Jesse Wu
Jesse Wu Pred 14 hodinami
Do they see the videos for the clues with those or just words?
Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze Pred 14 hodinami
He is by far the best host since Alex, he has a cool laid back vibe, calming voice and effortless spontaneity. The others ones seemed to struggle to be engaging and failed attempts to be clever in the moments.
Ronnie Conner
Ronnie Conner Pred 15 hodinami
I think he did a wonderful job hosting and would be a great choice for a permanent position. His voice is smooth, he's calm, and very personable.
Michael D
Michael D Pred 15 hodinami
Aarons cool but he puts you to sleep.
Levi Brown
Levi Brown Pred 15 hodinami
Mr Richards if your reading this call Emily Trebek to see if she wants to guest host.
Kevin Scotland
Kevin Scotland Pred 15 hodinami
Can’t wait too see u in September, go Giants lol
Cori Taylor
Cori Taylor Pred 15 hodinami
Aaron is not a good match for jeopardy
Levi Brown
Levi Brown Pred 15 hodinami
I say it’s time to give Emily Trebek a try. She was born to do Jeopardy and she’s Alex’s daughter.
Tory Puente
Tory Puente Pred 16 hodinami
Rodgers is the best quarterback and the best jeopardy host other than trebek lol go pack lol
R M Pred 16 hodinami
This was a very tricky FJ. I went with Watership Down, but thats British
Ann Marie Morales-Ear
Ann Marie Morales-Ear Pred 16 hodinami
He’s doing a terrific job!
Drace90 Pred 16 hodinami
What is Jigglypuff from above?
Darren Frey
Darren Frey Pred 17 hodinami
My guess was also Animal Farm.
Steven Siferd
Steven Siferd Pred 17 hodinami
What made the production staff think that they could legibly write the complete correct response in 30 seconds?
Pat Riley
Pat Riley Pred 18 hodinami
Aaron "dull as paint drying" Rodgers better stick to football.
Fatima Zerafi
Fatima Zerafi Pred 19 hodinami
The descriptive chess radiologically pat because stew synchronously continue qua a closed fir. wild, dusty milkshake
Jason Arokiaraj
Jason Arokiaraj Pred 20 hodinami
Brad Rutter finally lost, here.
Jeff Garbarek
Jeff Garbarek Pred 20 hodinami
See not all cheeseheads are heads full of brats and beers. Wait. 🤔
Wobbuffet0 Pred 21 hodinou
It's seems like he doesn't want to be here
Trainking922 Pred 22 hodinami
Can’t believe my QB is doing this! He’s got a bright future once his football career is over, but... I would like that to wait a few years if that’s ok! lol
Josh Carroll
Josh Carroll Pred 22 hodinami
I just love Aaron in this role. I still want him playing football too, but this should be his next gig for sure!
greg20067 Pred 22 hodinami
to me this is one the the easiest final jeopardy's ever just knowing the basics of the great classic of mice and men should make it the only reasonable question
That Canadian
That Canadian Pred 23 hodinami
Twisted Sister had enough hits to fill an entire album?
Michael Burns
Michael Burns Pred 23 hodinami
Damn I should’ve gotten that... had to read both of the books for school and couldn’t place where I remembered the rabbits from, maybe I am Lenny lol
MarvelBlox Dan
MarvelBlox Dan Pred 23 hodinami
Lol25 Plays
Lol25 Plays Pred 23 hodinami
Easy question, great host, I like it.
Wilford Brimley
Wilford Brimley Pred 23 hodinami
Well, I’ll be damned... I never knew Elizabeth Warren was on a US stamp.
Jamez Kpal
Jamez Kpal Pred 23 hodinami
Why do they bother to play final jeopardy when the leader cant be caught?
