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'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' & 'We Will Rock You' songs, cut from the movie for time constraints but included as extra scenes on Digital and BluRay copies, are incorporated here for a complete Queen Live Aid 1985 recreation.
You can watch the FULL and UNCUT Radio Gaga and Hammer to Fall songs at
Bohemian Rhapsody movie 2018 is a Golden Globe Awards 2019 Best Picture.
Best Actor was also awarded to Rami Malek by 2019 Oscars, Golden Globe, Screen Actor's Guild Award 2019 and BAFTA
Enjoy these great songs from one of the great bands, QUEEN, and a tribute to a great legend, Freddie Mercury. This video is a side by side scene comparison of the movie with actual QUEEN performance during LIVE AID 1985 Concert.
Kudos to a brilliant performance by the leading actor Rami Malek for this movie BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 2018
00:46 Bohemian Rhapsody
02:56 Radio Gaga - Movie version. Uncut Recreation can be viewed at
06:15 Hammer to Fall - Movie version. Uncut Recreation can be viewed at
09:18 Crazy Little Thing Called Love - DVD BluRay Extra Scene (movie deleted scene)
13:07 We Will Rock You - DVD BluRay Extra Scene (movie deleted scene)
14:27 We Are The Champions...

John Michael Briones
John Michael Briones Pred 29 dňami
Elsa Nahuel
Elsa Nahuel Pred 9 hodinami
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Светлана Ладогова
Светлана Ладогова Pred 12 hodinami
Светлана Ладогова
Светлана Ладогова Pred 12 hodinami
Oscar Gallie
Oscar Gallie Pred 18 hodinami
Vania Pinho
Vania Pinho Pred dňom
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Francisco Xavier Velazco Ibarra
Francisco Xavier Velazco Ibarra Pred 3 hodinami
me vuelves a poner un puto anuncio en medio de la canción y nos vamos todos del canal
Ana Piutrin
Ana Piutrin Pred 8 hodinami
Hermosa pelicula!! No me canso de escuchar toda su musica!!
Elsa Nahuel
Elsa Nahuel Pred 9 hodinami
Elsa Nahuel
Elsa Nahuel Pred 9 hodinami
Rurhbcgvxidx.oddokegvhfbdhvffjfbvf xhxuvxijkkdndodmodneutytituigbfhdnldl,jjddyuffyhiorj fhdndodrbifjdofujfuujufjxv😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍❤️
JHAN MARCO LT Pred 11 hodinami
es normal excitarse viendo esta comparación jejej esta genial
Gaming And stuff
Gaming And stuff Pred 12 hodinami
The band Queen is a true legend 🙃 Also Brian may you are awesome 🎸
hl grone x siempre
hl grone x siempre Pred 13 hodinami
todo un genio
Pennig Ränzdel
Pennig Ränzdel Pred 16 hodinami
It's okay, but the quality isn't very good. The sound was set too loud and the image quality is very poor. In addition, the two versions are often a little delayed. Another video ist better in my opinion:
Maria Giovanna Crea
Maria Giovanna Crea Pred 18 hodinami
Maja Krizi
Maja Krizi Pred 20 hodinami
I miss Freddie
bqqp Pred 21 hodinou
It's sad that Freddie passed away on us on November 24th 1991... If he stopped performing when he felt bad. He would've made it with a medication... Unfortunately he just kept performing until he dropped dead... R.I.P Freddie Mercury, he will always be with us, in our hearts and his soul passing by and through us...
Victor Romero
Victor Romero Pred dňom
2:47 holyyy shitt
degas crisis
degas crisis Pred dňom
Also in compensation the guitarist seems to have returned in that incredible time
degas crisis
degas crisis Pred dňom
Who is this ET that they put to represent our eternal crazy lady singing a lot as always kkk.
degas crisis
degas crisis Pred dňom
They didn't even respect his stature
degas crisis
degas crisis Pred dňom
degas crisis
degas crisis Pred dňom
That fred mercury with covid doesn't even convince
Sheryl Allen Larsen
Sheryl Allen Larsen Pred dňom
vicente vidal sancho
vicente vidal sancho Pred dňom
This moment it’s so iconic and beautiful. I am crying 😭
Ольга Абертяева
Ольга Абертяева Pred dňom
Фредди был так красив, весь фильм не могла привыкнуть к проигрываю щей внешности актёра, на мой взгляд, в Голливуде такие технические возможности, что они могли с любого актёра сделать практически копию Фредди. Почему они решили не гримировать его дольше и сложнее, мне не ясно. Но фильм от этого проиграл. Все хотели увидеть своего кумира, я его в этом актёре никак не смогла увидеть, я в нем скорее увидела МикаДжаггера.
