Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

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Late Late Show guest host Harry Styles challenges Kendall Jenner to a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, in which the two ask each other very personal questions and face a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever is in front of you. Will cod sperm and a salmon smoothie force them to spill their guts?
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Mamalee Pred 6 hodinami
I don't think the audience is real
Isabella Lintner
Isabella Lintner Pred 9 hodinami
“What song on your last album was about me?” “Track...” *realizes they’re all about louis* ~*eAtS tHe sPerM*~
LzNx Pred 10 hodinami
It’s not a good idea to eat while watching this
Zipper Ricker
Zipper Ricker Pred 12 hodinami
We want more Kendall and Harry
Ariana Ella Lorena
Ariana Ella Lorena Pred 16 hodinami
Who's here in 2021 👋
Itsjust Emily
Itsjust Emily Pred 17 hodinami
When I heard her say “Louis,Liam,nail,and zayn” I was like Louis 💚💙....larries🥺🥺🥺 I was also like the band 😩😢
Antonia xxx
Antonia xxx Pred 21 hodinou
smiling for 9 minutes straight
Nahir Zarate
Nahir Zarate Pred dňom
Sara Mussani
Sara Mussani Pred dňom
I love how Harry as soon as he heard he would have to choose between 1D then he ate a scorpion 🦂 he is a true friend
Sara Mussani
Sara Mussani Pred dňom
Don’t do the kissing emoji
Alexsus Hall
Alexsus Hall Pred dňom
Olivia Rawsthorne
Olivia Rawsthorne Pred dňom
Where they not together juring this?
dul mc
dul mc Pred dňom
idk what this interview has but i don’t know how many times I’ve watched it already
Megara Bolté
Megara Bolté Pred dňom
7:16 thank me later 😌
Lilia Kabbara
Lilia Kabbara Pred dňom
The fact that harry will never do anything to hurt 1D is iconic
Adriana Castellanos
Adriana Castellanos Pred dňom
Does this guy look like other guy?
Malenkov Pred dňom
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Ava Leila
Ava Leila Pred dňom
Gladys Micha
Gladys Micha Pred dňom
Harry at 7:03 his cute laugh before asking the question. 🔥♥️❤️❤️💕Am in love
Evan Leonard
Evan Leonard Pred dňom
If I was apart of the Kardashian-Jenner family and Kendall said my name last, I'd be fine. I'd sleep fine knowing that she's literally drinking 100-year old eggnog.
directioner Pred dňom
8:20 the way he looked up skfjskfjskfjskf
Angela Pred dňom
Frank Wang
Frank Wang Pred 2 dňami
Elle B.
Elle B. Pred 2 dňami
Harry didn't rank his own bandmates and neither should you.
kelly naz
kelly naz Pred 2 dňami
how would harry rate them do u think
Mackenzie Siems
Mackenzie Siems Pred 2 dňami
Onyx Pred 2 dňami
Harry styles seriously needs to host a show. Not to mention this is the only one (that I know of) without James eating too
Onyx Pred 2 dňami
Me scrolling through the comments and realizing I’ve been here before and half of them are liked already
اية تيتي
اية تيتي Pred 2 dňami
وش اسم البنت اللي معه
Suha Bari
Suha Bari Pred 2 dňami
This is probably a everyday meal for china
Khanya Nyameni
Khanya Nyameni Pred 2 dňami
i remember when i first watched this i thought Kendall had a cute crush on Harry🥰
rafaela miranda
rafaela miranda Pred 2 dňami
I keep watching this over and over cause it’s so so good and I always laugh
Si Darkaoui
Si Darkaoui Pred 2 dňami
I would answer whatever eww
Sevda nur Şen
Sevda nur Şen Pred 2 dňami
çok fazla shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip
ashreya nair
ashreya nair Pred 2 dňami
they actually can't stop smiling at eachother
ashreya nair
ashreya nair Pred 20 hodinami
@xx xx who said i was talking about them in relationship terms? can't friends smile at each other too?
xx xx
xx xx Pred 20 hodinami
they're literally friends (barely now) why y'all gotta ruin it and make it deep they're having fun😭?
