Replacing a bobcat drive motor

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Andrew Camarata

Pred 10 mesiacmi

Installing a new drive motor and hoses on a Bobcat t300 tracked skid steer. Everything was rusted. And welding a crack in the front idler mount.

EZ Z Pred dňom
What a crappy design! Bobcat put too many layers of metal and too many nooks and crannies where mud, dirt, and water can sit, to corrode your undercarriage.
anibal artemio
anibal artemio Pred dňom
¡Qué trabajo! Les pasó todo tipo de problemas pero los fueron solucionado. Felicitaciones .( Espero puedan traducirlo)
Jimo225 Pred dňom
I would have gotten those bolts out without breaking them. I am an expert on getting rusted bolts out without breaking them. And its much easier if you don't break it.
adrian bellamy
adrian bellamy Pred 3 dňami
They REALLY KNOW How 2 sting you for those hoses don't they ggggss 🇬🇧
The car guy
The car guy Pred 3 dňami
Ads!!!! 🤯
LawF250 Pred 4 dňami
Even in Socal bobcats leak like crazy. No rust but are always leaking.
scott sorter
scott sorter Pred 4 dňami
most excellent
ramchargerse Pred 6 dňami
you need clean the mud off all your equipment when you are done working with it.... that way it is doesn't rust up that much. and you won't end up with all the mud and shit in it... so the systems will work they way they are designed.
ramchargerse Pred 6 dňami
that bobcat appears to have been ABUSED!!!!
Bud Carr
Bud Carr Pred 6 dňami
BIG capacitors in that welder !
bpetnoi Pred 6 dňami
Yes your truck is a lot faster, until it approaches a gas station :)))))))))))))))
James Garcia
James Garcia Pred 7 dňami
Andrew, just do what you do man. Most people don’t understand salt, mud, or your region of where you live.
Jay Finke
Jay Finke Pred 7 dňami
The Florida pool pump motor repair guy approved ! that was good info Andrew
Hamdi Akca
Hamdi Akca Pred 8 dňami
you could thread the crack and then screw in
Herman Wulf
Herman Wulf Pred 9 dňami
I was surprised you didn't remove the new (expensive) hoses before putting all that heat in the housing.
Benmore Peak
Benmore Peak Pred 9 dňami
That thing's been in salt water.
Bob Mottau
Bob Mottau Pred 10 dňami
Where did this guy run this machine in a salt pit?
Paul Okada
Paul Okada Pred 12 dňami
The way to adjust the cutting flame is with the oxygen trigger pulled.
Corey fraser
Corey fraser Pred 12 dňami
Just nightmare job eh know threads in and out by the end of it lol havnt had a job like this in awhile thankfully
Christian Pred 13 dňami
What a b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l puppy!! Think he/she has just been to the Vet's for a coat trim and a bath... Probably shouldn't be in such a dirty shop. 🤔 Could you guys take it a little easy with the arc welding in this vid? It's burning holes in my computer screen. 😩
Luiz Carlos Fernandes
Luiz Carlos Fernandes Pred 14 dňami
Babems andewom c
Tashtan Tashi
Tashtan Tashi Pred 14 dňami
Fun to be fixing stuff when it’s broken, but it’s not fun when it’s your business equipment that breaks constantly.
Luiz Oliveira
Luiz Oliveira Pred 15 dňami
Também essa porra e feito de ferro fundido, muito mal feita.
Luiz Oliveira
Luiz Oliveira Pred 15 dňami
Esse é burro, meu deus, não façam isso, ele não sabe o que ferrugem, ele não sabe limpar nada
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun Pred 15 dňami
Poor Andrew, I've seen more melted metal bolts in this video than in a steel mill.
Marco Coppelo
Marco Coppelo Pred 19 dňami
Cody: Just use the excavator. Brings you a nice stick for good work. : )
mark bailey
mark bailey Pred 20 dňami
that Bobcat must have worked the salt mines at one time or another....WOW
max smith
max smith Pred 21 dňom
You are cool boy's and dog's of cpurce/
max smith
max smith Pred 21 dňom
Блин и парни вообще похоже не ругаются!
iamthemoss Pred 21 dňom
Andrew, you are a good man, love your videos. You stay much calmer and never get upset. I wish I could not spaz when my equipment tears up.
