Where Will J.J. Watt Go?
Erika Taylor
Erika Taylor Pred 14 hodinami
Alex smith has released
Diesel M
Diesel M Pred 14 hodinami
thank you for this video
lulbaby_16 Pred 14 hodinami
he just can't stay on the field
THE beast Hunter
THE beast Hunter Pred 14 hodinami
Diesel M
Diesel M Pred 14 hodinami
these are GAME WINNING drives
Julian Guerrero
Julian Guerrero Pred 14 hodinami
7:10 and people say darnold is the problem
Benson Pred 14 hodinami
I feel like the audio was a bit weird. Almost like his voice was getting drowned out by the music because he was being recorded by some kind of external microphone.
Diesel M
Diesel M Pred 14 hodinami
abuse...sometime . .works..not always
Tommy Srsich
Tommy Srsich Pred 14 hodinami
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erik puka
erik puka Pred 14 hodinami
They ain't never seen this Cam
Benjamin Meredith
Benjamin Meredith Pred 15 hodinami
if 100 was complete it would be number one
Melih Bulca
Melih Bulca Pred 15 hodinami
fluffypenguin888 Ramirez
fluffypenguin888 Ramirez Pred 15 hodinami
That’s what you get Bills lol.
Roykookie Pred 15 hodinami
Norma Lacerna
Norma Lacerna Pred 15 hodinami
Bruno mars Beyonce the best
BaconPranks Pred 15 hodinami
God that refs voice just makes me want to smash my phone
i wake up and boom im a rat
i wake up and boom im a rat Pred 15 hodinami
at firat i thought the beginning instrumentals were okay and then i saw adam levine
wellsc74 ###
wellsc74 ### Pred 15 hodinami
Are we not gonna talk about the malakers in the city
4Rings4Packers Pred 15 hodinami
I know Rodgers should have more than 5 throws on here
Josh Dude
Josh Dude Pred 15 hodinami
Lmao dude rides Julios back on the last play and the ref just stands there 🤷🏻‍♂️ didn’t even notice that play in real time as it was an exciting time!
Jandro Seef
Jandro Seef Pred 15 hodinami
How isn’t Dolphins vs Raiders week 16 not here
Chris Spremulli
Chris Spremulli Pred 15 hodinami
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Alex Zanini
Alex Zanini Pred 15 hodinami
Jesus loves you all!
Edward Bayone
Edward Bayone Pred 15 hodinami
This is one of the greatest NFL videos ever. It's smart and very well designed and directed. It gets you behind the scenes to understand how important a great coaching staff + practice, practice, practice are to success on the field. I learned so much about the play that I never knew before, even though I had watched the highlight dozens of times over the years. The pure joy that the coaches took in this play -- after all, they're not the ones who have to execute it -- was inspiring. It makes you shake your head that Butler was benched in the Philly Super Bowl; he deserved a "pass" no matter what dumb thing he may have said to someone in the hours or days before the game. Benching him was vindictive, childish and, worst of all, deeply unappreciative of his historic contribution to NFL history ((just listen to any expert who are all blown away by it). It revealed a fatal flaw in the Patriot Way which played a role in Tom Brady's decision to finish out his career in Tampa Bay. That fatal flaw was hubris. Humility and pride were called for -- and it didn't happen. Butler would never be the same. That "collateral damage" made the benching decision all the more unforgivable.
田口信江 Pred 15 hodinami
Naomi Idaly
Naomi Idaly Pred 15 hodinami
Yo estaba tan orgullosa cuando jlo hizo"🇵🇷" ❤
田口信江 Pred 15 hodinami
田口信江 Pred 15 hodinami
whdh Pred 15 hodinami
TN titans are always the team on the opposite side of the great catch
gabriel zamudio
gabriel zamudio Pred 15 hodinami
That damn field always gave us trouble!!! We could’ve won 3 more SUPERBOWLS I bet. NINER faithful rise!!!
jose pena
jose pena Pred 15 hodinami
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The Helpful Mathmatition
The Helpful Mathmatition Pred 15 hodinami
@Splashout raiders
DynamitezVerde Pred 15 hodinami
He went to a good team that also offered him a good amount of money. Y’all can act stupid and say Arizona sucks but let’s stop acting dumb we all know Arizona is on the come up and they’re going to be competitive all season.
DynamitezVerde Pred 15 hodinami
Also my Cardinals prediction is 11-5
Emil Cramer
Emil Cramer Pred 15 hodinami
Great show, horrible vocal performance
Gun hellsweek
Gun hellsweek Pred 16 hodinami
Love Nice The Weeknds
BrazilNDM Pred 16 hodinami
Godwin in Green Bay... Imagine.
