Playing an RPG for the second time

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Joel Haver

Pred 5 dňami

Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series -
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Joel Haver
Joel Haver Pred 4 dňami
This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -
Yami Pred hodinou
such a smart fucking idea
MrVelaskes201 Pred 5 hodinami
@Brandon Peterson its AI app called ebsynth cool app i used it to change faces like deepfake
Buster_Brownie Pred 7 hodinami
Please don't stop making these. They're hilarious and very well made! Thank you for the smiles 😃
Jonathan C
Jonathan C Pred 8 hodinami
This is not a joke, this trilogy was actually exceptionally moving. It has taught me to take more consideration in my actions, instead of yanking on the reigns too hard or just letting things pass. I’m serious dude, this series is killer. If you ever need a hand with audio work ever, I’d be happy to help.
Neophobic Nyctophile
Neophobic Nyctophile Pred 14 hodinami
The replay value of this game is AMAZING! I hope this doesn't mean this series is over, I love every frame of it!
Mayukh Bhattacharya
Mayukh Bhattacharya Pred 8 minútami
this is going down in history
Pedro Kim
Pedro Kim Pred 23 minútami
If Marshall was releasing the kingdom worst criminals ... the player was at the prision ... does it make the player one of the criminals that were released by Marshall?
George Pred 26 minútami
This is so satisfying thank you man
Adronius Pred 54 minútami
I think I can speak for everyone when I say we all just wanna chill with the giant for a bit.
doggo dogman
doggo dogman Pred hodinou
Marshell you fiend
Toxic Gamer
Toxic Gamer Pred hodinou
oh my god they really knocked it out of the park what a great end thank you for this video
Sneaky Pred hodinou
your dad will be so very proud of you. 💜
jnerdsblog Pred hodinou
This is maybe the greatest redemption arc ever.
King Hibiscus
King Hibiscus Pred hodinou
When the giant offered him water like the man once did to him, I felt that
Cameron Tennant
Cameron Tennant Pred hodinou
The good(?) ending
Dry_Powder Pred 2 hodinami
Amazing conclusion
Nova Pred 2 hodinami
I don’t know why I waited to watch this, this is so fulfilling after last time
James Kelsey
James Kelsey Pred 2 hodinami
This art style is incredible
Morbidity100 Pred 2 hodinami
First Try: Murderhobo Second Try: Hero Third Try?: Power-trip
Jamjo Pred 2 hodinami
Please do more this is amazing
BehindTheSmile Pred 2 hodinami
Ending with the giant is a nice touch
Ow Oof My Bones
Ow Oof My Bones Pred 2 hodinami
The ending we all wanted.
Counter Blast
Counter Blast Pred 2 hodinami
ADVENTURE............ awaits.
Mavvet Pred 2 hodinami
oh fuck
insert name here
insert name here Pred 2 hodinami
I am glad I subbed and Eben more glad for pressing the bell. But even more more glad that i am too drunk but I haven't thrown up.
insert name here
insert name here Pred 2 hodinami
However boys, my stomach isn't feeling too great if I may say so myself.
Amaroo Jamal Ingwe
Amaroo Jamal Ingwe Pred 3 hodinami
Should have asked the old man if he's Obi Wan so he can teach his Padawan ass how to be a proper Jedi in the first playthrough so he wouldn't do everything wrong and unintentionally be on the dark side.
zYgIsTaN Pred 3 hodinami
Owl Pred 3 hodinami
This animation style conflicts me.
bacon hobo
bacon hobo Pred 4 hodinami
Dragodonv2 Pred 4 hodinami
Holy shit. Can this just BE an RPG concept?
OgichiGame Pred 4 hodinami
Who needs to walk when the power of rage propels you forward in defiance of gravity and physics
Lily Vuong
Lily Vuong Pred 4 hodinami
Petition for this to become a fully fledged series?
TheKorosachi Pred 4 hodinami
Is this animation style rotoscoping?
Iwor735 Pred 4 hodinami
That definitely isn't where I expected to see something wholesome. Feels kinda nice.