Crayton Hill
Crayton Hill Pred dňom
What a bloody legend
Ivanhoe Sanchez
Ivanhoe Sanchez Pred dňom
GusXFowler Pred dňom
Lmfao George Orwell is English
J.C. Gage
J.C. Gage Pred dňom
He seems familiar
Mingo Dingo
Mingo Dingo Pred dňom
I don't normally comment but please jeopardy exec's, please keep the humble Aaron Rodgers on as host, what ever it takes, very few could replace Alex, but you've done very well, don't keep switching, keep Aaron on. Thank you for the many years of memories, and here's to many more.
Mandilion76 Pred dňom
Apparently, 73 Vikings fans disliked this video 😂
wells griffin
wells griffin Pred dňom
Aaron Rodgers is the man
Lockon Stratos
Lockon Stratos Pred dňom
I got it wrong, I said Of Men and Mice
MidWestDrew Pred dňom
Everyone saying he’s good, and he’ll be the next permanent host but to me he seems like if some random jeopardy fan got to host for a few weeks, no energy seems nervous doesn’t memorize answers well.
Antonio Kalk
Antonio Kalk Pred dňom
RIP Legend
KJ Bennie
KJ Bennie Pred dňom
Jus goes to show how hard it truly is to host a game show never mind Jeopardy! The hardest show i wud imagine out of all the game shows. Alex Trebek obviously had it down pat plus he just has that voice....that radio/tv i can ennunciate the hell outta words voice. The trick is to never level your tone. Have it where its up and down like a wave or a yoyo but do it suttley. Dont over do it. Then it sounds too fake. Aaron has a levelled monotoned tone. He needs to put more expression to make it go up then bring it down. Its definitely an art! And Alex mastered it
David Janssen
David Janssen Pred dňom
You can tell he's a fan and took this role seriously. Should he be the full time host? I don't know. But he's doing a respectable job
Patrick Drahman
Patrick Drahman Pred dňom
Man, did he miss his career!
devilpupbear09 Pred dňom
I'll take WhoRe Ads for $200
Suzanne Pred dňom
It's so sad to not hear or see Alex Trebeck. Every guest host has done a very decent job but none of them are inspiring to me. I think Ken Jennings did very well.
Bythe Bayou
Bythe Bayou Pred 22 hodinami
Inspiring. Important. That's what we want. Le Var Burton would be just that. Imagine all his fans from Star Trek & Reading Rainbow, still inspired by him to this day.
Stanley Coleite
Stanley Coleite Pred dňom
Classy guy!
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Pred 22 hodinami
Wow, A A Ron did a great job.
Max Meida
Max Meida Pred dňom
I’m sorry but if they choose anyone else over Rodgers are permanent host.... I’m done.
YoshiNumberOne Pred dňom
Aaron Rodgers as a host has been doing a great job
What happen to the blonde guy the million dollar winner host?? But this guy is AWSOME AND DEFINITELY A CUTY
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Pred 22 hodinami
I really like Aaron's Delivery. He has a level of chill I simply did not expect.
Marie Kano
Marie Kano Pred dňom
I like him hes very chill classy respectable I love his whole demeanor. Remember no one like Alex when he came out but over time as he got older witb the show the audience loved him. I feel like if Aaron stays on this show as he grows he will be the best host ever. Give him time to find his mojo in the show. Once he gets the hang of it he'll be so confident and comfortable enough like Alex did. Alex spent 30 plus years on jeopardy. Aaron did one week. Let him grow
Cenovia Mendoza
Cenovia Mendoza Pred dňom
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Marco DeVincentis
Marco DeVincentis Pred dňom
Great job Aaron!
yasen king
yasen king Pred dňom
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soviet Unionisgoated
soviet Unionisgoated Pred dňom
Chris Rodrigue
Chris Rodrigue Pred dňom
What an easy question.
firefly4f4 Pred dňom
Honestly, Aaron didn't really impress me in his first game, although he did have his moments. Since then he as really grown and impressed me. I rather like him as host. I still want to see how Levar Burton would do. As of now, though, Aaron has been my favorite guest host.
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan Pred dňom
It was the right call change my mind.
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis Pred dňom
Anyone here after he is the part time host of jeopardy?
maxpowr90 Pred dňom
Sad that 2/3 contestants said an English writer's book.