Jakub Chmiel
Jakub Chmiel Pred dňom
right ; perfect legend left; the shittiest actor
Crypto Crow
Crypto Crow Pred dňom
Los movimientos de la voca del actor son medios exagerados xdxd a comparacion con Freddy original
ぽこぽこ Pred dňom
Леша Чуприк
Леша Чуприк Pred dňom
актёр мелкий и глаза как у жабы
sorino lucas
sorino lucas Pred 2 dňami
Robin van Persie makes better performance to this guy
sorino lucas
sorino lucas Pred 2 dňami
What the hell with the eyes this guy freddy eyes is not looking like frogs
Christian White
Christian White Pred 2 dňami
cats watching 5:35 hahahahahahahahaha. yes!
Vseslav Pred 2 dňami
Lorena Alvial
Lorena Alvial Pred 2 dňami
Seyit Ömer Çelik
Seyit Ömer Çelik Pred 2 dňami
It's really the same. He did very well. They also made a film of an artist who died in Turkey. When the room came out, there was an incident in Turkey. He performed very well, bravo.
cutterboard Pred 2 dňami
Raimi lacks a bit of Freddies gayness - just these little bit over the top body movements. Nevertheless great performance.
Fernanda Tarazona Alvarez
Fernanda Tarazona Alvarez Pred 2 dňami
oigan como hace una mujer para declararse o debo morirme sin decirle los sentimientos aquien me gusta :(
Erick Coronavairos2882
Erick Coronavairos2882 Pred dňom
@Fernanda Tarazona Alvarez es muy raro que pase eso
Fernanda Tarazona Alvarez
Fernanda Tarazona Alvarez Pred dňom
@Erick Coronavairos2882 dios mio y si me rechaza
Erick Coronavairos2882
Erick Coronavairos2882 Pred dňom
Dile sin miedo mija
Patra Fett
Patra Fett Pred 2 dňami
Simplemente me hizo levantarme, aplaudir y cantar en el cine....efecto Freddy Mercury... 💜
Marizilda Pelegrina
Marizilda Pelegrina Pred 2 dňami
Ele é demais
Tatiane Antunes
Tatiane Antunes Pred 2 dňami
Thais Japa
Thais Japa Pred 2 dňami
Que ator incrível
Ivan Valdez
Ivan Valdez Pred 3 dňami
... y mientras tanto.... Freddy sudando como chancho el actor está más fesco que una lechuga, detallazo...
Amalia Veron
Amalia Veron Pred 3 dňami
En cuerpo y alma su entrega a la muscica antes tanta multitud de seguidores a quienes les importaba su vida personal si el lo era todo??? Sus canciones fueron tan dulces que atraian a cualquier seres vivientes del universo ..sus canciones fueron muy extremecedora ...nunca seran olvidadas😢
Твоя мамулька
Твоя мамулька Pred 3 dňami
Autumn Stadler
Autumn Stadler Pred 3 dňami
II'm starting to think the actor in the Freddie movie was actually trying to make fun of Freddie> Not a good liking to me... the actor was too young, and could not emulate the maturity of Freddie. Like a little boy acting like a Father. =
REI DO BRASIL 1895 Pred 3 dňami
Joshua Castillo
Joshua Castillo Pred 3 dňami
Tengo tres idolos número #1 freddy mercuri segundo auronplay tercero cristiano ronaldo
Gatis Boks
Gatis Boks Pred 3 dňami
movie is cool
Alexander Patiño
Alexander Patiño Pred 3 dňami
Super perfecto. Que actuación. En un principio, en la película pensé que era freddy
Luis gustavo nucci Nucci
Luis gustavo nucci Nucci Pred 3 dňami
Quem foi simplesmente um bom cantor e nada mais
Little Demon
Little Demon Pred 3 dňami
the sound is cruel
Little Demon
Little Demon Pred 3 dňami
for a better check you have to switch between left and right in the video booth on the same is not so perfect
Игорь Шумейко
Игорь Шумейко Pred 3 dňami
Ты лучший
pasxalis kyriakopoulos
pasxalis kyriakopoulos Pred 3 dňami
this actor it is not even close to Freddie Mercury....
