Exploring Several Ancient Sites In Mexico

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Brien Foerster

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Emma Fredericks
Emma Fredericks Pred 13 dňami
Have to agree with you Brien, they appear to be native warriors and as you say the locals are far better situated to know the truth than outsiders coming in and telling them those statues are Atlanteans or Aliens! Fantastic and thank you for posting your video, really informative and great to be able to see these things much closer than any "documentary" does.
Carol Norton
Carol Norton Pred mesiacom
Best video yet, always fascinating.
Carol Norton
Carol Norton Pred mesiacom
The giant heads have similar features but are very individualized or personalized, maybe they had some funerary significance, as a" headstone", perhaps.
Kim Tali Shaffer
Kim Tali Shaffer Pred 2 mesiacmi
What is the deal with an ad every few minutes? Makes it hard to watch.
przybyla420 Pred 2 mesiacmi
25:50 I love those grass-reinforced stairs.
przybyla420 Pred 2 mesiacmi
Beginner carvers usually make flat noses. Projecting parts are difficult to carve compared to flatter or boxier shapes.
Jeremy Pinkowski
Jeremy Pinkowski Pred 2 mesiacmi
That statue clearly has African features... I’d say that the Olmecs were African not South American in race!
Ronnie Norris
Ronnie Norris Pred 2 mesiacmi
Good great job there sir good research and keep it going
Nelda Smith
Nelda Smith Pred 2 mesiacmi
Lawrence Allison
Lawrence Allison Pred 2 mesiacmi
Awesome!!!! Thank you!!!!
stephen porth
stephen porth Pred 2 mesiacmi
that area was governed by lefty green rulers thats why no roads or POVs are ever discovered
Boosea Terrebonne
Boosea Terrebonne Pred 2 mesiacmi
I admire all the places you go, what a treasure of knowledge you have acquired over the years. Thanks for sharing
Cugel Pred 2 mesiacmi
I believe the current rulers know the truth about these technologically advanced ancient civilizations. That the inertia they are currently showing despite the planetary crisis is a sign that they are waiting for a major event to come.
Dale olson
Dale olson Pred 2 mesiacmi
12 ad breaks?unwatchable y tube greedy scumbags👎🏻💩
Matt Newhouse
Matt Newhouse Pred 2 mesiacmi
The back of the rain god statue looks unfinished, i wonder if it was meant to lay on its back as it was found, to look up at the sky
Humberto Gonzalez
Humberto Gonzalez Pred 2 mesiacmi
wm c barker
wm c barker Pred 2 mesiacmi
sure was a lot more of your scruffy beard than normal. ha ha
Preesi Pred 3 mesiacmi
Did you notice that those figures had "hats" like the Easter Island Moai (sp?)
Hector Martin
Hector Martin Pred 3 mesiacmi
We dnt have pyramids in Mexico.
Hector Martin
Hector Martin Pred 2 mesiacmi
@Joe man google search pyramid shape you will learn something today. Let's be open minded and not think we know it all. Love and respect to you my brother.
Hector Martin
Hector Martin Pred 2 mesiacmi
@Joe man sup Joe I been to most sites in Yucatan. Pyramids have a point on top. None in Mexico have a point on top. They are not pyramids. Do your research. Asi aprendemos ablando en buena honda. Gracias amigo
Mischelle Pred 3 mesiacmi
I don’t believe you can date stone!
Alicia Zummallen
Alicia Zummallen Pred 3 mesiacmi
Your the best, and i want to take the tour next February
M Wing
M Wing Pred 3 mesiacmi
At 4:26 that has to be from some alien movie set. It looks like he could bite your arm off in one snap.
Ainsley Stevenson
Ainsley Stevenson Pred 3 mesiacmi
The evidence doesn’t necessarily suggest the work of two different and separate cultures, that is only one explanation! A cataclysmic event could have altered and degenerated the human body and brain dramatically within one generation, in exactly the same manner we experience generational DNA loss today, except to a greater degree due to cataclysmic environmental toxicity. Indeed the myths tell us our ancient ancestors were giants, with longevity and greater powers of mind and body. A worldwide DNA altering event can explain the megalithic core foundational design and construction with its inferior finishing work. Because we continue to suffer generational physical and mental DNA mutational damage it is only logical to assume our ancestors were superior!!!
