NF - LOST ft. Hopsin

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Official music video for “LOST” by NF.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

Kevin Micheletti
Kevin Micheletti Pred 11 minútami
Respect from Italy 🇮🇹
S anji
S anji Pred 41 minútou
my twin brother and i are more old fashioned fans of hip hop, last 10years we disliked a lot....then i started to listen to nate a lot! meanwhile, he was like, bro, check out hopsin....and here we are
Leo Zepeda
Leo Zepeda Pred hodinou
For all the 7.2Ks that didn't get it. Uuuuhhh not far away ???? Yall think you elevate over anything. Better make sure where you step. Don't think you'd be able to see the difference. Yall people sad
Dylan fischer
Dylan fischer Pred 2 hodinami
Why does 2:33 sound like the cheap sfx for a sci fi computer to me anyone else
Tip Of The Iceberg
Tip Of The Iceberg Pred 3 hodinami
I like hospin in his songs. He actually fits in good
aaraak Pred 4 hodinami
Hopsin killing it.
Matthew Macswain
Matthew Macswain Pred 4 hodinami
NF and hopsin are a dream team! much love from PE, canada guys! fire track!
Remix Pred 7 hodinami
I love his music
FreeTheBeat Pred 8 hodinami
I knew Hopsin could go in but GEEZ
Jolly Kid
Jolly Kid Pred 9 hodinami
Lost was a decent series
Kels Bels
Kels Bels Pred 10 hodinami
I'm obsessed
Your Ding- dong Man
Your Ding- dong Man Pred 10 hodinami
Them black balloons🤣👌
Nikki Pred 10 hodinami
Just making sure you know they represent burdens. 🖤
lunch sandwich
lunch sandwich Pred 11 hodinami
and this is why we have so many "depressed" kids at school. everything was fine until they started listening to depressing music then they turn emo even though their family life was fine until they heard depressing music.
Nikki Pred 10 hodinami
What is depressing with this song? Lol NF was speaking of falling down and getting back up he had a positive message.
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Pred 14 hodinami
(* ̄3 ̄)╭⁸₀⁸⅟₀⁰💞💙💞💙
Wendy Wright
Wendy Wright Pred 15 hodinami
Nf ft emanim will be fire right guys
Danny Hollywood
Danny Hollywood Pred 15 hodinami
The world needed this
SpoiledMilk Pred 16 hodinami
alyzavantassel Pred 17 hodinami
Christmas came early. Two of the greatest young talents alive.
Zach Malanoski
Zach Malanoski Pred 17 hodinami
I never considered tay tay Till i locked my sanity in her heart Now i just feel like shit For wanting something thats taken Like robin i only rob from those that dont deserve it But she deserves it i feel LOST
Jonah Meiers
Jonah Meiers Pred 18 hodinami
Quadeca stealin from this???
Nikki Pred 17 hodinami
@Jonah Meiers i know i laughed but people on here said nf stole lol and they were being serious 😂
Jonah Meiers
Jonah Meiers Pred 17 hodinami
@Nikki this was a joke
Nikki Pred 17 hodinami
Lol usually people try to say other way around and it ticks me off because even though this was posted a month ago This video was completed in November of 2019 per hopsins interview with stevie knight. So no matter what NF did not steal from quadeca lol
Bobbyvibeswitit Pred dňom
Thank you (I am grateful for this song naturally x3)🌲 much appreciation (I am grateful x3)💯 for this received message Keeping that faith up Learning these lessons (Yes I agree!!! ×3) I understand the comprehensive Art illustrated from this developed truly concentrated variation from a highly inventive demonstrated point of view from a precised reflection. (Very well indeed x3) Keeping my mind open Especially to the "The Book of James" 📖 that's where it be, it's so unique x3 I feel like I can breathe with more ease Essentially, I feel safe with those verses in front of me I am quickly learning To stay grateful as we speak!!!🎙 Learning to keep the peace Definitely less frustrated Thank you again NF and HOPSIN (WE GOT THIS MY BROTHERS!!!) Thankful for Jesus in my life SHARING SOME GOODWILL Because yes indeed (I believe x3)💡🎶💯 -Bobbyvibeswitit
fifa legend 2022
fifa legend 2022 Pred dňom
man plz do a vid with eminem
lilcupid200 Pred dňom
Dayuuuumm I felt this😍 in my soul💀😳 Especially hopsins part!!🤩
Robert Rogers
Robert Rogers Pred dňom
This reminds of the Story Pilgrims Progress.
random stuff
random stuff Pred dňom
It is so surprising that Nf is not in top 50 subscribe
FaceTheOdds Pred dňom
Let's make a chain... "Look, self awareness, prides a coat and yes I like to wear it..."
