Grandfather. Full Documentary

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This is a re upload of previous version because it has minor sound problems with not being sync with the picture.
I will not die
I will stay
Between you and the sun
Between the grass in the meadow
Cuddled by the scythe
Between the breathe of the horse
And swallow in the window frame
With prayer and the plow
Tearing through earth
I will plough your heart
Between the wrinkles in the barn’s door
Where the scent of hay flows
I will stay as the last one from you all
I will stay
Between you
And eternity
Poem dedicated to Grandfather. Written by Jacob 21. Sept, 2019 in Latvia.
This is a full documentary movie including all 4 seasons about Grandfather. The movie uncovers one day in each season in his life It talks about his daily routine and dedication to his down to earth lifestyle his fathers lived. His passion and love is horses. He is an old and experienced horse logger and is doing all the farm work all year round using only horse power. He is a hard worker and fully self-sufficient and independent. He has been living off the grid, before there even was a grid. Grandfather turned 76 May 2019. Since his wife passed away 10 years ago he works on his farm almost alone. He says - I do not need anyone to help me - I have horses...

Gil Sam
Gil Sam Pred dňom
when I grew up in Alaska had to cut our own firewood an pack water no electricity for 10 years didn't have a care in the world now days don't have time for nothing but facebook lol I still work hard not as hard as this man ...
Deana Pred 3 dňami
Everyone saying it reminds them of their Grandpa. Amazing how we lost our way so fast. Now people want to learn these skills and not anyone left to teach. They didn't write books on all of these skills because it was common knowledge. Not so common now.
Mary James
Mary James Pred 3 dňami
I'm so glad I came across this. I could just squeeze your Grandfather. What a man. Most of us today would not make it working like that. I know the horse would have drug me to death many times. Bless you for making such a family treasure and sharing.
Jennifer Runnestrand
Jennifer Runnestrand Pred 3 dňami
He's got everything on his farm including flowers, hope someone will take over when he passes and doesn't ruin it.
Jennifer Runnestrand
Jennifer Runnestrand Pred 3 dňami
How alone is he all year? He could have a heartattack and die and no one would know about his animals, so just how alone is he? Wonderful life but sad too. Was that his granddaughter?
Sophia Sky
Sophia Sky Pred 16 hodinami
Jennifer Runnestrand
Jennifer Runnestrand Pred 3 dňami
Beautiful horse.
Mark Carnall
Mark Carnall Pred 3 dňami
How could anyone dislike this video.
Ca Jones
Ca Jones Pred 3 dňami
So touching. Shed heartfelt tears. A lifetime of backbreaking labor and the joy of foundation. It's, purpose, respect for animals, fertile soil, abundance, and deep love for the land. What a proud legacy for your family. Makes us all look lazy. Thank you for sharing this wonderful glimpse of a life well lived!
Neo Marex
Neo Marex Pred 4 dňami
I am born in the 70's. I remember that my grandparents used to live this way. It was the same in Poland.
Mark Carnall
Mark Carnall Pred 4 dňami
Every school kid in America should watch this video.
Saint Denis
Saint Denis Pred 4 dňami
It has no words but had a deep meaning
Mark Belshaw
Mark Belshaw Pred 5 dňami
Never has the saying " you reap what you sow" had such meaning. Hats off to this gentleman.
Pedro Wedro
Pedro Wedro Pred 5 dňami
Amazing strong Oldman...Traditional live.... Respect..
always learning
always learning Pred 6 dňami
What does a man like this do when he no longer can do this work?...I suspect in this so why in the past people had a lot of children.
Pavlo Sak
Pavlo Sak Pred 7 dňami
Скільки робіт може виконати один чоловік за день, а може пересидіти за кружкою пива, або на дивані біля телевізора.
christo maritz
christo maritz Pred 7 dňami
Briliant whish so there where more
Andrzej Krupa
Andrzej Krupa Pred 8 dňami
Polskie przysłowie --------żyli długo i szczęśliwie
London Power
London Power Pred 9 dňami
this is the romantic age of humanity
Great VideosThrough My Lens
Great VideosThrough My Lens Pred 10 dňami
This documentary was awesome. I have watched it a couple of times. Such hard work and the country there is BEAUTIFUL.
John Thrush
John Thrush Pred 10 dňami
John Thrush
John Thrush Pred 10 dňami
It's not a lot of work it's leverage
Straight Shooter46
Straight Shooter46 Pred 9 dňami
Man you dont even know what youre talking about. Dont say anything else.
Samuel Fink
Samuel Fink Pred 11 dňami
Reading through the comments I have come to realize that there is nothing liberals won’t take offense to except calling a man with a penis a woman. Beautiful video that reminds me of time spent with my father in labor which at the time I hated but now look back on fondly.
