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In this week's episode, Leslie Grace meets Cliff and sings praises for the culinary flavors that are uniquely Miami. Join them as they sample pineapple bowls from Street Corner Kitchen and get introduced to the menu, and meaning, of Trinkin Trinkin.
Chop it up with Chef Cliff Skighwalker on our new series InstaChef! Cliff and his celebrity friends tour the country to take a deep dive into the underground food scene. There’s a network of chefs in America who are delivering food to people strictly through Instagram. Folks cook food in their house, post what they’re making on Instagram, and sell it to customers who come by. And these people aren’t trend-seeking foodies taking vanity glamour shots on Instagram, but former line cooks, restaurant workers, and home chefs taking success into their own hands to make a better life for themselves and their family. Don't believe us? Just watch as local chefs pursue their dreams, drop culinary gems, and do it all for the 'Gram!
Check them out on IG:
Leslie Grace - @lesliegrace
Cliff Skighwalker - @skighwalker
Maurice Mitchel - @chefmoebetta / @streetcornerkitchen
Trinkin Trinkin - @jjbroskod_trinkintrinkin
Cliff Skighwalker
Special Guest
Leslie Grace
Show Runner
Keith Cecere
Priscilla Aviles
Director of Photography
Nick Catania
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Carlos Alvarez
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Vlady Garcia
Production Assistants
Kevin Echeverri
Savanna Bell Stevens
Zachary Lapierre
Graphics Art Director
Ted McGrath
Motion Designer
Fredy Delgado
Talent Booker
Bianca Edwards
Line Producer
Emily Tufaro
Production Manager
Roshanna Charner
Post Production Supervisor
Daniel Byrne
Senior Producer
Earl Jordon
Supervising Producer
Stasia Tomlinson
Creative Director
Tom O’Quinn
Executive Producer
Justin Lundstrom
Talent Booker
Bianca Edwards
Special Thanks
Street Corner Kitchen
Trinkin Trinkin
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Thrillist Pred 2 rokmi
Hungry for more? Check out season 2 of InstaChef right here: svpost.info/top/PLH6iYAJIYyN_Xy8Oskje8rHuuSgpOUtmp.html
Takeisha Anderson
Takeisha Anderson Pred rokom
Thrillist can you be my cook please 😊
L Hardy
L Hardy Pred 2 rokmi
Thrillist I love this show frfr
Louie Lou
Louie Lou Pred 2 rokmi
Love this #Thrillist
Sincerely Sincere
Sincerely Sincere Pred 2 rokmi
Wow!! Chef jay jay got inspired to cook and received a wife & a business from tricking now that's the American dream... this looks delicious big ups to thrillist cause you the realist
Diamond Life
Diamond Life Pred 2 rokmi
Solid show. I've watched all 6 episodes
David Tran
David Tran Pred 13 dňami
My man is the walking globe haha
Ron Pred 4 mesiacmi
That is good looking food.
Jackie Harris
Jackie Harris Pred 5 mesiacmi
Next time you’re in Miami try Trigo Cafe in Hialeah for some intriguing Cuban food!
1st chef was 100% better smh
Thumbelina the Giant
Thumbelina the Giant Pred 5 mesiacmi
The second chef’s accent is so cute- hell his face is cute!!!
Janp Teyag
Janp Teyag Pred 7 mesiacmi
Leslie is absolutely🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Therealistgucci Pred 8 mesiacmi
If you from soflo yk we not goin to trickin trickin for no quesadilla, yk we want a steak or chicken sub wit a jupina soda n sum chips😂💯right there on county line
Cw Wc
Cw Wc Pred 9 mesiacmi
Bring Instachef back!! Now!!!
JIREN B Pred 9 mesiacmi
When she said my dude he looked mad😂
Zo Patterson
Zo Patterson Pred 10 mesiacmi
Tim Freyer
Tim Freyer Pred 11 mesiacmi
Probably yum yum sauce
Charles Godwin
Charles Godwin Pred rokom
Can you see it in my eyes??? LMAO she can't even see straight
Clout Ziggy
Clout Ziggy Pred rokom
They need another host for this show because dude gets on my nerves 😂
AllThings JUDYTV
AllThings JUDYTV Pred rokom
Love this show and the featured chefs. Their testimonies are wonderful. I wish them all the best.
Young Shqipe
Young Shqipe Pred rokom
Leslie Grace: Bro Friendzone: hold my pineapplebowl
Ton Palacios
Ton Palacios Pred rokom
looks good, imma try it taste good, imma by it GOLD
Cornell Watts
Cornell Watts Pred rokom
The wife is so cute, just smiling and supporting her man.