Jsimpy619 Pred dňom
Anime King
Anime King Pred dňom
I refuse to believe this is a music video this is a god damn movie
Danny G Vids
Danny G Vids Pred dňom
Some of you need to play just the audio, ppl get so distracted by the video and say " is that hopsin at the top of the mountain?" . Ignoring NF bars
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Pred dňom
Renegade GameR
Renegade GameR Pred dňom
Man... I just ended a 5 year relationship with my best friend/ ex girlfriend after she cheated on me. Hopin's verse really really hits hard for me. I'm using that as fuel to accomplish my goals and not have this heart break hold me back. Thank you NF and Hopsin.
Joe Dunne
Joe Dunne Pred dňom
Go on mate you can do it!!
Guillermo Waller
Guillermo Waller Pred dňom
I just gonna say WOW!!!
Charles Oak
Charles Oak Pred dňom
HOW WAS THIS ONLY A MONTH AGO ISNT TIME MOVING?it feels ive been hearing this for years
Kingston Boone
Kingston Boone Pred dňom
To the newer listeners... the bandwagon is gonna be rocky. Try living out these lyrics the same way you do with Migos,21, Tyga,Gucci etc.
GPshredders Pred dňom
All I do for this song is just skip straight to Hopsin's!
Nikki Pred dňom
That is sad to see. NF co directed and co produced this video and the beats too. I do not understand how anyone would want to skip over his amazing lyrics and five syllable scheme in this as well as skipping the beauty of the rocky mountains Sad..I loved them both on this but I know we all have opinions.
james matt
james matt Pred dňom
Got out of a 5 year long relationship, she took my daughter and moved in with the guy she was dating behind my back so hopsin part really spoke to me and get goosebumps Everytime he says "My sanity's gone, I'd rather be torn from this planet they planted me on Yes, that's a reward, I'm actually bored with having a sore heart It's torn apart from a family that I don't have anymore" you don't know real pain till you lose your family to another man
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Pred dňom
💕💚💕💚✪ ω ✪⅟🕳💛
Elkanah Malonza
Elkanah Malonza Pred dňom
My dream Combo
TAC0_LORD Pred dňom
WHEN IM LOST I listen to NF
nick stork
nick stork Pred dňom
Hoping those balloons in the end are all rappers to collab with for nf and he diggs them out one by one, and at the end there is a whola rap gang with all the big names for the ending..
Zach Malanoski
Zach Malanoski Pred dňom
more poetry
Daniel Corcoran
Daniel Corcoran Pred dňom
This song is fucking amazing, but I feel like this song is asking for 1 more MC after Hopsin. Someones gotta pick that up.
Nicholas Frazier
Nicholas Frazier Pred dňom
Hop in my top 5 idc what y’all say! Just listen to his development. From his older stuff to now. It’s night and day
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill Pred 2 dňami
2:12 when your mom wakes u up before your alarm
Minecrafter231 Pred 2 dňami
Good Vibes
Good Vibes Pred dňom
Nikki Pred dňom
@Minecrafter231 no it is not
Minecrafter231 Pred dňom
@Nikki still corny
Nikki Pred dňom
@Minecrafter231 you clearly like this music you are taking time to watch it and comment and keep replying back... 😂 dummy
Minecrafter231 Pred dňom
@Nikki yeah you like corny music for sure
Andrew Viel
Andrew Viel Pred 2 dňami
Not trying to hate on this music I like listening to or anything like that but does anyone else notice how they walk exactly like people who need belts I used to dress like that in high school it's funny to me
Nikki Pred dňom
That was snow they are walking in the rocky mountains going down and uphill of course they walked funny. although NF really did not really walk funny. he is used to snow being from michigan but that area was tough to walk around in. Poor hopsin has not been around snow a lot lol
All Done
All Done Pred 2 dňami
Where do the divas play?
Nikki Pred dňom
Your comment makes no sense at all
DrinkMoxiee Pred 2 dňami
Hopsin owns this track lol
Nikki Pred dňom
They both do. Such a fire song Five syllable rhyme scheme and kept it going with amazing metaphors is not nothing by NF just like Hopsins did good too with his lyrics .
Kendra Bean
Kendra Bean Pred 2 dňami
This guy is effing awesome. Where have I been?
Frosty Pop
Frosty Pop Pred 2 dňami
Jamal Richardson
Jamal Richardson Pred 2 dňami
hopsins barsss wereee fyreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee : lol no cap kinda wish i could just add hopsins
Nikki Pred 2 dňami
Both vs were fire with good schemes and messages.