Mehar Bhallay
Mehar Bhallay Pred 2 dňami
Is it just me or is she blushing throughout
Gladys Micha
Gladys Micha Pred dňom
She is.. I think there is still some residual attraction on her part
Gavegast Pred 2 dňami
Solar Pred 2 dňami
lmao im smiling for the whole video 😭
Atsuhi Hinata-Miya
Atsuhi Hinata-Miya Pred 3 dňami
Well Kourtney being last is not surprising. Even Khloe chose Kim over Kourtney on being her kid's legal guardian.
Nida Bayram
Nida Bayram Pred 3 dňami
00:26 yee uhhh
Harry Edward Styles
Harry Edward Styles Pred 3 dňami
I love his laugh 🥰🥰
jennie Pred 3 dňami
Fuck. These two are beautiful to look at.
PoTAEtos_16 Pred 3 dňami
Sackarias Benjaminsson
Sackarias Benjaminsson Pred 3 dňami
This crowd could make anyone feel like the funniest person alive🥴
Amit Rathod
Amit Rathod Pred 3 dňami
i love how many times harry said uhh-
Aviation HQ
Aviation HQ Pred 3 dňami
Harry: breathing Croud: hahahahahahahhaha
Layla Mahoney
Layla Mahoney Pred 3 dňami
Hi Bye
Hi Bye Pred 3 dňami
Who is he? The typical thing he did🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hi Bye
Hi Bye Pred 3 dňami
Harry; ready Kendal; no Harry; ok🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Olivia Flaibam
Olivia Flaibam Pred 3 dňami
1:34 , 2:38 , 4:32 , 5:14 , 7:15 , 8:02 , Kendall is a sub for Harry
Dilara Pelit
Dilara Pelit Pred 3 dňami
Greta S
Greta S Pred 3 dňami
kendall’s jumpsuit is giving me anxiety
Amanda cer
Amanda cer Pred 4 dňami
Hello there if u got this recommended after 2 yrs again and ur still watching!
Caren Jose
Caren Jose Pred 4 dňami
still watching
jenna zaffino
jenna zaffino Pred 4 dňami
harry really acting like he didnt know that she played before
Typing owl
Typing owl Pred 4 dňami
My cheeks hurt from smiling
Blorence Miyo
Blorence Miyo Pred 4 dňami
okay I'm come from Viet Nam and in my country,it have near all this food
TeaCher Chang'E
TeaCher Chang'E Pred 4 dňami
Oh my idol so pretty
Morgan Bartley
Morgan Bartley Pred 4 dňami
She could rank her family as parents, but couldn’t tell him who slid into her dms. Aww
Spencer Velasco
Spencer Velasco Pred 4 dňami
Eric Gary
Eric Gary Pred 4 dňami
I make huge profits on my investment since I started trading with Mrs Anna,her trading strategies are top much
KPOP_ KAITLIN Pred 2 dňami
Umm who tf is Mrs Anna ;-;
Eric Gary
Eric Gary Pred 4 dňami
That's how I started with her last week👆
Eric Gary
Eric Gary Pred 4 dňami
@Jennifer Beni Kindly reach her through her contact details
Jennifer Beni
Jennifer Beni Pred 4 dňami
This is not the first time I am hearing of Mrs Anna and her exploits in the trading world but I have no idea how to reach her
Frankle Henry
Frankle Henry Pred 4 dňami
I invest with Mrs Anna too, she charges a 20% commission on profit made after every trading session which is fair compare to the effort she put in to make huge profit
Taureg Pred 4 dňami
Harry has got natural charisma, great host
Maggie Pred 4 dňami
shes soo thin , like how
Eva Chadt
Eva Chadt Pred 4 dňami
At 5:07 Harry does this thing and now it’s all over TikTok and i do this a billion times a day thanks Harry 😂😂
Kieran Templeton
Kieran Templeton Pred 4 dňami
I have no love for One Direction or their music, but....Harry's last question... he didn't even need to hear the full question, he knew he wouldn't judge a brother! So I totally respect him for that!
peky bu
peky bu Pred 4 dňami
harry said one direction forever
impatient for ag7
impatient for ag7 Pred 4 dňami
Despite all the surgery, Kendall probably is the most genuine Kardashian-Jenner member
Suha Ali
Suha Ali Pred 4 dňami
I miss James already
Ecrin Yılmaz
Ecrin Yılmaz Pred 4 dňami
3.21 any of them bye-
Ελισάβετ Νικολαΐδου
Ελισάβετ Νικολαΐδου Pred 4 dňami
Skreaque From the SORRI club
Skreaque From the SORRI club Pred 4 dňami
Painted nails make Harry beautiful
RW w
RW w Pred 5 dňami
If Harry is there of course dah it’s a mega package of fun and laughing 😂😂🥰💜
Tiktok Business Compilation
Tiktok Business Compilation Pred 5 dňami
The best time to start over is today. Keep your dreams and wishes alive by working a bit toward them each and every day.
