Becky G Sings Bad Bunny, Shakira, and More | Lyric Challenge

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Becky G tested her Spanglish playing our Latino legends lyric challenge. From the lyrics to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie," Bad Bunny's "Mia," Daddy Yankee and Snow's "Con Calma," and so much more, the "Mayores" singer was definitely up to the task. Now if only we could get a Becky G cover of "Hips Don't Lie"-her Shakira impression is SPOT ON.
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Seventeen Pred rokom
¿Cuál es tu canción favorita de Becky G?
Diego Sebastián More Rojas
Diego Sebastián More Rojas Pred 11 dňami
Todas las canciones de Becky g
Aliona Hay
Aliona Hay Pred 21 dňom
I like shower and break a sweat
Nina The Killer
Nina The Killer Pred mesiacom
A. DIAZ Pred mesiacom
Casi todas por no decir todas. Desde sus inicios y hasta siempre.
Тахмина Абдулаева
Тахмина Абдулаева Pred 3 mesiacmi
@randombabe99 ⁰ⁿ
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig Pred 10 dňami
I love how she calls myke towers my boy lol
Diya Darvin
Diya Darvin Pred 13 dňami
I think her favourite pair of earrings are rings💍💍
Lialy Pred 18 dňami
is it just me or does she look like a cat with the makeup??
Zara Khan
Zara Khan Pred 20 dňami
She reminds me of Ava Max a little bit.. Anyone else get the connection?
Steve Empire Videos
Steve Empire Videos Pred mesiacom
Jessica Mologadi
Jessica Mologadi Pred mesiacom
Becky g looks like Isabella moner and demi
Franche Franche Fran
Franche Franche Fran Pred mesiacom
Linda 😘💖
Pascual Diego Diego
Pascual Diego Diego Pred mesiacom
Is bad bunny 🐰 ur boyfriend
kyle candlejuice
kyle candlejuice Pred mesiacom
aww shes sooo cute i love her so much
Francisco Mazaira
Francisco Mazaira Pred 2 mesiacmi
Ella tiene canciones en español y es inglesa😡😡
Ryanne Reed
Ryanne Reed Pred 2 mesiacmi
yay becky g good job
Franche Franche Fran
Franche Franche Fran Pred 2 mesiacmi
Ande Kiera que sa les bonita mami eres una Diosa te amó mucho
Joy Herrera
Joy Herrera Pred 3 mesiacmi
I love her she's soo good.
Mrs. Arthur Morgan
Mrs. Arthur Morgan Pred 3 mesiacmi
So apparently bad bunny is a latin legend but not anuel theres no justice anuel will rise bunny will fall
Franche Franche Fran
Franche Franche Fran Pred 3 mesiacmi
Sor tu fan numerouno
Franche Franche Fran
Franche Franche Fran Pred 3 mesiacmi
Qué jeso niña que tiene linda presiosa
Loveta Geesey
Loveta Geesey Pred 3 mesiacmi
The real question is which is brighter: Her pantsuit or her personality
linssi pitalua
linssi pitalua Pred 3 mesiacmi
La amo 😻 a mi Becky g 😍😍😍😍🙂🖤
Sayesha’s World
Sayesha’s World Pred 4 mesiacmi
she looks like Demi And Selena and has the talking voice of Doja cat
GMD77G Pred 4 mesiacmi
GMD77G Pred 4 mesiacmi
GMD77G Pred 4 mesiacmi
Leah Martinet
Leah Martinet Pred 4 mesiacmi
Becky: I used to listen it on my ipod. Nobody knows what those are these day. Me: i listen to music on an mp3 player....😒
Elias F Bergkvist
Elias F Bergkvist Pred 4 mesiacmi
Becky hears a song - I love that song
Keyley martin
Keyley martin Pred 5 mesiacmi
I once got her mixed up with Demi Lovato once
Mika Jadulco
Mika Jadulco Pred 5 mesiacmi
5:35 lmaooo i just realized the lyrics is also weird too 😂😂 have a fiesta and then have siesta?? what is this? a siesta party ??????
