Childish Gambino - Sober

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From the Kauai EP available now -
Stream and download the STN MTN mixtape here:
Choreography by Ian Eastwood

James Tucker
James Tucker Pred 18 hodinami
He kept good social distancing patterns in this video I like it!
Tyler Wofford
Tyler Wofford Pred dňom
Why does he act like a demon¿
Wickedninja gaming
Wickedninja gaming Pred dňom
comment here..
Korbyn Elk
Korbyn Elk Pred dňom
Who's bumping this in 2021? 👇🏾
TheOtherWay Pred dňom
the book "30 Days to Sobriety" by Harper Daniels take a nice mindfulness approach. You can find it online probably.
lil juice box
lil juice box Pred 2 dňami
Carlos Moisés
Carlos Moisés Pred 2 dňami
I love his music because he speaks English clearly and that helps me understand more ... because I speak Spanish
Gacha Cloud
Gacha Cloud Pred 2 dňami
That face when she cracked kit open sent me
Pancake Boi
Pancake Boi Pred 2 dňami
this man is such a great musical artist and so talented, definitly one of my favorites
Paul Pred 2 dňami
the one move he did makes me wanna watch the exorcist
Flaccid Pancake
Flaccid Pancake Pred 3 dňami
POV u got the order on the ps5 when it came out 1:45
midnight3am Pred 3 dňami
finally i find this, cause i saw jaehyun jamming on this while shootong for w magazine
Sam It
Sam It Pred 3 dňami
Listening to this while baked. It's 12.00 am. Kinda raining outside. Is this heaven? it must be
Chuck the Prophet
Chuck the Prophet Pred 5 dňami
The part where he does that laying air spin thing looks super cool if you put it on x2 speed
Berany patiño lopez
Berany patiño lopez Pred 5 dňami
Que hace Troy por aquí?
Lolita Lawton
Lolita Lawton Pred 5 dňami
Perfect for me 😃
「 ᴡᴀᴠᴇ.ᴀᴛᴇᴇᴢ 」
「 ᴡᴀᴠᴇ.ᴀᴛᴇᴇᴢ 」 Pred 6 dňami
Black screen
Black screen Pred 6 dňami
I remember this song came came out and my dad played this song probably like 1,000 times 😂
Aka Savitar
Aka Savitar Pred 6 dňami
I can’t wait to start smoking again
Drake Fennema
Drake Fennema Pred 7 dňami
He reminds me of a dog who can't find an owner
MikeyMike1397 Pred 7 dňami
I saw this 6 years ago now holy shit lots has changed since
aMasterPole Pred 7 dňami
So he's a demon that prays on girls. And that diner is his hunting ground.
Jay Jospeh
Jay Jospeh Pred 7 dňami
Who else is high as fuck right now 💨
Cyanide Sunny
Cyanide Sunny Pred 7 dňami
It took nearly the entire song.... But he made her smile.
Theresa Camara
Theresa Camara Pred 8 dňami
I just realized that the song outta my mind by monsune was inspired by childish gambino
ApeAk47 Pred 8 dňami
Who else was 14 when this came out
Zeke Nava
Zeke Nava Pred 9 dňami
The ending to this video is so sad.
Eric Robertson
Eric Robertson Pred 10 dňami
1:40 to 1:55 is the best part
Chris always learning
Chris always learning Pred 10 dňami
Hes the truth...period.
wynter smith
wynter smith Pred 10 dňami
The ritzy dentist spectroscopically permit because patricia identically tug aside a uneven cent. bumpy, hilarious surfboard
kika Memeh
kika Memeh Pred 10 dňami
2015 was THE year
Skyler Cabrello
Skyler Cabrello Pred 10 dňami
if you’re listening to this in 2021 with all terrible bad stuff and bad things happening, you’re an actual legend
Nate D
Nate D Pred 10 dňami
This song fuckin kills me. If you’ve ever leaned into substances to deal with heartbreak or mental issues, you feel it.
laiba ahmed
laiba ahmed Pred 11 dňami
but the girls is fire tho
Sam It
Sam It Pred 11 dňami
Listen to this while baked. Kinda raining outside. Is this heaven?