umer hanief
umer hanief Pred 3 dňami
he is perfect
Maria Jesús Sánchez Bermejo
Maria Jesús Sánchez Bermejo Pred 3 dňami
tiago Assis
tiago Assis Pred 3 dňami
o fred mercury prateado era melhor que esse ator kkkk
Maria Jesús Sánchez Bermejo
Maria Jesús Sánchez Bermejo Pred 3 dňami
wel_ com
wel_ com Pred 3 dňami
Jonas Romeiro
Jonas Romeiro Pred 3 dňami
prefiro um samba kkkk
kins Pred 3 dňami
Rami didnt sweat a drop
ImNotARickRollGuy Pred 3 dňami
Akala nya si freddie mercury noh? Tang *** ako to si freddie gong -papa digs
아침이슬 Pred 3 dňami
프레디 머큐리, 엘살바도르에서 갱단의 우두머리나 요직을 맡고 있을 법한 액면이다. 조폭이나 갱단을 우상시 생각하지는 않지만 정말 액면 만으로도 사람을 매료시킬 수 있다고 느낀 사람이다.
Iae ,Beleza?
Iae ,Beleza? Pred 3 dňami
Freddie Mercury's voice has changed a lot over the years that part got better in the queen’s official bohemian rhapsody video but it was still very good
Remedios Perea
Remedios Perea Pred 4 dňami
Lo que daria para viajar al pasado y estar en ese concierto seria muy muy feliz :')
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate Pred 4 dňami
Love that that one announcer took off his helmet in respect.
Paola Roldán
Paola Roldán Pred 4 dňami
Carie B
Carie B Pred 4 dňami
It's amazing how the actors really look like Queen. Are they really playing the instruments and singing? They all did a AWESOME job 👏.
Gloria Amparo Blanco Zapata
Gloria Amparo Blanco Zapata Pred 4 dňami
윈드포스 Pred 4 dňami
많이 아쉽다~~땀 한방울 안흘리네~
GuGro 2200
GuGro 2200 Pred 4 dňami
Best song ever!
Luis fernando Felix
Luis fernando Felix Pred 4 dňami
Inmortal es, fue y sera por siempre el gran FREDDIE MERCURY. DESCANSA EN PAZ, MAESTRO DE MAESTROS.
Alex F Silva
Alex F Silva Pred 4 dňami
Nunca ninguém se igualará a Freddie, o ator bem que tentou, mas sua performance, na minha opinião foi bem mecânica!!!!
P!nk Bear
P!nk Bear Pred 4 dňami
Freddy= Perfect voice
nurdin hidayat
nurdin hidayat Pred 4 dňami
Kurang senyum rami
Nikki Visser
Nikki Visser Pred 4 dňami
That stuiped moody guy did not want bohemian raised out fick his face
Дмитрий Шагдуров
Дмитрий Шагдуров Pred 5 dňami
Извините, но актёр, лично мое мнение, не тянет до Фредди Меркури.
Fabrizio Muelle
Fabrizio Muelle Pred 5 dňami
Todo bien solo que el audio esta mal se escucha mal pero no importa igual es fredy mercury
Argenis Hernandez
Argenis Hernandez Pred 5 dňami
oh write ...............easy
Everett Foudray
Everett Foudray Pred 5 dňami
16:01 is the best part. You can see all of his emotions and how genuine he was.
Un Canal Mas
Un Canal Mas Pred 5 dňami
Naci en la epoca equivocada :'(
JG Johnson
JG Johnson Pred 5 dňami
Not a fan of this movie other than it gave Queen a good additional push like Wayne's World did years ago. Too slick. This dude looks like a seal. Freddie was rough and real. Those who weren't around when he was missed out on a true original.
