BTS - Butterfly + I Like It Pt 2 + FOR YOU + Boyz with Fun + DOPE

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BTS / 방탄소년단 / 防弾少年団
いいね!Pt 2~あの場所で~ / I Like It Pt 2
Boyz with Fun
쩔어 / DOPE
[Reuploaded from my terminated acc- Enjoy!]

kiju qwertyuiop
kiju qwertyuiop Pred 9 hodinami
I like 7:35
Red yellow Car belly
Red yellow Car belly Pred 11 hodinami
Omg when Jimin misses the step and laughs with Jin! 😍
벛꽃 Pred dňom
축하합니다 당신은 한국인을 찾으셨습니다
Tanvi Kapoor
Tanvi Kapoor Pred 3 dňami
Maroon color suits Jungkook soo much..😍😍 he looks soo sexy in this..🔥🔥
Tanvi Kapoor
Tanvi Kapoor Pred 3 dňami
How hot was there.. 🙄 They all r sweating soo much..😞
Feyza Pred 9 dňami
E S Pred 12 dňami
Butterfly - 1:10 I Like It - 5:50 For You - 9:45 Boy With Fun - 15:30 Dope - 19:38
Lucie Stepien
Lucie Stepien Pred 12 dňami
where is it from ? what concert?
E S Pred 12 dňami
Definitely Japan start there.
Chimmy Chichu
Chimmy Chichu Pred 13 dňami
i want a jimin in black hair comeback
Chimmy Chichu
Chimmy Chichu Pred 13 dňami
jimin in full black: hair, outfit and choker---while dancing to that choreo in i like it pt2 ar the center??!! HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO STAY CALM!!!???!?!?!?!!
Nikol Jimenez
Nikol Jimenez Pred 13 dňami
Daisy Baghla
Daisy Baghla Pred 18 dňami
This video is filled with snacks 😁sorry for being perv..🤣
yoongeen 윤긴
yoongeen 윤긴 Pred 19 dňami
nobody talking about grey haired yoongi with that leather jacket and he looks like a four course meal
Lamiaa Idamer
Lamiaa Idamer Pred 19 dňami
Rm's chocker at 4:09... 😳
Maryam Ansari
Maryam Ansari Pred 20 dňami
23:21 Say what say what Jung Jung jungkook😅 😘 woh! he looks so hot and handsome 😻💜💜💜
J-D Pred 21 dňom
Omg they're sweating so much
Martha Jimenez
Martha Jimenez Pred 21 dňom
Jungkook 😍 su voz 😍su baile 😍su sonrisa 😍su cabello 😍 su cuerpo 😍aaaaahhhhh!!! Estos bbs me tienen loca desde hace años 😇💜
Anita Torres
Anita Torres Pred 22 dňami
Bravo, bravo, bravo, bravo son tan hermosos y talentosos que no me cansó de admirarlos ,los amó chicos son geniales.
jimins_right_ pinky
jimins_right_ pinky Pred 22 dňami
whose here at the end of 2020
Neeca saciid Maxamed
Neeca saciid Maxamed Pred 21 dňom
Meeeeeee 26 December 2020
Thwe Sic
Thwe Sic Pred 22 dňami
bts love you.
JstUrHope bts
JstUrHope bts Pred 22 dňami
Why am I just now seeing this? Good God.😳💜
Dhanya v
Dhanya v Pred 22 dňami
the way they were smirking while doing THAT step.... they know what we like
Jayshree Varma
Jayshree Varma Pred 22 dňami
Still salty over how jin barely got any lines in butterfly :( :, (
ECLA Pred 23 dňami
Yep! I got into wormhole :-)
Lucero Garma
Lucero Garma Pred 24 dňami
17:51 - 17:53 🔥🔥
Mochikins Pred 26 dňami
Jin: Blond hair 🔥 Yoongi: Leather Jacket 🔥 J-Hope: Smile 🔥 Jimin: Black Hair & Chocker 🔥🔥 BTS: Dope Era 🔥 BTS: Sweaty BTS 🥵🔥
Mochikins Pred 26 dňami
Where has this been all my ARMY Life?!