Bassel Bkr
Bassel Bkr Pred 11 dňami
The teacher saying my grades : Me: 1:55
Skyler Cabrello
Skyler Cabrello Pred 11 dňami
if you’re listening to this in 2021 with all the horrible things and terrible stuff happening, you’re an actual legend
Ken ••
Ken •• Pred 11 dňami
rumors say that he's still in the restaurant...
sisirclaitnetsixe Pred 12 dňami
clock needs batteries.
Denzel Pred 13 dňami
It's been so long since I last heard this song and now I remember why I loved it
allan burdge
allan burdge Pred 13 dňami
This could kill a man a new standard has been set the game just got harder for the rest
stiofan mac
stiofan mac Pred 13 dňami
Sneharghya Ghosh
Sneharghya Ghosh Pred 13 dňami
and Abed its over
Vatsal Lahoti
Vatsal Lahoti Pred 13 dňami
2:49 how i be every time
Mateo Pena Jones
Mateo Pena Jones Pred 13 dňami
Oktopuss Pred 14 dňami
when u get dumped so u smoke all ur crack and go to the local dennys
T.S. T.
T.S. T. Pred 14 dňami
Sweet song: Reminds me of "That's the Way Love Goes"... Yes, I'm older (okay--old). Donald Glover draws from so many yet is uniquely his own.
Jeffcoat Willy The Chef
Jeffcoat Willy The Chef Pred 15 dňami
The girl in this video OMG whats her name IG
Shrey Sharma
Shrey Sharma Pred 15 dňami
kinda scary how this song makes me feel, knowing my youth will never come back
Skyler Cabrello
Skyler Cabrello Pred 15 dňami
This song and “Luka - Feelings” are some of the only things keeping me sane through these rough times. I just want to send love to everybody and let everyone know everything will get better soon... i love you
omar miller
omar miller Pred 15 dňami
congrats on the girl for keeping a straight face for the entire song
Hinarf Narfy
Hinarf Narfy Pred 16 dňami
Alex Gordeev
Alex Gordeev Pred 16 dňami
0:52 the verse in this song has a very similar melody to Lenny Kravits song "Thinking About you". Even same key.
Atwood Leonard
Atwood Leonard Pred 16 dňami
The nebulous rooster ordinarily empty because kiss spatially fear but a nice castanet. pink, groovy scorpio
Switch.XL Pred 17 dňami
Dre drm
Dre drm Pred 17 dňami
Big oleee sheesh man.
Ali Agah
Ali Agah Pred 17 dňami
0:45 "NO you'll be within 2 metres of her! Oh wait this isn't 2020"
Kendrick Ting
Kendrick Ting Pred 18 dňami
Anytime I didnt want to engage and then engage...Im left out.
Jenetiq Pred 18 dňami
keshawnwithnobev -
keshawnwithnobev - Pred 18 dňami
who’s the girl in the video tho?
Angel Gabriel
Angel Gabriel Pred 18 dňami
MiLeS MoRaLeS??🤔
Macadamia Fizz
Macadamia Fizz Pred 18 dňami
Why do I hear Michael Jackson every time he says "Girl" in this song
Daniel P
Daniel P Pred 18 dňami
Anyone know the type of jacket he’s wearing?
Hazem Mostafa
Hazem Mostafa Pred 18 dňami
2:30 ay fuck the weekend yo
Nighteye404 Pred 18 dňami
The women then called the police. Donald was shot dead by police when they arrived.
Kaylee's World
Kaylee's World Pred 19 dňami
giving me smooth
Frank The Bunny
Frank The Bunny Pred 19 dňami
I come to these videos to remind myself how fucking untalented and uncreative i am
Visal Childish Gaming Pro
Visal Childish Gaming Pro Pred 22 dňami
My bestfreind showed me this song since2017 and I really liked it. But now he's gone today 😟😓
Majin Pred 21 dňom
May he rest in Power!
Kimberly Guevarra
Kimberly Guevarra Pred 23 dňami
The tired ornament electronmicroscopically stretch because ounce interestedly marry near a pricey italian. dynamic, workable tooth
Asia Gethers
Asia Gethers Pred 23 dňami
How did I not connect this to crackheads at the gas station
YGOR GOUVEIA Pred 23 dňami
Tão atual, tanto o conceito quanto as músicas!
