Top 17 Coolest Places to Visit in Mexico | Mexico Travel Guide

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Jacob Laukaitis

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Jacob Laukaitis
Jacob Laukaitis Pred rokom
Yooo! Super sorry for having to re-upload this video, guys, but the first one had some stabilization issues haha 🙈🙈 let me know what you thought about this video, your feedback means the world! #WeAreExploriors
IMFAME Pred 11 dňami
Buen trabajo chavalon
Gerardo Israel Pineda Rivera
Gerardo Israel Pineda Rivera Pred 5 mesiacmi
Yoooo... amazing video... i really love your work and btw ... i'm from México n i don't know even the Half of the places that you mention... sooooo the challenge its ON !!! Tnx and if U never need some help here @México you tell me...
Gabriela Rivera
Gabriela Rivera Pred 5 mesiacmi
San Luis Potosi with the Huasteca got the 3 first tops on your list! 🙏❤🙌
Montse Cubos
Montse Cubos Pred 5 mesiacmi
I just found this video, I’m so happy to see that you chose three places from San Luis Potosí, I just wanna add that Las Pozas, el Sótano de las Golondrinas and the waterfall are in La Huasteca Potosina which actually has many beautiful places. Even though I’m from there (San Luis Potosí) , I have been just in a few places.
Marina Gonzalez
Marina Gonzalez Pred 5 mesiacmi
Wonderful, enthusiastic , and I love your video . I’m from Mexico 🇲🇽 city and I live here in Texas , but after this video I want to go back to my beautiful Mexico.
Lost and Looking
Lost and Looking Pred 2 dňami
Impressive! I'm 29, from Ohio heading to South America in 2 weeks. I'll continue uploading on my channel.
Lyz Flores
Lyz Flores Pred 2 dňami
En pocas palabras, su favorito SLP
Lourdes Munguía
Lourdes Munguía Pred 3 dňami
My country 😍
Wilfried Schuler
Wilfried Schuler Pred 3 dňami
Pobre Mexico. Tan lejos del cielo, pero tan cerca a los gringos.
s k
s k Pred 4 dňami
So impressed with your recommendations. Its such a shame that most tourists stick to the resorts...Mexico has so much to offer
Luis Lgsmosh
Luis Lgsmosh Pred 6 dňami
Puf!!! y te faltaron bastantes ... llegaria a 100 , sin duda alguna.... sabiendo lo que te gusta .. ahi te van algunos lugares mas.... LA PLAYA DEL ESPIRITU SANTO ... BARRANCAS DEL COBRE CHIHUAHUA ... PLAYA ESCONDIDA , DE LAS ISLAS MARIETAS .... CASCADA DE CUSARARE ... EL NIDO DE QUETZALCOATL ... LAGO DE TAMECUARO .... LAS GRUTAS DE TALANTONGO Y PRISMAS BASLTICOS .... MAZAMITLA ... ... y los que faltan !!!!
César Jácome
César Jácome Pred 6 dňami
Mexico is a million places in one country, is a color rainbow, history brave, traditions, ancestral architecture, delicious food, and de best... the people. Regards from Mexico City. MI CASA ES TU CASA (my home is your home).
Ana Karen Ruiz
Ana Karen Ruiz Pred 6 dňami
Alright! So proud of my country! Buttttt I can give you a lot of recommendations and tips and maybe this rate could change! Think about it 😁
Annesha Mondal
Annesha Mondal Pred 8 dňami
your video made my day
Annesha Mondal
Annesha Mondal Pred 8 dňami
your video made my day...
Gustavo MF
Gustavo MF Pred 9 dňami
Please make a video about Mexico's largest cities, all of them are modern and cosmopolitan!!
Jorge Arellano
Jorge Arellano Pred 9 dňami
You totally got scammed with the fine 😂
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Pred 9 dňami
You need to learn how to pronounce the city names. "LL" is "Y" like yes. So (Ah-Yen-Deh) Allende
Zs S.
Zs S. Pred 9 dňami
Did you not fly your drone into the crater??
Wetson PUB
Wetson PUB Pred 9 dňami
Best place to get lost if you know what you are doing!
Larry Picard
Larry Picard Pred 10 dňami
I think you missed the boat about San Miguel. Not that it’s not beautiful but because it is very over run with tourists. The capital Guanajuato to me is much nicer. Not very touristy and very historic. It’s the birthplace of Diego Rivera and home to the Festival Cervantino. The other places look wonderful but too much driving for me.