Yalda Kua
Yalda Kua Pred 5 mesiacmi
She is pretty.
shriyaa anand
shriyaa anand Pred 5 mesiacmi
does no one else remember that she was on austin and ally lmao 😂
Jacelynn Quintero
Jacelynn Quintero Pred 5 mesiacmi
She sings soo good I been singing since I was 4 now I’m 9
H s
H s Pred 6 mesiacmi
ngl i came after her collab with hobi
Antonia Belen Toledo Muñoz
Antonia Belen Toledo Muñoz Pred 6 mesiacmi
Becky g es la mejor cantante latina , canta genial ya que combina ingles con español jssk
Dalia Cuellar
Dalia Cuellar Pred 6 mesiacmi
Becky g es mexicana☺️
Giselleee _21
Giselleee _21 Pred 6 mesiacmi
Nooo they should’ve used a different Selena somg
Emma Roussely
Emma Roussely Pred 6 mesiacmi
Lauren Jauregui should've been on there
Lee Dimitrijevski
Lee Dimitrijevski Pred 6 mesiacmi
Don’t you love Becky G
Abraham&Delilah Rodriguez
Abraham&Delilah Rodriguez Pred 6 mesiacmi
Becky from the block
Yamaguchis Mom
Yamaguchis Mom Pred 6 mesiacmi
I love the 2 and 3
ARCHNA Dabral Pred 6 mesiacmi
We want Millie Bobby brown
Mnoina noinam
Mnoina noinam Pred 6 mesiacmi
Who tf is she?
Sedra Life
Sedra Life Pred 6 mesiacmi
Her skin is clear 100
Camila García Molina
Camila García Molina Pred 6 mesiacmi
A mi también me gustan mayores 😉
Lena Pred 6 mesiacmi
Honey G is better!
Jennesys Jimenez
Jennesys Jimenez Pred 7 mesiacmi
The way Becky G sang Daddy Yankee’s song🤗😂😂 she’s so cute!
just cherry
just cherry Pred 7 mesiacmi
Are you freinds with natti natasha
Blooming Pred 7 mesiacmi
just cherry
just cherry Pred 7 mesiacmi
Are you from Spain Becky g
heart varela
heart varela Pred 7 mesiacmi
its funny how she looks like a mixture of selena and demi
butterfly chaser
butterfly chaser Pred 7 mesiacmi
yeah she does
فيصل القحطاني
فيصل القحطاني Pred 7 mesiacmi
Wtf is there anybody doesn't know Havana song???
anika sarah
anika sarah Pred 7 mesiacmi
i know im being silly but why does she look like soyeon from gidle in some angles they're not even the same ethnicity
Abril Estefanía López Martínez
Abril Estefanía López Martínez Pred 7 mesiacmi
Mi cansion favorita de Becky g son todas es que no puedo decidirme canta super bien , para mí alimentos para mí es la mejor
Abril Estefanía López Martínez
Abril Estefanía López Martínez Pred 7 mesiacmi
Eso becky g
Zakiyah Khan
Zakiyah Khan Pred 8 mesiacmi
Her voice is so beautiful especially she Comment:
serendipia Pred 8 mesiacmi
she's lovely 💕 cute, cool and funny. becky reina 👑
Karla Rodríguez
Karla Rodríguez Pred 8 mesiacmi
No ere tú, no ere tú soy yo... No ereS tú, no ereS tú soy yo. Why becky? Comiéndote las "S"
Yassir Alejandro
Yassir Alejandro Pred 8 mesiacmi
Oh cool 😎 y Que de lo de mi hermano que me faire que la semana
purushotham dasari
purushotham dasari Pred 8 mesiacmi
The expressions got worse😂after every song
Naru GS
Naru GS Pred 8 mesiacmi
xD no quiere una siesta in the middle of the fiesta, me encanta esta mujer!
sia Pred 8 mesiacmi
Holy shit I forgot she existed
Andres Alvarez
Andres Alvarez Pred 8 mesiacmi
Brianna Lee
Brianna Lee Pred 8 mesiacmi
She's beautiful! And I love her personality she's seems sweet. Great voice! This is my favorite Seventeen video besides Jojo, Tori Kelly, and Lauren from Fifth Harmony.
Yanel Silverio
Yanel Silverio Pred 8 mesiacmi
She sings so good😍
Ingrid Souza
Ingrid Souza Pred 8 mesiacmi
Ele tá o próprio abacate kkkk desde a roupa até o look
Mỹ Tiên
Mỹ Tiên Pred 9 mesiacmi
Honestly, i came here after watching Lele Pons playing game and guessing Becky G is 21 years old
moon child
moon child Pred 9 mesiacmi
Becky G: *sings with a killer voice* Me: *joins in with her thinking i'm slaying too* My brother: Yo! Was that you or was that a whale dying?
