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charlie schaefer
charlie schaefer Pred 5 hodinami
Best honest trailer in years
Pirate in a Basement
Pirate in a Basement Pred 5 hodinami
1:12 is the most honest thing ever said on this channel.
Junior Oliveira
Junior Oliveira Pred 5 hodinami
Please, do "Once Upon a Time" (the series)
GB58 STUDIOS Pred 5 hodinami
You should do an honest trailer for ferris buellers day off
Sammy A
Sammy A Pred 5 hodinami
witch is better marvel or dc on comics or movies
jews beans
jews beans Pred 5 hodinami
"Just make out already!" LMAOOOOO
Felix Ray
Felix Ray Pred 5 hodinami
If you make the sequels, I will see them.
SamuelX Literotica
SamuelX Literotica Pred 5 hodinami
OUAT Robbie Kay is the REAL Peter Pan...
I'm not here
I'm not here Pred 6 hodinami
Movie is bad 👎made me more dumb.
Dee Day
Dee Day Pred 6 hodinami
What I’m confused about is How is there a Tokyo AND civilians in danger INSIDE the supposedly “classified” Hollow Earth?🤔🤔🤔
Sanjeev Nagi
Sanjeev Nagi Pred 6 hodinami
the riley reid joke killed me
Hani Syafaah
Hani Syafaah Pred 6 hodinami
Did you just say Head Witch In Charge? Hahaha
P a t r i c
P a t r i c Pred 6 hodinami
omg that is so true because the virus some of us totally for got how to interact with people
ricaard Pred 6 hodinami
Riley Reid reference... Nice...
Shaurat Lakuthia
Shaurat Lakuthia Pred 6 hodinami
Please do an Honest Trailer for The Bourne Legacy and Jason Bourne. Not nice to leave a series unfinished.
Chun Pred 6 hodinami
Do Attack on Titan!!!!
Kasting Khid
Kasting Khid Pred 6 hodinami
"kong spends more on his back than riley reid" Capt: I understood that reference.
Dannihilate Pred 6 hodinami
It's Godzilla vs (Hong) Kong
Abel Turner
Abel Turner Pred 7 hodinami
Thanks for predicting Godzilla vs Kong!
Daniel Laurentiu
Daniel Laurentiu Pred 7 hodinami
Too bad you guys didn't say anything about the Matrix intro which is similar to the intro of The real adventures of Johny Quest
InkBoyJay Pred 7 hodinami
oh my godddd avatar fjndsijfndsj
David Pred 7 hodinami
Asking a mega corporation to continue a money-making franchise is bullying? Yeah OK m8.
Manasi Ranade
Manasi Ranade Pred 7 hodinami
I only watched for the mega fights. Also, do Kate and Leopold please...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anton Cherniavskyi
Anton Cherniavskyi Pred 7 hodinami
ерунда сэндвич
ерунда сэндвич Pred 7 hodinami
This movie has no plot but good CGI.
Koyashiki Stacy
Koyashiki Stacy Pred 7 hodinami
I'm glad I found this channel. This guy is hilarious.
Treblady Pred 7 hodinami
This channel is impressive with 3m views on this video alone it has so much content to work with. Keep these entertaining videos coming!
Cleverbird Pred 7 hodinami
"All three to team up against the city of Hong Kong...no wonder this movie is huge in China!" Jesus Christ xD
Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez Pred 8 hodinami
I hope you guys do a Double Dragon Honest trailer.
I VisiBomb I
I VisiBomb I Pred 8 hodinami
honestly the cgi here deserves some kind of prize on its own. wonder how much time it took to render all of it.
Shramchands364 Pred 8 hodinami
Dont tell me there's no way to make a great Killing Joke adaptation. Ones called The Dark Knight, the other ones called Joker, and both are perfect.
francisco arredondo
francisco arredondo Pred 8 hodinami
mallrats, youre gonna get mall'd was a winner hands down.
jgribmdbz1212 Pred 8 hodinami
I actually love this movie. Lol
XGame Craft plays
XGame Craft plays Pred 8 hodinami
we are going to ignore the good parts of the movie then
Sarah Phyllis
Sarah Phyllis Pred 8 hodinami
The Zack Snyder's Justice League movie is Magnificent
Sarah Phyllis
Sarah Phyllis Pred 8 hodinami
Was it Ryan Reynold's voice @4:10 in the end of this video 😂
Dantashia Roku
Dantashia Roku Pred 8 hodinami
Can you say " wamlambez, ushai lamba Lolo.
Jagoda Święcicka
Jagoda Święcicka Pred 8 hodinami
Say „Mmm, Monke”
Sarah Phyllis
Sarah Phyllis Pred 8 hodinami
Leonardo DiCaprio can do a good Harvey Dent character in Batman
Sarah Phyllis
Sarah Phyllis Pred 8 hodinami
Starring James Bond, Captain America, Nash Bridges, General Zord, Magneto Wannabe and Female Gangwagon 😂
Sarah Phyllis
Sarah Phyllis Pred 8 hodinami
Nolan loved Zack Snyder's Flash that he introduced the time reversed scene in his movie 😂 By the way we need a TENET TV series not a movie
Isai Gonzalez
Isai Gonzalez Pred 8 hodinami
Do Cars sweat? Do Cars cry? Do Cars get diseases? Real-life cars didn’t exist until about 1885, so how can there be Cars who existed over 133 years ago? Why couldn’t Lightning McQueen just get a new engine or something in order to defeat Jackson Storm in Cars 3? The Pixar theory states that the Cars movies take place in the distant future, but in Cars 2, there was a car version of Queen Elizabeth and Prince William, so how can that be? If the Cars series DOES take place in the far future, why is everything in perfect condition? I have so many questions about these movies that will never be answered.
