Juvert Menezes
Juvert Menezes Pred 12 hodinami
0.52s thank me later
Dark Pred 12 hodinami
Background music name ?....
Tarcisio J. Borges
Tarcisio J. Borges Pred 13 hodinami
Sumon Basnet
Sumon Basnet Pred 13 hodinami
the CGI give me low class chinese fantasy movie vibe.
Brandon Brooks
Brandon Brooks Pred 13 hodinami
What's the movie at 1:05 ?
Stewieternity Gaming
Stewieternity Gaming Pred 13 hodinami
Hyped as hell for Godzilla Vs. Kong. Already know justice league is going to suck anyway
Sifankhan Turk
Sifankhan Turk Pred 13 hodinami
Very exited to see this Movei 😍😍🤗🤗🤟😎 wonder woman and Super man batman, aquaman favourite character 😎😎
The DomRunner
The DomRunner Pred 13 hodinami
Now this is how Justice league should have been !! Darkseid gave me goosebumps !!
Fourface Pred 13 hodinami
Why did this need epic music? Why?
Darth Coco
Darth Coco Pred 13 hodinami
Snyder's Justice League is the most anticipated directors cut of a movie in history.
Fihama AV
Fihama AV Pred 13 hodinami
This video is my safe place ❤
Nasim Haider
Nasim Haider Pred 13 hodinami
She is so positively toxic ..
DARK seid
DARK seid Pred 13 hodinami
20 million is within my grasp !! 19,995,357 views•14 Feb 2021
Anmatrix Pred 13 hodinami
For darkseid
San Bhu
San Bhu Pred 13 hodinami
Who's at 20M? I'm watching the trailer every day since its release. #SnyderCut
Hamed Rahimi
Hamed Rahimi Pred 13 hodinami
1:00 LOL chanandlerlooks in the bag in thats how he said diet soda
adi u
adi u Pred 13 hodinami
Friends reunion special 0:52
Rajesh Bajracharya
Rajesh Bajracharya Pred 13 hodinami
superman is best for me i didn't mean the other are bad other are good but I love superman
Annagrazia Disanto
Annagrazia Disanto Pred 13 hodinami
apoorv chadha
apoorv chadha Pred 13 hodinami
Friends reunion special!!!!
korayem Pred 13 hodinami
what's the song name? It's Britney Spears Toxic original but different and EPIC
Dane Parsons
Dane Parsons Pred 13 hodinami
Bring on M O R T A L K O M B A T! And Snyder’s Justice League.
Korbin Talbert
Korbin Talbert Pred 14 hodinami
it sounds like "i'm, maurice __________, where are we
tokistack Pred 14 hodinami
Anmatrix Pred 13 hodinami
Better watch it on pc or tv . Its 1:33:1 imax ratio
Superboy Prime
Superboy Prime Pred 14 hodinami
Superman’s scream can be heard all throughout the multiverse. Zack Snyder really understands DC comics
Anmatrix Pred 14 hodinami
Because he has codex in him. And when he dies million of souls scream and wake the motherboxes. Zack knows what he does
Junior Tapout
Junior Tapout Pred 14 hodinami
Can we get a better “Get over here” smh
Amey Wani
Amey Wani Pred 14 hodinami
Joker and all is fine but why this shitty aspect ratio
Hasiel Sarsby
Hasiel Sarsby Pred 13 hodinami
Its uncropped so you are seeing the entire picture, if it were to fill your screen then you lose picture at the top and bottom.
Anmatrix Pred 14 hodinami
Shitty? It's the best. It's imax 1:33:1.its the best for cbm and shows most footage. Watch it on TV or pc u won't even notice bars
CS_ chirag
CS_ chirag Pred 14 hodinami
you didn't release HBO max on India but you can partnership with Amazon Prime in India we love justice league Zack Snyder cut and Godzilla vs Kong and mortal kombat then we have no choice to pirate movie to watch c'mon HBO max
LAZZA MCPE Pred 14 hodinami
March is a great time for movies 🤩
Bin yeamin
Bin yeamin Pred 14 hodinami
These trailers will hit hard after the release of ZSJL 😭 Hope WB continue the Snyderverse 🙌🏾
Slamma Jamma
Slamma Jamma Pred 15 hodinami
From attempting to watch this scene I am of the opinion that this is expensive crap. They look embarrassed.
