Dump truck paint and new trailer

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Andrew Camarata

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Having new brakes/springs installed in my 1987 Ford F800 dump truck. Then buying a new 20 ton trailer and having the trailer place add air to the rear for the trailer brakes.
Then doing body work and some other repairs to get it looking good.

George K
George K Pred 13 hodinami
You should go to Chrisfix and make a video with him !
Thedevontree Pred dňom
Got to wear a respirator my man
Carl Horn
Carl Horn Pred dňom
black is hard to paint and get right
Mark Williams
Mark Williams Pred dňom
The best feeling in the world is going through d.o.t stop and getting a sticker 😄
arthur vargas
arthur vargas Pred 2 dňami
Bradford Thompson
Bradford Thompson Pred 2 dňami
You Two just break our hearts watching this video.....No respiratory. Protection.!!!!!!!!...You make great videos....and very clever,,,,,and great do it yourself knowledge....is Amazing....its just so sad that you never use "ANTISEEZE"....Please,,please wear a respirators ---,Gloves.....on any painting,,sanding,chemicals....My Dad was a wonderful person ....just like you two Wonderful people are....my Dad died a very slow Death.(Yes he "HAD" a Chemicals won't hurt me Attitude)????Too.....Please take good Care of your selfs.....All. you Tubers.....Please take care of yourselves........We love all you Guys...."SVpostRS....TAKE THE STRESS OUT OF OUR DAILY LIVES
Ad Nast
Ad Nast Pred 2 dňami
If she is your GF and she welds, fiberglasses, does truck body work, welds, etc etc..darn it Andrew marry the woman already.. 😄
Karl Childers
Karl Childers Pred 3 dňami
you could weld a piece of metal on each side of the plug receptacle so that the trailer hits the metal first.
Karl Childers
Karl Childers Pred 2 dňami
@Andrew Camarata I see what you're saying.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred 2 dňami
@Karl Childers Something will break if you do that
Karl Childers
Karl Childers Pred 3 dňami
@Andrew Camarata It will protect the plug because the trailer will not be able to get any closer to it.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred 3 dňami
What will that do? It will bend something.
vhemanes H
vhemanes H Pred 3 dňami
hay have fun see you
Alexis DeVille
Alexis DeVille Pred 4 dňami
Awesome job and really nice results! Congratulations to you and the lovely lady that helped you!
irsan maldonado
irsan maldonado Pred 4 dňami
What’s the song of the outro
Majd Moukhalallati
Majd Moukhalallati Pred 4 dňami
I love when people take care of their old equipment, especially the ones that served them well.
T F Pred 5 dňami
Is Andrew Camarata sponsored by self tapping screws / Bolts?
baabudoo billy
baabudoo billy Pred 5 dňami
He goes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 48 there we go haha
Bruce Wallace
Bruce Wallace Pred 5 dňami
The price of NY states highest in the nation road salt use, and bad roads.
ron tapps
ron tapps Pred 6 dňami
did not excrete any better than before
Paul Dzhugostran
Paul Dzhugostran Pred 6 dňami
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Carmen Aviles
Carmen Aviles Pred 7 dňami
Its nicer having someone who helps too.....with the same interest and knowledge...
Matthew Webb
Matthew Webb Pred 7 dňami
What happened to the newer white dump truck havent seen that much at all?
Danny Ortiz
Danny Ortiz Pred 8 dňami
Firme video bendiciones✋🤘
alex alex
alex alex Pred 8 dňami
grazie,ottimo video! da Italia!
Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell Pred 8 dňami
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tuyet phuong le
tuyet phuong le Pred 9 dňami
cv c. dvdgz
Baudo Pred 9 dňami
Thanks Camarata, nice job
Жакшылык Темирканов
Жакшылык Темирканов Pred 10 dňami
Molodes syher master klass👍👍👍
Rudy Case
Rudy Case Pred 11 dňami
Good to see two people that enjoy working together
Crooked Fence Farm
Crooked Fence Farm Pred 12 dňami
When I saw an actual brand new trailer, I was fully expecting a "this has to go" video where he strips it down.
William Dunham
William Dunham Pred 12 dňami
very good youtuber, i admire your work
schnuffialvaOne Pred 12 dňami
Omg this paint isnt good work sorry
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred 11 dňami
Its perfect.
Heeman5 Pred 13 dňami
Your “worker” knows how to lay some glass!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💪🏼
Brent Brown
Brent Brown Pred 14 dňami
Andrew, I really enjoyed watching this video a few times, thank you.
Jorge M Rivera
Jorge M Rivera Pred 14 dňami
Is she is not a B.K.C (Bat Karen Crazy) she is a keeper ...
