PS5 DualSense Controller Teardown - A Repairability Perspective

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I tear down a PS5 DualSense controller. I take a close look at the Adaptive Triggers as well as the haptic system. I also compare it to the Dualshock 4.
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TronicsFix Pred 4 mesiacmi
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Ashton Dwyer
Ashton Dwyer Pred 2 mesiacmi
Where can we buy replacement adaptive triggers?
Hannes Persson
Hannes Persson Pred 2 mesiacmi
My dual sense are having problems with the X button being slow/sticky or whatever you wanna call it. Almost a bit squeeky when you push it. Haven’t been like that since day one. Do you know if there’s any quick fix for this problem since the controller is almost brand new??
Ryan Nan
Ryan Nan Pred 2 mesiacmi
Just wondering if aftermarket chargers will damage the ps5 controllers.
Kratos 85
Kratos 85 Pred 3 mesiacmi
DualSense controller got 2 type of ribbon cable on touch pad is brown colour another one is white colour....
SPOOKY ghost
SPOOKY ghost Pred 3 mesiacmi
lol what's your honest thoughts on the triggers? they look very cheaply built and very poor design. no wonder people are braking them already.
Richard Neill
Richard Neill Pred dňom
How do you remove the r2 & l2 triggers?
Gabriele Minardi
Gabriele Minardi Pred 2 dňami
my controller doesn’t turn on anymore, i don’t know why. it works but the start button doesn’t, unless i push the button hard and press from the motherboard in the inside in order to make contact
M R Pred 3 dňami
Thanks for this teardown. Was curious is they went to screws and ribbon cable for the joytsticks for the PS5 but no looks like soldering still required to fix joysticks like the PS4. Also looks like the exact same joysticks used in the PS4
John John
John John Pred 8 dňami
Can u modify a ps4 controller to work on a ps5 because the new ps5 controller is weak
Jester Pred 9 dňami
My right stick doesn't turn with full sensitivity when it goes left but turns at full sensitivity when I push it to the right.
ACRBARF 2 Pred 13 dňami
Watching this to fix stuck drift 😔
Dark Spookyin
Dark Spookyin Pred 13 dňami
I never expected DualShock drift
Anime King
Anime King Pred 15 dňami
3 months later and Sony is now getting sued for being retarded
NoLightz Pred 16 dňami
Thank hod the r1 was detachable without having to open in inwas able to take out a tiny rubber that somehow fell in there preventing me from pressing r1
Pastor Brew
Pastor Brew Pred 17 dňami
Love this video.
KING Pred 17 dňami
11:20 The controller your friend gives you when you go to his house
ドラコイアント-日本ではない Pred 18 dňami
Oh God its going to be pain in the ass to fix drift analog
ドラコイアント-日本ではない Pred 18 dňami
Oh my i can sense the fake ps5 controller already
Grim Starwind
Grim Starwind Pred 19 dňami
Yep still the same plastic crap on those analog modules.
Helena Robert
Helena Robert Pred 22 dňami
My ps5 controller keeps breaking, so I was referred to *phantom_hacks on Instagram* he fixed the breaking and my controller is working perfectly now!
greg pelcher
greg pelcher Pred 22 dňami
I tore one of the detachable leads when I took my controller apart to clean it. Any idea if there are replacement parts? What is the proper name for it? Ribbon buss lead?
Luke Harries
Luke Harries Pred 12 dňami
Ribbon cable
raphael muresan
raphael muresan Pred 22 dňami
If the controller it's broken I'll buy new one it's useless try fixing, I am builder trade not electronic repairs like you my friend ✌
Beatter Beatbox
Beatter Beatbox Pred 23 dňami
Can you replace a dualsebse drifted joystick with a ps4 one? The mechanism is the same?
Vane Naumovski
Vane Naumovski Pred 24 dňami
My R2 kinda broke. There tons of people complaining about the same issue. Adaptive trigger works but the slightest touch on my R2 the PS registers it as pressed. Bravo sony
Philip Pleiss
Philip Pleiss Pred 25 dňami
You called it. A couple other tech sites are reporting that, 2 months in, some DualSense controllers are already getting stick drift. It's okay though, because as long as you are willing to pay shipping out of pocket so Sony can fix your warranteed controller, they'll fix them.
RavenZeroZX Pred 25 dňami
*You were right about the sticks and the drift*
TronicsFix Pred 25 dňami
Ha, ha...that's true. I've already fixed a few!
Casey Lattimer
Casey Lattimer Pred 28 dňami
I was trying to swap buttons on controllers for my ps4 and the L2 & R2 buttons were different. Anyway anyone could explain which versions have the same ones?
