dumb b
dumb b Pred 23 hodinami
He is not a representative of all Virgos. I'm tired of seeing the disrespect we are getting
Carlos Cortes
Carlos Cortes Pred 23 hodinami
Thug mad he’ll never be the legend that 3 stacks already is 💯
swright4twenty Pred 23 hodinami
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Pred 23 hodinami
Another scam fight to pull more money... Just like the may weather fight.
Nuqienty Pred 23 hodinami
Immature but found it funny a trans last named cox 😂
Gabriel Miller
Gabriel Miller Pred 23 hodinami
Jake trying to get his teeth kicked in
Tristan Draper
Tristan Draper Pred 23 hodinami
Ummmm it's called not owning your own platform 😂
Sluggo Banton
Sluggo Banton Pred 23 hodinami
Yee with the white rum in the background 🇯🇲
Yaz P
Yaz P Pred 23 hodinami
All I hope is that Selena is taking care of that kidney cuz not too long ago sis was partying heavily with a new kidney and almost lost her best friend/donor.
Praying Through 2020
Praying Through 2020 Pred 23 hodinami
I just remember Cyn Santana telling Complex good luck with your show after they tried to give a backhanded compliment to Joe Budden. 💯
Life With K
Life With K Pred 23 hodinami
I didn’t even know they were still doing this little show. Who wants to hear let alone see akademicks
Kayse Ibrahim
Kayse Ibrahim Pred 23 hodinami
Stephen A’ Iil bro
Jay Mani
Jay Mani Pred 23 hodinami
Envy just speaking from a cops son point of view
corregidor park village
corregidor park village Pred 23 hodinami
Don’t let these scary ass muthafuckas control you with these agendas .....
Ask Trag
Ask Trag Pred 23 hodinami
Florian Rochler
Florian Rochler Pred 23 hodinami
obama is a SA-TAN-IST
Cozmo Pred 23 hodinami
I thought dude's tattoo said "viagra" at first 😂😂
Kushie54321 Pred 23 hodinami
I wanna see Jake knocked out. But the audacity of him thinking he's at the level to fight McGregor. Smh
Barrion Pred 23 hodinami
everyday struggle was over once joe budden left
Katrina and Mark 101219
Katrina and Mark 101219 Pred 23 hodinami
CTG taking them Dr. Claude Anderson principles seriously. "BLACK people!" Gossip Girl Yee and Envy ain't ready for them convos...
Lola Ogbara
Lola Ogbara Pred 23 hodinami
If Persia mention being mixed one more time 😂
Greyskarr V
Greyskarr V Pred 23 hodinami
How could someone “smart” enough to be a millionaire be so stupid?
GoLOKeyz Three
GoLOKeyz Three Pred 23 hodinami
Atlanta rappers dress like clowns, they need to come to NYC and see how its done.
Sidney Mosley
Sidney Mosley Pred 23 hodinami
Justice for Juicy Smooyay! 🤣
Tony land
Tony land Pred 23 hodinami
Joe leaving is the real reason for the end of everyday struggle, they just wouldn't accept it lol
Jaylen Jenkins
Jaylen Jenkins Pred 23 hodinami
Crazy thing is I don't know a Travis Scott song..
Hakim Shabazz
Hakim Shabazz Pred 23 hodinami
🗣Why Ice Cube sound like he mad Trump leaving🤷🏾‍♂️🤣
dave lightSaber
dave lightSaber Pred 23 hodinami
...Stopped watching After Joe left .
up gradde
up gradde Pred 23 hodinami
Breakfast club falling off they peaked with soulja last time... reachin !
soundmanbk11 Pred 23 hodinami
This wat blk vote for more lgbtq feeling smh
Oni Wrld
Oni Wrld Pred 23 hodinami
Drink plants blood chlorophyll you’ll thank me later
Ant Banks
Ant Banks Pred 23 hodinami
All these mofos weird and are so sassy! All of them!!!
soundmanbk11 Pred 23 hodinami
Damn breakfast club tun lgbtq headQuarter big ole grown man feel sorry for man who tek dick gtfoh
P. Rich
P. Rich Pred 23 hodinami
How the hell can somebody look at this guy and the guy they calling Gucci now and say its the same person
LexDime Pred 23 hodinami
We love flame 🔥 🔥🔥🔥
Adriana Bernabel
Adriana Bernabel Pred 23 hodinami
Can we stop making Akademiks relevant 🙄🙄
WTF_ENIGMA Pred 23 hodinami
Who is travis scott?
Roberta Whitfield
Roberta Whitfield Pred 23 hodinami
🤣🤣🤣...He might as well as count it all as lost as to what he gave to the Trumpster 😷🤣🤣🤣!!!
