Daft Punk - Epilogue

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Daft Punk

Daft Punk

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Daniel Alejandro Ruelas Nieves
Daniel Alejandro Ruelas Nieves Pred hodinou
Los voy a extrañar gracias por todo
MeteoricMarlin Pred hodinou
Murky_H2O Pred hodinou
I wish they looked back at interstellar 5555 and did a song just one more time and came out with a banger😭
Baiji Pred hodinou
I got chills watching this Daft Punk forever
Aldo Laldolfo
Aldo Laldolfo Pred hodinou
Son unos crack
Still looks like 90"s thanks legend
Why I doesn't know why
G Nicolae
G Nicolae Pred hodinou
You’re already heavily missed. Thank you for your creative and innovative music that have been played throughout so many speakers in so many different places, your art is beautiful.
Paladin Entertainment
Paladin Entertainment Pred hodinou
Memento Mori
Mustard Pikachu
Mustard Pikachu Pred hodinou
Marco Pred hodinou
Don’t be sad that’s it’s over, be glad because it happened
Ann Tarctica
Ann Tarctica Pred hodinou
united forever!
Nerdy Kai
Nerdy Kai Pred hodinou
Thanks for the memories!😭
Lolvi Pred hodinou
los voy a extrañar los computadores de paine nah, pero en serio, buena musica la que se mandaron
Luis Fernando Montes Alaniz
Luis Fernando Montes Alaniz Pred hodinou
Guess we won't have a summer banger this year, thank you for your art.
Abigail Torres Castillo
Abigail Torres Castillo Pred hodinou
Miller's Homeschool Time
Miller's Homeschool Time Pred hodinou
So sad!
Mariana Seafox
Mariana Seafox Pred hodinou
Sus canciones fueron parte de mi infancia, por siempre en mi corazón Daft Punk, gracias por su música la escucharé por siempre ❤
sidnei coelho
sidnei coelho Pred hodinou
No :(
Hit it!
Hit it! Pred hodinou
I'm looking at the comments and I see a lot of people speaking different languages. It really shows how much influence they have all over the whole planet.
Sara Morrissey
Sara Morrissey Pred hodinou
Thank You!!! 😭😭😭
Isimpdream1234 Even though Tommy better
Isimpdream1234 Even though Tommy better Pred hodinou
Legends will always be remembered thank god they did it for 28 yrs
RX-O Dynobot
RX-O Dynobot Pred hodinou
I guess their mission is done they brought gave life back to music and now their in their ship the interstella 5555
Amo el Anime :v
Amo el Anime :v Pred hodinou
Vic Pred hodinou
Veridis Quo
W187 Pred hodinou
:' ) love you legends
zohlo asan
zohlo asan Pred hodinou
almost cried watching this
Andrew Ermogenis
Andrew Ermogenis Pred hodinou
Ever since they became flat earth believe all their stuff is weird. But even still this was beautifully made.
GammaRey Pred hodinou
Thanks for the memories and great tunes.
n1ch0l4i Pred hodinou
Since now, i’ll have random access memory to you music... thanks 4 all your music and vibe.
ANIME & SMOKE Pred hodinou
is anyone else sad too?! I grew up drunk off them. This truly is saddening. I'll miss you guys as a duo forever!
Gilberto Lugo
Gilberto Lugo Pred hodinou
Siempre los recordaré como leyendas... Su música me encanta desde qué era pequeño, verlos marchar me entristece, pero todo tiene su inició y un final...
Wesley Lewis
Wesley Lewis Pred 2 hodinami
Goodbye daft punk. You where the best part of growing up. I will always love your music.
SkinnyDay & Luis Rey
SkinnyDay & Luis Rey Pred 2 hodinami
Someone call elon musk! He can fix this 😱
Daniela Cisneros
Daniela Cisneros Pred 2 hodinami
WeeeeeeeeeeEeeey Nooooop00000oooooooo
Brandon Lawrence
Brandon Lawrence Pred 2 hodinami
I will always love your music. Thank you for the memories.
