #gonetoosoon
Kameron Burnette
Kameron Burnette Pred dňom
Gonna miss hearing new tracks from you #300
pxrp Pred dňom
Von rapping bout himself fr
Prayer Stokes
Prayer Stokes Pred dňom
Rip king von
Prayer Stokes
Prayer Stokes Pred dňom
I like this song
brodriguez83 Pred dňom
Im a old head. So I never really heard of King Von. He ain't nothing but straight fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Lomg Live King Von #gonewaytoosoon
TheDosem Pred dňom
dude in red loses his glasses at 4:09