Travis Adams
Travis Adams Pred 3 mesiacmi
I love this
FrankiE Rutherford
FrankiE Rutherford Pred 3 mesiacmi
Thank you Brian
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Pred 3 mesiacmi
Some pointy noses there
Nickey Jorgensen
Nickey Jorgensen Pred 3 mesiacmi
Thank you
Kriscannabis Pred 3 mesiacmi
this are sculls of ancient monkey or primats ?or im too stonned
Arizona Guerrilla
Arizona Guerrilla Pred 3 mesiacmi
Jay Sims
Jay Sims Pred 3 mesiacmi
That all looks Asian to me
YOU LiTTLE STAR Pred 3 mesiacmi
24:38 Concerning the fourth (front) cranial suture on adult skulls, there is a known condition called "metopism", being the persistence of this normal baby suture which is supposed to disappear by the age of eight. (Look up "metopism" on wikipedia, it's well described.) Supposition: perhaps the mechanical pressure on the child's skull, intended to reshape the bones, prevented the natural disappearance of this suture during growth? - Thanks for this video Brien :) You take us places most of us would never see in our life without your dedication.
Austin Kole Carlisle
Austin Kole Carlisle Pred 3 mesiacmi
there are examples of infant skulls being already elongated.....now explain the extremely large eye sockets and the larger foramen magnum, in addition to the posterior placement of the FM
trevor ball
trevor ball Pred 3 mesiacmi
Awesome information as always Brien thanks for sharing Tricky Trev🇦🇺👍👍👍
w Pred 3 mesiacmi
The noses where flat Brien, come on.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Pred 3 mesiacmi
Not all of them
The Knave
The Knave Pred 3 mesiacmi
FYI. "Prior Indigenous Technological Species" by Jason T. Wright. Professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Penn State, arxiv.org/abs/1704.07263 Discussion begins at 28 minutes into the vid. svpost.info/project/video/z8lopc_MfaGDetA.html Earlier part of the vid discusses related and somewhat related astronomical phenomenon that *might* or might not be indicators of alien technological civilizations.
RedwardC Pred 3 mesiacmi
thank you, Brien.
PBR Street Gang
PBR Street Gang Pred 3 mesiacmi
Wow! Those head sculptures look African to me...?
vato locos forever
vato locos forever Pred 3 dňami
This is Olmec DNA arqueologiamexicana.mx/mexico-antiguo/estudios-de-adn-y-el-origen-de-los-olmecas-0
PBR Street Gang
PBR Street Gang Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Paul P Oh, OK. Thanks! That makes sense.
Socially Distance Deez Nutz
Socially Distance Deez Nutz Pred 3 mesiacmi
Quetzalcoatl a.k.a. Thoth a.k.a Ningishzida a.k.a. Mercury a.k.a. Hermes Trismegistus a.k.a. The Devine Pymander a.k.a. The Dragon a.k.a. Feathered Serpent
Kim Tihanyi
Kim Tihanyi Pred 3 mesiacmi
They have all of these pyramids and tempels. But where did they live? I cannot see any house like structures, just tempels
Daniel Watts
Daniel Watts Pred 3 mesiacmi
I love that nobody has taken the time to chisel off the noses of these splendidly preserved African statues/faces . . .
vato locos forever
vato locos forever Pred 3 dňami
@Daniel Watts You guys talk a lot of crap without proof
vato locos forever
vato locos forever Pred 3 dňami
@Daniel Watts Send me a link then. You must have read it somewhere seen it somewhere
Daniel Watts
Daniel Watts Pred 3 dňami
@vato locos forever I'm right here in El Paso, TX and I see clues of ancient Africa visiting here in the past all over this city even over in Juarez. So yeah', Africa did it first and did it the best. VIVA AFRICA!!!
vato locos forever
vato locos forever Pred 3 dňami
Did you not see the elongated skulls of the Olmec?? Do you realize you can get DNA from Bones? ?? Were you ever taught that ???
vato locos forever
vato locos forever Pred 3 dňami
This is the Olmec DNA ,so you can stop spreading your theory ,,cuz it's officially a lie arqueologiamexicana.mx/mexico-antiguo/estudios-de-adn-y-el-origen-de-los-olmecas-0
PBR Street Gang
PBR Street Gang Pred 3 mesiacmi
The so-called 'Flat Head Indians' in Montana were not just the elites but everybody.
pali dinto
pali dinto Pred 3 mesiacmi
thank you for your work Brien
L Cruz
L Cruz Pred 3 mesiacmi
Great video
Corteum9000 Pred 3 mesiacmi
The disciples of Quetzalcoatl.... Is there any indication as to what was taught to them or what their area of expertise was?
Strange Foot
Strange Foot Pred 3 mesiacmi
theres no rooms inside them??
