Becky G on Mental Health and the Pressure to Get Engaged to Boyfriend Sebastian Lletget

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ET sat down with the 'Dollar' singer, where she discussed the importance of mental health at ZinCon in Orlando, Florida.
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Elida Garcia
Elida Garcia Pred 22 dňami
Natalia Dieste
Natalia Dieste Pred 4 mesiacmi
Like her personality and charisma that she has for the young generation,
Nithin Nimsara
Nithin Nimsara Pred 4 mesiacmi
Beasterssssss ❤️🎶😍
Álvaro Enrique
Álvaro Enrique Pred 4 mesiacmi
Beautiful the queen 🥰😘😍
Олег Лукьянчк
Олег Лукьянчк Pred 6 mesiacmi
И красотка и умничка. Такая просто не может не нравится. Super gerl 💖
Wade Pred 6 mesiacmi
She look like Demi Lovato here
Savage Queen
Savage Queen Pred 6 mesiacmi
Nawras Nesh
Nawras Nesh Pred 7 mesiacmi
What's up with these gay interviewers lmao.
rayraemily sales
rayraemily sales Pred 7 mesiacmi
Donde están los latinos que no entiende nada? Aún así vieron el vídeo?
Mis. Behave
Mis. Behave Pred 10 mesiacmi
She’s so damn beautiful and well spoken and cute lol
L W Pred 10 mesiacmi
Beautiful lady ❤❤
Andreea Ilie
Andreea Ilie Pred 10 mesiacmi
She is sooo funny😂😂😂😂
Gabriel Redd
Gabriel Redd Pred 11 mesiacmi
Roxana Ortiz
Roxana Ortiz Pred 11 mesiacmi
Love her personality and seeing how she deals with mental heath issues but is still driven to fulfill her dreams is really inspiring
Meatwad Pred rokom
Her boyfriend is 27 years old and she’s 22 years old like Is she serious?
Markyyy Spotlight
Markyyy Spotlight Pred 11 mesiacmi
What's wrong with that their both adults...?????
Gina Freitas
Gina Freitas Pred rokom
Becky G she a remarkable woman that I’ve ever known her name ❣️Blessings is love in the air💖She knows when don’t push her buttons plz🙏🏼
dexburwell Pred rokom
Meisje Mooi ! ❤️❤️❤️
Brandonforever21608 Pred rokom
Her voice is annoying af!!!!
Laura vanessa Hernandez
Laura vanessa Hernandez Pred rokom
I love this girl! Don’t pressure her!! She really got a lot ahead of her! But he is fine af thou! They are sooo cute together 😩😍
Texas pipe fitter
Texas pipe fitter Pred rokom
She hella fine
S R Pred rokom
God i love her so much I don’t know why but my eyes are like😍😍😍
#BeastMode Ralphy
#BeastMode Ralphy Pred rokom
Her man 1 lucky dude she so talented and gorgeous! 🤟😎👌
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia Pred rokom
I'm finer than her boyfriend because I have green eyes and taller with bigger beer
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia Pred rokom
Laura I mean big beard my bad misspelled
Laura vanessa Hernandez
Laura vanessa Hernandez Pred rokom
Pedro Garcia big beer???
Kimberly Castro'
Kimberly Castro' Pred rokom
*Becky you are the best* ❤️👀
Rosexxbudd Pred rokom
2015 me: *Me and my catholic friend sneaking on the computer and watching her* 2019 lesbian me: *goes back for the memories* Wow she’s super cute, miss my friend tho 😔
Terry Travers
Terry Travers Pred rokom
Raza con raza
Master King Lee
Master King Lee Pred rokom
I’ll skipped asking her out and marry her ASAP
H R Pred rokom
Her speaking voice is so annoying
Jay Lifeshow
Jay Lifeshow Pred rokom
Becky g would beat Ariana grande in a kick box match lol
Йоана Пейчева
Йоана Пейчева Pred 9 mesiacmi
There's no need for competition.
Grupo El Comienzo
Grupo El Comienzo Pred rokom
shacking up is the norm now. great example for the kids
IvanDeeTerrible Pred rokom
That foo gonna cheat on her watch
Zachary Robbins
Zachary Robbins Pred rokom
I wish I could meet Becky G, such a talented singer.
ewok cardewas
ewok cardewas Pred rokom
She is a power ranger
Edwin Estrada
Edwin Estrada Pred rokom
Lau Ver
Lau Ver Pred rokom
she has changed so much because of fame and money ... even her looks sad ((
Vlad RIOT Pred rokom
No comment lmfao
worldclassAdolphFriskonline Pred rokom
She should do Mexican music
i love you
i love you Pred rokom
Thi Ly
Thi Ly Pred rokom
She just like karruche Tran!!
Laura vanessa Hernandez
Laura vanessa Hernandez Pred rokom
Thi Ly I agree!!!
sams journey
sams journey Pred rokom
Wow. So pretty
Am A Warrior
Am A Warrior Pred rokom
I used to love her so much more with her gap tooth.
Alejandra María Mora
Alejandra María Mora Pred rokom
She is so calm when she speaks.