Jua Ram
Jua Ram Pred 10 dňami
Do you know that Alberta Canada politics travel to Mexico in the middle of pandemic and every one grounded at home🤣 I know mexico is really really beautiful.....
Carlos Hernández
Carlos Hernández Pred 11 dňami
I'm from San Luis Potosí, México
Jonathan Fontanez
Jonathan Fontanez Pred 11 dňami
Mexico is bullshit.
ecuadordean Pred 11 dňami
Why do you talk so fast?
IMFAME Pred 11 dňami
Buen trabajo chavalon
5:31 I love that! Use a local guide to help them 👍.
G. E.
G. E. Pred 13 dňami
It's not the province of San Luis Potosí, it's a state. Mexico is divided into states, not provinces like Canada, not hating, I just thought you'd like to know.
Roy King
Roy King Pred 15 dňami
I love love loved this one. BTW: you are just so beautiful, and I really enjoy your energy. I will probably immigrate from the US to Mexico when I retire. I may even visit some of the places you did in this video. I saw the pyramid of the sun/moon a couple times in the late 1980-90's. Loved it. Not so many tourists back then. Keep up the good work!!! And keep smiling!!
Tour Planner
Tour Planner Pred 16 dňami
Good Vlog Might Help Someone explore Kashmir in Budget Here are some places we recommend you to visit once in your Life Check it
Seray YILMAZ Pred 18 dňami
thanks for your great energy Jacob :) it is beautiful.
Work Profile
Work Profile Pred 18 dňami
Sure, a "beautiful" country, full of poverty, inequality, violence, drugs, violence... what a waste living here and be afraid of putting a step on the sidewalk. I hate my country
Lola L
Lola L Pred 17 dňami
There is way more violence,crime,corruption poverty in other countries than in Mexico Makes me laugh that people think that U.S.,Europe,Canada and other countries are first world countries where nothing happens and that's not the case.
Lola L
Lola L Pred 17 dňami
Where they bring all their bad people and damn problems with them where they do and have done the most horrific crimes in Mexico and U.S. yet Mexico and Mexicans always get blamed for everything
Lola L
Lola L Pred 17 dňami
I bet your not even from Mexico. People love to talk so much crap I suggest you travel and see what goes on in the world get out of your cave. Unfortunately Mexico has always had massive immigration issues too you know especially from Central America,South America and Carribean that migrate in massive amounts to Mexico and U.S.
Josh S.
Josh S. Pred 19 dňami
Holbox is overloaded with tourists. It was a beautiful place but forget about, the infrastructure can’t handle it and the place is easily flooded with sewage as there isn’t a system that can.
Ashanti Robinson
Ashanti Robinson Pred 19 dňami
Awesome I wish I was that adventurous. I thought I was until I saw this. 🙄
Tactical Advance
Tactical Advance Pred 20 dňami
Oh men beware you visit the place u show in the video some are soooo dangerous and more if u are foreign
Lola L
Lola L Pred 17 dňami
¿Dangerous for foreigners? Stop watching MSM and Fake news. Mexico is 6th in world tourism with out counting cruises or else it would be 2nd in the world. Mexico is in top of happiest people and countries in the world, rich in many natural resources. Largest economy in Latin America and in 14th place worldwide. You would meet the nicest most welcoming,hard working people in the world. There are millions of foreigners living in Mexico. Thousands of U.S.,European,Canadian natives living in Mexico. Mexico has the largest Amish community in the world. ¿Yup supper dangerous and so unwelcoming?
Lola L
Lola L Pred 17 dňami
There is way more violence,crime,corruption poverty in other countries than in Mexico. Makes me laugh that people think that U.S.,Canada,Europe and other countries are first world countries where nothing happens and that's not the case.
Lola L
Lola L Pred 17 dňami
Where they bring all their bad people and damn problems with them where they do and have done the most horrific crimes in Mexico and U.S. yet Mexico and Mexicans always get blamed for everything
Lola L
Lola L Pred 17 dňami
Unfortunately Mexico is in the middle of so much 💩 on one side Canada,U.S. and the other Central America,South America and to top it Carribean.
Lola L
Lola L Pred 17 dňami
I bet your not even from Mexico You must be from the Southern countries of Mexico they love to talk so much crap. I suggest you travel and see what goes in the world get out of your cave. Unfortunately Mexico has always had massive immigration issues too you know especially from Central America,South America and Carribean that migrate in massive amounts to Mexico and U.S.