Cameron Pred 4 hodinami
How exactly is this animated? I’ve never seen anything like these before
Declan Merritt
Declan Merritt Pred 4 hodinami
“So anyway the whole operation is run by Marshall the Rat.”
Maugre Pred 4 hodinami
The ending I didnt know I needed
ToonerChris Pred 4 hodinami
What of the King Of Worse Criminal's that Marshall freed?
Cri Pred 4 hodinami
red rat redemption
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Pred 5 hodinami
Why does this feel like a weird lucid dream I don’t remember
Juber777 Pred 5 hodinami
When he said "that's nice" for watching the sunset everyday, I too said that's nice. It is nice feeling, this video is nice.
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Pred 5 hodinami
The best ending achieved. What if the 3rd adventure he joins the rat to take over the kingdom?
Platinum_ Eye_935
Platinum_ Eye_935 Pred 5 hodinami
Oh fuck
RayCloud Pred 5 hodinami
So what about the monarchy and the government? A king gets assassinated and with no heir basically spells a political struggle between rival warlords(or basically just people killing each other to obtain control of the kingdom and establish a new royal bloodline). Just a random thought I had after rewatching this for like the tenth time
Isaac Pred 5 hodinami
The king had a bastard son most likely
Carab the singer
Carab the singer Pred 5 hodinami
The king looks like youtuber graenolf to me. Sorry if that's weird to say but he does
Useless Villager
Useless Villager Pred 5 hodinami
I really liked this, the animation looked really good too.
Junk Bucket
Junk Bucket Pred 5 hodinami
This was so good perfect ending to the other two. I really liked the little bits in there as well, like the dog he didn't kill or the king saying he wasn't that corrupt
Pedro Amaral
Pedro Amaral Pred 5 hodinami
the way you build your characters is sooo good, loved the giant in the ending, felt so real
Pedro Amaral
Pedro Amaral Pred 5 hodinami
what the hell is happening
mhour sagala
mhour sagala Pred 2 hodinami
A Classic. Remembered for all of times.
gaming warlord
gaming warlord Pred 5 hodinami
I'd love it if this was like, an actual show. Not sure what kinda animation this is it is incredibly pleasing to watch
HotBox Boer
HotBox Boer Pred 5 hodinami
Hahahahahaha I'm so glad I watched the first one. I laughed so hard. Well played!
82F GDT Pred 5 hodinami
Top 10 Sequals That Were Better Than Their Originals
Anthony Pred 5 hodinami
I just found these videos today, dude these animations are amazing! They are so unique with the style and hilarious. Keep up the great work!
Joseph Marschall
Joseph Marschall Pred 6 hodinami
This needs to continue. Its excellent.
Connor Simon
Connor Simon Pred 6 hodinami
Why am I crying
Black Iron Tarkus
Black Iron Tarkus Pred 6 hodinami
"Adventure.... awaits." Such an epic lines.
Braxton Davis
Braxton Davis Pred 6 hodinami
You are my new favorite youtuber
SoshiPlayZ Pred 6 hodinami
The best ending achieved. What if the 3rd adventure he joins the rat to take over the kingdom?
Nintendofan24X Pred 6 hodinami
Run with this idea and make it ur day job to make these every two weeks and i think it will make you alot of youtube money. You said you and one other animater worked on it if you two work together to make it even biweekly plently of youtube money to go around for u and ur other words continue the rpg series
Spub Pred 6 hodinami
This feels like a Monty python script
Hopeful Hyena
Hopeful Hyena Pred 6 hodinami
I love the weird rotoscoping this channel does.
pyoob Pred 6 hodinami
how did you get footage of my fever dream?
house sg
house sg Pred 6 hodinami
Did anyone else yelled what the adventure man yelled when he confronted the town rat? No? Just me? HAZZZZAHHH!
Nate Baker
Nate Baker Pred 6 hodinami
D00m0g Pred 6 hodinami
The final showdown gave me goosebumps that Endgame didn't.