JustSans Pred 2 hodinami
4:23 Change da world 4:28 my final message, Goodbye 4:33 *Windows 95 Startup Plays*
Danni Kooper
Danni Kooper Pred 2 hodinami
And it was you.. the one that would be breaking my heart. When you decided to walk away. When I wanted you to stay. Me, I just wanted you to stay. ❤️
kazuya_ masumi
kazuya_ masumi Pred 2 hodinami
My God they were there my whole life not kidding. From 93-21 😭😭😭😭😭 (28 years) went by 😭😭😭😭
Diego Diaz
Diego Diaz Pred 2 hodinami
I miss you
Bacon hair Tee hee
Bacon hair Tee hee Pred 2 hodinami
:( be happy on your retirement, hope you live a great rest of your life. Love your music. Bye.
Genrick y los amigos 2
Genrick y los amigos 2 Pred 2 hodinami
Quiero llorar😭
MOD_OF_WAR56 Pred 2 hodinami
Imma be honest it hurts so badly i always thought to myself they’re gonna make a come back eventually but I truly knew they were done and to know that they’re actually done breaks my heart it just doesn’t feel real
Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez Pred 2 hodinami
Cómo siempre me han enseñado *"todo lo bueno tiene un final"* y así pasará a la eternidad mientras lo recordemos
xorci Pred 2 hodinami
I can't be the only one who has seen this video before, before this video even existed, someone on the platform uploaded it with the exact type of theme
Pollituber tv
Pollituber tv Pred 2 hodinami
😔😔The dream that will never come true is to meet Daft Punk in person, I will miss them !!
Jonathan Scattina
Jonathan Scattina Pred 2 hodinami
Mi mancherete tantissimo 😭😭😭
lorenzo contreras
lorenzo contreras Pred 2 hodinami
Tap Way
Tap Way Pred 2 hodinami
3 words . what da funk 😎
SEVAK MELKUMYAN Pred 2 hodinami
Թող ցա. Հայ ազգի լույսի համար։
DARK_ PHANTOM Pred 2 hodinami
Press F to pay respects. F
Rafe Vadnais
Rafe Vadnais Pred hodinou
UB Motion
UB Motion Pred 2 hodinami
Something tells me this ain’t over yet. then again, I think it just might be over
Fenix Pred 2 hodinami
So long space cowbots, thank you for the amazing music over the years. You guys are fucking legendary.
Chark Pred 2 hodinami
Thank you for getting me through the years Daft Punk. You were great and will be missed. I will never stop listening to all your music
[Litecoin] International
[Litecoin] International Pred 2 hodinami
Sad botton 👇
Yair game crak 11
Yair game crak 11 Pred 2 hodinami
Los extrañaré
yourbestfriendella Pred 2 hodinami
Thank you, for everything.
Swapnil Shinde
Swapnil Shinde Pred 2 hodinami
They didn't left us they are still with us.
jEsteban_ Pred 2 hodinami
Revo Pred 2 hodinami
Epilogue 1993-2021 After Mandela effect 1993-2041 👍🤖💯
Angel Ramírez
Angel Ramírez Pred 2 hodinami
Gracias por todo sus canciones vivirán siempre en nuestro corazón
Lofi Games
Lofi Games Pred 2 hodinami
Thank you for the best years
EVELYN Pred 2 hodinami
Thanks for everything. We'll always love you.
z3eM Productions
z3eM Productions Pred 2 hodinami
Don't have an inspirational quote but I'm gonna miss these guys.
digituned Pred 2 hodinami
See you space cowboys
aqib fadhil
aqib fadhil Pred 2 hodinami
your music will live forver
Wendell _D'P
Wendell _D'P Pred 3 hodinami
Daft punk (Darlin), sin duda unas de las mejores bandas que marcaron y quedará en el corazón de muchos, por sus clásicos y obras de arte... 1993-2021🙏 Thanks!!!