Cornell Watts
Cornell Watts Pred rokom
BX borough REPRESENT always!!!
beirutbrown Pred rokom
shally d
shally d Pred rokom
Shes so pretty 😍🥰😍
Aj Gould
Aj Gould Pred rokom
The edits of the reaction kills me all the time😂
thelastsoulbender Pred rokom
yo that chick is a baaaadie boy daaaaam son
Demetrius Davis
Demetrius Davis Pred rokom
The slo-mo be the funniest
brnsis Pred rokom
Great series and bringing the chefs to meet the other chefs is so awesome everyone deserves and needs knowledge and growth.
Maurice Kiner
Maurice Kiner Pred rokom
Oh ish..
vic o
vic o Pred rokom
this show is special...i love the host, how the show's format brings out everyone's journey, and how the first up & coming chef gets to be inspired by the second more established chef, its brilliant..
Jake Brigell
Jake Brigell Pred rokom
Yea chef Mo!!!
Cloudy Pred rokom
Supplement Trade
Supplement Trade Pred rokom
cKBz585 B
cKBz585 B Pred rokom
Why yall aint share the sub with grace? lol jk
anthoniek86 Pred rokom
of course the episode is fire too.
anthoniek86 Pred rokom
the intro is fire. well worded cliff.
tom smith
tom smith Pred rokom
how fucking fake is this girl... fucking shit shows
Lester Lester
Lester Lester Pred rokom
The first chef
IfYouScared GoToChurch
IfYouScared GoToChurch Pred rokom
Sorry buddy,but you did exactly what everyone else does when they come to Miami... Ran straight to the Cubans,I'm from Miami,NOT Miami Beach and I NEVER heard of this female.. And you didn't go to No inner City chef's,let's me know you lame!!!!!👎 That bitch said Cuban food,Venezuela food and NEVER mentioned the soul food spots we got down here... SELLOUT!!
Fudge Fantasy
Fudge Fantasy Pred rokom
Man man need to run and drink more water. Cool show tho.
Jacquelynn Pred rokom
I believe in God. Tonight I make two thick cut center porkchops for meeeeeee!
Dawn Johnson
Dawn Johnson Pred rokom
This mo Betta chef is a sweet soul
Benjamin hollingsworth
Benjamin hollingsworth Pred rokom
Trinkin trinkin
Nee C
Nee C Pred rokom
Great episode! Food look amazing. Much success to them all!
Aldomoro Nelson
Aldomoro Nelson Pred rokom
Bro thats south beach not miami.
NvT Cheft
NvT Cheft Pred rokom
She mad annoying
Poteluz Pred rokom
Beautiful Dominican woman.
marcus simmons
marcus simmons Pred rokom
Man my dude u better keep ya self good!
Poteluz Pred rokom
Been thinking the same thing for a while, great show and stuff but he doesn't look healthy.
Ced Pred rokom
She flirting with the chef 👨‍🍳 he better hop down
mchx3l Michael
mchx3l Michael Pred rokom
Idk who shorty is but I like her lol real grown woman vibe
Poteluz Pred rokom
Yeah she's bad, Dominican girl from the Bronx.
joe clark
joe clark Pred rokom
Both cooks are so cool. Leslie is cool too. Great show
rowdyonez Pred rokom
I like Cliff, he's gifted at entertainment.
Jamaal Clement
Jamaal Clement Pred rokom
He better get him a trainer to work all that food off. He getting bigger.
George Townsend
George Townsend Pred rokom
Crib shit🔥
Gamma Jacob X MEN
Gamma Jacob X MEN Pred rokom
Dude need to lose weight. For real this shit a joke a over weight dude hosting a food show if need to eat healthy
King Big E
King Big E Pred rokom
Why she sound like j lo
LobstahFan12 Pred rokom
Damn, she fine!
Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper Pred rokom
Leslie and Moe would be a cute couple
Dede Pred rokom
lol leslie be repeating what people say
Not playing with nobody That way
Not playing with nobody That way Pred rokom
Not playing with nobody That way
Not playing with nobody That way Pred rokom
I like that two the first chief to the second spot you might have some chiefs that go in together on a idea
desmond stinson
desmond stinson Pred rokom
He doesn't have ankles never wear shorts again bro
Lovely E
Lovely E Pred rokom
can you go too FATIM'S
A Jones
A Jones Pred rokom
She sounds just like Jennifer Lopez
M Sams
M Sams Pred rokom
"1st you gotta believe in God" best advice ever Amen!
