Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You (Make My Wish Come True Edition)

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"All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey (Make My Wish Come True Edition)
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I just want you for my own (Ooh)
More than you could ever know (Ooh)
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you
You, baby

#MariahCarey #AllIWantForChristmasIsYou #MakeMyWishComeTrue

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Where the titan??
Лука Алемпијевић
Лука Алемпијевић Pred 4 hodinami
عالم غزل و حنين و جني
عالم غزل و حنين و جني Pred 5 hodinami
احلي شي القران الكريم و اغنية العرب و رمضان كريم مو كرسمس و كلام فاضي رمضان احلي بكتييييييييييير من الكرسمس
Lizde Gaming
Lizde Gaming Pred 6 hodinami
이름 Pred 2 hodinami
Gurdeep Chand
Gurdeep Chand Pred 7 hodinami
I'm listening this in 2021😌😌
LI MELICIA Pred 10 hodinami
Javier Pintos
Javier Pintos Pred 10 hodinami
Esto se parece a Latinoamérica pero con 30 grados de calor y con ropa pirata
Jose Antonio Fiscal Cota
Jose Antonio Fiscal Cota Pred 11 hodinami
Khoder Aleter
Khoder Aleter Pred 11 hodinami
Hey guys search on yt all I want for Christmas is you but it's weird
Janney De la cruz
Janney De la cruz Pred 11 hodinami
Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez Pred 12 hodinami
I like your song so much
Sharon Benjamin
Sharon Benjamin Pred 17 hodinami
Aaron Cutillas huertas
Aaron Cutillas huertas Pred 18 hodinami
Kim Xx
Kim Xx Pred 18 hodinami
Kim Xx
Kim Xx Pred 18 hodinami
Kevin Portillo
Kevin Portillo Pred 19 hodinami
Dun dun dun dun dun Don't want lot for Christmas Theres thing l need l don't care l don't Leave Christmas all for Christmas is YoUuUuU
Yum Chickens
Yum Chickens Pred 20 hodinami
Doesn’t even compare to the Trump version
Kelechi Ogbu
Kelechi Ogbu Pred 22 hodinami
Love this song
kittybella Pred 22 hodinami
kittybella Pred 22 hodinami
Święta miałam powiedzieć pa pa śnieg
KyleWithNoBrim Pred dňom
Bruh she looks like she’s in her 20s
Naturelover Pred dňom
I cant stop listening to this
valerie guilmin
valerie guilmin Pred dňom
tu es trop belle
ᄏᄏ Pred dňom
이 노래 들으면 먼가 기분이 이상해져
Special Kalamata
Special Kalamata Pred dňom
Θείε και 1 3 1 2000 να 3 1 να 82828ες99
Damien Chim
Damien Chim Pred dňom
What the heck am I doing here it's mid-January
Ongama Maseti
Ongama Maseti Pred dňom
The background singers ❤️❤️❤️🔥
Karoliina Kukkonen
Karoliina Kukkonen Pred dňom
Jessica Guarin
Jessica Guarin Pred dňom
Yes kween
Samkele Gumbi
Samkele Gumbi Pred dňom
who likes the new Mrs claus
Monica Beal Foulger
Monica Beal Foulger Pred dňom
You should do a pop up store - / restaraunt called Mimi's World. - PSALM 91:10- 11. Tell the Da Brat I said hello. and the other members of the So So Def squad.
Monica Beal Foulger
Monica Beal Foulger Pred dňom
I am going to buy your cookies.
Itz Windows 7 Playz
Itz Windows 7 Playz Pred dňom
I Miss Christmas :(
Só eu brasileiro aqui em pleno 2021 😂😂😂
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Lepida Colobon
Lepida Colobon Pred dňom
evnita sal sos
sinai gamer
sinai gamer Pred dňom
Like los que vinieron para arreglar su bocina
Brooklyn Stanley
Brooklyn Stanley Pred dňom
Anyone notice Brittany from little women la
diana carolina salazar saltos
diana carolina salazar saltos Pred dňom
Wells You know what day it is
Scarlett Traill
Scarlett Traill Pred dňom
olivka Pred dňom
Emilys Nazareth Morillo Rivera
Emilys Nazareth Morillo Rivera Pred dňom
Me Gusta la. Canción
Evelin Boros
Evelin Boros Pred dňom
ims or
ims or Pred dňom
Awww the kids are so cute Mariah I hope you get that present if you know what I mean
Lali Archvadze
Lali Archvadze Pred 2 dňami
Lali Archvadze
Lali Archvadze Pred 2 dňami
Thomas Costa
Thomas Costa Pred 2 dňami
I love it
Ta'Mia Johnson
Ta'Mia Johnson Pred 2 dňami
Coming back every month : January ✅ February March April May June July August September October November December
Jorge Butron Galindo
Jorge Butron Galindo Pred dňom
good luck, cause we´r kind of lost, dammed!
CHEONG ZI YAN Moe Pred 2 dňami
All i want for christmas iss.....RABAX
MemeFett Pred 2 dňami
How pathetic. Only 150M views. When Gangnam Style has over a billion. You are sad. Edit: oh, also. Your voice is that of a dying duck that has been playing too much fortnite. Thanks for a like #SAVESPONGEBOB
Vocal Battles
Vocal Battles Pred 2 dňami
This one was released last 2019. The original has 690 Million Views. And as a Christmas song, that is outstanding