Smile Hoya
Smile Hoya Pred 26 dňami
Anait Oganesyan
Anait Oganesyan Pred 27 dňami
Татьяна Масленникова
Татьяна Масленникова Pred 27 dňami
Irena Pred 28 dňami
Islam Nazrul
Islam Nazrul Pred 28 dňami
Jenica Alexis Analupa
Jenica Alexis Analupa Pred 29 dňami
Came back here just to see Jimin in choker, full black outfit and hair, and exposed forehead. 🔥
Faye Y
Faye Y Pred 29 dňami
sweaty bangtan: a concept
Park Rose
Park Rose Pred 29 dňami
nobody talks about Hobi :( he look so hot with that choker
beeshell lifezz
beeshell lifezz Pred mesiacom
Starspins Pred mesiacom
17:07 this is how to properly drink water from a bottle
Marieli mommy
Marieli mommy Pred mesiacom
As k-armys não cantam não? Se fosse no Brasil nem escutar eles vai escutar kskksks
Celine Pred mesiacom
V's beautiful voice and complete body is my resurrection.
juliana albuquerque
juliana albuquerque Pred mesiacom
Resume jimin sexy hair black.beautiful😍😍
Ashu Zende
Ashu Zende Pred mesiacom
V is perfect man in the world ❤️❤️❤️
Kxli Pred mesiacom
Jins visuals. I could cry bc of his prettiness.
꧁ʙᴛs ⟭⟬ ᴀʀᴍʏ꧂
꧁ʙᴛs ⟭⟬ ᴀʀᴍʏ꧂ Pred mesiacom
Omg just look at them all sweating 😥 poor babies they were probably super tired at the time 😔💜
Brittany Redmond
Brittany Redmond Pred mesiacom
I cant get over how good they all look! All their outfits look amazing
Katrina Galdo
Katrina Galdo Pred mesiacom
amazing talent! they deserve all the success they have now.
Didian Anggraini
Didian Anggraini Pred mesiacom
They looked like they had so much fun!!! I wish I could be there too 🥺💕✨
Aliana Arañez
Aliana Arañez Pred mesiacom
7:09 rm's lil cute dimple. yup that's the comment
Erin Pred mesiacom
Agh their voices are so amazing. They sound the same live and in studio
giss bglvr
giss bglvr Pred mesiacom
Ah i miss this era
BrokenPrincess Aslan
BrokenPrincess Aslan Pred mesiacom
7:44 jimin made a mistake and smiled soo cutteee
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Pred mesiacom
It's already midnight but still vibin
shahad 375lockdown
shahad 375lockdown Pred mesiacom
I see I like it pt 2 I click Dhdndn
Iluvbtssugaaa!! Pred mesiacom
Suga in this black leather jacket boutta kill me 😩😩😩🤩 && Jimin with the black hair && Jin with his blonde hair is just turning me on ☺️🤪
Cielo Pred mesiacom
12/12/2020 :)
loveurblood Pred mesiacom
I don't understand how Jhope has SO MUCH ENERGY :0
Ross S
Ross S Pred mesiacom
You poop?............ my girl like your socks👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
radiohead paranoid android
radiohead paranoid android Pred mesiacom
oh my god they look so tired
gaticafl Pred mesiacom
que bellos nuestros BTS encantadores elegantes las coreografías inigualables :)
ain nurul
ain nurul Pred mesiacom
I like to hear they speak in Japanese although i don't understand the language.😅
seokjin wife
seokjin wife Pred mesiacom
as a bangtan neck enthusiast, this video hurt me
Shafika min
Shafika min Pred mesiacom
Ph army here 😊😊😊
Hermione Castillo
Hermione Castillo Pred mesiacom
Señor Park Jimin ♥️!!!!
Hermione Castillo
Hermione Castillo Pred mesiacom
Comentario#1000. BTS por siempre y para siempre en mi corazón y en mi mente!!!
Gloria Fiordaligi
Gloria Fiordaligi Pred mesiacom
I really miss this era😭
agostina s
agostina s Pred mesiacom
Lo dan todo en cada presentación!!
