BIG TIME Colorado Wheat Harvest 12 Claas Lexion Combines

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Mike Less - Farmhand Mike

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BIG TIME Colorado Wheat Harvest 12 Claas Lexion Combines
Video I recorded in July at a farm in the Byers Colorado Area as they harvest their 2020 winter wheat crop. In this video the farm harvests wheat with their 12 new Claas Lexion 7400 combines with 35 foot wide Honeybee draper heads. Also cutting wheat in a John Deere S790 combine with a 740FD head that the local Deere dealer was demonstrating to the farm. The farm is hauling the grain from the combines with two of their Case IH 500 tractors pulling a Demco 1400 grain carts and a Claas Xerion 5000 tractor also pulling a Demco grain cart.
I was at this farm for 3 days of the wheat harvest with different shots from several different fields on the Colorado plains.
This video took quite a bit of time to edit so if you enjoyed it please give it a LIKE and feel free to comment and share.
Mike Less - Farmhand Mike

staudtj1 Pred 21 hodinou
I would say that they produce World-Class amounts of brown dust in Colorado too ...
DAVID PAYNE Pred 4 dňami
that is some outfit.
William Heffernan
William Heffernan Pred 4 dňami
Did he mention at all how many arces are covered in the 15 odd days of harvest?
Get Some
Get Some Pred 4 dňami
use the demo for all the weeds, skips, and opening up the corners. keep the clause in the meat
Amos Moses
Amos Moses Pred 5 dňami
just much does one of the grain carts weigh full of wheat.
James Leaty
James Leaty Pred 7 dňami
how big is that farm?
Cody flenthrope
Cody flenthrope Pred 8 dňami
So neat to see videos of things I personally worked on I put the duals on the class tractor at there farm
Christopher Davies
Christopher Davies Pred 9 dňami
Better if it had something Green on grain cart. Canadian tractors make me nervous
Christopher Davies
Christopher Davies Pred 9 dňami
Are Macdon draper headers designed for multiple combines
miguel amaya
miguel amaya Pred 13 dňami
That's BEAUTIFUL work what today's technology does... I've always loved being a farmer... I have 100 acres and I plant corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and a few others... I like selling fresh vegetables every day.. We would like to thank you for sharing your video...
Joe Gotz
Joe Gotz Pred 22 dňami
This video is proof again that the earth is flat. I bet you can find Columbus right over the edge in his boat!
Marcos Arroyo Melchor
Marcos Arroyo Melchor Pred 24 dňami
12 class combines! It's a increíble!
Claiton Zampieri
Claiton Zampieri Pred 27 dňami
Hellow USA, in BRASIL!
thr8061 Pred mesiacom
It almost seems like they are trying to see who can get closest to that power pole when moving to next field (around 50:00 mark)
txratslayer6mm Pred mesiacom
Great job on editing. What software are you using to produce your videos?
Shashikant Patel
Shashikant Patel Pred mesiacom
Nice video
Nick Hills
Nick Hills Pred mesiacom
If the harvest is done in 14 days what do the combines do the rest of the year. Contract.
Kagaro Nakama
Kagaro Nakama Pred mesiacom
martin jeffery
martin jeffery Pred mesiacom
the yeilds look very small
txratslayer6mm Pred mesiacom
It’s probably close to what we had in west Texas between 18/30 bshl/ac
Nildo Ramos
Nildo Ramos Pred mesiacom
Que operadores desqualificados deixam os cantos sem colhe quase um metro de plataforma sem linha não vi vantagem
Cuộc Sống Miền Quê
Cuộc Sống Miền Quê Pred mesiacom
Qua máy đong quá bạn ơi
Arlene Drake
Arlene Drake Pred mesiacom
My son & his wife live in Aurorora Colorado. I really enjoy watching what these huge machines can do. Yes I’m a 76 year lady.
MoVieZafterMidNiGhT Pred mesiacom
Epic.. so big it will affect wheat commodity index 8D
michael demaranville
michael demaranville Pred mesiacom
You guys are amazing, thank you for feeding the world !!!
schmooz a
schmooz a Pred mesiacom
Looks like a lot of wild oats and/or pigeon grass.