Shashi Polkam
Shashi Polkam Pred 15 hodinami
ajitesh Singh
ajitesh Singh Pred 15 hodinami
Rishav Roy
Rishav Roy Pred 15 hodinami
Almost 20M views!!
Aashish Basnet
Aashish Basnet Pred 15 hodinami
TheArtistsWings 9
TheArtistsWings 9 Pred 15 hodinami
w h e n
2ELI0 Pred 15 hodinami
Please ditch those stupid agreements with Sky UK, Sky Germany or Sky Italy. We want HBO here.
sam Dusseldwarf
sam Dusseldwarf Pred 15 hodinami
So much CGI
Anmatrix Pred 14 hodinami
Then next time we will try to get real darksied and parademons. I think they want to make a movie career too
Anmatrix Pred 14 hodinami
Say that to marvel also now
RXTZ SleekZ Pred 15 hodinami
you can say the same thing to marvel as well
Siti Nabilah Mohd Shaari
Siti Nabilah Mohd Shaari Pred 16 hodinami
Checking in for daily dose of serotonin. #SnyderCut
CPM3 Pred 16 hodinami
Top 10 Reasons on why I am gonna watch this:- 10)- Aspect Ratio (Although I prefer 1.66, give us 1.43.1 of Man of Steel plz) 9)- Religious Symbolism 8)- Cyborg's Backstory 7)- Batman's Redemption 6)- Robin Getting Rekt 5)- Steppenwolf and Friends 4)- Superman 3)- Flash's Backstory 2)- Joker 1)- Knightmare Almost accurate
CPM3 Pred 13 hodinami
@Aashish Basnet Yes.. PRIORITY NUMBER 1
Aashish Basnet
Aashish Basnet Pred 15 hodinami
Not cheesy whedony jokes!
Lily Amethyst
Lily Amethyst Pred 16 hodinami
The amount of relief that entered my body when I heard that theres book 4 is as the same number as simon
Martin Haigh
Martin Haigh Pred 16 hodinami
So, Gimli...everyone else rode out to make a heroic last stand against overwhelming odds, while you stayed behind to blow an enormous horn that sounds like a flatulent rhino? Yes, it was a tough assignment but I took one for the team.
Nitin Dhami
Nitin Dhami Pred 16 hodinami
Hope that Leonard doesn't see it.
CPM3 Pred 16 hodinami
I am Qatar Pakistani and I want to watch this on BeIN so any idea?? Edit:- It's confirmed that it's coming in March 18th but I don't know the whole process
pinkqu Pred 16 hodinami
Damn i really wanted steven ogg to be the new joker on the reboot one
Anmatrix Pred 13 hodinami
This isn't a reboot. It's the original justice league movie the original 4 hr movie we haven't seen. The Snyder cut
RXTZ SleekZ Pred 15 hodinami
i dont see trevor as a joker doe
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil Pred 16 hodinami
this isnt a reboot.
CPM3 Pred 16 hodinami
Reject Cinematic Universe Return to Saga
Luis Pred 16 hodinami
Godzilla V Kong, Justice League and South Park, everything else can suck it. Especially that Genera+ion show.
The Predator
The Predator Pred 16 hodinami
His armour is moving 😳 0:48 watch it in 0.25
Samurai Gaming
Samurai Gaming Pred 15 hodinami
Hes getting naked
Shahnaz Majeed
Shahnaz Majeed Pred 16 hodinami
Friends reunion 🥰💓
AlphaReturns Pred 16 hodinami
15 DAYS LEFT!!!!
Amey Wani
Amey Wani Pred 16 hodinami
DC just needs a sophisticated team of directors who can make a proper universe with an easy storyline just like Marvel then DC will overpower Marvel
Anmatrix Pred 13 hodinami
DC had a great vision from Snyder which was stopped before. He has great story to tell and is a great director. We may get that story now
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil Pred 16 hodinami
dude have you learned NOTHING from the snydercut? warner brothers doesnt listen to anyone outside of their own boardroom. they screw over directors / actors left and right.