Marshall Collins
Marshall Collins Pred 22 dňami
I love it he drives the mans truck with nasty rubber gloves on😂😂
gary meyers
gary meyers Pred 23 dňami
Wonder if an aluminum welding rod would have worked?
Azhar M
Azhar M Pred 23 dňami
drill a hole, make threads for a bolt to go in.
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Pred 24 dňami
Come on awesome vido
Finter Pred 24 dňami
500 for those hoses?!?! That’s a real scam
Hamburger Pred 24 dňami
Is bobcat made in China lol
Ivan Kinsman
Ivan Kinsman Pred 27 dňami
Kubota like Honda cars ... keep on running and don't break down. That dog is a goddam genius. Now you just have to do the other side...
Tohooloo Ashok Kumar
Tohooloo Ashok Kumar Pred mesiacom
ok 1200bucks from bobcat for only hoses thats crazy. in mauritius we get it for less than 200bucks same thing. also you could have used some antiseize compound on the new bolts. cheers
jackoluvs Pred mesiacom
Job well hard done, what would the cost be parts and all for this kind of job? Thinking of buying one whitch will need that kind of repair.
Jaime Ray
Jaime Ray Pred mesiacom
Amazing perseverance.
Duke MM
Duke MM Pred mesiacom
He is a genius
Raymond Quave
Raymond Quave Pred mesiacom
That's the result of working in mud an not pressure washing the drive motor area ,,but I agree bobcat poor design,, wonder how much that drive motor cost $$$$$
olivia ava
olivia ava Pred mesiacom
The somber libra proportionately program because shoemaker respectively bathe through a hilarious panty. whispering, scarce hot
Sal Bañalez
Sal Bañalez Pred mesiacom
I should be asleep.... alarms are set to 4:30 am.
Mark Flajsner
Mark Flajsner Pred mesiacom
There you go, one truck load of gravel and the $ value of the property shoots up at least 10-20k...
5-O Preacher
5-O Preacher Pred mesiacom
That thing has been seriously neglected to be rusted like that! I had a 90’s model bobcat 773 and now a 2014 T650 and neither have rust anything remotely close to this
Microwaved Soda
Microwaved Soda Pred mesiacom
42:25 that is a cool impact driver
Ruben Boer
Ruben Boer Pred mesiacom
hahaha nice to meet you my uncle is the owner of the bobcat company its a dutch company
Douglas Thompson
Douglas Thompson Pred mesiacom
Just a suggestion but when dealing with that nasty heavy grease/mud combination try a product called F.I.S.T. (they used to make even a more potent mix called P.U.N.C.H. but I don't know that they still make that. It was hot enough if you left it for thirty minutes it would take paint off.). I get mine at either NAPA or at my Mobile bulk plant and it comes in gallons and up in size. I put it in a garden sprayer and spray it heavily on full strength then let it set for an hour before pressure washing or in your case steam pressure wash. You will be pleasantly surprised how effective it is with almost no scrubbing required. The F.I.S.T. version is not as hot at the other and can be left on without harming the paint. It will discolor polished aluminum. Worst case scenario you might need two applications. Beats the heck out of all those Super cleaners ( GunK, Super Red, Super Green, Super Purple, etc. etc.) by miles. I wouldn't even start a job without cleaning all the gunk off so you can see what you are doing and don't contaminate your project. A bit spendy but well worth it, we pay about $25 a gallon up here in Alaska.
allende6 Pred mesiacom
Amazing work I wish I can have you job !! I really like that can of job
Bear G
Bear G Pred mesiacom
You some repairs on a bobcat you had sometime ago
Brent Clark
Brent Clark Pred mesiacom
Hey AC if you’d like I have a suggestion for next time you are trying to remove a bolt with heat. Something I just found out my self.
pakvi roti
pakvi roti Pred mesiacom
Do people not perform scheduled maintenance AND periodic cleaning of their equipment, that costs THOUSANDS of $$$?