GABO BELTRAN Pred 20 dňami
Omg and all these places rare so unknown and hardly advertised that make them a truly hidden gem ! And on top of those u can find as well the most famous and admired touristic spot such as canción Tulum miexiico City los Cabos , puerto Vallarta ,Zihiatanejo Acapulco hiuatulco etc
Itzel Nava
Itzel Nava Pred 20 dňami
You should go to tolantongo
Paulo Esparza
Paulo Esparza Pred 22 dňami
Solo muestras lugares del sur, México es mucho mas.
Michele Hood
Michele Hood Pred 22 dňami
You’ve got to be Lithuanian with that last name ❤️ Much love from Michele Abromaitis USA
Frank Murillo
Frank Murillo Pred 23 dňami
This video should be renamed top 15 places to visit in South East Mexico
Resort Walk Throughs
Resort Walk Throughs Pred 24 dňami
Great vid! THINKING OF GOING TO MEXICO? I just got back & stayed at Ocean Coral & Turquesa Dec 2020, safe enough but risks are involved such as flight cancellations. Here is my resort walk through if anyone is interested in going to Riviera Maya in Mexico! ♥♥♥♥
Egds Rhdhd
Egds Rhdhd Pred 25 dňami
Oh my god... This is what i needed🥺
Egds Rhdhd
Egds Rhdhd Pred 25 dňami
You can also see flamingos in their natural space in spain, andalusia, Salinas exactly 😊👌🏻
Egds Rhdhd
Egds Rhdhd Pred 25 dňami
Finally somebody who can read names correctly... Im sick when i watch americans who can't put effort to learn that 😭
Armando B. Castenelli
Armando B. Castenelli Pred 26 dňami
Well, that was 6 Mexican states out of 32. Waiting for the rest.
Tonino 8
Tonino 8 Pred 27 dňami
when pronounce “Allende” the double LL sounds similar to the Y sound when you pronounce “You” just an observation
Victor Uc
Victor Uc Pred mesiacom
You need to visit Calakmul is the most important ancient cities of Mayan civilization in South of Mexico, you really need to visit, I liked your video it’s nicer!
María del Mar Almazán López
María del Mar Almazán López Pred mesiacom
Hey! I really really enjoyed your video! I have watched some travel blogs of Mexico and almost all of them have disappointed me, until I found yours. Mexico is not just Baja California, or Cancún... you really covered a lot of territory and you showed a lot of unique places. I mean, even I will take some of this places into account because I do not know all of them. Congratulations!
Angie Pred mesiacom
Thank you for respecting the places you visited and warning potential travelers about what not to do. Let’s continue to respect wildlife and the land by not littering or doing things that endanger the animals. We will enjoy it longer that way. Much love.
Maria Sanmo
Maria Sanmo Pred mesiacom
I like your video, but I have to complain that really was an unreasonable mistake you fly a drone where you could have hurt or kill some birds.
Corey Kirk
Corey Kirk Pred mesiacom
Your pronunciation is HORRIBLE but I agree with most of the places as I've seen them, maybe not the same order. At first I thought you were American because of how you say things ... you have some Mexican accent .. but don't say like things like locals. share the same love of Mexico with you!
Mr. Salgado
Mr. Salgado Pred mesiacom
You missed some truly spectacular sites in the north/northwest part of Mexico, like the "Barranca del Cobre" ("Copper Canyon") in the northern state of Chihuahua (not too far from the U.S./Mexico border), which dwarfs "El Cañon del Sumidero". Well, maybe next time, right? Good video though :)
Juanka Zarich
Juanka Zarich Pred mesiacom
You should try to know how to correctly pronounce the names of all these place, out of respect!!!!
Fabiola Pred mesiacom
no es cierto, todo es mentira, no vengan aquí, los turistas arruinan todo
Charisma Carrillo
Charisma Carrillo Pred mesiacom
Noo NOT the drones 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏
MK Pred mesiacom
I absolutely love Mexico from the bottom of my heart... I have no clue why... I am not even Mexican but yet i watch telenovelas and listen to Spanish songs all the time... I am also learning Spanish now. I can't wait to visit Mexico. VIVA MEXICO 🇲🇽 🙏❤️🤗
Itttzel Pred mesiacom
Hola Jacob! You need, YOU NEED to go back to the Tamul waterfall and try rappel to the side, just right next to the waterfall!!!!! I did it a few years ago and it has been one of the best experiences in life. It was amazing and magical. ;) Thanks for this great video. A big hug from a mexican fan! Hasta pronto! Back soon in Mexico!