Amey Wani
Amey Wani Pred 16 hodinami
Am I the only one surprised by the aspect ratio
Muqsit Pred 13 hodinami
Yeah you're the only one clown here
Luis Henry C
Luis Henry C Pred 14 hodinami
Yes, you are the only one who complains
Anmatrix Pred 14 hodinami
Yep ur the only one crying over the best ratio
RXTZ SleekZ Pred 15 hodinami
Yep, you're the only one
Samurai Gaming
Samurai Gaming Pred 15 hodinami
Ryan Wayne
Ryan Wayne Pred 16 hodinami
I had a dream... almost like a premonition... that there is a Snyder Cut coming.
Abdulrahman Alotaibi
Abdulrahman Alotaibi Pred 17 hodinami
How to sign up for HBO max outside USA
King Gridorah
King Gridorah Pred 17 hodinami
Bring jl to india
Kakashi Gaming
Kakashi Gaming Pred 17 hodinami
Why don't you just come in India 😐
INCOGNITO Pred 17 hodinami
Everyone: I heard about you. Didn't think you were real. Snyder Cut: I'm real when it's useful.
Echelon Pred 17 hodinami
15 days to the snyder cut
AlphaReturns Pred 17 hodinami
15 DAYS LEFT!!!!
Mr Imperfect
Mr Imperfect Pred 17 hodinami
Zack snyder : I am using my favourite songs for jl teasers , trailers , special looks Me : ( my profile pic )
Anmatrix Pred 12 hodinami
Our favorite songs
Chirag Goyal
Chirag Goyal Pred 17 hodinami
They copied the concept from "The Criminal justice" and just swapped the genders
Mohammed Mudassir Yameen
Mohammed Mudassir Yameen Pred 18 hodinami
Friends ❤️❤️
08_Mohit Pred 18 hodinami
looks ineresting
Murtada Muhamed
Murtada Muhamed Pred 18 hodinami
اكو عرب بلطيارة
GEEKgamer Pred 18 hodinami
HBO max is kinda bad... At first it was amazing, I saw looney tunes,CN, adult swim, dc movies and shows, friend,etc... But after one month I literally had nothing to watch. But I'll subscribe again for this month only cause I want to see the Snyder cut and Godzilla vs Kong
Justice for Everyone
Justice for Everyone Pred 18 hodinami
This looks so much better than the garbage we got from what’s his name
Anubhav Kumar
Anubhav Kumar Pred 18 hodinami
Name of the Song
Kabir Dev
Kabir Dev Pred 18 hodinami
Please give an update regarding justice league's Indian streaming partner?
anirban chakraborty
anirban chakraborty Pred 18 hodinami
Zack Snyder's Justice League ❤️❤️
Hanna Gy.
Hanna Gy. Pred 18 hodinami
Damn, not HBO coming for disney+ 💀 living for it
Luis Ramos
Luis Ramos Pred 18 hodinami
Eric B
Eric B Pred 18 hodinami
I've been trying to like this show, but I have too many brain cells.
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh Pred 18 hodinami
Zack going out of DC will be a big mistake. Only he & nolan knows how to bring justice to DC characters... WB are fools rebooting Superman...
Anmatrix Pred 18 hodinami
Exactly but I think Henry would be supes if this movie is success and we will get more Snyder movies
D G Pred 19 hodinami
Jane is soon fine... I wouldn't mind
google me
google me Pred 19 hodinami
What a shit movie
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Pred 19 hodinami
The birth of a new Rome
Ali Arsalan
Ali Arsalan Pred 19 hodinami
Almost there.
SAVYO JOY Pred 19 hodinami
Except the 'Martha' thing, this is a fukin masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️
Paul Seban
Paul Seban Pred 19 hodinami
I don't think a day will pass in my life without watching this atleast once untill i watch the movie.
Raj Ghosalkar
Raj Ghosalkar Pred 19 hodinami
Friends reunion special : 52 sec