Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"
Tom MacDonald - "No Response"
Tom MacDonald - "I Cant Sleep"
Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Drink"
Tom MacDonald -"Coronavirus"
Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Care"
Tom MacDonald - "Famous"
Pred 10 mesiacmi
Tom MacDonald - "Castles"
Tom MacDonald - "Hangman"
Tom MacDonald - "Way Off"
TOTALLY GARAM 🎵 Pred 29 sekundami
Thumbnail looks like 2010 Shawn Michael when he retired
Ryan Barbour
Ryan Barbour Pred 8 minútami
If this is referring to me ... dax - my heart hurts , bro
The ManuelsAdventures
The ManuelsAdventures Pred 14 minútami
Is it just me or is this different from when sad rappers came out in 2014 I swear this song was a complete different sound.
tlshome1512 Pred 20 minútami
I quit my job after 32 years and 5 weeks vacation because the world I grew up in has collapsed and I've been slipping into depression, I Wish for the old normal and for the world to hear your lyrics.
torremth Pred 24 minútami
Well 230 am, this mourning my grandpa Don passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. I missed the call im crying.
nikkih tilley
nikkih tilley Pred 40 minútami
You sir are simply an amazing individual, every emotion you find about comes through. You are about the only rapper I listen to, but your songs are not just speed and spitting lyrics. You change tempo and sing and speak, your words speak volumes. Thank you sir for what you do and the amazing stories you tell and bring to life.
Ron JL White
Ron JL White Pred 48 minútami
Hell yeah man!!! That was straight facts!!!
Matthew James Maxwell
Matthew James Maxwell Pred 51 minútou
Thank you so much brother.... You just helped me thru a horrible 10 day suboxone detox....❤️
Tanner Williams
Tanner Williams Pred 52 minútami
Can we take a second to appreciate the beat in the background during the hooks.? Shit fucking slaps, HOG forever bitches.
tonymills Pred 53 minútami
Mad kills the song definitely not as good as he used to be
Random-shiz Pred 54 minútami
I just lost my moms a month ago to throat cancer she was only 47 my life is forever changed
Alvin Chang
Alvin Chang Pred hodinou
Big fan 🤧 brother
VampGuy! Pred hodinou
Gosh I miss my sober days hanging out with family and friends now I'm just drunk and high everyday hiding from my problems
Farmageddon Pred hodinou
This dude garbage. No talent using a pandemic for clout.
James Puff
James Puff Pred hodinou
Like Homer left anone with Bart Simpson's reference
Jen Lilly
Jen Lilly Pred 2 hodinami
I'm not offended by this song at all.. he makes a lot of truthful statements in it. I like this song..
Chris Stanersen
Chris Stanersen Pred 2 hodinami
Conspiracy theorie: everyone knows by now the clone tom mcdonald in clone rapper showed up in trying to kill me and he did so this black eyed tom we see here is this really tom or the clone that lost it trying to be tom..
Kali Wade
Kali Wade Pred 2 hodinami
Do one for the Aboriginals (Indigenous Australians) they'd go mad on this 💯
The Dope Show
The Dope Show Pred 2 hodinami
Jeezuz christ ur ugly asf boi
The Dope Show
The Dope Show Pred 2 hodinami
Tom mcdonald looks like Roger from American dad 😭😭
84SHOWTIME Pred 3 hodinami
Kendrick said “my DNA is not for imitation”
Case op
Case op Pred 3 hodinami
Madchild gor BUFFED !
Jayne Tan
Jayne Tan Pred 3 hodinami
Was looking for porn and ending up here
Erin Roberts
Erin Roberts Pred 4 hodinami
To hell with Ativan!
Jessica Triplett
Jessica Triplett Pred 4 hodinami
Thank you up oi