Loma vs Lopez: Weigh-In
sannio komi
sannio komi Pred 6 hodinami
when loma is about to go on he’s like “oh now ok”
Lucky You
Lucky You Pred 6 hodinami
No way did lomo win
o exilado Nilton
o exilado Nilton Pred 6 hodinami
App Google Translator Lamacheco a corrupt shit turned the fight over to a guy with minimal technical resources in relation to him lomachenco didn't move as in his other fights at the beginning it was already clear that the fight was combined Lopess and loma have to go fight in the WWE because loma is a clown and lopez is the clown's son toprankWWE
Perfecto Angeles
Perfecto Angeles Pred 6 hodinami
BOB ARUM PWEEEEE!!!!!!! sinisira nya boxing ginawang circus
Perfecto Angeles
Perfecto Angeles Pred 6 hodinami
walang kwentang panoorin yan nakaka inis lang alam naman ng lahat kung sino nanalo
Annie Gallardo
Annie Gallardo Pred 6 hodinami
That's what a total performer means.proud to be pinoy.
booboobumbum Pred 6 hodinami
The woman commentator is so much better than the guys. She notices Duran's movement feints and rolls
Mike Pred 6 hodinami
Team Lopez was right, Loma is arrogant. Thought he could play around for 6 rounds against a young, hungry fighter. Horrible game plan, amateurish execution. How does an experienced fighter barely throw a punch in 6 rounds? Arrogance is your answer and it lost him the fight. Dont't get me wrong, he's an amazing fighter but maybe he believes he is just a little too good. Well deserved victory by Lopez.
mario esparza
mario esparza Pred 6 hodinami
Someone tell Brady to shut d F up
jemuel rason
jemuel rason Pred 7 hodinami
Why are they not wearing masks?pacquiaos hands are covid flash...
Edwin Orellana
Edwin Orellana Pred 7 hodinami
He should fight Danny swift Garcia in the future
mario esparza
mario esparza Pred 7 hodinami
The black dude running like a tiger 😂
Умитжан Елеусизова
Умитжан Елеусизова Pred 7 hodinami
Джеф хорн🤮🤮🤮🤮
Daniel Hicks
Daniel Hicks Pred 7 hodinami
And no he knows damn well he lost was all over his face just like Pac after 3rd Marquez bout.....dont lie man not gonna help matters.
Daniel Hicks
Daniel Hicks Pred 7 hodinami
Was absurd man, why the fuck throw no punches fir 7 straight rounds rounds? why.....Thats a choice.
Joven Astig
Joven Astig Pred 7 hodinami
This is the fight where the referee is unfair.
Neo C.
Neo C. Pred 7 hodinami
Most of the people think that this will be Pac's greatest downfall, guess what Pacquiao came back even greater.
Ray Gan
Ray Gan Pred 7 hodinami
my favorite Orlando Salido fight. for most fans, Salido is just a brawler but they don't appreciate Salido's wide variety of punches which is very obvious in this fight. he's more tricky and crafty than most people gives him credit for.
Tayab Hanif
Tayab Hanif Pred 7 hodinami
Who’s here after loma got banged by lopez?? 🤨
Noel olaer
Noel olaer Pred 7 hodinami
Pacquio vs lopez
Roderick Gardner
Roderick Gardner Pred 7 hodinami
I NEVER HEARD I BE BACK I THINK HE RETIRING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Johnny Lazy
Johnny Lazy Pred 8 hodinami
PEDinamita marquez looks weaker without steroids lol he can't even knock out cold bradley
Сергей Александрович
Сергей Александрович Pred 8 hodinami
Loma eaten lopez. Why dont you show real highlights where Loma punched his face more than 50 times? . Falsification 200%
randy brooks
randy brooks Pred 8 hodinami
Manny is very good with his lead punches u dont see it coming he throws it so fast , when he is moving and weaving he throws that unexpected lead punch that is how he catch you.
tpsin713 Pred 8 hodinami
That didn't age well!!!
sokin jon
sokin jon Pred 8 hodinami
it was more telling than the teary reflection.
Toddler TV
Toddler TV Pred 8 hodinami
Loma, you lost this time, you wore out-powered and exposed by a naturally bigger stronger guy. Manny should fight the young champ
Abraham Molina
Abraham Molina Pred 8 hodinami
Teofimo lopez : like 💪🏻 Lomachenko : comment 👎🏻
Urdah Dee
Urdah Dee Pred 8 hodinami
I still can't believe my man Lopez pulled through!!! Congrats kids!
Rome Galado
Rome Galado Pred 9 hodinami
mag ayos ng golong
FISHERBOY JOSE Pred 9 hodinami
I love his personality so true.
Kapten Bocil
Kapten Bocil Pred 9 hodinami
ancur gez
strdman Pred 9 hodinami
Next is ryan garcia or gervonta davis.