Richard Koehler
Richard Koehler Pred 2 mesiacmi
Why would you not like this video? People need to understand stand this is for flour for human consumption.l believe people don't know where the flour to create products in supper market come from .👍🇺🇸
mkm 23
mkm 23 Pred 2 mesiacmi
This is a huge farm how many hacters is it
Joe Scheller
Joe Scheller Pred 2 mesiacmi
driving through that farm country you realise they are always one rain fall away from a drought. next to a desert wonder in some cases how they make a living with the cost of machinery now
Joe Scheller
Joe Scheller Pred 2 mesiacmi
leaving the corners is the fastest most productive way to harvest not wasting time going in circle to get a clean cut. back and forth cutting as most do now is not the most productive way to combine a field.
Eustace McGoodBoy
Eustace McGoodBoy Pred 2 mesiacmi
I've never seen fields this big. Amazing.
txratslayer6mm Pred mesiacom
They are big In Montana and the Dakotas as well.
Harrison Gwin
Harrison Gwin Pred 2 mesiacmi
few dollars
Cody Ludwig
Cody Ludwig Pred 2 mesiacmi
Thats one big field, the biggest field Ive seen was a 800 acre hay field that my brother round baled with a Kubota M108 and a Vermeer 605M super.round baler I dont know how many days it took him all I know is it was a prettu wet year I know it took quite a few days to get it done. But Id gather this is more than 800 acre these guys are doing
merf64 Pred 2 mesiacmi
How many acres?
billy hamilton
billy hamilton Pred 2 mesiacmi
Loved the video i wouldn't mind seeing a longer vedios again awesome job on the video
David Mast
David Mast Pred 2 mesiacmi
Mike, I am showing this video to my granddaughter from Chicago Suburbs. She is fascinated.
Nick Bell
Nick Bell Pred 2 mesiacmi
How many acres do these guys get done in a day?
Francisco Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez Pred 2 mesiacmi
What happened to the john must of broke down!👌🏼
Jonathan Meyer
Jonathan Meyer Pred 2 mesiacmi
Hi ! great video and awesome equipment !! Is it a contractor who owns these machines ? or is it just a farmer ???
txratslayer6mm Pred mesiacom
He said the farm owns all of the equipment, it’s not a custom farming operation.
Birconu Gaming
Birconu Gaming Pred 2 mesiacmi
This is what I can say it's farming :)
Marcus Shumate
Marcus Shumate Pred 2 mesiacmi
I've been seeing a lot of the new Class equipment in Colorado the last couple of years.
Eric zinkievich
Eric zinkievich Pred 2 mesiacmi
Does this farm run 60000 acres? I was by a farm in Colorado that did and left half fallow like you mentioned.
Terry Harris
Terry Harris Pred 2 mesiacmi
cut lot of wheat in my time cant figure out why they turn so short and leave all that wheat we always turn back left so we could keep it square
Scott B
Scott B Pred 2 mesiacmi
Just curious here. If I had to guess. to have basically 4 million dollars in equipment in those fields. How many acers do they have. It's gotta be at least 20-30 thousand if not more. To have that amount of equipment. You would have to have at least that much to justify paying for that amount of combines alone
Shain Andrews
Shain Andrews Pred 28 dňami
I'd say your 4M is short. 4M wouldn't even cover the combines, much less the tractors & their carts. Semis & trailers. Fuel truck & fuel. Estimated acreage is well sort too. In the end it doesn't really mater. It is their operation it either works or it doesn't.
Scott B
Scott B Pred 2 mesiacmi
@RAY pitts What do you mean by that
RAY pitts
RAY pitts Pred 2 mesiacmi
easy way out contract
adler7 Pred 2 mesiacmi
Thanks for the video Mike. Can't imagine financing 12 Claas combines. Those farmers have a LOT of faith. Ha!