B_Phenomenal Pred rokom
Brugh I watched two videos. My fave TV shows where Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and Bizarre Foods now instahef thrillist is on my top three
Teekz Irie
Teekz Irie Pred rokom
Trinkintrinkiniiii I love that name 😂😭🎉
and1 shoes
and1 shoes Pred rokom
Those yeezys are done
Daniel Dang
Daniel Dang Pred rokom
Moe got waves
Quintin Groves
Quintin Groves Pred rokom
Good content Q food reviews god bless
jackielynne76 Exaxtly
jackielynne76 Exaxtly Pred rokom
So so good...so jealous of that food yall
Takeisha Anderson
Takeisha Anderson Pred rokom
🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 🥩 🍚 🍍 omg
Tedley Meralus
Tedley Meralus Pred rokom
I live in west palm beach and go to trinkin trinkin every time i go to miami now because of this episode!
DadeCountyBoy305 Pred rokom
How y'all come to Miami and go to one Cuban and a dude that's not even from Miami its 100s of black cooks down here that are from here like: -House of Mac -Poochellos -Food Junkies Just to name a few smh
Allusion Pred rokom
Cliff’s laugh is so infectious 😂😂
Nils Reinecke
Nils Reinecke Pred rokom
This show is really just about hella fatty unhealthy diabetes food 😂
Kelli Billison
Kelli Billison Pred rokom
Love this show. It would be nice if they described more what they are tasting.
Mike Pred rokom
15:23 That chef is a FREAK FREAK.
Evany Martinez
Evany Martinez Pred rokom
Love this series 💖
TRE2 Creative
TRE2 Creative Pred rokom
Cliff! You need to hit up St. Louis, MO! Get to the 314, Man!
WG Forever
WG Forever Pred rokom
In bring in the Rap legend as a special guest Nelly he from St Louis
tj lyricz
tj lyricz Pred rokom
Cliff u are such a dope presenter man
tj lyricz
tj lyricz Pred rokom
Very dope episode
ThInk Divine
ThInk Divine Pred rokom
Skywalker need to get on to that gym life maan
islandslim ting
islandslim ting Pred rokom
The first chef = certified model
Gloria Anakwa
Gloria Anakwa Pred rokom
that definitely looks like jollof rice
Raymond Wong
Raymond Wong Pred rokom
When you say these chefs are using social media to increase their notoriety, it means theyre getting famous for a bad deed, so i would use a different word
slotkingz 100x
slotkingz 100x Pred rokom
i actually enjoy this fat slob great content
Shardae Brown
Shardae Brown Pred rokom
Thank you for suggestions of food cause I live in Miami
Kayla Kelly
Kayla Kelly Pred rokom
Sorry but no sorry he needs a diet n his life south beach diet
christian thompson
christian thompson Pred rokom
Man this dude is going to have to make some new lifestyle choices if he wants to make it to 50yo real shit
Kalyani Singh
Kalyani Singh Pred rokom
Leslie Grace is so humble! You go girl!
WondrousSoul Pred rokom
I love the girl’s personality, she is so down to earth and the first guy as well ❤️❤️
Feisal Abibali
Feisal Abibali Pred rokom
there is a knee in the trunk
Steward Skywalker
Steward Skywalker Pred rokom
We she say my dude his face (when in the friend zone)lol
House Of Aria Lynn
House Of Aria Lynn Pred rokom
I Love When They Slow Down The MUSIC TO SAVOR THE FOOD 😭😭😭😭😂😂🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Hiz Picasso
Hiz Picasso Pred rokom
Ashley K. Daniels-Johnson 😭I was just thinking the same thing!
Jane2856 Pred rokom
This episode was so wholesome. Moe seems like he’s sweeter than his pineapple bowls 🍍🍤 Very inspiring.
q j
q j Pred rokom
the food is good but he needs to help his body by losing the weight but good vid stay healthy
Mibos Living
Mibos Living Pred rokom
You should highlight your guests ig on screen so we can write it down
DeeJay Wordplay
DeeJay Wordplay Pred rokom
Amazingly great host 💛
Schwainer Schinkler
Schwainer Schinkler Pred rokom
the first chef is really nice but he looks like meek mill
Ian Forneste
Ian Forneste Pred rokom
Chef Moe said Trinkin trinkin like he T’Challa lmao
I Love Carlito Ganja
I Love Carlito Ganja Pred rokom
Leslie and Mo got some chemistry. I like a good romance story just as much as I enjoy food.
Barnabas Silas
Barnabas Silas Pred rokom
R.I.P to the lost ones 🙏🏿
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