Truesilverful Pred 12 dňami
This is where I grew up. Nice that others can have a glimpse of this kind of life. Well done!
Chris Dolan
Chris Dolan Pred 14 dňami
In many ways the story of my youth, my upbringing. Thank you so much for sharing.
Василий Пушкар
Василий Пушкар Pred 14 dňami
Доброго дня. Вас вітають з України. Чоловік трудяга, дай Бог здоров'я!
Steve Syncox
Steve Syncox Pred 14 dňami
Thank you Grandfather.
Aniruddha Kale
Aniruddha Kale Pred 15 dňami
Funfact:::-You are not searching this
Aniruddha Kale
Aniruddha Kale Pred 15 dňami
Any horse 🐴 lover here ❤️
Aniruddha Kale
Aniruddha Kale Pred 15 dňami
Take me back 💎😭
Aytac Deniz
Aytac Deniz Pred 15 dňami
Its wonderfull life💯
lisahouma rikiriki
lisahouma rikiriki Pred 16 dňami
حياة جميلة بعيدا عن المدينة وضوضاء ونفاق والكذب و الحسد والبغض ووو، لكن اقول يجب ان تحب ذاليك الحصان وان لا تغضب عليه ولا تنهروه الانه لاولاه سوف يكون كل العمل صعب او مستحيل، نقل الاشجار الحرث تمشيط الارض وكل الاشئ الذي يفعلها، يجب الإعتناء به اكثر واترك له بعض السعات يتجول ويمرح بيدون اي اربيطة، إذا مرض او هزل سوف تصبح انت نادم،، إنه صديق وافي وعامل مشتهيد، و ونيس لايضور، ويقول رسولنا عليه سلام إن الخير في نواصي الخيل اي الخيل يأتي الخير منه الى صاحبه، العلامة 10/10تحصل عليها الخيل وانت كذاليك إنك رائع شكرا لك
Tasleem Shaikh
Tasleem Shaikh Pred 16 dňami
David Durrence
David Durrence Pred 16 dňami
Muriel PETER
Muriel PETER Pred 16 dňami
MissEileenOg Pred 16 dňami
Felipe Oliveira
Felipe Oliveira Pred 16 dňami
Linda fazenda...beautiful farmer!
Loyal and Faithful
Loyal and Faithful Pred 16 dňami
my wife sent me a message reminding me to cut the lawn tomorrow . . . . i sent her a message back complaining that it was too much work . . . . she sent me this link . . . . after watching it i realized that it really meant something to me, you know? . . . so i called grandpa and he said he'd be happy to cut my lawn tomorrow . . . . said he'd be over right after milking old bossy . . . . it doesn't happen often . . . but sometimes my wife actually comes up with some good ideas . . . .
Jacopo Aurelio Baio
Jacopo Aurelio Baio Pred 16 dňami
The best documentary I’ve ever seen. Thank you :’)
Виктор Черевко
Виктор Черевко Pred 17 dňami
Как говорится: здесь комментарии излишни. Герой фильма красноречиво молчал но его все понимали. Молодец!
Vladlslav Gal
Vladlslav Gal Pred 14 dňami
Яка це країна??
Lucky Homestead
Lucky Homestead Pred 17 dňami
Amazing video, thanks. My grandfather lived not so far away. I have seen lots of these things by my self :)
Алексей Николаевич
Алексей Николаевич Pred 17 dňami
Дед модец, уважаю таких людей.
mathieu brassard
mathieu brassard Pred 17 dňami
so far the best video of 2021 !
Manbier Dhillon
Manbier Dhillon Pred 17 dňami
At this age he doing something that makes sense, living closer to the nature like living in heaven. And after the hard work he doesn't need any medicine to sleep well. He is a great man. But not everyone can do this, someone has to live in a concrete jungle and do the miserable job.
bob satan
bob satan Pred 18 dňami
“Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And weak men create hard times.” I feel this is very relevant today.
Jona Amar
Jona Amar Pred 18 dňami
Rod Austin
Rod Austin Pred 18 dňami
What a hard man with a gentle soul.
алексей беляев
алексей беляев Pred 19 dňami
Сразу видно у человека была мечта и желание жить!
алексей беляев
алексей беляев Pred 19 dňami
Кто нибудь считал какой раз я смотрю этот фильм только в этом году?
