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Imo, flying cargo is better because of the solitude, just your co-pilots and a bunch of barrels filled with radioactive waste to talk to
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All I have to say on this argument is 737 max
Cosmo Sutcliffe
Cosmo Sutcliffe Pred 13 hodinami
All I have to say on this argument is 737 max
Cosmo Sutcliffe
Cosmo Sutcliffe Pred 13 hodinami
All I have to say on this argument is 737 max
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Enjoyed the video and was surprised to see the Thomson 737 (G-FDZD) which I flew on back in 2014
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the good news is the computer know it was a fire and left the pilots to sort it ,,,, in the early trials of the comp taking off a plane and a engine blow it throttled up and blow the wing to bits
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im kinda certain that jet fighters dont have it and trust me it would be useful when taxiing out of storage (at least in the VR flight sims i played)
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Brilliant explanation, flown on 777s a few times, great aircraft.
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Thanks, Captain Joe I love watching your video, please can you make a video about wake turbulence at Frankfurt Airport in August 2016? Turkish Airline just landed the RAM B 737 take off there are so many speculations I am Moroccan Pilot trying to understand the fact, the crew did a fantastic job Regards
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Sefrou 1987
Sefrou 1987 Pred 15 hodinami
Hi, Captain joe I love to watch your video I am a Moroccan pilot can you please make a video about RAM 737 at Frankfurt Airport in august 2016 when the Turkish airline just landed and B737 take off Regards. Sefrou1987
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I thought I heard that in The Learning Channel, where the U-2 has to land bicycle style, since its fuselage is only narrow, than that of commercial and freight aircraft.
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i like airbus
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Hey Cpt Joe! Yes, when needed, and only in those case of very bad weather, we use this pretty common technique which is to follow, railway lines, roads, fly safe and take care.
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Your space shuttle 747 piggyback video in Houston got to 100k likes! You said you’d go to Florida to film a space shuttle video if you got to that number. Get to it Joe, let’s do this!! 😁😁😁
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We lived in the US. When it was time for hubby and dog Sammy to join me here in Israel, it was quite the big deal. We were told that from where we lived we could (and should!) only travel with Lufthansa because they are equipped and do a good job at handling pet travel in the cargo hold. And then there was the 10 day window to get all his papers (rabies certificate, health check, etc) ready in time to be let in the country. And then poor, anxious Sammy had to be confined to his kennel, separated from dad and go into the belly of the beast all alone for hours... The flight itself took much longer than a simple direct flight because of the layover in Frankfurt (only one for pets!) but 2 years ago they finally landed safe and sound and we were together again.
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This was interesting and didn't make sense to me at first based on my understanding. But when you eventually said because of the LCD screens in cockpits, it all made sense. These came later of coarse though. So I assume polarized lenses were great for pilots before the introduction of LCD video displays. In fact, I thought polarized lenses were developed for pilots, because of the issues with reflections on clouds etc.
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That wasn’t a “laser thermometer”; it was an “infrared thermometer”. The laser on them is to show you where you’re pointing it. Also, the color of the surface affects the reading, so they’re not terribly accurate..
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Occasionally a Cessna crashes because the pilot had the key on a key ring with a bunch of other keys, and turbulence jiggled the pile of keys and switched the ignition off.
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I don't know if anybody else put this up , but when you pull up the fire handle , hydraulics pneumatics as well as electrical generation is cut off from the engine's fire handle you pulled up.
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9:00 small correction, you don't need laminar flow to have attached flow. Lots of the flow over a wing can be turbulent without flow separation :)
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weird nitpick, but the U2 is actually strangely enough still in use today. IDK what the airforce does with it, as its job was replaced long ago, but I guess sometimes you still need a 500 MPH plane to get the job done.
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That is "effective" oxygen...what your body can use due to pressure. There is still 21% oxygen at 30,000 feet.
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Thank God this happened over land. Non-stop to Hawaii is 4 hours between California and Hawaii. Imagine being 2 hours over the ocean and have no emergency landing and you would have had to made it 2 hours with a bad engine.
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