Joseph Kelly
Joseph Kelly Pred 9 hodinami
Who here after his dad just predicted everything
George Neighborhoods
George Neighborhoods Pred 9 hodinami
Loma needed the public, that why Teo said he’s a diva.
Mohamed Amakhir
Mohamed Amakhir Pred 9 hodinami
He will be back. He doesn’t need to say it
Ginoong Christopher
Ginoong Christopher Pred 9 hodinami
Hatton knows how he is gonna be knock down.
Shiv Pavaday
Shiv Pavaday Pred 10 hodinami
He needs to go back to the drawing board. Offering Lopez a side contract for the rematch after he is defeated and not a rematch clause if he loses with terms just shows how he's blowing smoke up his own backside or got the wrong people around him..ungentlemanly conduct, and disrespectful. Probably fuelled Lopez. just my opinion.
Jeffery Cook
Jeffery Cook Pred 10 hodinami
I’m an Aussie and love boxing horn was so unbelievably lucky to even get that fight and to fight like he did ,gas out almost get the fight stopped from the ref and get the win is complete bullshit . And pathetic show from an Australian boxer glen Rushton has no business being a trainer and it shows ,manny knows he won he should have ended the sideshow that is the horn camp
Sergei Broshtein
Sergei Broshtein Pred 10 hodinami
Sergei Broshtein 2 дня назад (изменено) Посмотри внимательно ещё бой, кто сомневается в победе Ломаченко. Если бы судья не подсуживал и не остановил бой в одном моменте, Ломаченко добил бы Лопеса в ближнем бою. Лопес стал пытаться повисеть в ближнем бою на Ломаченко после пропущенных несколько сильных ударов и судья сразу остановил добивание. Вообще стоило Ломаченко входить в ближний бой, где Лопес явно проигрывал сразу судья останавливал поединок. Это очень заметно. Да и Лопес сам потом проговорился, что они беседовали с судьёй боясь якобы рассечение в ближнем бою. А на самом дел было ясно договор с судьёй был - не дать Ломаченко боксировать в ближнем бою, где Лопес точно был бы нокаутирован. Лопес сам не аккуратно наткнулся на более низкого Васю и это отчётливо видно. Ломаченко явно выиграл он просто больше попадал в цель. Лопес в основном мазал. Судья защищал Лопеса от ближнего боя явно останавливая бой, когда Ломаченко выигрывал и наносил удары. Кто победил в этом бою написано на лице Лопеса он явно проиграл. Судейство явно предвзято. А, что такого на боксировал Лопес? Воздух гонял в основном возле головы Васи, а тот просто забил Лопеса в последних раундах. По лицу Лопеса видно, кто истинный победитель. А судья тот вообще не давал Васи в ближнем бою бить, сразу останавливал защищая Лопеса, это явно просматривается. И с каких это прор гонять воздух обозначая удары считается победой в боксе? Даже его попытки бить по корпусу в основном были пустыми только с обозначением удара. Это было явно видно с самого начала боя. Безусловно Вася смотрелся намного эффективней, техничней, точнее и сильнее во всех отношениях. Ничего он не забрал почти все удары Лопеса показушные с сотрясением воздуха и ничего для Васи не имели, который технично защищался и уходил или это в боксе уже не котируется? Я не сильный любитель бокса. Мне, что Ломаченко, что Лопес до одного места. Я к ним отношусь одинаково и даже не знал, кто из них знаменитей. Но ради справедливости, могу с уверенностью сказать, что Лома был лучше, техничнее и сильнее. И не видеть этого, это значить не разу не участвовать в драках или просто ценить бой по личной привлекательности, зависти или не приязни к бойцу. Я понимаю боксёров которым в какой-то мере укусить Лому в кайф, так как не обладают такими способностями, как он и похвальство Лопеса, которому подсуживали, но мне не понятен тот бред после боя, которые несут так называемые специалисты в кавычках. Они пусть посмотрят бой в замедленном виде.
Grace Manosor
Grace Manosor Pred 10 hodinami
horn no quality play.
Wise Guy
Wise Guy Pred 11 hodinami
Lol won by an illegal punch. Crawford was beaten badly
JD Fryatt
JD Fryatt Pred 11 hodinami
Benavidez vs Berlanga at 168lbs would be lit
robert wallace
robert wallace Pred 11 hodinami
Tyson Fury took the fight to wilder and Lopez took the fight to loma real fighters x
Simon Simcic
Simon Simcic Pred 11 hodinami
Now be a man and give chance to lomachenko
Anthony Charriere
Anthony Charriere Pred 11 hodinami
jay park
da nil
da nil Pred 12 hodinami
fortnite kid
Arman Aronk
Arman Aronk Pred 12 hodinami
Crab Corn
Crab Corn Pred 12 hodinami
What did Bob Arum said? Loma is better than pacquiao? Hes the next great boxer next to Ali? And now Bob Arum wants Loma to go down 1 weight division stop comparing now haha really really hard to get a 8 division champ right?
