Cutting down saw mill trees

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Andrew Camarata

Pred 4 mesiacmi

Clearing land and cutting down white pine trees for the saw mill.

interesting Pred 2 hodinami
Somehow when we see idiots like this cut down the amazon forest we get all upset but when a townie from upstate does it is all good.
Bryan Pred 9 hodinami
I just would love to see how many trees has to cut down to pull away and make a road of about $50,000 Worth to put a $50 trailer
Al Z
Al Z Pred 17 hodinami
Who gets the money from logs Andrew or home owner?
Dávid Gál
Dávid Gál Pred dňom
26:16 what this music name
Dameline Pred 4 dňami
He's like an artiste with those machines, I am addicted watching this. lol
GamerGuy15 Pred 5 dňami
Could you come and cut lawn please .. surely ma'am, ..which tool should I use?...for that i will use.....I know.. the dozer
majid chemri
majid chemri Pred 7 dňami
that's a good breakfast right at work Andy smart and hard working in the same package.
Lord Edward
Lord Edward Pred 7 dňami
The sheer amount of energy this young man has astonishes me.
Critter87 Pred 7 dňami
You’d think the property owner could’ve at least moved some shit out of the way.
Julz De
Julz De Pred 8 dňami
Andrew "putting arborist out of a job" Camarata.
Ricky Gutierrez
Ricky Gutierrez Pred 8 dňami
Have good day,🌄Andrew,its'cool your Vlog,🚜 More technics and interesting ideas,your Viewr'fr: the Philippines,God bless and to your Vlog.💞🌺👌
the2060ish Pred 9 dňami
Good work by you Mr A home owner took down all those beautiful trees turned his property into a mud hole. 2yrs later looks unkepted ..hope his check cleared..
Stephanie Bollman
Stephanie Bollman Pred 10 dňami
C Miltimore
C Miltimore Pred 11 dňami
Wow, that's the way to get rid of tree stumps, never seen that done before.
rusosure7 Pred 15 dňami
Hitachi: 1 Trees: 0
Good Citizen
Good Citizen Pred 16 dňami
Impressive how that little Hitachi totally devastates those trees.
James Flynn
James Flynn Pred 16 dňami
How much can that wood be worth??
David M.
David M. Pred 18 dňami
How much did you charge for this job?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred 18 dňami
I cant remember, a few thousand maybe.
David M.
David M. Pred 18 dňami
There has to be at least a dozen invisible people helping him,amazing.
David M.
David M. Pred 18 dňami
Who needs a logging truck, I have a Chevy S-10 and a utility trailer. Nice job dude.
larannar123 Pred 19 dňami
Damn, I seriously don't believe I've ever seen anyone work as hard and consistent as Andrew...😯 I'm from S.E Texas and hauled logs for a Timber crew,and he's literally doing the work of a 5 man crew here!!!!🙊🙈 Normally you'd have a Foreman, Skidder operator, lumberjack with the saw,backhoe loader,and Truck driver....🙄 He's doing it all by HIMSELF!!!😯😯 WAIT! Let me just repeat that in case some missed it........😎 He is doing a 5 man job,by HIMSELF!!!!!!!😎 HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN! This guy should be wearing a cape with a big S on the front!!😂😂
T E Pred 20 dňami
Andrew thank you for these videos.,..they're awesome. For the million dollar question however, could you give us a roundabout idea of how much this cost your client to have you do all this work and remove the trees?
Billy O'Hara
Billy O'Hara Pred 21 dňom
time laps is relay good
Chuck and Debbie behind the scenes videos
Chuck and Debbie behind the scenes videos Pred 22 dňami
I think Andrew should $$$ buy a Bigfoot truck
Ivan Kinsman
Ivan Kinsman Pred 24 dňami
I watch Lumnah Acres and they have just bought a large wooded (think 500 ha?) property that they are having cleared - a very big job. Good to see you backfillng the holes here - Greg Judy would like that :)
West Bay
West Bay Pred 25 dňami
I swear you look like you could shuffle cards with that bucket! Your customers must be thrilled at your workmanship.
Rusty Pred 29 dňami
So cool. His machines look like live dinosaurs. Talent bro !!!
Mike Moore
Mike Moore Pred mesiacom
Andrew maybe updated large equipment tour???
MrGiloine Pred mesiacom
Great job !
Larissa Medenilla
Larissa Medenilla Pred mesiacom
The hard crop interestedly consist because zone beautifully wipe anenst a steadfast donkey. nutty, red harbor
nitrofish1974 Pred mesiacom
Vuala, you have your mountains ⛰
nitrofish1974 Pred mesiacom
I'm digging that safety precaution,lifting the bucket on the green goblin and backing the dozer up for safety to change the belt ,awesome 👌 👏 😎
Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth Scott Pred mesiacom
AC makes me want to ride a bull dozer topless and rip shit up too! LOL
Anooblikeguy Lol
Anooblikeguy Lol Pred mesiacom
Burying those stumps is a good idea ,, those will turn into oil someday, , and the owner will drill it to use for his pickup 😂😂😂😂
Anooblikeguy Lol
Anooblikeguy Lol Pred mesiacom
"Andrew please build me a tall tree house $o I can see those mountains ." Better than " feck and slaughter those trees they block my sight of those mountain behind !!!... hope those trees won't be use for their coffins someday😠😠😠😠 . ........