Tenderfoot Prepper
Tenderfoot Prepper Pred dňom
When I saw Sodium I was like, NA CL, NA CL, then finally figured out nacho right as the music ended.
Se7eN Cureton Reviews
Se7eN Cureton Reviews Pred dňom
The reading rainbow gent
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Pred dňom
i am a long time Jeopardy fan, I think Aaron Rodgers is a wonderful man to walk in Alex shoes. I hope he permanently stays the host
game Pred dňom
Where can I find that sound effect? 0:08
Jennifer Watts
Jennifer Watts Pred dňom
My 2 bffs loved watching you
Lukas Fraser
Lukas Fraser Pred dňom
Why is LeVar Burton still not hosting?????
javi009z Pred dňom
Usually all I hear from this man is "3-19!!"
Kat Pred dňom
Just not the same without Alex but still love the show
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Pred dňom
They need to get Karim Abdul Jabar as host
Brigham Openshaw
Brigham Openshaw Pred dňom
Why does everybody like Aaron Rodgers as the host of Jeopardy? He is damn near monotone, and too soft spoken. Trebek had a deeper voice and spoke with volume and a commanding presence. I know Rodgers came out to the media saying he studied really hard and watched Trebek and tried to copy his mannerisms, but I see very little of Trebek in Rodgers. Bring on the hate.
Victor Hoe
Victor Hoe Pred dňom
My sister inlaw is in Chico, Calif. Aaron Rodgers is from Paradise, Calif. His donations helped with the businesses destroyed by the Campfire Fire. I have a lot of respect for Aaron Rodgers. Besides, he's a Cal Berkeley (Go Bears), fan.
Anonymous Pred dňom
Aaron is a smart guy. People think because he’s an athlete that he doesn’t have intelligence. I like how sorta soft and low key he is in his hosting. Of course he’ll get better and better. But the guy wants it. I think it would be uplifting to have him as a host.
Marie Kano
Marie Kano Pred dňom
I would love to see him grow. Remember when Alex started no one like him
Cleopatra Demers
Cleopatra Demers Pred dňom
This is why l think Aaron Rogers would make a great permanent host of Jeopardy. Even though some people have commented that he is too sedate for the role, he really does make you laugh when his humor shines through. I believe he would grow into the role just fabulously. Alex cannot be replaced but Aaron can make it his own.
Tenderfoot Prepper
Tenderfoot Prepper Pred dňom
I think Lenny could have guessed this one.
Shannon O'brien
Shannon O'brien Pred dňom
Just let him do it ,he obviously loves being up there
Joely Tacos
Joely Tacos Pred dňom
I'm a Giants fan and I nailed these. I'm ready for Jeopardy.
Pokémon Master
Pokémon Master Pred dňom
You guys need to stop hating 🤦‍♂️ all of you are just jealous that he’s doing better shit than you guys in his life. I guarantee all of you hating haven’t watched a single episode before Aaron and the fact you think this is boring is just laughable. You guys act like jeopardy is supposed to be full of tons of energy and that he’s supposed to do cartwheels all day for every question drinking tons of caffeine and shit 🤦‍♂️
Olives Olive
Olives Olive Pred dňom
Creamy Crust Of Carmichael's Crack
Creamy Crust Of Carmichael's Crack Pred dňom
Ngl I would live if they rotated NFL stars as hosts. Sports stars in general i wouldnt watch if it were actors or actresses
divadivad Pred dňom
I keep waiting to hear "Green 18!".
Arthur Jackson
Arthur Jackson Pred dňom
Lol.... I thought it was Three 19!! Maybe it's Green 19!!
Ethan Pred dňom
Ronnie Conner
Ronnie Conner Pred dňom
I thought he did a great job all week, I would be delighted to see him as the new host! ❤
zar olive
zar olive Pred dňom
Keep Mike Richards and Rogers, please! The best new hosts!!!
Bear 7453
Bear 7453 Pred dňom