Greg S
Greg S Pred 14 dňami
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marcello roos
marcello roos Pred 15 dňami
So finaly i get to meeting Mrs camarata.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred 14 dňami
I am single.
Chris Maust
Chris Maust Pred 15 dňami
is that your grilfriend in the videos
Nicholas Beardslee
Nicholas Beardslee Pred 16 dňami
Looks good but my OCD is kicking in hard due to your door decals being different sizes on each side. overall a great job though
Denis Clay
Denis Clay Pred 16 dňami
In this video,, or perhaps the last one, you said something like "...when I'm president, I'm going to change that". Well, I can't wait until you run for President! You got my vote!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred 16 dňami
Ok. I got a list of things to do.
Bryan Pred 16 dňami
Lol has a selfie stick sticking out the window. “So I just got DOTed” 😆 Glad they caught up to you after that! Trucks looking good.
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Pred 17 dňami
love the trailer very smart
виктор ло
виктор ло Pred 17 dňami
very good!!
Cherie Boe
Cherie Boe Pred 19 dňami
Shawna Sommerville
Shawna Sommerville Pred 19 dňami
And........ is that your girl?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred 19 dňami
inacio silva
inacio silva Pred 20 dňami
Ficou uma bosta a pintura
Keith L
Keith L Pred 20 dňami
Truck and trailer are looking AMAZING! Hope you do become President Andrew. You definitely set the standard. Cheers!
Stewart Moore
Stewart Moore Pred 22 dňami
Love Levi and your work
Kevin Shea
Kevin Shea Pred 22 dňami
getting close to a million
Harry taylor
Harry taylor Pred 23 dňami
very good well done
guillaume tesseur
guillaume tesseur Pred 24 dňami
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Edwin Valenzuela
Edwin Valenzuela Pred 25 dňami
Mr. Fast motion
Edward Uechi
Edward Uechi Pred 25 dňami
Andrew, this is the first video of yours that I am watching and I haven't finished it. I like the genuine feel of your production along with the skills you exhibit. Along with the New York accent that is so familiar to me, if you are looking for a change I would be honored if you consider a posting here at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Google us and see what we are about! Once again, Awesome video, I'll watch the rest.
BLS Flein
BLS Flein Pred 25 dňami
All Trailers above 1650 lb must have brakes in Europe, either with air or mechanical. No electric brakes.
Ken C.
Ken C. Pred 25 dňami
I dig how he fixes the little things like the glovebox and door handles ... very detail oriented. I'm in the process of going through my 30-year-old Chevy pickup in a similar way
Ken C.
Ken C. Pred 25 dňami
My dog always chases the broom when I sweep
guillaume tesseur
guillaume tesseur Pred 26 dňami
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Backwoods Boyz
Backwoods Boyz Pred 26 dňami
I seen your last ZERO was way too high up lol
TEG Pred 26 dňami
What a waste of 5k+!!
John Hughes
John Hughes Pred 27 dňami
I think one of the great things about Andrew's channel is you get to learn a bunch of stuff without some jerk talking down to you. Keep it up!
Love is the Answer
Love is the Answer Pred 14 dňami
You mean like that poser “pure living for life” Jessie.
Bill the Welding Sloth
Bill the Welding Sloth Pred 27 dňami
The black looks great--anybody tells you they don't like orange peel on industrial paint jobs is some kind of freak that loves staring at dents. Turned out perfect. Nice to see a fella appreciate an old truck that's done good work for him, and to reward on it like this feels very proper. Keep on truckin' fella.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred 27 dňami
Thank you.
Lloyd Bob
Lloyd Bob Pred 27 dňami
Great job Andrew, buy the lady a beer! I’m sure Levi and Cody approve, I do !!
Jim Marcum
Jim Marcum Pred 27 dňami
is that an old state highway truck...i saw the yellow paint
Jim Marcum
Jim Marcum Pred 27 dňami
love to see a young guy like this so industrious and able to do so many things. Your father should be very proud.....
Save the Rhinos
Save the Rhinos Pred 28 dňami
Your a great inspiration! 👍🏼
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh Pred 28 dňami
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Marcel Gérin
Marcel Gérin Pred 28 dňami
Hiii Andrew !! Thank goodness "She " your assistant Miss X , because when she is with you, you definitely WORK MORE & SO MUCH BETTER !!! I love to see her working with you, it is just what you need and stop been SELFISH !!! Nice work, now need to fix the inside the cab.....! Best & warm regards to both of you !
Marcel Gérin
Marcel Gérin Pred 28 dňami
I would put the plug on the trailer and the cable on the truck !!! Heyeyeye !!
geoffrey kizza
geoffrey kizza Pred 28 dňami
hey Andrew am a big fun of your work but you have to look into the way you finance your business as in you're kind of spending too much, you could have shopped around for a well-used trailer. if you had checked on Richie bros.ltd they do auctions all over the world and they have some really nice deals, that is if you want your business to grow. And the other thing I fancy your little excavator, it's really handy, if I ever get some really good money I would mind getting one. Otherwise, keep up the good work
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata Pred 28 dňami
SVpost changed things for me, but I wanted a trailer that actually has brakes. And someone has to buy new stuff or there would be no used stuff.