MISTER MARLEY Pred 3 mesiacmi
*Tlalak* looks a lot like if not exactly like *Viracocha* down in Bolivia/Peru/Andes/etc ... highly compelling!!!!
Don farlan
Don farlan Pred 3 mesiacmi
looks like a roman type helmet maybe
Mickey Zzz
Mickey Zzz Pred 3 mesiacmi
Very much appreciate your sharing all of this , and your commentary 😁Keep it coming . Cheers 🥂
mark speed
mark speed Pred 3 mesiacmi
Maybe our ancestors were underground dwellers and came out to worship the sun then go back to there underground cities hence the reason our white fair skin burns in sunlight, maybe the other cultures with black skin were surface dwellers as their skin is more adapted to the suns uv rays../
David Montoute
David Montoute Pred 3 mesiacmi
@mark speed, it was really a combination of higher latitudes and a cereal-based diet (i.e. a diet that was poor in vitamin D). The Eskimos live at an even higher latitude than Europeans but retained some melanin because their traditional diet is almost entirely animal-based (seafood being, by far, the best source of vitamin D, whereas most vegetables provide none at all). www.nasw.org/article/vitamin-d-levels-determined-how-human-skin-color-evolved
mark speed
mark speed Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Paul P Fair enough, Aren't we all descended from Africa? That would mean the people that travelled North adapted to the low sunlight and there skin and hair turned lighter.....Then a few thousand years ago to date white people are all over the place and our skin is not adapting to any conditions..it still burns...but black skin is still protected. It's a mixed bag..Here in Australia, we have the highest skin cancer rate on earth... Cheers
Watcher Spirit
Watcher Spirit Pred 3 mesiacmi
Really fun to watch. Great information! Thank you!
ItsInTheDetails Pred 3 mesiacmi
39:36 imagine listening to that all night while trying to sleep 😟
Jason Blanco
Jason Blanco Pred 3 mesiacmi
I'd like to thank you my fine sir for all of your work and documentary of sites I definitely enjoy and am able to use for some of my personal work bien that I don't have the opportunity to travel to these marvelous sites I deff get the feel. There thanks
bear swims
bear swims Pred 3 mesiacmi
That the most powerful , wealthy and influential humans of the time would deform their children's heads to imitate them. It hints at the mystery of the masters of no equal throughout time on Earth. The builders. The ancient ones. Where are they now?
Elder Brother
Elder Brother Pred 3 mesiacmi
Maybe they were descendents from the Land Of MU..any evidence of them landing from the Sea thousands of years ago
Ernest Vaillancourt
Ernest Vaillancourt Pred 3 mesiacmi
Nice shots, very interesting. 😀
Yuēhàn Pred 3 mesiacmi
How old are the small jade figures? Why have we never seen them before.
Steve-o Pred 3 mesiacmi
Brien showed them before, I know because I commented on them...
ItsInTheDetails Pred 3 mesiacmi
Each one looked different like real people lol
Smufter16 Pred 3 mesiacmi
Real life Indiana Jones...only 100x better because it's REAL!!!
Andrew Tarnuzer
Andrew Tarnuzer Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Brien Foerster 2:00 These head shapes more closely resemble Homocapensis, rather than the ones we see in prior videos. Area there 3 distinct species of elongated skull people?
Andrew Tarnuzer
Andrew Tarnuzer Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Brien Foerster Thank you. I assumed that what I saw as distinct differences implies separate specie, but it could be just variations like what we see in homosapiens. Thanks again.
Brien Foerster
Brien Foerster Pred 3 mesiacmi
1 I think
Ssaket Sikarwar
Ssaket Sikarwar Pred 3 mesiacmi
I heard that flute
Joslynn Burford
Joslynn Burford Pred 3 mesiacmi
very great find brien
ENAIRAMA1 Pred 3 mesiacmi
And they have wireless earbuds to communicate with their ships???? Look at their ears!
mathometer Pred 3 mesiacmi
Elder Brother
Elder Brother Pred 3 mesiacmi
Ziggy Dan
Ziggy Dan Pred 3 mesiacmi
The Olmec head has functional 'sockets' for functional Knubs.
sky1976ful Pred 3 mesiacmi
Thank you Brien.
TONY BITS Pred 3 mesiacmi
Love dat big mushroom @ da start...TY Brian for all your work... Awesome channel...blessings
TONS OF VANARCHY Pred 3 mesiacmi
Amazing places. Thank you tor all the cardio.
Dave lee
Dave lee Pred 3 mesiacmi
The olmak stuff looks Chinese and African...?
