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concesa favila
concesa favila Pred 6 hodinami
discrase !!!!!! movies
Alfred Cheng
Alfred Cheng Pred 6 hodinami
It is so satisfying to watch this just make me so happy
J Cobb
J Cobb Pred 6 hodinami
Play mincraft and see how will beat it first
Yudi Vigoreaux
Yudi Vigoreaux Pred 6 hodinami
Jenna may Johnson
Jenna may Johnson Pred 6 hodinami
love wives vs chad!
Brandon poop
Brandon poop Pred 6 hodinami
Gavin Slusher
Gavin Slusher Pred 6 hodinami
Go team Ty!!!
Zeynep Karagoz
Zeynep Karagoz Pred 6 hodinami
I guessed it give me 10 bucks
Kim Morrow
Kim Morrow Pred 6 hodinami
Never mind I was wrong but he said it was 52 but it was only 51
Jordan Davison
Jordan Davison Pred 6 hodinami
Can we please get a All Sports Golf battle 5
Kelly Pate
Kelly Pate Pred 6 hodinami
Sub to my channelmy channel cool kids perfect three the cool spell with a K
Kim Morrow
Kim Morrow Pred 6 hodinami
I counted how many cans he opened it and was only 42
lee sasser
lee sasser Pred 6 hodinami
I hate 5 million Reese’s
Jack Costello
Jack Costello Pred 6 hodinami
Where’s bucket list?
Andrew GRIGGS Pred 6 hodinami
cobs with the big turn in two!
Chase Dieckmann
Chase Dieckmann Pred 6 hodinami
Ty: leaves team coby for “his bearded brother” Cody: if I lose, I have to shave Ty: there can only be one
Jay Ausland
Jay Ausland Pred 6 hodinami
2021 anyone?
Gavin Saylor
Gavin Saylor Pred 6 hodinami
I think both teams should have used the same clues or whatever to make it fair. But dude perfect Is amazing
Curtis Krawczyk
Curtis Krawczyk Pred 6 hodinami
The fluffy record joly compare because ear pharmacodynamically form throughout a tame authorization. teeny, piquant protest
Juan El Caballo
Juan El Caballo Pred 6 hodinami
yes,after 12 years.
Real Abyssal
Real Abyssal Pred 6 hodinami
68 lol
Tahna Erickson
Tahna Erickson Pred 6 hodinami
I’m there with you ty...... Rage problems ain’t so pretty are they
Bennett Luke
Bennett Luke Pred 6 hodinami
Libanesa Monsanto
Libanesa Monsanto Pred 6 hodinami
On the second shot I was like this is rocket league
Cosmos Gaming
Cosmos Gaming Pred 6 hodinami
Rayan Benali
Rayan Benali Pred 6 hodinami
Bro there just playing rocket league in real life 😂
Andrew GRIGGS Pred 7 hodinami
Go’on n dab dem folks cobs!!
Ethan Penenburgh
Ethan Penenburgh Pred 7 hodinami
watching this in 2021 because it was in my recommended, but just realizing 2:08 why is there two locks on the door?
John Suda
John Suda Pred 7 hodinami
Are they using the sauce kit
Not So Good At Fortnite
Not So Good At Fortnite Pred 7 hodinami
They forgot the water boy
Blue Lightning88
Blue Lightning88 Pred 7 hodinami
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Lyndsey Wade
Lyndsey Wade Pred 7 hodinami
This video had the f word in the music
Kartik makwana
Kartik makwana Pred 7 hodinami
Why Dislikes
Beverly Beverly
Beverly Beverly Pred 7 hodinami
The onerous feedback paradoxically tumble because desk adversely learn lest a annoying hammer. murky, dysfunctional clerk
Hudson Miller
Hudson Miller Pred 7 hodinami
What I know is it’s lit
Johann Fondem
Johann Fondem Pred 7 hodinami
Brandon Zachary
Brandon Zachary Pred 7 hodinami
Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee You are worth it
FO Minx
FO Minx Pred 7 hodinami
nick mclean
nick mclean Pred 7 hodinami
Plus those tricks are much harder kicking a ball rather than throwing a ball
Late night sneaker Meetup ShEeEeEeEsH
Late night sneaker Meetup ShEeEeEeEsH Pred 7 hodinami
19 bounces
john schmid
john schmid Pred 7 hodinami
3:25 WHIFF!