JB-OP grand-cross
JB-OP grand-cross Pred 2 dňami
20 second ads non stop stupid
Laurent Robert
Laurent Robert Pred 2 dňami
Honestly I am looking at the dislikes and I am like "How the hell do you not like this song" I know people have different tastes but I've never stopped and took the time to dislike a song that I don't like. It's just not your type of song, just click off. SIMPLE
Cast Pred 2 dňami
That moment when Hopsin says look and starts spittin 🔥
Hlf Hogstar
Hlf Hogstar Pred 2 dňami
2 of my favs with a banger. Thank you for this.
Frozz Way
Frozz Way Pred 2 dňami
Change your your director & producer. This track deserves more
Nikki Pred 2 dňami
@Revenant he is also the co producer lol co directs and produces his own videos and co produces the beats. This comment floored me. NFs production is top!
Revenant Pred 2 dňami
He is the director
Nikki Pred 2 dňami
Dumb comment alert 😂
Jay Robben
Jay Robben Pred 2 dňami
bring them all back, get them going again and get music back to were it was instead of this mumble rap garbage
Facing Fear
Facing Fear Pred 2 dňami
NFs beats are all so "big"
gregory page
gregory page Pred 2 dňami
Yes, I love how they have to wake up the rest of the industry, possibilities? Who’s next all them balloons at the end! Awesome. Tech ? Em ? WHO?
Cube Mechanic
Cube Mechanic Pred 2 dňami
I hope hopsin and nf become like dre and eminem
Nicholas Forcier
Nicholas Forcier Pred 2 dňami
This dude (Hopsin) needs to collaborate with Joyner! Bet that would be fire!
Eyshila Bento Reis
Eyshila Bento Reis Pred 2 dňami
Lil Epads
Lil Epads Pred 2 dňami
I thought he said "I love the ballerinas and all, but what I really want to learn to do is handle my dog"
Deedat Bogabong
Deedat Bogabong Pred 2 dňami
this needs more likes
Laura Nelken
Laura Nelken Pred 2 dňami
😆 lol
N S Pred 2 dňami
Steven Rojas
Steven Rojas Pred 2 dňami
Two words: REAL RAP
Jeffrey McCormick
Jeffrey McCormick Pred 2 dňami
Hey NF, did I do you justice on my lost cover? Thanks for providing some fresh material for my audition!
yayyay green
yayyay green Pred 2 dňami
New favorite. I'll still be listening to this for about 10 years...forget it then find it again... And listen for 100 years. (Including in my grave)
Ajrul Alkam
Ajrul Alkam Pred 2 dňami
Banyak buat dosa supaya neraka jahannam tempatmu
Richard Richard
Richard Richard Pred 2 dňami
Varela Studios
Varela Studios Pred 2 dňami
I'm waiting for him to the drop the album where he finds himself. Wonder if his status and popularity tanks.🤔
Nikki Pred 2 dňami
@Varela Studios well i doubt he will rap about his sons soccer lol but i hear ya
Varela Studios
Varela Studios Pred 2 dňami
@Nikki well that would only mean that he grows up and matures. I'm just curious it he would start writing music about paying the rent on time and dealing with his kids soccer schedule 🤔? Just honest Questions. That's all.
Nikki Pred 2 dňami
No he would not.
Waka -Sama
Waka -Sama Pred 2 dňami
F*ck why did I ever stop listening to hopsin 🔥💣💥
Allan Johns
Allan Johns Pred 2 dňami
Best collabo ever hope we get to see another one soon much love to NF n HOPSIN FROM KENYA..........
Abderrahmane El Ouechre
Abderrahmane El Ouechre Pred 3 dňami
do the 9 BALOONS in the end of the clip means that he will have others 9 featurings ?
Jesse Nordstrom
Jesse Nordstrom Pred 3 dňami
God damn I love this so much both the men influenced my life iam coming up on a year meth free and I dont feel lost but do love the song
SomebodysDad Pred 3 dňami
I thought hopsin was creeping behind him but it was just the balloons.🤭🤦🏾‍♂️😭
Anomaly Juju
Anomaly Juju Pred 3 dňami
I got chills over this 🥶
Bret Nuttall
Bret Nuttall Pred 3 dňami
AAAAAaaaaaahhhahaaaaahahaaHAHAHA ... i"M sMilInG yaA
ETHIO Pred 3 dňami
UnHoly GHouL
UnHoly GHouL Pred 3 dňami
When the world needed them.......They showed up like the Heroes they are. NF AND HOP = THE REALIST
Jordan Finn
Jordan Finn Pred 3 dňami
Real music until the day we die
Justin Smar
Justin Smar Pred 3 dňami
Hopsin killed nf no challenge
Justin Smar
Justin Smar Pred 2 dňami
@Nikki no lol
Nikki Pred 2 dňami
@Justin Smar no bud. You are wrong and getting called out for it
Justin Smar
Justin Smar Pred 2 dňami
@Nikki lol shut up nikki ;)
Nikki Pred 2 dňami
@Justin Smar no he does not 😂
Justin Smar
Justin Smar Pred 3 dňami
Nf just sounds the same in every song no switch up in content he has no range sorry
Lockette Pred 3 dňami
Man, I'm so glad NF/Nate exists.