Happy Boi
Happy Boi Pred 3 hodinami
Whyyyyyy farewell my friends we will always remember y’all
Handsome Habibi
Handsome Habibi Pred 3 hodinami
one of the saddest moments in music history.... be strong.... be daft.... merci les gars
Dealings !
Dealings ! Pred 3 hodinami
Don't worry.. we have Edo-Tensei..
bo ay non
bo ay non Pred 3 hodinami
good bye the legends them self
Fausto Cabañas
Fausto Cabañas Pred 3 hodinami
ChrisEatsOrphans Pred 3 hodinami
Goodbye legends😔
ok its the internet
ok its the internet Pred 3 hodinami
Thanks for the memories...
Goku Supreme
Goku Supreme Pred 3 hodinami
Aquí los hispanohablantes sad por tal notícia, de está separación o fin de tal icónica banda 'DAFT PUNK' 🙏😕
jaun bruh
jaun bruh Pred 3 hodinami
So long my freinds
el esqueleto de metal
el esqueleto de metal Pred 3 hodinami
I cry for you daft punk
Mónica Navarro
Mónica Navarro Pred 3 hodinami
Fus11on Pred 3 hodinami
this hurts. i already miss you guys
Eyvan Eliseo
Eyvan Eliseo Pred 3 hodinami
lopesperesteo Pred 3 hodinami
Lovely sweet Panda bear
Lovely sweet Panda bear Pred 3 hodinami
Ryan the SpaceGhost
Ryan the SpaceGhost Pred 3 hodinami
Thank you for keeping me company in the dark moments of my life and helping me discover my passion for music. Thank you for everything
Brandon Andrade
Brandon Andrade Pred 3 hodinami
They already achieved what they wanted to do, farewell robots😔😔😔😔😔
Kieran McSorley
Kieran McSorley Pred 3 hodinami
Goodbye Daft Punk, you've soundtracked my entire life and millions around me through the years, you've never sought personal fame, you've never been about anything bad, or negative, you've only ever spread love, good music, and support for everyone with a heart to hear it, thank you from the bottom of my soul, and I wish you both the happiest lives
Greek in Korea
Greek in Korea Pred 3 hodinami
Although my day was ruined, my life was lifted by this amazing band....they left an epic legacy with zero tarnishes. Perfect way to go I guess. You will be missed greatly you masters of music.
subz Pred 3 hodinami
they finna come back “harder, better, faster,stronger”.... hopefully :(
coca cola espuma
coca cola espuma Pred 3 hodinami
Adiós daft punk gracias por todo
JansterTV Pred 3 hodinami
I'm glad I got to grow up with their songs and listened to them while the band was active now it will be a little strange to listen to the songs at first, and any new fans that came just now will have a different feeling when listening to these songs as well. Go In Power Daft Punk may you find many great new experiences in life going forward.
Abinadí Moreno
Abinadí Moreno Pred 3 hodinami
Simplemente los mejores. Muchas gracias por todo.
Cristian Montiel Ruiz
Cristian Montiel Ruiz Pred 4 hodinami
Gracias por tanto. Siempre estaréis en nuestros corazones.
Romyn Roberts
Romyn Roberts Pred 4 hodinami
Dont cry because it's over...smile because it happend-Dr Seuss
Justine Saputra
Justine Saputra Pred 4 hodinami
Please comeback harder better faster stronger
Juan2108 Pred 4 hodinami
박순용 Pred 4 hodinami
Hold on ...
Beats Neurais
Beats Neurais Pred 4 hodinami
KleepyBoi Pred 4 hodinami
They deserve this retirement every song they always came back harder better faster stronger.
Biko Biko
Biko Biko Pred 4 hodinami
They must be in their 50s by now
Lucas Costa
Lucas Costa Pred 4 hodinami
Um eterno obrigado por me animar com suas musicas quando eu mais me sentia triste. O trabalho de vocês nao foi em vão.
Bluethe Mind
Bluethe Mind Pred 4 hodinami
thank you guys sorry that you broke up RIP Thomas :(
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