Ellie Grace
Ellie Grace Pred 5 dňami
S R Pred 5 dňami
is he drunk?
Amy Pred 5 dňami
Them after the show Ooh I don't feel well **Gets food. Poisoning**
Gayush Levonyan
Gayush Levonyan Pred 5 dňami
I need another one of spill you guts or fill your guts with harry and Kenny almost as bad as I need air MAKE IT HAPPEN PLEASE IM BEGGING
Diyen Polin
Diyen Polin Pred 5 dňami
Cutieeee ❤
Christine Wing
Christine Wing Pred 5 dňami
harry should really have his own show
Lilly Jasmine
Lilly Jasmine Pred 5 dňami
? Harry Styles,& Kendall Jenner ?
Naomi Agbonze
Naomi Agbonze Pred 5 dňami
Harry : are you ready? Kendall: No Harry: Okay 😁
Pierce Hart
Pierce Hart Pred 6 dňami
Someone actually kept data of how old the eggnog was?
Audrey Collins
Audrey Collins Pred 6 dňami
This was the cutest thing I have seen
emmselle Pred 6 dňami
*harry says in great confidence-*
It’s Denali Salais
It’s Denali Salais Pred 6 dňami
A ló que vinieron x2 8:30
It’s Denali Salais
It’s Denali Salais Pred 6 dňami
A lo que vinieron 3:10
siena Pred 6 dňami
Aw his little laugh when reading the question 🥺
Fujii Pred 6 dňami
i would probably eat what kendall has swallowed at the bucket
marco moquete
marco moquete Pred 6 dňami
5:37 kendall being a little shady there 👑❤️😂
lives dum
lives dum Pred 6 dňami
y'all probably smiling about harry but I'm over here just loving kendall.
Andrew White
Andrew White Pred 6 dňami
Haha!! Loved when Harry asked Kendall to rate her own siblings from best to worst parents and when Kendall asked Harry to reveal which song off his last album were about herself.
emmanuelle Pred 6 dňami
Who’s here after finding out Kendall lost her v-card to Harry ?!
Gladys Micha
Gladys Micha Pred dňom
For real?? Where did you read this
jagoda Pred 6 dňami
Sakura Fuyumi
Sakura Fuyumi Pred 6 dňami
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Dancing Through Quarantine
Dancing Through Quarantine Pred 6 dňami
Kendall, I know a guy who you might like....he has lots of tattos and is britti-
Hi lo
Hi lo Pred 6 dňami
pov: you're here again
Bảo Archie
Bảo Archie Pred 6 dňami
"Slide into D.M.s " what does it mean? I am VietNamese So I dont understand it! Thank you
Bảo Archie
Bảo Archie Pred 4 dňami
@Mia .8 Thank you so much
Mia .8
Mia .8 Pred 6 dňami
it means when you send a message to someone and try to make it smooth and sound cool
Miraculous !!
Miraculous !! Pred 6 dňami
Who ships or just me
Kayleigh Clarke
Kayleigh Clarke Pred 7 dňami
these two are iconic
xx xx
xx xx Pred 20 hodinami
sure kayleigh
Aviana Rose
Aviana Rose Pred 7 dňami
How many times you are gonna be here. Just go and do some homeworks. *Advice for me🙂
no face
no face Pred 7 dňami
I've watched this video an unhealthy amount of time
Kylie Rae
Kylie Rae Pred 7 dňami
Wait were they ever a couple??
KPOP_ KAITLIN Pred 2 dňami
Yep they dated
Manha Mohammed
Manha Mohammed Pred 7 dňami
Fun fact Harry sometimes has blue eyes and sometimes green
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