TASHA HASEENA Pred mesiacom
💜 RM 💜 💖 JIN 💖 🧡 SUGA🧡 💙 JHOPE 💙 💛 JIMIN 💛 💚V 💚 ❤️ JK ❤️
girl love
girl love Pred mesiacom
CAN we appreciate their hard work for a moment they performed 5 songs in a row that to with choreo
Mirela Mocanu
Mirela Mocanu Pred mesiacom
what concert is that from?
Kirti Ka
Kirti Ka Pred mesiacom
I love the moment where all members do hip thrust in I LIKE IT pt.2 😂 and the way ARMY dies for that moment
Nathalia Silva
Nathalia Silva Pred mesiacom
2020. And i can't believe how can one human be so GORGEOUS with a black hair. And this human, is Park Jimin. I'm really obsessed, him in black...
Amrita Saha
Amrita Saha Pred mesiacom
All the BTS members are so cute, pretty and handsome ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Amaranth Azalea
Amaranth Azalea Pred mesiacom
2020 anyone?
Deborah Johnson
Deborah Johnson Pred mesiacom
They are all so sexy!!! I can't get enough!!!
Oindrila Ghosh
Oindrila Ghosh Pred mesiacom
I loved Suga's smile at 10:52
Oindrila Ghosh
Oindrila Ghosh Pred mesiacom
10:52 ❤❤❤
shrija debbarma
shrija debbarma Pred mesiacom
Jimin gonna be killing me 😍
Jσσиiз's Møøи
Jσσиiз's Møøи Pred mesiacom
Sun Me
Sun Me Pred mesiacom
December 2020
Marina Savelyeva
Marina Savelyeva Pred mesiacom
Vilma Monteiro
Vilma Monteiro Pred mesiacom
Esse carinha park jasmin é nem esquezitinho
Vilma Monteiro
Vilma Monteiro Pred mesiacom
Lindos só volta os outros grupos ficaria mas legais
sassy gurl
sassy gurl Pred mesiacom
الأرميز العرب وينكم
sassy gurl
sassy gurl Pred mesiacom
i miss those days
nana Pred mesiacom
Why Jimin is sooooo hot🥵🔥🔥🔥 I can't take eyes of him. his voice, body, eyes, lips, hair, smile I can't handle sorry 😶
MOONLBGシ Pred mesiacom
MOONLBGシ Pred mesiacom
MOONLBGシ Pred mesiacom
acabei de assistir a Live do aniversário do Jin e tô vindo chorar aquu
MOONLBGシ Pred mesiacom
alguém em 2020?
pearl Pred mesiacom
Jimin needs to bring back this look , he looked sexy af in this.
who i am
who i am Pred dňom
Agree :'(
ARMY with_ Luv
ARMY with_ Luv Pred 6 dňami
Omggggg I love black haired Jimin too I thought I was the only one 🤣😭
Christina Freeburn
Christina Freeburn Pred 23 dňami
I love black haired Jimin!💜
Corrine McClenahan
Corrine McClenahan Pred mesiacom
I agree
lion roar power
lion roar power Pred mesiacom
Exactly Army will die..
#915F6D_모브 Pred mesiacom
와 좋아요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Deh Deh
Deh Deh Pred mesiacom
ugh but imagine having to take off those sweat soaked leather pants. i'd just burn it off of myself. kudos to them for performing in them for like a whole freaking hour
Brandon Gutierrez
Brandon Gutierrez Pred mesiacom
They speak Japanese too?
Mafer akaArmy
Mafer akaArmy Pred mesiacom
YES ^.^
Aditi Gujar
Aditi Gujar Pred mesiacom
Why are they so shy ... So cute
Bangtan 7
Bangtan 7 Pred mesiacom
Adriluna A.R.M.Y
Adriluna A.R.M.Y Pred mesiacom
2020?.. I still love them!!
아뿔사 Pred mesiacom
제발 일본어로 노래하지말기를
Sonia Maria
Sonia Maria Pred mesiacom
Love JK teamo
jekeebyeol Pred mesiacom
From what concert is this? Thanks 😊
Erin Pred mesiacom
BTS is the only guys I want to see in sweats. How come they are still so handsome? Huhu I can't.
Ana Paola Amador Catalan
Ana Paola Amador Catalan Pred mesiacom
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