Saad Kamoona
Saad Kamoona Pred 8 hodinami
Do thunder force please! It is so rubbish
Sarah Phyllis
Sarah Phyllis Pred 9 hodinami
I think WB tried to sabotage and defame Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder by putting their names on the credits so that everyone dislike Zack Snyder's Justice League but we all know it backfired 😄
Justin R
Justin R Pred 9 hodinami
Wait... Hold on Toho, you ditched a sequel to shin Godzilla for this...
Gedeon Nunes
Gedeon Nunes Pred 9 hodinami
In water, chimps will drown
jimmy2k4o Pred 9 hodinami
It’s always the most toxic fans that raise 500k for anti suicide prevention. And it’s our job to financially support WB even when they show us contempt.
Pretty original name Pretty original last-name
Pretty original name Pretty original last-name Pred 9 hodinami
Mega mind is the best of all the films you mentioned in this trailer. It’s my favourite dreamworks movie
jimmy2k4o Pred 9 hodinami
Did this just imply that cyborg and the flash offered nothing to the movie.....did they not watch the end? Same themes? Wow you guys are salty af for calling this one wrong.
Master gamer65
Master gamer65 Pred 9 hodinami
do megalo box
Sarthak Roy
Sarthak Roy Pred 9 hodinami
hollywood, summed up!
andres perez
andres perez Pred 9 hodinami
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andres perez
andres perez Pred 9 hodinami
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Omar Aljamil
Omar Aljamil Pred 9 hodinami
was waiting for a batman v superman refrence so bad
Jerry Willow
Jerry Willow Pred 9 hodinami
You forgot to mention how Godzilla conveniently blew a hole through Hong Kong straight down to the middle of the Earth making it all so easy for King Kong to get the Hong Kong for round 3
Agnelo Lourenco
Agnelo Lourenco Pred 10 hodinami
Kong spends more time on his back than Riley Reid loool
Bigo Garland
Bigo Garland Pred 10 hodinami
Is that Shelly Duvalle's kid
Dragonfan Lover of Dragons
Dragonfan Lover of Dragons Pred 10 hodinami
"You weren't that impressed with his first movie." It's my fave of phase one actually. He's only my second favourite Avenger though, my fave is Black Widow. Also, Hail Hard Drive XD
MISTER PADILLA Pred 10 hodinami
The intentional comedy was so bad.
canelo mcanas
canelo mcanas Pred 10 hodinami
Pura basura!!!
Scott Isaak
Scott Isaak Pred 10 hodinami
TNG sucked. There. I said it. I am prepared for fanboy hate. And... Picards a douche. Almost forgot
PantheRed Pred 10 hodinami
How exacly is destroying part of florida endearing? It's the best state in the country
script wala zaemon
script wala zaemon Pred 10 hodinami
Say "buri buri zaemon likes pegging
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 10 hodinami
3:18 “Kong spends more time in his back than Riley Reid” 😂😂
Doom Bruh
Doom Bruh Pred 10 hodinami
Mediocre is god send seeing How it originally flopped
Olle Nyrén
Olle Nyrén Pred 10 hodinami
Wow. Incredibly and unnvervingly accurate.
sgsz personal
sgsz personal Pred 10 hodinami
this is too iconic
JuNi Pred 10 hodinami
And yet I was still almost too scared to click on this.
D2HeffZ Pred 10 hodinami
The actors in this were so bad, especially the teen girl, I couldn't make it to the monster fight.
Wendy Zaiter
Wendy Zaiter Pred 11 hodinami
Yo dudes they should literally make a honest action Indiana Jones 2-5
lucca oliva
lucca oliva Pred 11 hodinami
i want an honest trailer for the goodfellas
Michael Ng
Michael Ng Pred 11 hodinami
darth plagiues is the fastest
Utkarsh Rokade
Utkarsh Rokade Pred 11 hodinami
3:19 Did he just compare Kong to Riley Reid 😂😂😂
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 10 hodinami
Please do tron legacy
Dani Black
Dani Black Pred 11 hodinami
"If I were real water, I'd be worried."
Victor Kreed
Victor Kreed Pred 11 hodinami
That was quicker than I thought it was going to be, nice flow and very entertaining.
Mathew Williams
Mathew Williams Pred 11 hodinami
How many Godzilla fans love that comment "I mean Godzilla wins 2 out of 3 because come on look at the guy"
Doctor Pool
Doctor Pool Pred 11 hodinami
Honest Action: EVERY Marvel film. Better bring a drink and a snack, this will take a moment.
fausmarten Pred 11 hodinami
Your channel is mediocre.
gin ko
gin ko Pred 11 hodinami
joss whedon responsible for the snyder cut lol thats one way to look at it
Nickolay Kovalenko
Nickolay Kovalenko Pred 11 hodinami
@/suggestion do Texas Chainsaw Massacre please Sir