Mike Melino
Mike Melino Pred 23 hodinami
Smartest black dude in usa the 3 other black people are.speechless lol also there are pockets of jamaica towns and such in america cant label black america as 1
Malik Khalid
Malik Khalid Pred 23 hodinami
Travis Scott is popular but i never heard one person say man let’s bump that Travis Scott. It’s weird
Dave Its1ne
Dave Its1ne Pred 23 hodinami
Fucking lies the breakfast club is yet again trying to destroy a black man
Marc L
Marc L Pred 23 hodinami
When jake Paul fights Jon Jones and wins then I’ll be impressed
Tin TinZ
Tin TinZ Pred 23 hodinami
This show trash
El-pablo Picasso
El-pablo Picasso Pred 23 hodinami
B.G.B Beezo100
B.G.B Beezo100 Pred dňom
I'm so tired of these TS pretending to be victims 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Kamali White
Kamali White Pred dňom
Tell MEEK to holla at me about a nonprofit organization for the incarcerated juveniles Email [email protected]
Charles Keys
Charles Keys Pred dňom
Joshy Masden
Joshy Masden Pred dňom
www.communityvoiceks.com/news/fact-check-what-has-obama-done-for-african-americans/article_46355130-cb82-11e5-b01e-bf870e6bc6f3.html Do Not Forget That Mitch McConnell Blocked Everything MF Thing Obama Wanted to Pass for Four Years; Eight Years. McConnell, even admitted only seeking to make President Hussein Obama an One Term President! Jealous and Envy of an Educated Black Male per Super Successful.
dronella_jgdolls Pred dňom
Fred. Fred. Fred. Do you know how much good you could have done with that money and received a credit on your taxes?
Pierre Johnson
Pierre Johnson Pred dňom
Can y'all see DJ Akademiks hosting the breakfast club ? No?
Jibri Pred dňom
Damn I stay off social for a week and this? Life comes at u fast.
whansandceros Pred dňom
damn the outro even cut-off angela Yee smdh, forget these fools Yee move on to something else where your opinions are giving time to be heard yeesh
ddraft234 Pred dňom
CTG "You said here in the pre face that....." Obama "What i said in the preface (preffiss)......" He corrected CTG so smoothly. 😂😂😂
Elite Casting
Elite Casting Pred dňom
If the lights were off, would you let Lavern Cox give you head?
Gillian Jones
Gillian Jones Pred dňom
Bug Bear
Bug Bear Pred dňom
Duh Trump is a ConMan🤣🤣🤣🤥
whansandceros Pred dňom
damn these 3 hosts dislike each other so much at this point its not even comical its just uncomfortable...
Kendall Outlaw
Kendall Outlaw Pred dňom
Ah another gossip show comes to an end
Lamont Williams
Lamont Williams Pred dňom
Hold up! Did he say he’s attracted to butch lesbian girls?
Apryl Nicole
Apryl Nicole Pred dňom
I will forever love him! My forever president!
K T Pred dňom
Someone said her friend that she was with is named Jussie 😂
corregidor park village
corregidor park village Pred 23 hodinami
Daily Pog
Daily Pog Pred dňom
DJ Drunkedemiks build like a Teletubby
BEAU 1596
BEAU 1596 Pred dňom
They got it wrong. The stabber was the one who put hands in the food
dani jacob
dani jacob Pred dňom
Famous Dex is a funny looking nigga
Lamont Williams
Lamont Williams Pred dňom
Tyler Perry comic🤔. He probably getting paid good in that get up
Adiii I
Adiii I Pred dňom
If Dr.Umar Johnson was up there You would've seen a complete shift in energy.
Richard Madrid
Richard Madrid Pred dňom
You don't give your money to a crook
Big Dro
Big Dro Pred dňom
Ask him about those 30,000 hotdogs he ordered to the white house..
Rasta Man
Rasta Man Pred dňom
The best game in the world! Chess!!! Fuk ps5! This the best interview I watched on the breakfast club!
Jenna Smith
Jenna Smith Pred dňom
I see you Angie, with the Jamaican rum right behind ya!🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🍾
Loved this so much💋❤️
Cade Spencer
Cade Spencer Pred dňom
Please sign, share, and promote this petition to help to help me free this woman who was sentenced to life without parole and imprisoned since the age of 17 just for being involved in the killing of a horrible, disgusting and awful rapist! www.change.org/p/mike-parson-free-lisa-dawn-harris
The Alumni Group
The Alumni Group Pred dňom
... Who cares
M Palmer
M Palmer Pred dňom
Should have been 2.5 Billion!!! It’s many needy ppl in your community u could have help!!!
Jolie Gurl
Jolie Gurl Pred dňom
We are absolutely not interested, in Kevin Hart giving anything inspirational, he needs to inspire his daughter and apologize for calling her a hoe!!!
MalcolmTurnerKing Pred dňom
Conor won't take the fight. Money's too low. Conor's an exponentially larger draw. Not happening.
GetsMo S.
GetsMo S. Pred dňom
They talm bout ak on breakfast club ?! AK FR MADE IT
LaNair Jackson
LaNair Jackson Pred dňom
Wtf am I listening to omgggggggg😔😔 Jesus rolling n his grave
Brian Ramirez
Brian Ramirez Pred dňom
Need wayno on his own podcast tho
Brandon Deloney-Fulmer
Brandon Deloney-Fulmer Pred dňom
Kanye and Travis are boding Kardashian curse.