MagicalRuin Pred 29 dňami
Well, i bought one with sticky buttons for 40$, opened it up, cleaned it and it works just fine! Well dont smoke, especially while playing, or your Controller will get faulty.
İkram Su
İkram Su Pred mesiacom
Bu hayatı yaşamaya değil, yaşayanları izlemeye gelmişiz
Julian Dumo
Julian Dumo Pred mesiacom
Any idea what type of plastic is used for the controller? Is it ABS, similar to what they used for the outer of the PS5?
Terrribleee Pred mesiacom
i remember watching this a week before the ps5 came out. and ended up getting later in november
dylan robinson
dylan robinson Pred mesiacom
Dang when he took off the black I really liked the all white it looks really smooth
Master Dracer
Master Dracer Pred mesiacom
It's good to see that the ps5 controller doesn't have the rubber pads anymore on the l2 and r2 triggers, they was the first thing what did got so fast destroyed and needed to be replaced.
Plate warrior
Plate warrior Pred mesiacom
If i wish to make it lighter , can i torally remove the vibration parts from inside? Will dualsense still work?
Mazin Mohammad
Mazin Mohammad Pred mesiacom
what about stick drift?
Walter Pedro
Walter Pedro Pred mesiacom
Haptic motor in DualSense is not a motor but more like a speaker.
Quetzall Pred mesiacom
Quite a complex piece of tech for the price.
Isac Liberia
Isac Liberia Pred mesiacom
Does anyone know where to buy the wiring for the wiring clips?
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu Pred mesiacom
Ghost Pred mesiacom
What are those orange things called
Strider-Ragnarok Pred mesiacom
DualSense looks more difficulty to deal with if you have to repair it. Sad to see the same Analogues as the DualShock 4. DS4 controllers break easily and more often than any other PlayStation controller.
Teodor Andrei Voiculescu
Teodor Andrei Voiculescu Pred mesiacom
That "let's see if we cen tear it down without pulling an Austin Evans" is just a perfect roast. Goddamn.
chace charron
chace charron Pred mesiacom
How dumb do you have to be to just get a new controller just to take it apart
LouieGMDesign13 Pred mesiacom
I'm glad you're now able to buy customized color plates for the PS5 controller. Instead of the black trim piece, you're now able to get it in an array of colors.
mr.rzodkiewka Pred mesiacom
My pad after when unfolded No working Why?
Wish Deus
Wish Deus Pred mesiacom
I am not a fan of that controller at all
Chris Pred mesiacom
i just noticed on the duel sense controller at 7:15 Sony is still using the same contact point method from the ps2 controller
Tom Hsia
Tom Hsia Pred mesiacom
Ah, still relatively easy to teardown. I don't regret my purchase. What was I thinking, buying a controller without researching its repairability first? My later gen DS 4 is not suffering from stick drift yet. The gyroscope is drifting like crazy, though. I wonder what's inside those haptic motors.
Shane Case
Shane Case Pred mesiacom
the spring in the R2 button is prone to breaking, mine has gone and so has many others
Héctor De Armas
Héctor De Armas Pred mesiacom
Ok.... next video, put back together... 🤣🤣
Warlock Pred mesiacom
@TronicsFix is maybe too much to ask, but could you look into the battery and how it is connected inside, and of course if it can be replaced with bigger one, like the one from PSP 3.6V 3600mAh? Cheers...
EaqIe Pred mesiacom
You have suprisingly limited knowledge for a person who's hobby is opening electronics. "You can see that there's more chips on this motherboard, and they're bigger too" Simple minded person. tags: beautiful, special, super, fabulous incredible, keep up the good work, such a nice, advantage, donated, willing to, TronicsFix, Want, have, experienced, compliments, like, pleasant, delightful, agreeable, good, attractive, charming, pleasurable, enjoyable, kind, helpful, obliging, considerate.
Jacob Buck
Jacob Buck Pred mesiacom
Not looking forward to fixing my loose trigger... Ugh...
Redex CG
Redex CG Pred mesiacom
The self moving joistick problem got even worse than on the dual shock 4
The Hemperor
The Hemperor Pred mesiacom
The technic and idea behind the adaptive Trigger is really awesome, but i dont get why they would take plastic for the gears. This will definitly break easily, especially because you need to press the trigger with more force than usually. These two little parts wouldnt be much more expensive to cast out of metal, and they would never wear out or break. The Rumblers are also an interesting change, but I'm still happy with my 2 years old Xbox Elite on PC with ReWASD, because gimmicks like these will need years to be modded for PC support, and most probably never be fully utilized, like the touchpad on DS4.
zezba9000 Pred 2 mesiacmi
I really want to see what the rumble motor looks like on the inside.