Kim Yong Un
Kim Yong Un Pred 2 mesiacmi
number 9 always leaves 1 meter wide :(
Abdurrahman Eren
Abdurrahman Eren Pred 2 mesiacmi
Hi Mike. How many kilos of wheat did you get from a hectare?
txratslayer6mm Pred mesiacom
Corn is 56 pounds per Bushel or 25.25 kilos per bushel and wheat is 64 pounds or 29 kilos. Hope that helps.
txratslayer6mm Pred mesiacom
We measure in bushels per acre here in the U.S.
Abdurrahman Eren
Abdurrahman Eren Pred 2 mesiacmi
@Deplorable LibertarianI'm trying to improve myself as much as I can. If I want to follow technology, I need to know English. Thank you Mr.
Abdurrahman Eren
Abdurrahman Eren Pred 2 mesiacmi
@RAY pitts thank you for comment Ray. I don't know the unit of measure in bushels, i am farmer too from turkey. If the rain is good on my land, we harvest 600-700 kilos of wheat.( some farmers testing different seeds and reach 800-900 kilos) Can you tell me one bushel of wheat equals how many kilograms? sorry for my bad english.
Deplorable Libertarian
Deplorable Libertarian Pred 2 mesiacmi
@Abdurrahman Eren....your english is better than some people actually born in this country- you are doing fine buddy.
Darren Hallam
Darren Hallam Pred 2 mesiacmi
Mike, having grown up on a wheat farm where there were more acres than trees and as flat as this was; I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this. Sat down and watched it all after a day working in the office at home. I escaped for over an hour. Thank you for all your time and effort. It is truly appreaciated.
Dan Diller
Dan Diller Pred 2 mesiacmi
Bought my first house in Byers 38 years ago. Thanks for showing the harvest.
claude Jullien
claude Jullien Pred 2 mesiacmi
How many acres in hour ?
bruce hammel
bruce hammel Pred 2 mesiacmi
Hobbs many acres does this farm have?
SkavirMr Pred 2 mesiacmi
Nice video!!!) How many acres per day for one combine?
pati mati
pati mati Pred 2 mesiacmi
claas shit
marc crandall
marc crandall Pred 2 mesiacmi
Great video Mike I work in the water well industry out of the next town over to the west and have always wanted to see their operation in full swing. Im not directly related to the Linnebur's but my grandmother is one. Great video!
Matt Moneypenny
Matt Moneypenny Pred 2 mesiacmi
Love watching, espically that Congress lakes corn silage one I was doing work this summer when they were chopping I can remember that one John Deere on tractor lol
Jeffrey Hoover
Jeffrey Hoover Pred 2 mesiacmi
Awesome video mike there are some big fields out there I always enjoy watching your videos anytime of the day when I'm not working.good job mike that's amazing to have 12 combines running at the same time.
Mobey Dick
Mobey Dick Pred 2 mesiacmi
Would it not save time and fuel in larger non-pivot irrigated fields like that if the harvesters cut to the center and started a counterclockwise spiral to keep the headder in the grain more by eliminating turnaround and cornering time?
TikTok KH
TikTok KH Pred 2 mesiacmi
Wow... Amazing...
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez Pred 2 mesiacmi
BEAUTIFUL.!. BEAUTIFUL!.. VIDEO !..Goo AMERICA!.. nothing he can stop !..Get tha money Make !. .saludos para Colorado!.
Gerald Day
Gerald Day Pred 2 mesiacmi
Great video. Keep up the good work.
DCW Pred 2 mesiacmi
Mike is there rye mixed in ?those tall plants above the wheat. Thanks
Todd Schnarr
Todd Schnarr Pred 2 mesiacmi
How many acres do they harvest in one season?
Michael Cline
Michael Cline Pred 2 mesiacmi
If this is the Linnebur Farm, about 25,000 acres
DCW Pred 2 mesiacmi
Mike how did they get one Deere in there? Thanks
txratslayer6mm Pred mesiacom
It was a dealer 50 hour demo. Deere is trying to get their business back from the Germans.
Pierre LESTRADE Pred 2 mesiacmi
bonjour. vous me l'avez pas mi le systeme en francais ses pour ça que j' ai rien compris. belle video .congratulations .pierre france.