Marius Ciuchete
Marius Ciuchete Pred 3 dňami
ahahaahahhaaha : D kids be likin these
CHROMA Pred 3 dňami
im 19
Nikki Pred 3 dňami
Try again. I am 42 and love this.
Nickoli Stef
Nickoli Stef Pred 3 dňami
Some of the best stuff hopsin has spit that verse was insane.
MooseKingTV Pred 3 dňami
Bro someone stop this man, he is burning the entire forest with this fire🔥🔥🔥
TAC0_LORD Pred 3 dňami
Tegan Booth
Tegan Booth Pred 3 dňami
Has anyone else noticed the difference between nf and hopsin. Hopsin says demons knocking I don’t have to let them in where as nf let his demons in his mansion and now it haunts him. Hopsin is positive saying that he can fight them
TAC0_LORD Pred 3 dňami
omg yess
Devon Wilkerson-Makoski
Devon Wilkerson-Makoski Pred 3 dňami
Who disliked this? Who?!?!?!
TAC0_LORD Pred 3 dňami
Gail Farcht
Gail Farcht Pred 3 dňami
Exactly what I was thinking!
Dexter J
Dexter J Pred 3 dňami
Inner turmoil is the spoon that you must use to dig your way out of the prison you've created
Madison Middleton
Madison Middleton Pred 3 dňami
This is lit!!!
da d32
da d32 Pred 3 dňami
pure millennial shit!
yes Pred 3 dňami
Rap Is dead
yes Pred 2 dňami
@Nikki I apologize if I wrote ia little messy and some points may seem like I attack every artist who’s out there in rap, it’s not what I do. I’m just talking about the energy circling. It’s very much like a decease spreading, ones you realize how much these things affect you and the world. It’s Not only rap but the lying and this fake class system needs to stop. to many people are using the position they got to do harm. I would actually love it if everybody gets a share. I don’t believe in iq, I don’t believe somebody are dumb but I believe we are being deceived by society who breeds us to become nothing but what we owe. The fact that we don’t tap close to our full potential as humans is because all this energy holds us down. I hope you know I’m saying this with a warm hearth.
Nikki Pred 2 dňami
@yes i hear where you are coming from for sure! NF is my top person. Man his search album got me out of a dark place last year. Just am so amazed with him
yes Pred 2 dňami
@Nikki I loved and still do love rap, especially old school cuz they had much more unique styles but after listening to rap for a few years now I feel it’s evident that it’s going more downhill But then again maybe it’s just me. But for many it’s prolly a psychological thing, if it works for you sure. But remember the youth growing with all of these ego centric people who flash all these materialistic things. It’s a class system that isn’t good.
yes Pred 2 dňami
@Nikki and i don’t think rap breeds much positivity anymore
yes Pred 2 dňami
@Nikki thx for taking it as a normal conversation. I’m not saying he’s not talented he is. I respect your opinion about it but for me who has almost listened to every underground n top artists. They are losing vision, nf has a better view on it but I hope you know what I’m getting at. Rap is toxic in a lot of ways
AW W Pred 3 dňami
Walking around in only black is really dangerous
Crandle Cockman
Crandle Cockman Pred 3 dňami
How did you get homie up in that ❄ 🏔
Andrew Mdub
Andrew Mdub Pred 3 dňami
I think it's a fucking shame Eminem dissed NF for no good reason, they would have made such a great collab.
Chris Sloan
Chris Sloan Pred 4 dňami
From 03:20. It gave me goosebump.
Zhorik Beat
Zhorik Beat Pred 4 dňami
cool man 👍💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Mark Richard Hess
Mark Richard Hess Pred 4 dňami
I listened to hospins songs after this and got a bunch of racist shit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Jamie Ferreo
Jamie Ferreo Pred 4 dňami
Modern hip hops dream team for real
Lilra Arrow
Lilra Arrow Pred 4 dňami
Either you know, or I have a sibling to find.
Dylan BROSE Pred 4 dňami
I love how the last comment before me was a whole month ago now , right before this song was released it said “NF and hoisin, this will be insane.”
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