Xbox Shorts
Xbox Shorts Pred 2 mesiacmi
Hey for my ps5 ı feel spring so much under l2 is that a problem
Sgt. sniperdude32
Sgt. sniperdude32 Pred 2 mesiacmi
I was kinda dissapointed with no change with the analog sticks but I wonder what they can improve on to prevent stick drift
The Real Khameleon
The Real Khameleon Pred 2 mesiacmi
Can you do a video looking at and fixing the loose R2 trigger on the duel sense please
HENRY CHAN Pred 2 mesiacmi
MY PS5 controller R2 ( trigger button) loose and after play 2 days of COD ... hope sony can replace one for me.
KvyatsPanzer Pred 2 mesiacmi
The most reported issue in the dual shock controller (L3 wear) is literally untouched. Very dirty strategy from sony, they know that’s what makes people buy a new controller every year... smh
Poke12Gauge Pred 2 mesiacmi
I couldnt help but laugh at walmart case is filled with controllers but no consoles🤣
Kevia Collie
Kevia Collie Pred 2 mesiacmi
Can you please make a year down and fix video for the PlayStation 5 charging station
Kevia Collie
Kevia Collie Pred 2 mesiacmi
@TronicsFix I ordered the charger station defective from Amazon but since I'm outside out the us is will cost me more to return it through FedEx so I want to find out how to fix the prong clips was bent upward and when I connected the controller on one of the prong clips broke (the gold connector clips) on the first dock on the Charging station
TronicsFix Pred 2 mesiacmi
What’s wrong with the charging station?
Mad Tunes Entertainment
Mad Tunes Entertainment Pred 2 mesiacmi
I have a PS4 controller that moves the right thumb stick internally by itself somehow mid games...Makes FPS quite fun lol...Have a spare I could buy from you? :D.
Ruzgar Mecit
Ruzgar Mecit Pred 2 mesiacmi
The PS5 is 4000 Turkish liras.But because of taxes, it's actually 8300.
Sylas Henson
Sylas Henson Pred 2 mesiacmi
You can replace the whole controller if need be.
Daren Estrada
Daren Estrada Pred 2 mesiacmi
How ?
Willi billy
Willi billy Pred 2 mesiacmi
Never thought i wouldve got a ps5
sey 30 Spyderco
sey 30 Spyderco Pred 2 mesiacmi
Cody Wieczorek
Cody Wieczorek Pred 2 mesiacmi
Really sucks that sony didn’t update the analog sticks it’s almost like they want us to rebuy a controller every 4 months for 70 dollars
The Real Denzel Washington
The Real Denzel Washington Pred 2 mesiacmi
Hey I’m a disabled gamer, can I pay you to help me make my ps5 controller a bit more accessible?
Azy Pred 2 mesiacmi
Ben Heck makes adapted controllers, he's worth checking out :)
The Fizzlee NL
The Fizzlee NL Pred 2 mesiacmi
I've never had any issues with stickdrift on my dualshock 4,have 3 and all of them work fine and 2 are over 2 years old and have been used almost daily. Only problem I have is one one the L3 button isn't a 100%, but no stickdrift at all, I believe if you keep your controller clean and don't drop it that stick drift won't be an issue that much, just vaccum the outside and clean it of with a slightly most wipe and you're good to go, that's what I've been doing all along atleast
goldenyoda Pred 2 mesiacmi
U didn't mention the analog placement is different. This might help with stick drift
goldenyoda Pred 2 mesiacmi
People with stick drift on dualsense.. how?????
Vicente Miléo
Vicente Miléo Pred 2 mesiacmi
Oh well. I wasn't expecting this video to be useful so early. Just fixed some nasty drift.
reviewfor thetube
reviewfor thetube Pred 2 mesiacmi
I have to admit the controller is cool but mine has an issue a week in with the triangle button and it seems to have a ton of latency its really making me upset nice ides but feels very cheaply made at first its like oh nice weight them you feel the r and l buttons and go oh wow cheap plastic like not even good plastic is what I saying lol
Duane Kasulka
Duane Kasulka Pred 2 mesiacmi
Have you heard about the triggers on these that are breaking already. Saw a story about it. How are they repaired.
Kaya Eliçin
Kaya Eliçin Pred 2 mesiacmi
Adaptive triggers started to fail en masse.