Bahaa R
Bahaa R Pred mesiacom
Even the new drive motor looks like been used and repainted
4tra Pred mesiacom
you could just fix the cable...
Vincent Pang
Vincent Pang Pred mesiacom
The unbecoming use perioperaively prevent because step-aunt karyologically scratch at a pumped library. amuck, drunk museum
J Mar
J Mar Pred mesiacom
Cody said to use the excavator!
Patrick derp
Patrick derp Pred mesiacom
your friend likes bobcats thats why he wont pick up the phone?
David Lawson
David Lawson Pred mesiacom
Drunk me watching this video again - "Why am I wat..... CODY!"
David Lawson
David Lawson Pred mesiacom
55 minutes later, damn, got me again :)
Rudy Fisher
Rudy Fisher Pred mesiacom
Wanna be better if they had plastic It would stay on until you need to take it off the next time in another save on the boats talk to you later by
Dan Caldwell
Dan Caldwell Pred mesiacom
Dude, you're killing me with the cresent wrench.
Dan Caldwell
Dan Caldwell Pred mesiacom
Might as well have done the other side at the same time.
Dan Caldwell
Dan Caldwell Pred mesiacom
I wanna know what he's doing with that machine to get it so ridiculously rusty.
Gary Ramos
Gary Ramos Pred mesiacom
I can feel the frustration as we have experienced that same issue before. Bought a brand new bobcat and after less than 2 years of use it broke down with leaks like that and of course that is on the middle east and spare parts will take forever to ship. We just junked that machine and bought a Kubota
Autigers 2010
Autigers 2010 Pred mesiacom
Not to knock you Andrew, but going back and watching this video again I think you may have caused that hole when you were using the torch to heat it up. I may be wrong, but I was the exact spot!
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer Pred mesiacom
Finally. I saw you put the copper based never seize on a bolt. It really helps later on. The nickle base never seize works good also.
Nick Pred mesiacom
Hey Andrew-Not nearly as mechanical as you are. I simply don't have the know how but am happy to learn from videos like this. Wondering what your thoughts are on most reliable track loader? I am looking at CAT, Bobcat, and Kubota as front runners. Thanks for the content!
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson Pred mesiacom
Not trying to b smart but if the bolt breaks off flush get a left handed drill bit a long one as you drill it will heat the bolt and the drill turning backwards as it gets about half way THROGH it will back the bolt out on its own and will b on the end of the drill bit when you are done I use this method all the time ,,,if u have the room to do it
SEM MES Pred mesiacom
what a complete piece of chinese steel rusted to no end
fcguy7 Pred mesiacom
2:10 teenage me popping a pimple.
Mario Alvarado
Mario Alvarado Pred mesiacom
Andrew Camarata thanks for the tip difference between Kubota and Bobcat👍👍👍👍
Leo Foenerro
Leo Foenerro Pred mesiacom
my review of his kubota >9,700 hours run-time >i've owned it for over a year fact: 8,700 hours in 1 year do you eat/sleep/poop in there? lmao sounds like you're never home bro
Pariss Allen
Pariss Allen Pred mesiacom
Absolutely love this channel 🤙🤙🙂
Jerry Anderson
Jerry Anderson Pred mesiacom
ETM Pred mesiacom
Everyone who disliked this Video must like Bobcat....
Breana Fantin
Breana Fantin Pred mesiacom
A lot of the time when removing broken bolts if after you weld the nut on give it a good smack with a hammer, this also helps losen the hold the rust has on the threads of the bolt. Love your videos. from Michigan
Scrapy 5672
Scrapy 5672 Pred mesiacom
If you think that was tough, you should try putting a switching Valve in the inner wing of F/A-18 now that pain in the but. Nice work as always.
John Ferguson
John Ferguson Pred 2 mesiacmi
Great Video, thanks for posting. Will be sure to stay away from Bobcat brand in the future.