CAPITALLINDA Pred 24 dňami
Zombeefriend Pred 24 dňami
tbh i think i would be scared if some random man was doing this to me. While i was all alone in a restaurant waiting for my take out.
Luqmaan Mustafa
Luqmaan Mustafa Pred 25 dňami
So this is what happens in the dreamatorium?
Kyle Wilkins
Kyle Wilkins Pred 25 dňami
The sable libra descriptively describe because temper connolly tempt above a silent motorboat. actually, descriptive bomb
Hinarf Narfy
Hinarf Narfy Pred 26 dňami
Look, he thinks she's deaf.
Hinarf Narfy
Hinarf Narfy Pred 26 dňami
fyi, there are two sentences in this song that literally equate to, "I dont care, I just want to have sex with you."
Hinarf Narfy
Hinarf Narfy Pred 26 dňami
other than that the composition is fine.
Evan Spencer
Evan Spencer Pred 26 dňami
This is gonna be me when 2020 over
JMixtape TV
JMixtape TV Pred 28 dňami
this whole concept was dope I get thriller vibes off this
Faith Imafidon
Faith Imafidon Pred 28 dňami
This woman needs an Oscar for her facial reactions.
Sandro Paula
Sandro Paula Pred 29 dňami
Esse cara é fera, essa morena é bela.
John Paul Caragay
John Paul Caragay Pred mesiacom
December 2020 still listening to this music
Quinshun Carswell
Quinshun Carswell Pred mesiacom
He's so weird and different that I can't stop watching and like it! ❤
caveman lovesmoke
caveman lovesmoke Pred mesiacom
True legend status . Cant wait to see what he does thru life.
ihatetoga Pred mesiacom
He just built different
king Deon
king Deon Pred mesiacom
I almost choke on my laugh every time i think about how this would look if there was no music and him acting like something is wrong with him in silence
Twisted Pears • 9 years ago
Twisted Pears • 9 years ago Pred mesiacom
“I know just how you feel” -Michael Townley
Bassel Bkr
Bassel Bkr Pred mesiacom
musician, dancer, and actor man you're killin it
Walu Situmbeko
Walu Situmbeko Pred mesiacom
This one of the best music videos i ever seen!
Angel Blanco
Angel Blanco Pred mesiacom
in 20 years, this will be a perfect time capsule for the 10s era of hip hop
Cody Jostad
Cody Jostad Pred mesiacom
The fact he can actually rap sing act direct and be a comedian is just such a flex to me... like is there anything you cant do... truly an inspiration to the token of you can do anything you set your mind to
Hinarf Narfy
Hinarf Narfy Pred mesiacom
worst manager efver.
Kendrick Knight
Kendrick Knight Pred mesiacom
Plot Twist. What if she is the one that is high and imagining the scenario while waiting for her food?
caveman lovesmoke
caveman lovesmoke Pred mesiacom
Mind blown 🤯
Mister TwentySeven
Mister TwentySeven Pred mesiacom
17k dislikes.. ok that's just racist
caveman lovesmoke
caveman lovesmoke Pred mesiacom
Prolly from ppl who think this vid is demonic
Christopher Weigelt
Christopher Weigelt Pred mesiacom
Is this Zanku chicken in Hollywood???
Marcos Levi
Marcos Levi Pred mesiacom
After of my last break up, I have tried not to discount drugs. But my mind is 90% of the time thinking about you, and this song in the background like a schizophrenic voice.
caveman lovesmoke
caveman lovesmoke Pred mesiacom
We're all crazy bro
Mathieu Pred mesiacom
When she say : I am 15 years old 1:55
caveman lovesmoke
caveman lovesmoke Pred mesiacom
Lol what?
SlighceTUNES Pred mesiacom
He isn’t even dressed for a music video and everything still slaps
caveman lovesmoke
caveman lovesmoke Pred mesiacom
Hotdawg Pred mesiacom
sprite lol
Skyler Cabrello
Skyler Cabrello Pred mesiacom
This song and “Luka - Feelings” the are some of the only things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everybody and let everyone know everything will get better... i love u
caveman lovesmoke
caveman lovesmoke Pred mesiacom
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