Jeannie 69
Jeannie 69 Pred rokom
Annoying asf
patrick jensen
patrick jensen Pred rokom
I fell in love with her. Unfortunately it was a after all my stuff was stolen so haven't bought cd yet
Troy Moore
Troy Moore Pred rokom
Guys stop drooling over Becky G she wears makeup and makeup =fake i wanna see how see looks like without makeup
Troy Moore
Troy Moore Pred rokom
@Ivette Xx you right she is beautiful but damn I wish girls would let the makeup go
Ivette Xx
Ivette Xx Pred rokom
Troy Moore go watch her video with nikkietutorials she beautiful regardless hun
Trywell Dhumela
Trywell Dhumela Pred rokom
Love you becky g
D. A
D. A Pred rokom
Man my mental health is 🤯🤯🤯 I needa change some things
Wolves 95
Wolves 95 Pred rokom
D. A131618 hang in there you got this 💙
sharpaycutie2 Pred rokom
Nooo her gap is gone!!☹😭😭
i love you
i love you Pred rokom
Sherma Pred rokom
It's there
Cress Jaimes
Cress Jaimes Pred rokom
Oh please! Now she has "Mental health" problems? These singer's always have something when they're not in the charts.
Nithin Nimsara
Nithin Nimsara Pred 4 mesiacmi
She was highly bullied at her young age
scorpio love
scorpio love Pred rokom
@Sherma exactly
Sherma Pred rokom
She had have mental health problems for sooooo long already or did u not see when she posted a video breaking down? Know your facts before opening ur mouth
Ana A
Ana A Pred rokom
austin mahone and becky g we're perfect for each other
Jazmine Pred rokom
She so down to 🌎 im luvn her!!!
Cinthya Garcia
Cinthya Garcia Pred rokom
Ain’t nobody pressuring her to do shit
Tatiana Yepez
Tatiana Yepez Pred rokom
Who is she?
Nina 88
Nina 88 Pred rokom
You can Google her. Look up her music on SVpost and social media.
Nina 88
Nina 88 Pred rokom
Jorge Sierra
Jorge Sierra Pred rokom
She and me have a thing in common, both don't like hispanic culture, it's so male chauvinist but I also don't like her Empire which explotes hispanics. If USA didn't explote Mexico and many other countries she wuold be speaking spanish
Sanjuana Gasca
Sanjuana Gasca Pred rokom
There is no such thing as Hispanic Culture . Hispanic is a word made up by American politics. Most Spanish speaking Countries in Costum and Culture are not exactly the same.
Hailey Tillman
Hailey Tillman Pred rokom
Uniquee cctvo
smgv Pred rokom
Jorge Sierra 🤡
Angela Enrick
Angela Enrick Pred rokom
I like becky she has a vreat voice. And is very popular...and. Beautiful..
Sif Artorious
Sif Artorious Pred rokom
Her teeth are beautiful 😁
Sofi Torres
Sofi Torres Pred rokom
Milgris Liz
Milgris Liz Pred rokom
Love that girl! 💜💜💜
N00 ENTERTM. Pred rokom
every entertainers now all have mental issue. rhetoric.
Mya Jasmine
Mya Jasmine Pred rokom
N00 ENTERTM. They’ve always have. They’re just more vocal and are actually recognizing/treating it now. How many celeb breakdowns have we had in the last 10 years? Compared to before
PinkStar58 Pred rokom
She spoke more about staying physically active and dieting 🙄
Nina 88
Nina 88 Pred rokom
I mean that's more important, physically and mentally.
Ana D
Ana D Pred rokom
I love Becky G💕 i feel like shes not snobby and i wouldnt even be nervous talking to her
Yomola Ajibola
Yomola Ajibola Pred rokom
I just love her sooo much😍😍😍😍😍😍
sarah bolanos
sarah bolanos Pred rokom
Go queen 😙😙😙😙love you becky 💞💞💞💞
DJ C Combat
DJ C Combat Pred rokom
So adorable
DJ C Combat
DJ C Combat Pred rokom
Why has she never performed Green Light Go, LBD and Next To You live yet?
DJ C Combat
DJ C Combat Pred 7 mesiacmi
息まるBʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅ Its just that Becky has done live performances of all her spanish songs but not her english ones. She should post quarantine
Nawras Nesh
Nawras Nesh Pred 7 mesiacmi
She can't perform because the majority of her shit is autotuned lmao. Hate it or love it but it's the truth.
Jean Yoder
Jean Yoder Pred rokom
DJ C Combat
DJ C Combat Pred rokom
Jadie Fardales whats she waiting for?
Jadie Fardales
Jadie Fardales Pred rokom
I know rightttt😭😦😭😭😭😭
Sharon Kantone
Sharon Kantone Pred rokom
GXI Espar
GXI Espar Pred rokom
She is so pretty he is so handsome Beautiful couple!
Йоана Пейчева
Йоана Пейчева Pred 9 mesiacmi
@Stephanie Monroy that's rude.
elegante galan
elegante galan Pred rokom
She is so swet. I like her a lot.
Joel Munoz
Joel Munoz Pred rokom
Her bf fine af
Amari Pred 8 mesiacmi
Wtf pause
kayesa cliff
kayesa cliff Pred 11 mesiacmi
@Organized Chaos 😂😂😂
CK Young Shotta
CK Young Shotta Pred rokom
Naw Becky fine af
melapelas Pred rokom
Organized Chaos i agree, he a straight bitch.
xenos vilzezatras
xenos vilzezatras Pred rokom
Is hard in the stage back
Cat Cat
Cat Cat Pred rokom
becky just gets more beautiful wtf, and the fact that she keeps getting bigger like, god bless her
Mayra Bones
Mayra Bones Pred rokom
My she ella backy g son me la por is my mom
Foodie cool
Foodie cool Pred rokom
Such a good soul!
Daniel Persaud
Daniel Persaud Pred rokom
Love you Becky G
M Valaz
M Valaz Pred rokom
She is sooo smart, very adorable and sweet..
Brokken Finger
Brokken Finger Pred rokom
Lucia Arauz
Lucia Arauz Pred rokom
You seem like a very nice person. Hope your career sky rocket ☺.
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