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Satya Lokesh Pred 22 hodinami
Don't worry I cannot max an account in coc
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Sayed Emad Mahdi Pred 22 hodinami
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2021 hi
RAFAEL BATNAG Pred 22 hodinami
Thank you ❤️ Your strategy Work Keep it more videos tutorial for those who don't know what to do .....
Ace Game
Ace Game Pred 22 hodinami
Thanks for the steps Judo really helped a lot but some of the steps I have mistaken but still I 3 star the last town hall 13 challenge.
Ishaan Kaphai
Ishaan Kaphai Pred 22 hodinami
I like to upgard each and every thing including walls to max level and I also wait for season to end because we have loot form season bank and also clan games rewards
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Dimath Perera Pred 22 hodinami
Welcome back 🙏❤️🤗
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Guardian Killer Pred 22 hodinami
Won't be maxed for long
Umasankar Tripathy
Umasankar Tripathy Pred 22 hodinami
Judo.. Plz make a video for th14.. Upgrade guide..
manav Anghan
manav Anghan Pred 22 hodinami
When I Was In Th-8 I Am On Master League But I Dropped Playing Coc
AMARE Pred 22 hodinami
3:43 judo it's not the record i have a bookmark of the world first 500 war win strategy & highest war win strategy clan. It has now 560+ war win strategy. This is a big mistake bro in your video...😑
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Nazmus Sakib Arif Pred 22 hodinami
Jodu is the best
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How come I can't find this in clash of clans
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When it comes to info judo never fails just like the code judo
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Judo can farm with anything 😅
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I'm excited for next video and new strategy for th14 to watch!!! I will prefer mighty yak for queen because everytime queen stuck with walls 😄
Frailium Pred 22 hodinami
The th10 farm base is just the miner mania practice base...
Harsh Kavi
Harsh Kavi Pred 22 hodinami
Thanks a LOT, VERY nicely explained.. I hope this will be definitely USEFUL FOR OUR CLAN👍👍💐💐
GabeVx Pred 22 hodinami
Me a th9 in masters 2 hmm...
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No one told if it is available at th14 only, is it?
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Inferno King
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I think we all know they only added them so people wouldn’t put builder huts in the corner
kiit kat
kiit kat Pred 23 hodinami
2025: The grass fights back
Paul Pred 23 hodinami
2050:you can now jump straight into screen and join the battle
Midhun Krishnan
Midhun Krishnan Pred 23 hodinami
Malayalis like addi
VIDEO BOX Pred 23 hodinami
Archer queen + unicorn + healers will popular as queen walk will developed
Piyush Pred 23 hodinami
@judo What happens when we have builder boost running...is the builder be able to repair the huts faster and we can avoid 3stars?
VIDEO BOX Pred 23 hodinami
Judo air how much it will cost to train them
Enlightened Sloth
Enlightened Sloth Pred 23 hodinami
Finally done the event with 2rage+3freeze+1invisibility swag 😘😘😘. Ty judo sloth
Dking0 Pred 23 hodinami
Video starts at 8:20
Prasad Nayak
Prasad Nayak Pred 23 hodinami
Dusky YT
Dusky YT Pred 23 hodinami
I dont like the shield system Its like say Irl you are in war with someone and you tell the enemy " I'm going on a vacation and you better not attack my base !" but i guess its one way for SC to make money :D
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This mans been raking in subs
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I love the intro The way he blends it with the music
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11:42 relatable
Lennon Anderson
Lennon Anderson Pred 23 hodinami
Majesh Pred 23 hodinami
More questions.... 1)Do these pets have regeneration time? 2)What if the heroes die,will the pets fight without the heroes or it just vanish? 3)When we use hero's ability will pets also get that ability? Using L.A.S.S.I with RC is a good choice,since L.A.S.S.I can jump walls,so does the RC it would be an advantage
white obama
white obama Pred 23 hodinami
Guys can you join my Clan it's called zyncZ and its new and almost anybody can join.if ya don't want it then it's ok
SKY RISK Pred 23 hodinami
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Gamer 11
Gamer 11 Pred 23 hodinami
Thanks Judo for always explaining new updated
Borderlands808 Pred 23 hodinami
I actually suggested having pets a while back. everyone thought it was stupid. Lol
Janina Janina
Janina Janina Pred 23 hodinami
Next update covid 19 is coming😂
Alfred Lee
Alfred Lee Pred 23 hodinami
hello Mr. Judo Sloth I'm a th9 player and currently using the following troup 6 wall breaker 10 Valkyrie 12 wizard 2 P.E.K.K.A 1 golem is this good enough, because sometime i find it hard to control the direction Valkyrie suppose to go, so i use the wizard outside to create pathing, before that i use golem to tank for both wizard and my wall breaker, then when it is sure to drive in my P.E.K.K.A and Valkyrie, I'll spam them in, and also my king and queen to go around the base, with the help of the remaining wizard. I do also bring 2 healing spell and 2 rage spell and a poison spell(in case there are some cc troop(example max level dragon)).
ss reX
ss reX Pred 23 hodinami
It is getting out of hand.... Sorry but I'll say it. It's getting ridiculous.... Pets really? Who thought it was a good idea!??? Coc is getting worse with every update, I might stop playing :(
Ethan Mariquit
Ethan Mariquit Pred 23 hodinami
He looks very very similar to the rascal boy in clash royale Agree?
Kweeper Pred 23 hodinami
The 500 dislikes are from people who has level 1 walls
C.J. Pred 23 hodinami
Thanks SO much Judo! I had been procrastinating finishing this challenge on all my accounts. Did somehow manage to do it on my own one time for my main and couldn't recreate it for the others. This was such an easy tut to follow, wish I would've watched this vid when it came out!
Warrior - PUBGM TELUGU Pred 23 hodinami
U r clumsy
Destro Metro
Destro Metro Pred 23 hodinami
me: who is never gonna get to TH 14 in the next 2 year. Also me: watching the video
kiwikid7890 Pred dňom
town hall seven pushing eight. this video was very helpful😁😁
I like to copy comments
I like to copy comments Pred dňom
Wow keep up the good work with the veiws soon you will get to 1mill
ANAS KHAN Pred dňom
Yay I got three stars thank uuuuu
Vince Mns
Vince Mns Pred dňom
so what is the exact date and time of the update?
Failed Tryhard
Failed Tryhard Pred dňom
I don’t like this part of the update ngl
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What do I do at town hall 7
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Next: farming with sneaky goblin
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sucks that he cheated lol
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The most annoying feature while joining clan is When we use filters to search clan and add request to join all tabs will be closed automatically and we have to select same filters again
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