Brian Pred 16 hodinami
Australians do it better
Kool Kitties
Kool Kitties Pred 16 hodinami
Why would he pick the most competitive division? He should have gone to the Bills or Packers but good luck to him. The Cardinals didnt even make the playoffs last year.He certainly went for the money.
Thom Dean
Thom Dean Pred 16 hodinami
Police are allowed to be careless and face no consequences for killing innocents. Crazy..
Wesley Baldwin
Wesley Baldwin Pred 16 hodinami
Why is Deebo in the thumbnail and not Raheem?
カリキヨ Pred 16 hodinami
スケール違うな やっぱり笑
Karl Bricks
Karl Bricks Pred 16 hodinami
well I am 12 and can run 40 yards or 36 metres in 6 secs soooo they aren't that fast
Raw Prawn
Raw Prawn Pred 16 hodinami
Kudos to him for this interview. Woulda been tough but, as I saw the game, he tried everything he could.
Zenox Misti
Zenox Misti Pred 16 hodinami
Russell Wilson would go to the saints or stay with Seahawks
juanelle york
juanelle york Pred 16 hodinami
chuck berry
Mek W
Mek W Pred 16 hodinami
I take punts as serious on madden
Joel Johnson
Joel Johnson Pred 16 hodinami
How many of you know that Weeknd didn't get paid for this. Instead he paid the NFL $7 million to get this spot
SheAdoresJay- Pred 16 hodinami
StormbornKing Pred 16 hodinami
''The National Football League, Welcomes Y- oh it's you again -__-'' literally watched this 15 million times lol, Shakira's parts are SO good ugh!
Lauren J
Lauren J Pred 16 hodinami
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Augustine Mcrae
Augustine Mcrae Pred 16 hodinami
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tvx gamer
tvx gamer Pred 17 hodinami
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Hakan Karademirtok
Hakan Karademirtok Pred 17 hodinami
The Hills gave me goosebumps
fia esteban lara
fia esteban lara Pred 17 hodinami
Austin Sanchez
Austin Sanchez Pred 17 hodinami
dolphins underrated no cap 🧢
Mike Stand
Mike Stand Pred 17 hodinami
the birth of the dynasty was when eddie debartolo made the decision to cheat on the salary cap all those years. retaining a team full of great players year to year, not losing any, and still able to add various high profile-high cost free agents i.e. deion sanders etc. everyone of those super bowls are tainted and should have an * next to them in the record books. when caught the niners got a low profile slap on the wrist, were able to retain all their titles, received no real team punishment for their extreme cheating, but the damage had already been done.
MrCotedeboeuf Pred 17 hodinami
the best
Les Matthews
Les Matthews Pred 17 hodinami
That guy!
Dennis Dynaque
Dennis Dynaque Pred 17 hodinami
The best halftime show thats because of COLDPLAY.🙂
Chickengenius420 Pred 17 hodinami
30 seconds in I saw Brandon Tate, I threw up
Tony Salamonski
Tony Salamonski Pred 17 hodinami
Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez Pred 17 hodinami
Where is landry’s throw to obj? That was worthy
Mitchell Bussey
Mitchell Bussey Pred 18 hodinami
He'll be injured most of his career 😒
김관영 Pred 18 hodinami
Ozil Gzbsj
Ozil Gzbsj Pred 18 hodinami
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JD Hall
JD Hall Pred 18 hodinami
Best QB of all time
Benny Dretti
Benny Dretti Pred 18 hodinami
One of the greatest super bowl shows ever
ben ashworth
ben ashworth Pred 18 hodinami
that 3rd and 18- 25 yard completion on the drive was a rocket
Rowland Buck
Rowland Buck Pred 18 hodinami
Football gods felt sorry for the saints missing the game tying extra point with no time left way back when.
Joe S
Joe S Pred 18 hodinami
Hsha tesssir yessir Pats Win!!! Brady best ever
Jimmy H
Jimmy H Pred 18 hodinami
the final nail in the coffin for Chip, though even if he'd won out he should've been fired
UNKNOW N Pred 18 hodinami
The best
Adas faqui
Adas faqui Pred 18 hodinami
No offence from Cam Newton.It was clean celebration. LMAO those Crybaby.
Ant Vlogz
Ant Vlogz Pred 18 hodinami
one of best playoff games ever
Guido G
Guido G Pred 18 hodinami
JJ, would give guys in the NBA a Zion Williamson Slamdown.
Jerico Dosado
Jerico Dosado Pred 18 hodinami
Best ever!
V3n0Mous1 Pred 18 hodinami
Damn... Gronk is my spirit... I would definitely turn up with that dude
prabhanshu Pred 18 hodinami
Whenever i watch this it just comes to my mind that Kanye pissed on that grammy that he got
2800boy Pred 18 hodinami
After seeing the fast ones the slow ones look goofy to me lol.
Judicial Pred 19 hodinami
i would say this was the best halftime show