Сахон Семёнов
Сахон Семёнов Pred 5 dňami
Талант и красота-какая мощь!
Kiki Gonzalez
Kiki Gonzalez Pred 5 dňami
Que grande talento interprete, actor, El es Grande....
Kiki Gonzalez
Kiki Gonzalez Pred 2 dňami
@Jhon Clavijo que piensas o sienteS x Queen??
Kiki Gonzalez
Kiki Gonzalez Pred 2 dňami
Focus Queen ..
Kiki Gonzalez
Kiki Gonzalez Pred 2 dňami
@Jhon Clavijo????
Jhon Clavijo
Jhon Clavijo Pred 2 dňami
@Kiki Gonzalez igual
Kiki Gonzalez
Kiki Gonzalez Pred 3 dňami
@Fedelexpry YT contigo 2
Kiki Gonzalez
Kiki Gonzalez Pred 5 dňami
Tal vez x eso!!! Queen... Que voz , talento, interpretación, sentimientos y emociones..... Sentimientos y Emociones...esa es la Verdad..!!!
Rafael Herrera
Rafael Herrera Pred 5 dňami
*Better with headphones ;)*
Corretor Giliardi - creci 91613f
Corretor Giliardi - creci 91613f Pred 5 dňami
Existem poucas pessoas que vieram para marcar nossa existencia , Freddie Mercury foi uma dessas pessoas .
Fernanda Tarazona Alvarez
Fernanda Tarazona Alvarez Pred 5 dňami
Como quisiera volver al pasado y estar en ese concierto seria muy feliz 😄😄
D3ADBLU3 185
D3ADBLU3 185 Pred 2 dňami
@Jhon Clavijo Si para que adam lambert no se allá robado su puesto xD
Jhon Clavijo
Jhon Clavijo Pred 2 dňami
@D3ADBLU3 185 para que siga haci
Fernanda Tarazona Alvarez
Fernanda Tarazona Alvarez Pred 2 dňami
@D3ADBLU3 185 jajajjajajajajjaa
D3ADBLU3 185
D3ADBLU3 185 Pred 2 dňami
Si también me hubiera gustado en live aid y ser ingles y decirle a freddie que no se haga gay para que no le de sida :v
Rosangela Ghidotti
Rosangela Ghidotti Pred 5 dňami
Cosa dire, immenso!!!!
Abigail Eskholme
Abigail Eskholme Pred 5 dňami
Ivko Dinžík
Ivko Dinžík Pred 5 dňami
Queen is the best
Mz-Games Pred 5 dňami
Юрий Дудь прекрасен!
Dipper SAD
Dipper SAD Pred 5 dňami
Vendo ele cantar, eu só consigo imaginar o suor no bigode
neic pro
neic pro Pred 5 dňami
Pleas help is the legt side real
Key Pred 5 dňami
yumaman ka dito brad ah
Adrieli Pred 6 dňami
Mt perfeitoooo mds
Marcellus_200x Pred 6 dňami
He nailed it !😍
Black Rose
Black Rose Pred 6 dňami
I swear everything about Freddy Mercury was perfect for 80's music
Black Rose
Black Rose Pred 3 dňami
@CARLOS HUGO ALBERTO Soy bueno que hay de ti
invisible-bassist Pred 3 dňami
Hola como estan todo como estrño ver como cantaba el
Angela Kemp
Angela Kemp Pred 6 dňami
Carry on carry on 😭 too late my time has come 😭 good by every body 😭 legend! My idol. 2021 will definitely will be a good year 😘
Haíse Gaming
Haíse Gaming Pred 6 dňami
Hana Bakhtiari
Hana Bakhtiari Pred 6 dňami
Reynhols Villanueva
Reynhols Villanueva Pred 6 dňami
Excelente sin duda alguna no puede haber mejor perfección que la del el verdadero.. pero el actor hizo tal cual su trabajo al 1000% !
Alex Cunha
Alex Cunha Pred 6 dňami
Perfeito, original e a interpretação do ator. Que triste freddie ter partido tão cedo.
dartagnanx1 Pred 7 dňami
I remember this performance like it was yesterday. When he did the back and forth with the crowd, that was the moment this performance went from phenomenal to, and this word is fitting here, legendary.
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