The_UnwantedReaper Pred 7 hodinami
"A health bar does not show who is an enemy to you, it shows who is an enemy to themselves" - Wise Old Man
cybroxis Pred 7 hodinami
Honest question: How do you make these every week? Are you some kind of animation god or do you have, like, some kinda crazy supernatural ability?
atNIC.E Pred 7 hodinami
You are important and you have value
Wiatt C
Wiatt C Pred 7 hodinami
The use of the Oblivion music here is much better than it ever was in the original game. You're really showing its brilliance here.
Mikel Pred 7 hodinami
Can I just say how much I love your animation style.
Son of Sanguinius
Son of Sanguinius Pred 7 hodinami
Hmm personally think you should have ended the video on a cliffhanger where he was about to fight marshall to make things more intense xd
Coriantumr Pace
Coriantumr Pace Pred 7 hodinami
and it comes full circle. This might be one of the best animated youtube series since Dudes of Hazmat
Duck Feces
Duck Feces Pred 7 hodinami
unexpectedly..... wholesome huzzah ( ? )
Rockerpepper Pred 7 hodinami
I'm happy for him
Buster_Brownie Pred 7 hodinami
Absolute masterpiece.
Lugzi Pred 7 hodinami
Hamsandwich Solo
Hamsandwich Solo Pred 7 hodinami
Nooo, I hope this isn’t the last one. Please. I live for these.
Wiley M
Wiley M Pred 7 hodinami
Great work!
Michael Pothier
Michael Pothier Pred 8 hodinami
Man, a game with A.I. this good, I would keep playing, and take the role of an all knowing seer. Every playthough would make me more and power powerful.
Sea King
Sea King Pred 8 hodinami
2:34 is that a mouse loading thing in the bottom of the video
BlazingFury Pred 8 hodinami
Marshall’s gun is super cute ngl
Mr. J Bull
Mr. J Bull Pred 8 hodinami
K Asb
K Asb Pred 8 hodinami
Joshua Russell
Joshua Russell Pred 8 hodinami
Guys, Marshal is evil now: HE HAS A GUN!!!
Conor Fennell
Conor Fennell Pred 9 hodinami
Give us more!!!!!!
Garrett C.
Garrett C. Pred 9 hodinami
The one that ties it all together.
Botchkiy Pred 9 hodinami
My worst dmt trip by far. Edit: Best*
Ribbons0121 R121
Ribbons0121 R121 Pred 9 hodinami
"marshall has no moral compass, he is a rat" speaks volumes
xori aliro
xori aliro Pred 10 hodinami
AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAhhhH, you are important and you have value just saying
Alejandro Abellas-Seitz
Alejandro Abellas-Seitz Pred 10 hodinami
𝓣𝓲𝓷𝔂 𝓖𝓵𝓸𝓬𝓴
Kwiedsch Pred 10 hodinami
More Ehen?
Benboi Pred 10 hodinami
This is the best anime of the season
boi Pred 10 hodinami
New Game+ be like:
Grayson DuBose
Grayson DuBose Pred 10 hodinami
this is like witcher one and two The world changes regardless of the decisions you make for no reason
Hunter Koontz
Hunter Koontz Pred 10 hodinami
This is already better than every isekai anime
David Ridley
David Ridley Pred 10 hodinami
Eladar Aumar
Eladar Aumar Pred 10 hodinami
Someone start a kickstarter to fund an actual RPG game of this.
nothing yet
nothing yet Pred 10 hodinami
*h a z a h*
mari feliz
mari feliz Pred 10 hodinami
I believe this series can hit the world
Parker Notman
Parker Notman Pred 10 hodinami
The happy ending
[Defunct Spunk]
[Defunct Spunk] Pred 10 hodinami
Joel, I love this series. The rotoscope is charming and the story is funny yet touching. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but nothing ever is.
BLACKLIMA Pred 11 hodinami
I Fucking Love You
Jam Boy
Jam Boy Pred 11 hodinami
That was really nice
ReallyShatter Pred 11 hodinami
This makes me happy. You make me happy. Take your time when you make more of these. Keep the quality.
Acciaiouomo Pred 11 hodinami
This made me happy
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