Anooblikeguy Lol
Anooblikeguy Lol Pred mesiacom
Crazy pathetic OCD ., Landowner 😠😠😠😠😠😠
shaenj Pred mesiacom
Is that a legal load where you are working Andrew? In Aussie where I am the first cop to see it would arrest me.
Robert Hawthorne
Robert Hawthorne Pred mesiacom
Man!... when someone figures out what to do with tree stumps, other then boat knees, they gunna be rich..$$$
Jim Talor
Jim Talor Pred mesiacom
Want a better view? Build a tree house instead of cutting those nice trees.
Gary65437 Pred mesiacom
It's good to get all this work out of your system before you get old...
Autodidact2 Pred mesiacom
"Sawmill"; one word not two, An Drew! Please correct your misspellings here and elsewhere.
Мухин - Сан
Мухин - Сан Pred mesiacom
Я смотрю ваши видео и постоянно засыпаю )))
Dale Sather
Dale Sather Pred mesiacom
Solenoid starter switch it worked on a magnetic switch it gets a lil dirty and it won't engage but it probly spins tap it w a hammer and it will work but you should change soon in my opinion for what ever thats worth
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred mesiacom
Yeah, its in the garage now getting the exhaust fixed, and probably a starter rebuild.
UStinman 84
UStinman 84 Pred mesiacom
You have the BEST EDITED equipment videos on YT. You make them enjoyable to watch. Thanks for the Entertainment!. I like the new tracked/man lift. Have you seen the "Road grater attachment for the skid steer?
Kevin Kinney
Kevin Kinney Pred mesiacom
How clever, He named it "The Ponder" and shaped it like a question mark. Lol Reminds me of a stanza in a old poem: The "Exclaimation Point", Bent and Twisted... Hangs Deflated; like A "Question Mark" with No Name.
James Adams
James Adams Pred mesiacom
It's good to see that Andrew wears all the proper protective gear when using the chainsaw.
G M Pred mesiacom
What happens with all the stump pieces?
Rose White
Rose White Pred mesiacom
looked like an ever expanding job.
The Federal Farmer
The Federal Farmer Pred mesiacom
This video, like all his others, speaks to Andrew's videography skills in that he makes this grueling work look fun.
DavenH Pred mesiacom
31:50 LOL
Patrick Joyce
Patrick Joyce Pred mesiacom
Everyone talks about the truck nearly going over, was I the only one who saw magic at 46.40 AC standing on the Running reach back for the lever to open the tail-gate same trying to shut his Door I only think Levi was steering. A fantastic vid GOD I. admire this man so much .
Willem van Schaik
Willem van Schaik Pred mesiacom
what type of trees are these? spruce, fir, hemlock ... or a mix?
Steven Stringer
Steven Stringer Pred mesiacom
nice of them to move their shit out of your way ffs
Marcel Gérin
Marcel Gérin Pred mesiacom
See some time ago Andrew was working.......Now he is in deep hibernation !!! As it must be very cold now, good time to work in workshop making things like (up-rooter -- rake -- etc....) Please 1ndrew don't let us down !!! Can't find an other half mad like you !!!
Ferdinando Carboni
Ferdinando Carboni Pred mesiacom
ciao quello e il sistema con tutta quella acqua che ce in quel posto mettere zocche di legno e dei tronchi con sassi sceppelire e spora terra
Baby Catcher
Baby Catcher Pred mesiacom
One man logging company!! And he cleans up after himself!
Steve T
Steve T Pred mesiacom
I'm surprised you don't have a grinder/chipper.
channel papy
channel papy Pred mesiacom
Lets buy lumber machine !
channel papy
channel papy Pred mesiacom
Hitachi Power !!www
Autigers 2010
Autigers 2010 Pred mesiacom
Andrew what is all that shell rock from? Looks like New York would have alot of oil, and coal!
Autigers 2010
Autigers 2010 Pred mesiacom
I can not believe we as humans are willing to saw trees down for a lousy view!
Kyle Stolz
Kyle Stolz Pred mesiacom
If anyone deserves to make money on youtube its this guy. He is inspirational and informative. You need to do a franchise. Andrew Camarata international.
TheMabbasi Pred mesiacom
Does the value of harvest woods cover the cost of manpower and machinery for this job?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred mesiacom
No. Have to get paid from the land owner.