Sebastien Tourteau élève
Sebastien Tourteau élève Pred 7 hodinami
ude perfect: plane trick shot me: Thinking how to make that plane for 3 years 1.2K REPLY
Sebastien Tourteau élève
Sebastien Tourteau élève Pred 7 hodinami
no wel
Sebastien Tourteau élève
Sebastien Tourteau élève Pred 7 hodinami
des is seck
DrumZ DuVal
DrumZ DuVal Pred 7 hodinami
I think Gar will win
Itsyaboispeciousmage 386
Itsyaboispeciousmage 386 Pred 7 hodinami
That’s amazing: my trick shots are the best Dude perfect: well we can to a triple sow cow into a basketball hoop That’s amazing:........... your insane
Ashleigh Smith
Ashleigh Smith Pred 7 hodinami
Whopper Bean
Whopper Bean Pred 7 hodinami
"Who thinks we should shake up Wheel Unfortunate?" "Me, we should cancel it"
Kyle Kelly
Kyle Kelly Pred 7 hodinami
Spooky Scary
Spooky Scary Pred 7 hodinami
Home alone greatest movie ever
Blue Lightning88
Blue Lightning88 Pred 7 hodinami
It watched this when I was like three
Linda Sanders
Linda Sanders Pred 7 hodinami
When are you going to post a new video
Greg Fairey
Greg Fairey Pred 7 hodinami
By the way congrats coby
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson Pred 7 hodinami
5:12 The people at the park were so happy when Ty made the shot...
Ben Rhodes
Ben Rhodes Pred 7 hodinami
My little girl and I are team tall guy fans
Weber Boi
Weber Boi Pred 7 hodinami
The dislikes were for Cody’s Cannon and Coby’s arm
Greg Fairey
Greg Fairey Pred 7 hodinami
Are you guys ment to be so funny or what because all I do in your Videos is laugh
yt drew
yt drew Pred 7 hodinami
i hate the cheater box
Callan Walsh
Callan Walsh Pred 7 hodinami
That video is so cool lie, your trick shot videos uploading them
Callan Walsh
Callan Walsh Pred 7 hodinami
I meant like not lie
Jimmy Passmore
Jimmy Passmore Pred 7 hodinami
Who else is watching in 2021?
Hani El-Zein
Hani El-Zein Pred 7 hodinami
I am the tshirt guy
The Drewtersons
The Drewtersons Pred 7 hodinami
this was before they were scared of the hat
Jimmy Passmore
Jimmy Passmore Pred 7 hodinami
00.03 calculated
Miya Arriaga
Miya Arriaga Pred 7 hodinami
Poor dude they didn't let him enjoy his Twin toasted .
RussellWilsn 123
RussellWilsn 123 Pred 7 hodinami
U guys should make more trick shot videos.
Will Nolan
Will Nolan Pred 7 hodinami
When is ot 26
Monica Romero
Monica Romero Pred 7 hodinami
haha YES
M4 B8
M4 B8 Pred 7 hodinami
How much money was the repairs for the rage monster 0_0
Hello Guys
Hello Guys Pred 7 hodinami
I want a real life trike shots 4
JonahMinecraft 2008
JonahMinecraft 2008 Pred 7 hodinami
I think Cory
Shane Williams
Shane Williams Pred 7 hodinami
yesssssss of cours
minij hooi
minij hooi Pred 7 hodinami
Who has been watching dude perfect for over 5 years but still can't differentiate btwn coby and cory
Carson Henson
Carson Henson Pred 7 hodinami
Anyone see the pencil in the net 3:57
Dillon Fink
Dillon Fink Pred 7 hodinami
Ty was definitely salty in the outro 10:39
Megan Brownie
Megan Brownie Pred 7 hodinami
My favourite was the hole in one
مانع اليامي 911
مانع اليامي 911 Pred 7 hodinami
Kaneki_ken Pred 7 hodinami
Swish 2123
Swish 2123 Pred 7 hodinami
If your here in 2021 after 11 years you are a legend
Swish 2123
Swish 2123 Pred 7 hodinami
If you’re watching in 2021 you are a legend, just like Dude Perfect