Thalia Alexander
Thalia Alexander Pred mesiacom
This is the sweetest guy! Thanks for speaking so lovely about my country! definitely need to travel more around Mexico
Algie De Jesus
Algie De Jesus Pred mesiacom
Thank you for sharing you're vlogs I'm excited to visit family in Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca,Mexico were my husband came from. Thank you for the video's I'm excited to explore more places in Mexico.
Henny's World
Henny's World Pred mesiacom
what a great video! I AGREE! I had a great journey my self through mexico! I love the people there! got to see many regions & be their for the biggest holiday their dia de los muertes , definitely would reccomend to check it out. Look at my channel to see my Mexican Travel Series as i go INSIDE MEXICO #vivamexico
tony sledge
tony sledge Pred mesiacom
Hey! Really, I agree with you. Slowly alot of these places are now being discovered. Enjoyed your video and alot of good tips on the obscure places to visit. Back in 2013, I visited Holbox and nobody was there. In 2019, I could not believe how many people had discovered it.
Gerardo Mt
Gerardo Mt Pred mesiacom
Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks for sharing bro thanks again
Alondra Moncerrath Rodriguez Cruz
Alondra Moncerrath Rodriguez Cruz Pred mesiacom
Number 2 also called sótano de las golondrinas❤️❤️ it was like an hour away from where i used to live💕
Lepe1 Pred mesiacom
My Mexico is soo beautiful. Glad you enjoy it!
Plan Free
Plan Free Pred 2 mesiacmi
Great video thanks for sharing! We've spent 9 months in Mexico and haven't been to any of these spots. That's how much beauty there is in this vast and diverse country!
Akeila Hanson
Akeila Hanson Pred 2 mesiacmi
Luagres de inters Colombia ?
Random Female
Random Female Pred 2 mesiacmi
Great content and loads of charm; you're a winner, kid.
Wilhelm GM
Wilhelm GM Pred 2 mesiacmi
If you want to have a really magical experience in Mexico, try some ayahuasca ;)
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez Pred 2 mesiacmi
Donald Trump dont like Mexico or Mexicans
Francisco Hermosillo
Francisco Hermosillo Pred 2 mesiacmi
Jacob no se si entiendes español, pero cuando entras al agua del cenote pet cementery, claro se ve una mano de esta forma 👇 pense al principio q fue esculpida, pero es causa de la naturaleza, me dejo tan sorprendido!!!!
jonpender Pred 2 mesiacmi
The background music combined with your manic delivery is really annoying.
Dave Pred 2 mesiacmi
Number 15 is called "Fortaleza de San Juan de Ulúa" or St. John of Ulúa Fortress, not fort Veracruz.
WWTormentor Pred 2 mesiacmi
If Mexico is such a great place, then why are all these Mexicans crossing the borders illegally to come to the US? Mexico is nothing more than a shit hole that’s governed by corrupt politicians and the drug cartels. And if you do come here from Mexico, please leave your flag home. Otherwise take your flag and go home and live in this so called beautiful country you claim you have.
한수아 Pred 3 mesiacmi
I'm South Korean and I'm gonna go Mexico someday :) Beautiful country❤️
Leslie York
Leslie York Pred 3 mesiacmi
Wait, why cant you believe beauty is in Mexico 😂😂???
Jonathan Barajas
Jonathan Barajas Pred 3 mesiacmi
Sorry Jacob try to avoid using too much excitement, it can very annoying especially at the begging of the video. Will not subscribe for now,
James Williams
James Williams Pred 3 mesiacmi
The Cartels corrupted the country
Mike Avalos
Mike Avalos Pred 3 mesiacmi
Iam from San luis 🥰
ryan smith
ryan smith Pred 3 mesiacmi
San Luis Potosi representando a Mexico! La huasteca es el Eden de Dios
Arthur Otte
Arthur Otte Pred 3 mesiacmi
I like your video, but it is very clear you only saw a few places of Mexico. This country has so many more even more amazing things to offer!
Abhishek Atkaan
Abhishek Atkaan Pred 3 mesiacmi
Thank you man for sharing your experience with us .....
john Pred 3 mesiacmi
why are you lying? the sign at the ticket booth said that drones are prohibited...
Chinchin Chokhlei
Chinchin Chokhlei Pred 3 mesiacmi
By the way you look very young
angelica Pliego
angelica Pliego Pred 3 mesiacmi
Oh goodness hehehe I ended up eaten by those mosquitoes on Holbox XD hahahaha but was really cool :D
Xally Islas
Xally Islas Pred 3 mesiacmi
That's no lizard, that's an iguana
inigosalcedom Pred 3 mesiacmi
I’m Mexican and I didn’t even know some of these spots lol
Asha & David Travel Buds Established since 2001
Asha & David Travel Buds Established since 2001 Pred 3 mesiacmi
Excellent video i most say , really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing.