Vocal Battles
Vocal Battles Pred 2 dňami
Haha shutup
Cass Cassillas
Cass Cassillas Pred 2 dňami
you are weird
Hezekiah McBride
Hezekiah McBride Pred 2 dňami
I love you so much you pretty you have a nice voce and i just wish you a good year i love Mariah Carey
Dicas variadas
Dicas variadas Pred 2 dňami
Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas Pred 2 dňami
fun fact: Your reading this comment in 2021
Oxi q
Oxi q Pred dňom
Actually I’m reading it in 2022
Stegosauro Erbivoro
Stegosauro Erbivoro Pred 2 dňami
Who listen this song at January?
Dylan V.d Griend
Dylan V.d Griend Pred dňom
@Vocal Battles 😂😂
Vocal Battles
Vocal Battles Pred 2 dňami
@MemeFett Well you did💀
MemeFett Pred 2 dňami
I don’t
Dylan V.d Griend
Dylan V.d Griend Pred 2 dňami
I do
Kiên Lê Duy
Kiên Lê Duy Pred 2 dňami
Me waiting for the next Christmas in January lmao. This song keeps me bald as always.
Proverbs 24:16
Proverbs 24:16 Pred 2 dňami
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Jamin Joyce
Jamin Joyce Pred 2 dňami
Roberto Cunico
Roberto Cunico Pred 2 dňami
150 mln visual wow 2° music
Milena Mateus
Milena Mateus Pred 2 dňami
Axel Play
Axel Play Pred 2 dňami
The pets channel from Emerald
The pets channel from Emerald Pred 2 dňami
All I want for Christmas is food!!
Tonho Kuringa
Tonho Kuringa Pred 2 dňami
mai neme mariah
Yuko Seki
Yuko Seki Pred 3 dňami
Mina The Random
Mina The Random Pred 3 dňami
Even in her early 50s, she still looks like she’s in her 30s.
Fatima Gonzalez
Fatima Gonzalez Pred 23 hodinami
@Mai CoCo ok aser s
Sehaj Playz
Sehaj Playz Pred dňom
@Mai CoCo Yea she is 50!
Sophie and Candace Gaming
Sophie and Candace Gaming Pred dňom
@Mai CoCo lol same
Mai CoCo
Mai CoCo Pred 2 dňami
Early 50s? Wow, I thought she was about 25.
Nunan Kanoktip
Nunan Kanoktip Pred 3 dňami
Josh White
Josh White Pred 3 dňami
So who is listening on from Monday 18th January
@Josh White :)
Josh White
Josh White Pred dňom
I listening in 19th January:) because i miss Christmas!😌
Fatima Gamerk
Fatima Gamerk Pred 3 dňami
Love the song
ĺấĩĺấ ĉĥấň
ĺấĩĺấ ĉĥấň Pred 3 dňami
All i want for christmas is......?
עיריית חציליה
עיריית חציליה Pred 3 dňami
Isabelle廖雪嵐 Pred 3 dňami
Bootifull UnU 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Harper eagles
Harper eagles Pred 3 dňami
Stop being rude
Stefana Adragai
Stefana Adragai Pred 3 dňami
Hilu Mefy
Hilu Mefy Pred 3 dňami
I Love this
Oscar membreno the Hawaii bus hunter
Oscar membreno the Hawaii bus hunter Pred 3 dňami
Karbie Barbie
Karbie Barbie Pred 3 dňami
Listen this still bumps til feb 1st my kids love this song and video too
Jack Napier
Jack Napier Pred 3 dňami
She has like 3 or 4 music videos to the sane song
Lucaz Miguel Dela Cruz
Lucaz Miguel Dela Cruz Pred 3 dňami
this song is nice bruh while im in online class😂
Stephanie Gonzalez
Stephanie Gonzalez Pred 3 dňami
Love this!
Salwa Elazhari
Salwa Elazhari Pred 3 dňami
Omg the original came out 11 years ago 😭🥺😭 I was so little lmao
Sister Love
Sister Love Pred 3 dňami
I love this song
Kasia Babiuch
Kasia Babiuch Pred 3 dňami
Aaron Mangurnong
Aaron Mangurnong Pred 3 dňami
It is wonderful I'll cry this is so beautiful!
Assunta Lovino
Assunta Lovino Pred 3 dňami
Ciao lulu sei riuscita ad aprire un nuovo sito
Pallatus Heinrich O patriarca
Pallatus Heinrich O patriarca Pred 4 dňami
MEME das crianças dançando kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk´s
Roblox Zandrepopi And Sonderpopi
Roblox Zandrepopi And Sonderpopi Pred 4 dňami
recommendation: 2019: no 2020: no 2021: YES
EpicTop1 Gaming
EpicTop1 Gaming Pred 2 dňami
No I was recommended this in 2020.
Samsampf Pred 4 dňami
Ich hoffe sie isst Rosswurst
심옥이 Pred 4 dňami
누나 나 죽어
Alain Deljehier
Alain Deljehier Pred 4 dňami
Merry Christmas Christmas tree
Leadiet Pred 4 dňami
This song is too good to be ignored by some people.
Alexia Giannopoulos
Alexia Giannopoulos Pred 2 dňami
Completely agree! I adore this song and love Mariah Carey!!
Daniel Han
Daniel Han Pred 4 dňami
All I want for Christmas is you 🎄❤️────⚪──────────── ◄◄⠀▐▐⠀►► 3:88/ 4:09⠀───○ 🔊⠀ᴴᴰ ⚙️
Ilmar Kerner
Ilmar Kerner Pred 3 dňami
KTSAAA PSGGMB Pred 4 dňami
I love christmas
はんな Pred 4 dňami
Ам Ам
Ам Ам Pred 4 dňami
Легко, здорово, по новогоднему...
parah hzhz
parah hzhz Pred 4 dňami
I very love this song
TheThxught Pred 4 dňami
I made a drawing of this song, or rather of this jewel ✨🌿
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