Becky G's Rise to Stardom

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The Wendy Williams Show

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Viral sensation Becky G tells us about her rise to fame, what her first big purchase was and why she just got her license.
Then, Becky dishes about her highly anticipated new movie, "Power Rangers".

Yna Daniela F. Balaoro
Yna Daniela F. Balaoro Pred 19 dňami
I hate it when Wendy interupts her from time to time.
Saniya Bista
Saniya Bista Pred 26 dňami
Becky so pretty 😍😍
Eduardo Luna
Eduardo Luna Pred mesiacom
is. funny Becky g cool
Heinrich IV
Heinrich IV Pred 2 mesiacmi
Thanks to Lukasz Gottwald she got famous. He discovered her. :)
DaKween Lyrics
DaKween Lyrics Pred 6 mesiacmi
She kinda looks like Kristina Bobbi brown!
Deni Emma O'Hara
Deni Emma O'Hara Pred 6 mesiacmi
Can Wendy just let Becky talk plz 🙄
Rebecca Gonzalez
Rebecca Gonzalez Pred 7 mesiacmi
Becky G 💞 love you girl so Humble
Violetta & Sam: Our Story
Violetta & Sam: Our Story Pred 7 mesiacmi
Violetta & Sam: Our Story
Violetta & Sam: Our Story Pred 7 mesiacmi
kristie r
kristie r Pred 8 mesiacmi
"If u squint hard" it's like she's saying she's a nobody on d show. Smoking action and thing like if Wendy's saying she feels she's all that. And saying imagine just sitting and posting a video can get u popular like that's nothing Becky did and she getting credit.....wendy was rude and intrusive and just plain mean. " a bad driver" what d hell she knows about Becky's driving. Becky handles all d questions and even Wendy's attitude well.
Jose Meza
Jose Meza Pred 8 mesiacmi
Wendy is such a f'n hater Yo...straight hypocrite af my dude
arsema asmerom
arsema asmerom Pred 8 mesiacmi
i swear wendy is the most annoying host in the industry
Tony Rhodes
Tony Rhodes Pred 8 mesiacmi
She's talented, gorgeous, adorable, and it goin on...
Nada Pred 8 mesiacmi
Why does she hate on Latinas?? She was so rude to Thalia too good thing she was so positive it kinda blocked it..
pablo Bush
pablo Bush Pred 9 mesiacmi
She said i am mexican . Damn girl .brown pride all the way mamita
Tony Taino
Tony Taino Pred 9 mesiacmi
Mad lesbians in that crowd.
kitteekittee Pred 10 mesiacmi
Shes so gorgeous
Hilda Loera
Hilda Loera Pred 10 mesiacmi
He looks like maluma
Gabriel Redd
Gabriel Redd Pred 11 mesiacmi
Inglewood to Englewood ❤️🤘
Hillary Yau
Hillary Yau Pred 11 mesiacmi
I like Becky G
Mr B
Mr B Pred 11 mesiacmi
Becky a crip !!! Lol
Bella Lukas
Bella Lukas Pred 11 mesiacmi
I love this girl so happy to see her doing so well now
real_twannie fanclub
real_twannie fanclub Pred 11 mesiacmi
Wendy you suck so bad, ugh
ERRACKA Pred rokom
Brown skin stereotyping another brown skin. Sheesh.
Julio Tello
Julio Tello Pred rokom
Am I the only one that felt Wendy constantly picking at Becky throughout the whole interview? As if Becky was undeserving of her success??
Eddie Alveno
Eddie Alveno Pred rokom
I'd love to, one day, be seated on that couch with Wendy Williams 🙌 chatting it up! Even if all she does is shades me 😆 I love her! I want that coin💰too, no lie 😂😂
Bee Ozuna
Bee Ozuna Pred rokom
God bless her on her success she deserve it plus she help her family that’s everyone dream to buy they parents a home.
Icy Takaqi 9ën
Icy Takaqi 9ën Pred rokom
FYI: her boyfriends name is *_Sebastian Lletget_*
Mariahlisah Felix
Mariahlisah Felix Pred rokom
Pendy Wendy I didn't need to squint to notice her in empire she's way more popular than your arty hair so how about you act a lil bit professional not shady.. I love you becky♥️♥️
Karee Dreaming&playing
Karee Dreaming&playing Pred rokom
Why she didn’t talk about Becky it’s a super star in Latin America
D.Z.E Boys
D.Z.E Boys Pred rokom
Wendy hater lol just because she is young 8:23 she whispered your so stupid or am I wrong lol
Evette Benavidez
Evette Benavidez Pred rokom
Wendy is so fucken rude
Lila A.