Swoogerman32 Pred 2 mesiacmi
Rip joystick
Solo PAC
Solo PAC Pred 2 mesiacmi
Sony we need an elite series controller ASAP
DeadPixel Norbert
DeadPixel Norbert Pred 2 mesiacmi
Thx for helping me .X button was sloppy a bit...was a great time today at december 25 xD kinda more complex as the ps4 controller but easier at the same time.Thank you for the video!
Agustin Lara
Agustin Lara Pred 2 mesiacmi
John DeBusk
John DeBusk Pred 2 mesiacmi
I'm probably wrong, but it looked like you might be able to pop the analog stick off after removing the front facade without having to flip the mobo backwards?
vitor ulisses
vitor ulisses Pred 2 mesiacmi
Seu maluco destruindo um controle de PS 5 novinho
3D System
3D System Pred 2 mesiacmi
Anyone know if we can mount dualshock4 thumbstick on the dualsense ? Thanks
shaul gottfeld
shaul gottfeld Pred 2 mesiacmi
Amir TM
Amir TM Pred 2 mesiacmi
Nice 👍🏻🌹
Amir TM
Amir TM Pred 2 mesiacmi
✌😎👍🏻 Thank you very much 🌹
Unit 501
Unit 501 Pred 2 mesiacmi
dualshock 4 looks like a lite version of the dualsense
Vasily Ivanov
Vasily Ivanov Pred 2 mesiacmi
DualSense Triggers - when I tried it myself I was surprised and shocked. I understood that thing contains small motors inside... But after watched disassembling I want to stand up and give a huge applause to engineers.
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏‎ ‎ Pred 2 mesiacmi
Sony could potentially still produce another dual sense controller with different analogue sticks without affecting the controller massively the only problem would be production of it because it’s more research, time, testing and possibly a update for the controller to function like it should with the ps5
iDin V
iDin V Pred 2 mesiacmi
Can you take every 8pin flat ribbon cable for the motherboard-trigger-connection? Sadly one of mine is broken and I want to repair it
RayyanProductions Pred 2 mesiacmi
So many problems with this controller had console 2 weeks l2 r2 are broken dont even work
CFL Pred 2 mesiacmi
Im a PS guy, but a controller without paddles is a no for me. Xbox elite controller is just better imo.
Danny Andrea Loza
Danny Andrea Loza Pred 2 mesiacmi
Your the best dud
S Kerr
S Kerr Pred 2 mesiacmi
As agonising this is to watch... very cool.
Catflap Pred 2 mesiacmi
Do you know where to find a ps5 trigger spring? Mine snapped :(
Mitchell Karns
Mitchell Karns Pred 2 mesiacmi
Also hoping that they were just faulty/poorly manufactured springs and won't be a reoccurring issue. Only time will tell.
Mitchell Karns
Mitchell Karns Pred 2 mesiacmi
Mine did the same thing. The ones from PS4 controllers are the same exact spring. (Atleast the models I have.) Hope this helps.
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏‎ ‎ Pred 2 mesiacmi
Same old potentiometer joysticks
SEliteGuitarist Pred 2 mesiacmi
Glad to know I can remove the microphone honestly.
Anton Kudin
Anton Kudin Pred 2 mesiacmi
Want to tape up the LEDs on this badboy, because they're annoying to play during the night. Are LEDs the 3 yellow spots on the front of the mobo, I'm guessing?
Jesus Baruc Ramos Romero
Jesus Baruc Ramos Romero Pred 2 mesiacmi
The main problem is that the drift on the analogs on the ps4 controller is a hacked system introduced to the ps4 since you move the R3 analog to aim at a corner and the gun won't move *** and it just became a up down side to side movement instead of a 360° degree movement like my previous v1 controller ** so this new ones you one the analog and the gun won't literally move to a movement u do ** so it makes it sooooo disappointed on call of duty since the cool thing about call of duty is the fast aiming with 360° degree aiming movement and no drift as now we experience dec/8/2020 y'all know thta by fact*** so its just a feature sony took off the ps4 so that developed gamers morph to the Ps5 and leave the crap ps4 to the young lol ***
Danny Stacks
Danny Stacks Pred 2 mesiacmi
My 7 month old spilled coffee and killed my duelsense help me !!!
Kristian Powell
Kristian Powell Pred 2 mesiacmi
Does anyone know where to get spare parts for one of these controllers? “A friend is asking”
Raging Italian
Raging Italian Pred 2 mesiacmi
Offerup or EBAY
TamarinPamarin Pred 2 mesiacmi
Wow that is one accurate comparison between DS4 vs DS5.
Smiley TeK
Smiley TeK Pred 3 mesiacmi
Bunch of motherboards. I just say pcb. 🤣 Thanks for the video.
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