NESQUIK PIMP Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Paul P The evidence is in the populations All native tribes over 60 languages in Mexico None are African Square heads and big noses are common in mesoamerica natives
NESQUIK PIMP Pred 3 mesiacmi
They look they aren't Related to polynesian navigators
Steve-o Pred 3 mesiacmi
I'm pretty sure they can tell the difference between Nationalities using Skulls, wasn't this used before DNA identification. We don't all have the same face or shape head, but we're all Human...
Steve-o Pred 3 mesiacmi
There could be some different explanations, but when you see them in a grouping like that your mind usually focuses on one solution...
scott doran
scott doran Pred 3 mesiacmi
Looks like a circuit board, I wonder if a large ship would complete the buildings by landing on them all...
Regina Pendleton
Regina Pendleton Pred 3 mesiacmi
Are there any studies about the effects of rubber insulation of the human electrical or magnetic field of the brain? Can rocks be manipulated using rubber?
Steve-o Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Regina Pendleton put a magnet around your main water pipe and you'll get ionized water, its been a pleasure talking to you : )
Regina Pendleton
Regina Pendleton Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Steve-o yes it's quite a fascinating topic. I'm trying to imagine ionization through electrical and magnetic processes. Anyways, I think wearing a rubber cap is more practical than a stone one. Thanks for your conversation. I enjoyed it greatly.
Steve-o Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Regina Pendleton short answer is yes, but a Magnet sets up a field when you link it to a current the field expands and becomes stronger. Example is how they levitate trains, or lift cars with at the junkyard and drop them into the crusher... It's also how a Potential Current is produced and is a bit more complicated than it sounds if you don't understand the complexities of the elements to produce your desired outcome...
Regina Pendleton
Regina Pendleton Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Steve-o can magnetic waves penetrate insulated electromagnetic waves?
Steve-o Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Regina Pendleton Magnetic Waves can penetrate thin insulators more so than a Electrical Current so thickness matters, but yes rubber is better than tinfoil. But the best blockage of RF Waves are tunnels. Case in point when you drive through a tunnel you lose your reception. But if I wanted my offspring to have a nice shaped Conehead I use a Cone shape rubber hat lol...
Iänikuinen Pred 3 mesiacmi
Maybe humans were charlatans, taking over from aliens.
enrique esteban antonio suarez curutchet
enrique esteban antonio suarez curutchet Pred 3 mesiacmi
Have you appreciated the wheathering of the basalt heads? There is where real knowledge starts...
howard freeland
howard freeland Pred 3 mesiacmi
I wonder whether anyone has examined the thousands of skulls in the Roman or Catholic crypts to see % of skills with abnormal sucture structure. Maybe there is enough variation in human skulls to have different patterns.
Dan Dangerous
Dan Dangerous Pred 3 mesiacmi
I know it isn't always popular to refer to "The Good Book", but it is constantly proving itself accurate. Archeology is finding sites that were never thought to actually exist. It seems to me, that all the associations and similarities between civilizations, from totally opposite parts of the world, which showed up, suddenly and mysteriously, fully developed in art agriculture, construction, mathematics etc etc etc, could be answered by the Bible talking about confusing the languages and dispersing the population. That seems to fit better than the 'wild poppycock' system of blather and bluster, under the authority of the Big Giant Head. In my opinion.
Peter Cargin
Peter Cargin Pred 3 mesiacmi
Dear Brien, your work as usually brilliant! Could you pay more attention on electrostatic measurement of all sides of these pyramids (on the top, inside and near)? It's interesting to compare them in different countries...
enrique esteban antonio suarez curutchet
enrique esteban antonio suarez curutchet Pred 3 mesiacmi
Statues: Like the Incas "orejones" or elongates ears!
Harris Pilton
Harris Pilton Pred 3 mesiacmi
22:10 - freaky statue!
howard freeland
howard freeland Pred 3 mesiacmi
It's odd that the famous Omec ballplayer from 3000 years ago is from Africa! Several statue heads inside the museum look 100% Oriental. There were also more African heads and 1 that looked maybe native North American. The heads and statues look very real and must have mimicked real life persons.
Elder Brother
Elder Brother Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Paul P He wasn`t a Fraud ,have you even read his works ,he spent years with the Kahunas ,you know as in the people who had all the Knowledge and secrets which they only passed down through word of mouth..you should read the books first then come back to me
Elder Brother
Elder Brother Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Paul P Read the works of Max Freedom Long the polynesians are composed of twelve different tribes
Marek GO
Marek GO Pred 3 mesiacmi
Ramps-altars and giants' heads. For sure they had guests there.
rRobert Smith
rRobert Smith Pred 3 mesiacmi
​I like the way Brain squints when someone or some theory makes no sense......the Brain thinks it's BS tell....
Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson Pred 3 mesiacmi
Who the fk is Brain? His name is Brien ffs.
Liza Santiago
Liza Santiago Pred 3 mesiacmi
Love to go to one of your trips. ❤️
AppleSauce Pred 3 mesiacmi
Brien, much love!!! So much to discover and learn!!!
Ion Ianosescu
Ion Ianosescu Pred 3 mesiacmi
,America's Discovery: 1.Brien Foerster, 2.,Amerigo Vespucci,3.Christofor Columbo.(for me). Thanks mr Brien for the report.✌️🏦📸📹🎥🙋
Steve-o Pred 3 mesiacmi
I've been finding out that nothing is a clear cut example, just like there is always more than one Story to listen too. I do like the way you tell the Stories of your travels in more than one way...
Kent Salisbury
Kent Salisbury Pred 3 mesiacmi
Almec, sons of anak ... runners from David ... some to nova Scotia area (down into new England area), some to ireland, some to northern tip of South America ... a "restart" to the once huge kingdom of the Giants from pre-deluvian kingdom ... so you are seeing a mixture of cultures both attaining to rebuild a kingdom that never fully came to power ... but was vast throughout the entire world firstly prior to pangea splitting and also as it was moving .. until now in its tectonic "standstill" .... you are on the right track ... "science" is masking it to cover up true origin ... and to try yet again to usher in a new kingdom ... same plan ... different time periods
Rio Sport
Rio Sport Pred 3 mesiacmi
Elongated skulls have been found on 6/7 continents, why do they all date back around 2k years ago to the same time in history?
Ronnie Norris
Ronnie Norris Pred 2 mesiacmi
Yea 👍
Steve-o Pred 3 mesiacmi
The answer is they don't, but you can believe that they do if you want to...
Rachelbriones Briones
Rachelbriones Briones Pred 3 mesiacmi
I think MOVEDIZA ROCK in tandil Bs As argentina was a megalitic monument set by ancient clever powerfull rock mooving people
Rachelbriones Briones
Rachelbriones Briones Pred 3 mesiacmi
Favio zerpa tiene razon so does Brien
giacomo franzot
giacomo franzot Pred 3 mesiacmi
Thanks Brien 👍
kroikye Pred 3 mesiacmi
These " Ancient Aliens " the "gods " the Ancients Talk about, and had Help from Building these Amazing Structures, are Really Inter Dimensional Demons in My Opinion. Abductees Report that these Beings Flee on the Name of Jesus Christ, and Famous Satanist Aleister Crowley had Contact with One of these Greys called : Lam. These are the Same Beings Pop Musicians, Mediums and Occultist Writers Channel ; Fallen Angels. This Supposed Alien Threat is Also being Used as a Scare Tactic to " Unite the World " into the New World Order. Dont Fall for it, turn to Jesus Christ Instead. God bless
Steve-o Pred 3 mesiacmi
@Elder Brother : ) ha,ha,ha lol, you Crack me up lol, now all you need is the DNA proof for confirmation...
Elder Brother
Elder Brother Pred 3 mesiacmi
I saw a fallen Angel last night when i was blowing on my crack pipe,he fell over because he drank too much Whisky..true story came straight from David Wilcock!
Steve-o Pred 3 mesiacmi
You sound more like H G Wells War of the World Novel, broadcast over the Radio causing panic and fear in the Nation...
Conscious FunX
Conscious FunX Pred 3 mesiacmi
A religion less than 6 thousand years old and written by the white man😐. Most of that comes from ancient Kemet.
Robert M
Robert M Pred 3 mesiacmi
A human made hill? Wow.
Shieena Living Waters
Shieena Living Waters Pred 3 mesiacmi
Some Hills in America contain the pyramids they've hidden. The "they" is the PTSB... The _Powers That Shouldn't Be!_
David Sánchez
David Sánchez Pred 3 mesiacmi
yeah with functions beyond your capabilty to understand
JohnnyArt Pavlou
JohnnyArt Pavlou Pred 3 mesiacmi
Eddie Van Halen was an Atlantean with a laser beam. 😉🔥❤️🖤❤️
snso bsi
snso bsi Pred 3 mesiacmi
Hola from Madrid, Spain.
Tony Isaacs
Tony Isaacs Pred 3 mesiacmi
Hello Brien. From Chicopee Massachusetts
Pan Staszek
Pan Staszek Pred 3 mesiacmi
👉👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿👍🏾👍🏽👍🏼👍🏻👍👈 🤴🏻🤴🏽🤴🏿
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