Lila A. Pred rokom
Wow Wendy this is so sad! So everyone all 114 of your family members live. Rooting for you! Now think for a second if the tables were turned. So fn rude prejudice...
bubble Gum
bubble Gum Pred rokom
Why she closed her diastima?
Pedro Pequeno lll
Pedro Pequeno lll Pred rokom
Wendy crack head head
Mar Love
Mar Love Pred rokom
I just realized that Wendy can only invite so so singers to her show lmao
Valerie Gomez
Valerie Gomez Pred rokom
Baby Kale
Baby Kale Pred rokom
Wendy is rude wtf people watch her?
Kimberly Herrera
Kimberly Herrera Pred rokom
I love Becky G she is a sweet girl, but powerful. This girl dominates in Latin music industry, which is expanding. Watch one of her music videos, they are over a billion views! And she’s a movie star. I mean, this girl can do it all and still not let it get to her head.
Denise Fuentes
Denise Fuentes Pred rokom
This girl raised by great parents. Orgullo mexicano
Becca_SoCal Pred rokom
Omg, can that woman (the interviewer) have more plastic surgery?! Ugh! 🥴🥴 Her face looks absolutely awful and fake. She wasn’t very polite to Becky G. Doesn’t matter... Becky is exactly as most of us Mexicans are, try and be polite when others are a-holes, humble, family oriented and genuine. A proud Mexican-American here, also named Becky, from LA, down the way from where Becky G is from. 🇲🇽❤️✊🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Sigue siendo tu Becky, amando a tu familia y viviendo tu vida a tu manera. 😊
DD___DC Pred rokom
Wendy kept hatin on Becky G and SVpost
Alina Echeverria
Alina Echeverria Pred rokom
Becky G the loveliest girl in the world, Wendy ugly b... leave her alone!!!
Badboy4evr Pred rokom
The comments on here are so RETARDED. Comments from people that probably have no LIFE. Wendy was not being RUDE at all. Y'all are just making something up, being so dramatic where there was no drama at all. So annoying a little, have some humor. Get a grip, get a life and get over it.
Tiffany Stidham
Tiffany Stidham Pred rokom
I just watched her do a cover of Selena Quintanilla Perez when Becky G was 11! Love her!
Favi Pred rokom
Beck why would you do Wendy show?? She never give Hispanic the proper respect!!! Stay humble
Chan Rak Khun
Chan Rak Khun Pred rokom
I love becky g. i have a crush on her. i love everything she is all the way she is
Yes Martines
Yes Martines Pred rokom
All the shade cuz she was probably on one.. Just saying.
mannyboy Aztlan
mannyboy Aztlan Pred rokom
Viva la raza 🇲🇽
Jaely Velazquez
Jaely Velazquez Pred rokom
Love you Wendy! So glad to see you doing you. Good look bringing Becky G....
Rahma Abdulrahman
Rahma Abdulrahman Pred rokom
6:20 YAASS gurl
Rahma Abdulrahman
Rahma Abdulrahman Pred rokom
2:19 hahah
M Ri
M Ri Pred rokom
Wow. Wendy reminds me of Viola from the movie Monster in Law. Smh.
Hugs28love Love88
Hugs28love Love88 Pred rokom
U got
vteckid82 Pred rokom
4:20 Even Dad? Yes, Wendy bc Latino dads tend to stick around.
vteckid82 Pred rokom
I know this coke head is not throwing shade at her. Keep drinking that Hater-ade
D Cabral
D Cabral Pred rokom
Becky G is the prettiest living doll there is
Laura Lupercio
Laura Lupercio Pred rokom
Wow....Wendy is such a mean woman.
Joe Piervincenti
Joe Piervincenti Pred rokom
Becky is a great role emodel for young people that feel there are no opportunities anymore in America.
Adriana Dominguez
Adriana Dominguez Pred rokom
Yo BEACKY G I have a big family too like a 💯 just with my grandma brother and us too
LaCrystal Martin
LaCrystal Martin Pred rokom
I really like this young lady. When she sings in Spanish she sounds so sexy. Omg her guy is beautiful!!😩😍😍😍
Shayona Patel
Shayona Patel Pred rokom
Wendy is sooo shady in this interview!
Veronica Ayon
Veronica Ayon Pred rokom
Damn wendy! Becky was explaining how she has the golden ticket but there's so much other talent out there that needs attention and Wendy over here says who cares focus on you. Wow I hate Wendy.
Sameer Love
Sameer Love Pred rokom
“If you squint hard and you watch empire, Becky has been on empire.” Why is she throwing so much shade, stop being so bitter Wendy. 😒😒
Alma Martinez
Alma Martinez Pred rokom
How cool, she is going to the Latin Grammys and stopped to get her license in her TOYOTA!!! Most famous people wouldn't say that. I have to say that I thought some of her videos were too sexy for someone so young, but u know that's classic music business sexs sells. For so many accomplishments so young she's sooo humble. Probably because she's always surrounded by family.
Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire Pred rokom
Cassandra Ramos
Cassandra Ramos Pred rokom
Becky g, natti natasha, karol G these three woman are so damn beautiful and going to take over the industry.. them all of them.
Christy Albersen
Christy Albersen Pred rokom
She soooooo PRETTY🔥❤
LOVER MAN7 Pred rokom
Be happy for her wendy stop treating becky g like a child shes grown up
LOVER MAN7 Pred rokom
Hater wendy
LOVER MAN7 Pred rokom
Wendy is just jealous of becky g
Shamita D. Jefferson
Shamita D. Jefferson Pred rokom
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark Pred rokom
Becky is HOTT!! She's a HOTTIE BISSCOTTI!! Sooooo Lovely!! BLAZE green MEDICINE YA'LL!!
Lenny Lawson
Lenny Lawson Pred rokom
Becky G is a star!
Atanas Rodriguez
Atanas Rodriguez Pred rokom
Wendy here some shade from me! Get off the coke/crack lol
Atanas Rodriguez
Atanas Rodriguez Pred rokom
Wendy threw some shade *The stereotype of Latin families living in the same house*
are lis
are lis Pred rokom
Freddy Antonio
Freddy Antonio Pred rokom
kursteen swisher
kursteen swisher Pred rokom
Why did wendy keep trying to ruin how humble Becky is
M G Pred rokom
Wendy Williams is soooo annoying . Barely let the girl talk before cutting her off every time 🙄
Nour Mahmoud
Nour Mahmoud Pred rokom
"if you squint'll find Becky" wtf, the shade...
Profe Mauro
Profe Mauro Pred rokom
as usual, Wendy being a hater.. she can't get over herself. LOL.
ANGIE FUNEZ Pred rokom
I like Wendy's Show but shes a Hater! Becky G is young sexy pretty #Latina And Wendy has a Bunch of Surgeries on Her face & Body so she feels the need to somehow Make this pretty girl feel Bad .
Nek Dawg
Nek Dawg Pred rokom
Just watching this '2019' I'm 38 yrs old I don't have my license never had drivers fever! Okayyyyy Wendy 😜
Eddie Alveno
Eddie Alveno Pred rokom
Oh my gossshhhh! I ain't the only one out here then.. I'm 30 in 2019, still have no driver's license, never drove a car, I'm very scared to learn how now honestly! I thought I was the only ONE out here haha! 😆😄
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Pred rokom
I knew her with her song Sin Pijama!!!! LOVE that song....
Ana Sanchez
Ana Sanchez Pred rokom
God bless this young lady
monica Amilia
monica Amilia Pred rokom
Hey Gary why you just tell Becky G don't be in love with football player be in love with an and the anuel
KayJhoselin Pred rokom
She’s a beautiful humble person 💗💗💗💗💗
carvin casillas
carvin casillas Pred rokom
“If you squint hard” 😂
Jenessa Santos
Jenessa Santos Pred rokom
When she said “inglewooood” and the audience didn’t get it. Lol I get you Becky. I’m from Southern California and When you say Inglewood, you gotta say it like that.
uglyiest. fucker
uglyiest. fucker Pred rokom
Mad repect she said that she is Mexican not Latino or Hispanic, like the other Mexican say they are Latino or Hispanic which half are not true
Baby Girl
Baby Girl Pred rokom
Why is Wendy being so rude, calling her "Becky with the good hair "as an insult from Beyonce song .Beyonce tells her man to go mess with some ho called "Becky with the good hair". Becky handle this amazingly I would have snapped on her
Michelle Denise
Michelle Denise Pred rokom
Woooo Hoo my Becky G my mexicana paisana Chicana that whats up!! #queVivaLaRaza
Fernando Vazquez
Fernando Vazquez Pred rokom
Is beautiful
Lala Pred rokom
Wendy reminds me of Joe Budden! Its a new world and people get famous quicker! Get over it
Sophy Sam
Sophy Sam Pred rokom
Don’t know much about her but I love how sweet and genuine she is. I wish her all the best.
David Head
David Head Pred rokom
Becky G is a very gorgeous young woman
Gitanagurl Pred rokom
She’s grown on me..... she even did really good in that robot pitbull movie, and she can rap.
Joanne Escobar
Joanne Escobar Pred rokom
Wendy has always been like that. But being in that show is legendary ♥️
Irma Pomar
Irma Pomar Pred rokom
What a beautiful discovery. Love you Becky! You go girl :)
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