Armando Guadarrama
Armando Guadarrama Pred 3 mesiacmi
Check : Grutas of Tolantongo 👍🏼
EnamorandonosUSA Pred 3 mesiacmi
i like
david12345bagg Pred 3 mesiacmi
I live in San Luis Potosi Mexico which has your top 3 places to visit, our state is amazing and we have so many more thing to share with the world! Come visit us any time will be happy! Viva Mexico!!
Laqueena Brown
Laqueena Brown Pred 3 mesiacmi
Moving to Hawaii but never been to Mexico
Oriplayer 2
Oriplayer 2 Pred 4 mesiacmi
My God, even if I live in Mexico, I have only visited 4 of all those beautiful places, the truth is, I would like to go to all those great places in this great country. LIVE MEXICO
Kevin Pred 4 mesiacmi
“Untouched by civilization” uhhhh no.
Hugo Braulio
Hugo Braulio Pred 4 mesiacmi
Que buen video, congrats and just you miss one of the most famous places in Mexico, Tequila a beautiful place to visit, and everyone are welcome in our country. Que viva Mexico y el mundo.
Giraldie Yaretzi Tinajero Cuéllar
Giraldie Yaretzi Tinajero Cuéllar Pred 4 mesiacmi
Well I notice that the places that this video said are in the center and south of Mexico
Jose Fernando Calderon Cabrera
Jose Fernando Calderon Cabrera Pred 4 mesiacmi
Bro Thank you !!! Loved your video great great work
Carole Hammonds
Carole Hammonds Pred 4 mesiacmi
What a fun video! Your enthusiasm was awesome! The shots and all the info was really informative. Thank You kiddo!!!
happygirl 27
happygirl 27 Pred 4 mesiacmi
san miguel is also famous for its elite and amazing nightlife for people of all ages! im from san luis potosi me and my friends go to san miguel to party for a weekend every other month and my friends from queretaro and celaya go almost every weekend! its a beautiful town in my country
art_e Pred 4 mesiacmi
What a great video thank you for showing my beautiful country as it best!!!
Orching Pred 4 mesiacmi
$45 "fine" = mordida.
Orching Pred 4 mesiacmi
Dude I do not know who told you that coral reef was destroyed to build a fortress, but they lie to you. The rock used to build the fortress in Mexico and all around the Caribbean were taken from lime stone quarry and the rocks is made of coral reef that die millions of years ago. No even the same species of coral reef alive today. The rock is common also in all colonial houses.
Sabrina Weldy
Sabrina Weldy Pred 4 mesiacmi
Great Video! Sorry to see that at #2 the locals played a mean trick on you. That is illegal and you were not actually charged anything you were given a fake ticket. My boyfriend did a lot of research on this. WE forgot the actual term in Spanish but it translates to "bite" they do this to unknowing tourist and its less of a problem now then it used to be.
TFG.Lobus Pred 4 mesiacmi
I live in Mexico and I'm Mexican-American and I have to tell you that Mexico is a beautiful country. I love Mexico. 🇲🇽❤️
Stella Davey
Stella Davey Pred 4 mesiacmi
El mundo está cambiando y la tecnología se está desarrollando y si no empezamos a desarrollarte, estarás perdido en esta carrera del tiempo. Hay una cosa más que está cambiando que es el tipo de relaciones, el amor y la intimidad. Hoy en día, la gente engaña más en una relación que siendo leal en una. Debido a la tecnología, los niños de hoy también se están moviendo por caminos equivocados, caminos que son muy dañinos para ellos y pueden conducir a peligros muy graves. La principal razón de todo este problema es el teléfono celular porque causa tantos problemas como su beneficio dependiendo del uso. Existe una solución a todos los problemas anteriores utilizando el servicio Con la ayuda de su servicio, podrá piratear y espiar el teléfono de cualquier persona sin su conocimiento y con demasiada facilidad. su servicio de piratería es completamente anónimo y muy fácil de usar. Lo más interesante de esto es que es muy rápido y viene con muchas funciones. Así que comencemos cómo podemos piratear el teléfono de alguien pero no para que actúen los delincuentes. Siga estos pasos y su trabajo estará terminado...
Solo In Mexico's Most Dangerous Barrio 🇲🇽
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