K G Pred 28 dňami
Ovadya Rachman
Ovadya Rachman Pred 28 dňami
napster was a game changer
Bory Nieves
Bory Nieves Pred 29 dňami
This guy has every single tool.u dream of having. yeah hey bud do u have yup i do. do u have mmm its over there go grab it. Lol
Walter Roland Machado Hohn
Walter Roland Machado Hohn Pred mesiacom
The dog is funny
Michael Petrik
Michael Petrik Pred mesiacom
Its Time for a Woodstove i think !
Geewiz 757
Geewiz 757 Pred mesiacom
Who's the Girl???? She workd harder than most men I know!!!!!!!!!
Михаил Левеляйнен
Михаил Левеляйнен Pred mesiacom
RUS LENINGRAD молодцы . вместе все делаете.
Luca Figueiredo
Luca Figueiredo Pred mesiacom
His girl is hardworking willing to help and cute jheeez
pentekt14 Pred 29 dňami
yes she a cutie
Saulien Pred mesiacom
Good job!
juan perez
juan perez Pred mesiacom
your awesome bro i use to have a f-650 light duty dump truck i had a dragbox for laying roadbase and hot mix small jobs i lost it all now im just dreaming of it best wishes andrew thnks for memory,s
Brandy Wine
Brandy Wine Pred mesiacom
Dump truck with manual gear box mia
Geko Gotti
Geko Gotti Pred mesiacom
Shouldn’t power washing be the first step? 🤔
John Fleming
John Fleming Pred mesiacom
If God made anything better than spring assisted ramps He kept it for Himself.
Anthony Porreca FPVRC
Anthony Porreca FPVRC Pred mesiacom
We have a 10 and a 20 ton. I just the 20. Its also a whole lot more rigid.
Anthony Porreca FPVRC
Anthony Porreca FPVRC Pred mesiacom
Your better of with a 20 ton. Good choice
Byron Dampier
Byron Dampier Pred mesiacom
The girl that helped on the dump truck paint super cool and does a great job.
Byron Dampier
Byron Dampier Pred mesiacom
That pry bar from the essential craftsman come in handy on the wheel on the truck.
Living The Leach Life
Living The Leach Life Pred mesiacom
Awesome new trailer! I even like the color! 👍
Smoker's Chuggin'!
Smoker's Chuggin'! Pred mesiacom
Looks great, man!
Trump Obama
Trump Obama Pred mesiacom
The white truck is looking rough
iRenovate DMV
iRenovate DMV Pred mesiacom
Man, I watch his vids all day and not get tired! He has an arsenal of equipment and the knowledge to go with it! Highly impressive...
flon Pred mesiacom
I suggest you replace all your lights with LEDs.
Jon Fischer
Jon Fischer Pred mesiacom
Wear a mask or respirator while grinding or cutting fiberglass, that stuff will kill you fast.
flon Pred mesiacom
0:38 jesus christ thats annoying
chkn/egg/chz sammich
chkn/egg/chz sammich Pred mesiacom
help, my OCD will have me thinking about the door graphics not lining up for the rest of my life ~ grrrr
BSG1982 Pred mesiacom
Best container house ever
Mathias Behm
Mathias Behm Pred mesiacom
olivia ava
olivia ava Pred mesiacom
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Jarrett Wendler
Jarrett Wendler Pred mesiacom
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Laski i Owczary
Laski i Owczary Pred mesiacom
I forgot to add that I admire you also for the script in the movie you are great.
Laski i Owczary
Laski i Owczary Pred mesiacom
Andrew I admire you and your work, to have such a neighbor nearby is salvation, I greet you and your partner. Super job.
C B Pred mesiacom
I’m really interested to know what type of tunes Andrew listens to
tim mayer
tim mayer Pred mesiacom
Your jacket seen plenty of winters.
Terd Ferguson
Terd Ferguson Pred mesiacom
Jewelry heist @ 48:52
Mitchell Bliss
Mitchell Bliss Pred mesiacom
What the hell happened to that dump truck? I mean even for an 86 or whatever, there certainly is a hell of a lotta body damage all over the place. Did it cruise through a heard of 30 deer at exactly 65 MPH down the interstate or something?? Or maybe they hit IT.. At 65mph.. Looks like it hit a deer in like 50 different random spots all around the truck lol
Nicola Bresciani
Nicola Bresciani Pred mesiacom
siete due grandi
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