B. T.
B. T. Pred 2 mesiacmi
That has to be the Linneburs.
Low Tech
Low Tech Pred 2 mesiacmi
Your having too me much fun Mike.
brittfarms2018 Pred 2 mesiacmi
how many acres they running
Gunther D.
Gunther D. Pred 2 mesiacmi
Would it not be more cost efficiënt to get the job done with less, but bigger combines? Thinking of 7700/8700 models... I can only imagine that the terrain does not allow for +35 feet headers.
FarmingPeter Pred 2 mesiacmi
A whole lot of thanks for spending the time making this wonderful video. Not very often I even get a glimpse of something this huge. I dont have a clue but I just get the feeling of buffalos running around here once upon a time.
acerii Pred 2 mesiacmi
Damn, i only want playing farming simulator in this hole weekend. But no, today is own workday...
Shawn S
Shawn S Pred 2 mesiacmi
About 30yrs ago, I went with my late Grandfather who was a Versatile, Steiger, and then a Case IH dealer out of Western Kansas to Gene Linnebur's farm. It was the largest farm operation that I had seen. At the time he had just purchased all new Case IH combines. Over that summer, I went along with my Grandfather 3x's to Gene's farm, always delivering a implement or a mover one time, and lots of misc parts. My Grandfather and Gene were good friends, and had done lots of business of the years. Being only 15 at the time, I was just impressed at all the buffalo that they raised, even got so sample some of the meat on one visit. Gene was always a very easy going guy, and we would always get into his pickup and he would drive myself and grandfather around and look at equipment and discuss changes he wanted to make. I was invited back by Gene to help with Harvest but never did make it.
Chad Shafer
Chad Shafer Pred 2 mesiacmi
Great Video, Love these combines & the Xerion Tractor. You get to film some very Awesome Farms with Equipment that is Unreal with that many Combines. Something that we dont get to see her Local. Thank you for Sharing.
Ty Fullback
Ty Fullback Pred 2 mesiacmi
Is that ground tilled or chem fallowed mike ?
John P
John P Pred 2 mesiacmi
Good video. I can watch this while running treadmill. Thanks Mike.
JIM C Pred 2 mesiacmi
Mike Less, this is MORE! A monumental video to say the least. LOVED IT! JIM
John Pierce
John Pierce Pred 2 mesiacmi
Mike can smell large amounts of diesel fumes like a sixth sense that’s how we get to see the good stuff thanks mike keep it up love the vids
Scania Vabis
Scania Vabis Pred 2 mesiacmi
Die drescher Fahrer haben keine Ahnung von ihrer Arbeit das sieht man
Lichtenberg Pred 2 mesiacmi
Awesome! 😯😍😍😍😍👍
Christian Gauthier
Christian Gauthier Pred 2 mesiacmi
Magnifique vidéo 👍😉
Popol P
Popol P Pred 2 mesiacmi
Are those bad drivers or bad GPS settings ? They sometimes don't use 1m or more of the header :-/
RAY pitts
RAY pitts Pred 2 mesiacmi
often used so as not to over load the drum its takes 30 mins with knife to clear a wrap round. best to keep going than have to stop work out the loss of cutting time a driver will load the drum to run nicely. if you did the job you would know anyway now you do now.
Zero01k Pred 2 mesiacmi
Low spec machines, no GPS, no Autosteer
Out Dated Farm Equipment
Out Dated Farm Equipment Pred 2 mesiacmi
Not a tree in sight.
Brad Olsen
Brad Olsen Pred 2 mesiacmi
So when you say Mike Less Does that you mean there used to be more of you now there’s less??
James Teasdale
James Teasdale Pred 3 mesiacmi
That's a mighty investment!! How many acres do they harvest?
Glen Yoder
Glen Yoder Pred 2 mesiacmi
Between 25,000 - 30,000 acres a year.