Mavis Brmr
Mavis Brmr Pred 19 dňami
He looks Polish.. reminds me of my grandparents from Poland and Ukraine.. love this!
oree crart
oree crart Pred 19 dňami
Janell R.N
Janell R.N Pred 20 dňami
Tho our Grandparents lived world's apart, they lived the same lives. They knew how to live off the Land. GOD BLESS this Generation. I loved every minute of this Video, thank you. 💙🙏
Tanisi Tim
Tanisi Tim Pred 20 dňami
12:13 Cameraman assist. : )
Jim Marcum
Jim Marcum Pred 21 dňom
what are the things he's crushing in his hands and feeding to the pigs with milk.
justin snyder
justin snyder Pred 21 dňom
At one time most men of the world was. Now we are few in our numbers. The last we are. Soon to be forgotten. In a world of push a button. And it is done for you.
Leon Laban
Leon Laban Pred 21 dňom
Best documentary I love watching! Without stupid comment and music 🎶 Just the sound of nature and a working dude 😊💓🤗
Sam Dogge
Sam Dogge Pred 21 dňom
Moderne Sklaven !,,,,zieh doch die Stämme alleine aus dem Wald 😜und wie danken wir am Ende es den sklaven ,,,,,,,Schlachthaus🥵nach einem harten unfairen und nicht selbstbestimmten Leben 😭🤭na Bravo
Greg Kurtz
Greg Kurtz Pred 22 dňami
this man does more work in a day than most do in a month.
juanca rios
juanca rios Pred 22 dňami
Como labura este abuelo . el caballo se le empaco y el le dio rienda y avanzo .que hara con toda la papa cosechada la ve dera en la ciudad . esta gente denvilla cuando termina su estadia en la tierra se va al cielo .felividades
David Simmons son of God
David Simmons son of God Pred 23 dňami
Hi grandfather
Русик Русик
Русик Русик Pred 23 dňami
حيدر زاهد الدعمي
حيدر زاهد الدعمي Pred 24 dňami
Lion and ashely.....
Shirley Koskela
Shirley Koskela Pred 24 dňami
Can anyone tell me why he only uses as stalon with a slay? My father told me what happens using a mare he found out the hard way with my grandfather going to town once. The Mare pissed all over them they never used her again
Jürgen Brandt
Jürgen Brandt Pred 24 dňami
"Der, der ein solch mächtiges Pferd zu führen vermag, vermag es auch eine Streitmacht aufzustellen, die tödlicher ist als alles andere" - Elrond McBong
Gwen Sann
Gwen Sann Pred 25 dňami
Thoroughly enjoyed this🤗
Piotr W.
Piotr W. Pred 25 dňami
Thank you for this movie. I was reminded of my grandfather who was a farmer and my childhood in the countryside. My grandfather passed away a few years ago and I miss him so much. He loved what he did and taught me to respect the earth and nature. Plece spend much time with your grandfather because it is a real treasure. May God be with you. Greetings from Poland
Irena Trojanowska
Irena Trojanowska Pred 25 dňami
Ale sobie człowiek radzi super pozdrawiam serdecznie 💓🇵🇱
In Yeshua's Holy Name
In Yeshua's Holy Name Pred 25 dňami
Thoroughly enjoyed this video 💪🏽🤠.
Snoep Animatie
Snoep Animatie Pred 25 dňami
@5:00 it's minus 20 outside and he opens the fridge. It's probably there to keep things warm or people are strange beasts..
Onexpresso Cafe
Onexpresso Cafe Pred 26 dňami
I wish.
Patty Sherwood
Patty Sherwood Pred 27 dňami
This is what our farm was like just before I was born. Old Major the work horse was in his grave but all the old tools and equipment remained, some converted to be pulled by tractors. I walked the pastures in spring with my grandfather to replace rotted posts with freshly cut and pointed fence posts stacked on a wooden wagon. We grew a mountain of potatoes and had flower gardens. We cut and gathered hay into large old barns. We had 100 milk cows to milk by machines . I recognize the steady pace of the work, not rushed but always busy with chores for every season. A beautiful, abundant, and productive life taken from us by unnecessary environmental regulations. There are no food shortages when people grow their own food on a farm like this. The milk is so rich, the fruits and vegetables so delicious. The meat unbelievably flavorful and healthful. The animals and people happy.
Tang Alicious
Tang Alicious Pred 27 dňami
Thats the best thing ive ever watched
Danthe Couch
Danthe Couch Pred 27 dňami
I noticed this man didn’t check his phone once to see what’s going on on Facebook nor does he wear a smart watch to track his steps. How does he manage that? Great video.👍
NA NA Pred 27 dňami
Mehmet Ali Çebi
Mehmet Ali Çebi Pred 28 dňami
I'm a man 34 years old and own 3 companies in The US and 1 in Turkey but after watching this it hits me and made me feel like I do not own them, they own me and my life. This gentleman owns everything that an ordinary man should does. Nothing more or less... Great respect for him and the way of his peaceful, meaningful life... And big thanks to producer of this great documentary.
Lý Lê
Lý Lê Pred 28 dňami
This man is so Rich he eats 100% organic food.