Stanisław K
Stanisław K Pred 2 mesiacmi
I watched it a second time, watched the ENTIRE movie. I was not bored at all ;-) Andrew - you`re THE BEST! And ....... I love Cody ;-)
Eamonn Duensing
Eamonn Duensing Pred 2 mesiacmi
a buddy of mine had the same problem he had a used bobcat that he had for years and the right drive motor actually cracked in half and it was gnawing the teeth on the gears smooth on both drive motors so we needed replacement ones but his was one of those heavy duty models and it as a bitch to work on i think it was a t-650 bobcat compact track loader. he also got a new t-870 and he went all out and had it built up like a tank and bought multiple buckets and even made some like a multi toothed front bucket i think it had like 15 teeth on it.
Omahabigbill Pred 2 mesiacmi
Cody is the greatest, he cracks me up! It was really cool today when I found out he gives suggestions on how to fix things! Sure wish I would have learned welding.....
Gary Chernipeski
Gary Chernipeski Pred 2 mesiacmi
Hey what’s that computer?! My truck needs some jam
Roman Hlubuček
Roman Hlubuček Pred 2 mesiacmi
china22s Pred 2 mesiacmi
2021 see part 2: Replacing a bobcat drive motor on the left side
PNorthWest Pred 2 mesiacmi
Dang! You spend all that time getting the busted bolts out just to find out that you need to replace the entire drive motor anyways. Im waiting for part two where you replace the left side because I dont see it being in better shape.
Bohemian Ford
Bohemian Ford Pred 2 mesiacmi
Then do buy old shiny bob cats
Ad Nast
Ad Nast Pred 2 mesiacmi
You need a sandblaster that way you can sandblast rusted gears and casings to discover if it has holes and clean it of rust better.
Liam d traxxas
Liam d traxxas Pred 2 mesiacmi
Wouldn't it of helped if you undid the nuts on the back before cutting thm off with the torch, I knw it did the job but u only had to take nuts off the back 😜👍
ron hildebrand
ron hildebrand Pred 2 mesiacmi
turn up the heat on the welder
Fair Winds
Fair Winds Pred 2 mesiacmi
Bottom line, you get what you pay for!!!!
qampa h
qampa h Pred 2 mesiacmi
유압라인 막은 마개좀 볼트로 바꿔끼고 산소를 쓰지 그러나...
Evan Angeletos
Evan Angeletos Pred 2 mesiacmi
That Bobcat must have worked in a salt mine for that much rust.
Frank E
Frank E Pred 2 mesiacmi
Well, that was a well-deserved kick in the nuts for Bobcat
Bobs Youruncle
Bobs Youruncle Pred 2 mesiacmi
Don Camarata gives another service. Someday you will be asked to perform a service for him. That day may never come, but you must be prepared to do it. Now kiss his ring, take your Bobcat and enjoy your work.
johnny feathers
johnny feathers Pred 2 mesiacmi
I would trust Andrew to change my Pace maker if I had one and needed it!
superunknown ?
superunknown ? Pred 2 mesiacmi
44:18, what kind of drill were you using to bolt that sprocket on?
Joan Little
Joan Little Pred 2 mesiacmi
this is the third time watched you do love it .granny90
Slothsfor1 Pred 2 mesiacmi
Andrew you cant say anything about bobcats cause my grandfather owns a bobcat that hasnt broken down in 10 years and still works like brand new.
Patrick Corcoran
Patrick Corcoran Pred 2 mesiacmi
God damn, you guys are mechanics.
James Brackett
James Brackett Pred 2 mesiacmi
Is that your mxz or are you keeping it under cover for someone?
Barndog Schwartz
Barndog Schwartz Pred 2 mesiacmi
Andrew is an amazing mechanic
mikem mikem
mikem mikem Pred 2 mesiacmi
You remind me of an uncle who could fix anything. And he could always look at any job and in 5 minutes he knew how to fix it and what materials were needed. Thanks for the videos.
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