M Lynch
M Lynch Pred 3 mesiacmi
not many tons to the acre there, how can they make it pay
David Habler
David Habler Pred 3 mesiacmi
Glenn Cerny
Glenn Cerny Pred 3 mesiacmi
That was great. 12 combines deserves a long video.
adam wiblom
adam wiblom Pred 3 mesiacmi
wow Nice video mike
Chris Gossman
Chris Gossman Pred 3 mesiacmi
I spent College summers days in the wheat fields in Coloradpo northwest of Denver. I was amazed by the thick dark clouds forming with a little white puff of cloud over the Rockies in the mornings that then grew into such huge dark clouds in the afternoon. It was always hit or miss for us. But in the evenings it was always a spectacular lighting storm off to the east.
Troy Adams Waymarfarm
Troy Adams Waymarfarm Pred 3 mesiacmi
Hi from Australia, QLD Mike, Great video as always....👍 Pretty impressive set-up they got there... After running our new CLAAS 8900's last year, got to say they are the best harvester on the market today on operating cost $ to the hectare.. By the way our New Versitile DT 610's are running absolutely brilliant, thanks to your channel we made the change to Versitile..😉 Stay safe
Mike Less - Farmhand Mike
Mike Less - Farmhand Mike Pred 3 mesiacmi
Thats good to hear.
Phalanx380 Pred 3 mesiacmi
Damn that's a lot of Lexion! if they ever need to down size and dont feel like putting them down i will happily adopt one we will take good care of it have around 100km² so its got plenty of room to run about also have a Gleaner R62 and L2 that it can play with.
Kyle Kuntz
Kyle Kuntz Pred 3 mesiacmi
Figure they like to cut at least 1800 Acres a day.
C B Pred 3 mesiacmi
Linnebur farms. Cheers to a good time mates.
Henry Lopez
Henry Lopez Pred 3 mesiacmi
Is this part of ur experiment?! Ur longest vid after posting ur shortest vid?!?! Gonna take me 3, maybe 4 sittings, but imma enjoy it and watch it all!! Thanks for time and effort put into this.
Henry Lopez
Henry Lopez Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Mike Less - Farmhand Mike interesting
Mike Less - Farmhand Mike
Mike Less - Farmhand Mike Pred 3 mesiacmi
Well I knew this was going to be a long video. And in one day its already got several more views than the short 32 second video from a few days ago.
KIÊN GIANG DẤU YÊU Pred 3 mesiacmi
Quá đẹp bạn
Jack The Farmer/Mechanic
Jack The Farmer/Mechanic Pred 3 mesiacmi
I worked for a farmer just down the road from where this video was taken
Mark Reetz
Mark Reetz Pred 3 mesiacmi
Great video Mike. I had to watch in 2 sessions. Those combines were very impressive, but the traffic was terrible. They need about 2 traffic lights, 3 traffic cops and a round-about to control the traffic!!
Mike Less - Farmhand Mike
Mike Less - Farmhand Mike Pred 3 mesiacmi
Totally agree
Henry Lopez
Henry Lopez Pred 3 mesiacmi
Gonna take me 3, prolly 4!!
Snekkeren P
Snekkeren P Pred 3 mesiacmi
How many acres were they harvesting? were they hauling to the elevator or grain bins?
Mike Less - Farmhand Mike
Mike Less - Farmhand Mike Pred 3 mesiacmi
They were hauling to their own bins.
ED NIEMYJSKI Pred 3 mesiacmi
it was vary dry all the way south on hwy 385 south to limon in late june.i notice from grand island to limon if you did not have irrigation them farmers were in tough shape.
Brian D
Brian D Pred 3 mesiacmi
That video was worth it just for the scenery as well as the combines!
BreadedVirus Pred 3 mesiacmi
Absolutely brilliant video. Those CLAAS combines are oh so beautiful.
Ovidiu Ciuparu
Ovidiu Ciuparu Pred 3 mesiacmi
I can only assume if they have 12 combines this is not a “average farm”. They have thousands of acres of different crops. I can only tell that this is a very well organized operation! Do you happen to have the acreage of the farm? (I got the popcorn 🍿) 😁
Glen Yoder
Glen Yoder Pred 2 mesiacmi
70,000+ acres
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