David Dillon
David Dillon Pred mesiacom
Better videos than 99 percent of what is on cable t.v.
lifebeginsat190 Pred mesiacom
49:28...thought that truck was going over for sure
Justin Snow
Justin Snow Pred mesiacom
hello andrew not trying to make u upset but have you thought about promoting chainsaw safety just b/c u have a large channel now and alot of viewers
Justin Snow
Justin Snow Pred mesiacom
Yes I have that is the reason I we're chaps
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred mesiacom
Yes, do not get hurt when using a chain saw.
cecil veley
cecil veley Pred mesiacom
Oh nice,,, wow yup drove right into it
cecil veley
cecil veley Pred mesiacom
I tried this photography thing and I have things to do its f-n a hard.
cecil veley
cecil veley Pred mesiacom
Don’t over load man don’t do it let it take all day,,, you should drink more. Gees diehard fanatic
John Fleming
John Fleming Pred mesiacom
Just curious why you didn’t burn all those roots, stumps and wood debris and then just bury the ashes?
shoukat ali
shoukat ali Pred mesiacom
Okay you do great job but owner of house why wasted trees it's was beautifull trees all over .shame ..from ....UK. .
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred mesiacom
Those trees will grow back before you know it. Just need to stop mowing the grass.
Rudi Champagnie
Rudi Champagnie Pred mesiacom
Eduardo Orlanes Sososco
Eduardo Orlanes Sososco Pred mesiacom
Amazing Man... His doing it alone.. 5star for him
Gen Sco
Gen Sco Pred mesiacom
A silk purse out of a sows ear. Well done young man, thanks for sharing
Boom Pred mesiacom
Cody looks so much younger
John Wayne
John Wayne Pred mesiacom
we enjoy your videos, my wife likes em just as much as i do. just keep em coming.
میثم یکتاپرست
میثم یکتاپرست Pred 2 mesiacmi
Cutting a lot of tree is legal?
Tommy Pate
Tommy Pate Pred 2 mesiacmi
That's too much weight on a double a le trailer . Use the cowboy trailer.
nathanial merwin
nathanial merwin Pred 2 mesiacmi
The gorgeous song architecturally wave because nephew inspiringly suppose beside a placid tanzania. married, eight chance
Ben Childress
Ben Childress Pred 2 mesiacmi
Very Good. ben
involved bystander
involved bystander Pred 2 mesiacmi
whats better than gettin paid to play with all of your toys?
Just Me
Just Me Pred 2 mesiacmi
This kid is a hustler.
David Holder
David Holder Pred 2 mesiacmi
What happened to the Yanmar of a year ago?
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson Pred 2 mesiacmi
Is the dot bad up there
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson Pred 2 mesiacmi
I think I would have moved that trailer
Bronco 82
Bronco 82 Pred 2 mesiacmi
2years later and it looks like an even bigger shithole. but great work on Andrew's part.
Nathan Spain
Nathan Spain Pred 2 mesiacmi
@ 10:45 I thought the trees were starting to fight back!!
Rayane Herrera
Rayane Herrera Pred 2 mesiacmi
froggleggers Pred 2 mesiacmi
I would have based that drive first with 3 inch stone, then come back with the smaller after it was packed in for a while.
indytechconsultant Pred 2 mesiacmi
Homeowner should have just moved
indytechconsultant Pred 2 mesiacmi
Post on Rumble
huevi garage
huevi garage Pred 2 mesiacmi
Lmao that Subaru blew a headgasket tryna pull the dodge with a trailer of logs
Adam Antar
Adam Antar Pred 2 mesiacmi
Cuting trees should be illegal
Keith Waterhouse
Keith Waterhouse Pred 2 mesiacmi
Still waiting for a pic of what that rolling slab of shale hit. sounded expensive.
Patrick Rooney
Patrick Rooney Pred 2 mesiacmi
Brilliant job buddy. well worth watching .best of luck on your next job . Paddy from Belfast.
Misty Mountain Project
Misty Mountain Project Pred 2 mesiacmi
Why does your Hitachi not have a blade?
Misty Mountain Project
Misty Mountain Project Pred 2 mesiacmi
@Andrew Camarata Oh I see. Sometimes the most simple machines are the most reliable! I'm looking at an old IHI mini ex for my property and it's plain Jane but strong. Has a blade but no aux hydraulics.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred 2 mesiacmi
Machines that size usually don't.
Charles Castillo
Charles Castillo Pred 2 mesiacmi
Andrew could teach Mcgiver a few things, awesome work on that solenoid.
geo752 Pred 2 mesiacmi
Thought the tipper was about to be a side loader on that grass bank , is there no weight limits in the states lol 🤷‍♂️
Geoffrey W. Blee
Geoffrey W. Blee Pred 2 mesiacmi
How much equipment do you have ? Every time i blink your your driving a different vehicle. Love that green covering the yellow. Makes it look military, well different anyway. Those logs, are they Douglas fir? And how come its wet ontop of a hill. Does it snow that often? Sorry, too many questions.🇦🇺
G W Grote
G W Grote Pred 2 mesiacmi
I appreciate Andrew going through the diagnostic process on the green dozer. He could have left all of that out and we all would've still viewed this video. This makes him "real" and sets him apart from others. He is a wonderful teacher because people with actual on the job experience make the best instructors.
Earl Smithson
Earl Smithson Pred 2 mesiacmi
Talk about maximizing your equipment.
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