Nakiz studio
Nakiz studio Pred 12 hodinami
Not very good decision..loma won the match but judges don't wnts to win loma
Angel Michael
Angel Michael Pred 12 hodinami
Come back stronger.. Be humble.. And please shut your mouth and avoid mocking other fighters like they old to be beaten by you.. Or slow puncher.. Or easy money...it might take its toll on you...
idontcare Pred 12 hodinami
Well,this did not aged well haha
yrral teabam
yrral teabam Pred 13 hodinami
Shame ON YOU STUPID JUDGES!!! Dirty Fighter and Dirty Games, the Public know who is the winning this Boxing.
yrral teabam
yrral teabam Pred 13 hodinami
this is Another Dirty Judges ,they Showing the Score that Manny is the higher from one to 12 how Fucking Horn is the winner? i think the Judges is Big Stupid!!!
Lift1One Pred 13 hodinami
You was so cocky and you got your ass whipped.
Allan Rodriguez
Allan Rodriguez Pred 13 hodinami
That left hook a shotgun
Archi Pred 13 hodinami
alan herrera
alan herrera Pred 13 hodinami
The future
EQM6 CHIEF Pred 13 hodinami
Mark wahlburg LIT AF. 😂😂😂
Karna Pred 13 hodinami
Sad u lost..u never took off..it was 1 sided match..u never moved as u usually do..u dint have the intent from the beginning..He squared u man..
EQM6 CHIEF Pred 13 hodinami
Will ferrel casual clap 😂😂😂 13:13
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez Pred 13 hodinami
First Time i see this guy Jeff and from my point of view, this guy totally give Pacquiao, great performance. I think Jeff won this fight, it was clear fight
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu Pred 13 hodinami
The takeover💥svpost.info/project/video/t5podNK3p4qtabo.html
Luis Salcedo
Luis Salcedo Pred 13 hodinami
Muy duro Juan Manuel Márquez.. muy querido por nosotros los Dominicanos
Rainhut Pred 14 hodinami
If only Pacquiao would have been healthy against Mayweather.
Iran Ortega
Iran Ortega Pred 14 hodinami
Pinche Pacquiao se pone a dormir a media pelea
Roberto Cipriani
Roberto Cipriani Pred 14 hodinami
Loma landed much more clean power shots than Lopez. He lost only because he started too late. It's a draw guys.
Emperor_Penguin Pred 14 hodinami
Yeah, go back home.
Jeff Horn King Of Pinoyz _
Jeff Horn King Of Pinoyz _ Pred 14 hodinami
The day pacroid learned his lesson Dont duck crawford thinking horn is a easy fight 😂 LOSER
Yes Minister
Yes Minister Pred 14 hodinami
Infact Pacman showed his C game in this fight n yet was able to dominate...hw the hell did they score like this
Thorjack Angosto
Thorjack Angosto Pred 14 hodinami
The biggest mistake that bob arum made as a promoter is when he planned to make pacquiao lose to jeff horn, then make jeff horn lose to terence crawford. I dont think a terence crawford fight can generate more money than a manny pacquiao fight.
Coco Buff
Coco Buff Pred 14 hodinami
I also enjoyed when Salido picked em apart
Justdissin Pred 14 hodinami
Lol gloves still on while in interview
SuperRockstar41 Pred 14 hodinami
@19:32 BLEED ALL YOU WANT THATS GONNA BE FINE.. hahaha WTF this commentator is the worst.. haha
KilLingRainbow Dotss
KilLingRainbow Dotss Pred 14 hodinami
My man fury scary as hell he seem like those stocky, country 1950s skinheads
Packers Fan
Packers Fan Pred 14 hodinami
Lmao were going to Disney World. I heard him after the fight but hearing him say it beforehand is hilarious.
bilisha coli
bilisha coli Pred 15 hodinami
Василий, пожалуйста накаутируй его так, чтоб его отец почувствовал срстрясение сквозь поколение. Хотя, наказанием будет отказ от продолжения боя и сдача.
BOXING HIGHLIGHTS TV! Pred 15 hodinami
Great video! One of the greatest ever, Pacquiao! Tnx man.
Schminner Pred 15 hodinami
Loma thought there were 25 rounds in the fight.
Michael Hewitt
Michael Hewitt Pred 15 hodinami
So let met get this straight. Pac fought Cotto at a catch of 145 instead of 154 like he was against Floyd?
Nothing Special
Nothing Special Pred 12 hodinami
147 is cotto's normal weight he fought in 146 before pac