Jpenney mrcoin
Jpenney mrcoin Pred 29 dňami
whaddya mean, you don't need 1000 dollars worth of equipment to get sap from a tree? No stainless steel hoses? Just a stick, a drill and a jar? I've been lied to!
Mr. Wesley
Mr. Wesley Pred 29 dňami
he might be old and skinny but he still has the power
PaulaS Pred 29 dňami
Wow! I fully respect it, Amazing!
Sebastian Bzdon
Sebastian Bzdon Pred 29 dňami
Beautiful simplicity of life with harmony with the nature.
Viktors Aleksejevs
Viktors Aleksejevs Pred mesiacom
Amparo Alvarez
Amparo Alvarez Pred mesiacom
Thank you. I truly enjoyed this...Blessings
Mats Granqvist
Mats Granqvist Pred mesiacom
I like hard work. I could watch it all day
Hùng Lv
Hùng Lv Pred mesiacom
I love you . from Vietnam
Pavla Knotková
Pavla Knotková Pred mesiacom
Batatinha Media
Batatinha Media Pred mesiacom
I love the sound
John Carrick
John Carrick Pred mesiacom
Brilliant. Love this.
Aeg Pred mesiacom
Amazing man, absolutely peaceful, he might be a very good skater, because of his balance
Polleke D.
Polleke D. Pred mesiacom
The most beautiful documentary I have seen in a long time. I love the way he lives his life. Love that man.
Ali Anoune
Ali Anoune Pred mesiacom
I enjoyed watching all of that , feeling like i got power and energy from you grandfather , you are awesome .
margil vale
margil vale Pred mesiacom
great reward, god bless you
Pilar Ramos
Pilar Ramos Pred mesiacom
My husband and I live a very similar life on our small farm. But we do have cell phones and iPads...
Peter White Jr.
Peter White Jr. Pred mesiacom
Words cannot describe the resolve that man has and his hands show the honest life he has lived
Tibor Brandics
Tibor Brandics Pred mesiacom
Grandfather ASMR :)
Mörö Kölli
Mörö Kölli Pred mesiacom
Scene 47:15 Symbioosis of nature dog get snack and those mauses dont get killed on earth believe me!!.. and that field is allso full of bunnies so eaven 16ga old shotgun is fine!! And i think they are living like that est. That oldman was a born and still years rolling.. i have some Guote from bible old testament but cuz religion is everybody own business i dont write but yes🙄🙂🇫🇮..
Viorica Stroea
Viorica Stroea Pred mesiacom
Im roumamia in carpathrs mountaons the life is tjhe same many thanks galatzi roumania032021
Mörö Kölli
Mörö Kölli Pred mesiacom
I think that granny say PERKELE 13:10🙂🇫🇮... i dont feel sorry for this MAN in BIG "M"!!.. i see hes know what to do and i know this man coose this way of life or life waychoose this man!!.. but still hes happy!. Lonelines is state of mind!.. ofcourse i dont know is he widow or not and is he children but enyvay!.. i bet that when world "crash" these kind fellow going on and dont mind!!.. in here Finland!!. Is many of those kind person lots of work but its "prise"them.. maybe he wondering samekind woman beside maybe not(iam not whats full yet) but he remembered me of my granparents!!.. (never seen my granfather died after ww2) but what iam heard and my mothersdad humble hard working man(passed away).. and i feel that iam somehow a"thorshcarrier".. long story nutshell!!🙂🇫🇮.. but i have whats this to the end first!!.. but what iam seen yet its named live "Symbiosis whit earth/nature"... that blandet new pinethree Somebody pay a many but if own forrest you can cell an ecer!?.. and when forest is harvest little bit.. blant a new!!.. they grow slow but sure🙂... some wise man said "we had nothing to FEAR but the fear itself... gind of true..
Dynamic Hypnotic
Dynamic Hypnotic Pred mesiacom
This reminds me a lot of my grandfather and his father before him. Although they weren't farmers, they were both bushmen.
Ronnie Roussell
Ronnie Roussell Pred mesiacom
Nautical Nae
Nautical Nae Pred mesiacom
Such hard work for rural people! Grandfather needs a helper. Reminds me of my grandparents in rural Alberta!
Lord Gorgorath The Eternal
Lord Gorgorath The Eternal Pred mesiacom
the government recently shut down a rural community in my area for selling fresh eggs that started driving prices down at the local Costco. No joke the bastards lobbied and got them shut down. Now we get that imported crap that sits all day in a factory truck. Remember next time your at Costco that hard working men like this fella are now pinching pennies and having to work for the sacks of shit that had them shut down....If men where men then we wouldn't put up with this shit but but its to convenient to suck on the states tits...
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