nancy olvera
nancy olvera Pred 9 mesiacmi
2:13 LMAOOOO😂😂
darleny M
darleny M Pred 9 mesiacmi
I love Becky she’s amazing and so beautiful she’s a goddess
Brandon Yamamoto
Brandon Yamamoto Pred 9 mesiacmi
Becky G Vs Selena Gomez
Brandon Yamamoto
Brandon Yamamoto Pred 9 mesiacmi
Becky G has got to be the most sexiest Spanish singer in the world
Raul alarcon
Raul alarcon Pred 9 mesiacmi
I need Collab with Selena Gomez now
Flast Pred 9 mesiacmi
now she is yellow xD
José Manuel de la Cruz Flores
José Manuel de la Cruz Flores Pred 9 mesiacmi
Me encanta
Sedi Bae
Sedi Bae Pred 9 mesiacmi
We need rosalia
Gordon Music
Gordon Music Pred 9 mesiacmi
Demi Lovato,Becky G,Selena Gomez have like these voices that just tear down the barriers i mean thats true talent and when you have all of them together you will hear the power
Blanca maria Perales silva
Blanca maria Perales silva Pred 9 mesiacmi
Becky g canta hermosoo
Mar López
Mar López Pred 9 mesiacmi
Daniela F
Daniela F Pred 9 mesiacmi
Canta mejor sin autotune
Axegirl 2020
Axegirl 2020 Pred 9 mesiacmi
4:00 Her face 😂😂😂😂😂😂 And at the end she's like "Ayyy 😁 "
Yoga Naveen Kumar
Yoga Naveen Kumar Pred 9 mesiacmi
Isabela merced
Jacob Woodyard
Jacob Woodyard Pred 9 mesiacmi
Is it just me or has Becky G been irrelevant since 2015 I'm only saying this because you don't hear anything about her ever
Euclid Silva
Euclid Silva Pred 9 mesiacmi
She became famous in Spanish speaking world. That's why. She's realeasing more songs in Spanish than in English.
Victor Hugo Ancajima Flores
Victor Hugo Ancajima Flores Pred 9 mesiacmi
Conclusion ella no escucha musica latina xd porque escuchar entonces su musica?
Chiaraaa Gonzalezzz
Chiaraaa Gonzalezzz Pred 9 mesiacmi
Ay mi reina hermosaaa
Angelisa Stands
Angelisa Stands Pred 9 mesiacmi
Nea 1144
Nea 1144 Pred 9 mesiacmi
She looks so good in Neon❤😍
Karla Raxón
Karla Raxón Pred 9 mesiacmi
OMG! You, Becky! You sing amazing! You should try to sing more powerful songs!
Katie Briceño
Katie Briceño Pred 9 mesiacmi
y mi chicken noodle soup?
Julie2U Pred 9 mesiacmi
4:07 she laughed a little like Selena. 😍 aww
Imanol Melgar Rafael
Imanol Melgar Rafael Pred 9 mesiacmi
Que le paso en la cara? Está demasiada amarilla
Barbi Thomson
Barbi Thomson Pred 10 mesiacmi
Sis looking plastic af
Layla Doyle
Layla Doyle Pred 10 mesiacmi
Why is she so orrrraaaannnggggeeee
aj blood
aj blood Pred 10 mesiacmi
So 🍬sweet 😍😍
Icy Takaqi 9ën
Icy Takaqi 9ën Pred 10 mesiacmi
*LATINO* legend = *THE ONE and ONLY SELENA.* Also latino legends: *Jennifer Lopez and Shakria.* And not Demi. Great singer tho, but 99.9% of her song are english and not even latino genre. And ESPECIALLY NOT Disney Channel Selena! She doesn't even sing, she's been whispering throughout her entire "music" career.
Adriana Carrera
Adriana Carrera Pred 10 mesiacmi
Girl I’m with you in all the songs
Bora Özkan
Bora Özkan Pred 10 mesiacmi
I see Demi, I click
Carol J. Zamora
Carol J. Zamora Pred 10 mesiacmi
How did she not know mi ultima carta???
Alex Vause / Orange is my new black
Alex Vause / Orange is my new black Pred 10 mesiacmi
Luv her music♡
Crista W
Crista W Pred 10 mesiacmi
Her talking voice is so cute so I didn’t mind her missing most of the songs lol
Nilu Prabha
Nilu Prabha Pred 10 mesiacmi
Her foundation though 😂
Sanchi Pred 10 mesiacmi
Lol her expression everytime she doesn’t know the lyric tho-
Kevin Serna
Kevin Serna Pred 10 mesiacmi
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