Truth or Tequila feat. Becky G! | COLOURPOP

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We played "Truth or Tequila" with Becky G!

Becky G X ColourPop will be available 12/5 at 10am PST! -
Photographer - @brendanforbes
Makeup by @ash_kholm
Hair by @cesar4styles
Styled by @morgann
Nails by @karengnails
Video @photobylaurent @mondobiondodigital
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Lily Vega
Lily Vega Pred 3 dňami
Truth AND tequila
Grace Pred 6 dňami
That’s water 😂❤️
Jiamei Hu
Jiamei Hu Pred 11 dňami
Terrible shopping experience on colourpop website, I'm living Italy , so when I make some extra European order , Italian custom will apply 22% tax on the money I paid for the order , but the value of the order is declared by the seller , I bought form colourpop website a month ago , and they declared the full price of product as the value of my order , but I've bought them with 50% sale so I paid half price for everything, but this website declared that I spent the full price money so I had paid more tax which I'm not supposed to , I contact their team and they tell me to check my country tax law..... Very angry and disappointed In addition to that one of the lipstick I bouth was already used by someone before I open it !!!
Irfan Ahmad
Irfan Ahmad Pred mesiacom
Franche Franche Fran
Franche Franche Fran Pred mesiacom
Que linda
Kiara Korb
Kiara Korb Pred 3 mesiacmi
:3 :3
:3 :3 Pred 3 mesiacmi
holy shit her tolerance is rly up there how many shots was that lol I am applauding
Yoselin Acosta
Yoselin Acosta Pred 3 mesiacmi
yaa. me la ban a poner borracha amy becky
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh Pred 3 mesiacmi
Looking pretty
06ziggy Pred 5 mesiacmi
I'm just here because I adore beautiful cute latina girls...yeah like Becky G.
Leticia Acevedo
Leticia Acevedo Pred 5 mesiacmi
If you were my Uber driver I would not want to leave the car I would literally like tell my parents if we can stay in the car
Олег Лукьянчк
Олег Лукьянчк Pred 6 mesiacmi
Какая же ты симпатюля! Так и хочется тебя обнять и поцеловать. Super! Te saludo desde Ucrania.👍👍👍💖💖💖
Michio Date
Michio Date Pred 6 mesiacmi
yes pinnaple pizza amazingggg
Cristian Mendoza
Cristian Mendoza Pred 6 mesiacmi
Hablas en español Becky G
Paws & Thumbs
Paws & Thumbs Pred 6 mesiacmi
*gordan ramsey enters the chat*
Shannon Lezama
Shannon Lezama Pred 6 mesiacmi
She's so cutee
Ngoni Motsi
Ngoni Motsi Pred 7 mesiacmi
Midlife crisis at 9🤣
wendyxedits Pred 7 mesiacmi
Becky was cute throughout this and gorgeous too🥺!!
wendyxedits Pred 7 mesiacmi
Musa Bolla
Musa Bolla Pred 7 mesiacmi
raulpatriotmove Pred 7 mesiacmi
I love it. We got so much in comun. Mucha gente don’t understand those days that you just want to be Solo, away from everybody; Salir y get to know yourself a bit more.
rain bicks
rain bicks Pred 7 mesiacmi
ive never had pinapple on pizza
Cinthia Vega
Cinthia Vega Pred 7 mesiacmi
My uncles say that I look like Becky g
Cinthia Vega
Cinthia Vega Pred 7 mesiacmi
When I was born I was ub
Nova Leah
Nova Leah Pred 7 mesiacmi
“Uhh Duh”
Jaya Pred 8 mesiacmi
She literally sounds like she is our bestie and crime partner
Iya Tan
Iya Tan Pred 8 mesiacmi
what did she say (in spanish) before she drank the teuila? (1:32)
Julia Ioanis
Julia Ioanis Pred 8 mesiacmi
I heard of her back when I was young young but coming back to her now, I don’t regret knowing her.
Amasa Ruwandee
Amasa Ruwandee Pred 8 mesiacmi
She's Soo cutee😍😘😘
Alexander fihofeek
Alexander fihofeek Pred 8 mesiacmi
Bea fernandez
Bea fernandez Pred 8 mesiacmi
Julia Jackson
Julia Jackson Pred 8 mesiacmi
She was WASTED after she got through those shots
Emily Aguilar
Emily Aguilar Pred 9 mesiacmi
I love Becky g I want to meet her
Vanesa len culiho
Vanesa len culiho Pred 9 mesiacmi
Cassie Avestruz
Cassie Avestruz Pred 9 mesiacmi
why she always sayin duh
Lenore Pacheco
Lenore Pacheco Pred 9 mesiacmi
Becky: "I can't even say hedgehog" Me: you just said it perfectly
The Lalabot
The Lalabot Pred 9 mesiacmi
CHAMPURRADO! i love it too💕
Jay Santiago
Jay Santiago Pred 9 mesiacmi
How is she so calm after the 5th shot. I would’ve been acting a damn fool lol
V Ratt Heanh
V Ratt Heanh Pred 9 mesiacmi
Becky​ g​ so​ cute
Madalina Petre
Madalina Petre Pred 9 mesiacmi
If you love Becky , like this comm ❤️
Murat Tekin
Murat Tekin Pred 9 mesiacmi
Ella es mucho bella. Te Amo Mucho Becky Mucho :) :)
Pantelis Ilori
Pantelis Ilori Pred 9 mesiacmi
If ofb catches her she will be put in a spliff
Pantelis Ilori
Pantelis Ilori Pred 9 mesiacmi
She’s gun leaning
Naomi DeLeon
Naomi DeLeon Pred 9 mesiacmi
You Rock Becky G!🎉💛🤗
Jose Blaze
Jose Blaze Pred 10 mesiacmi
Thats not tequila -_-
Xaeyuh Pred 10 mesiacmi
me: hears the key word 2:02 my brain : hey dude come here....i need a CHONGO
Fendi Class
Fendi Class Pred 10 mesiacmi
shAnu gAUtAm
shAnu gAUtAm Pred 10 mesiacmi
shE izz sO cUtE😍❤😍
thatjulez2 Pred 10 mesiacmi
I literally feel drunk for her!
peterodz67 ruiz
peterodz67 ruiz Pred 10 mesiacmi
Elote, chocolate abuelita, pinapple, and jalapeno pizza are my favorites!!!
avakin nina
avakin nina Pred 10 mesiacmi
The puppys 🥺😍😘
Keilani Gonzalez
Keilani Gonzalez Pred 11 mesiacmi
Hearing her say the names of the food made me soo HUNGRY!
Andrea Carson
Andrea Carson Pred 11 mesiacmi
you need to try pepperoni, pineapple and jalapenos!
Dior Diorrrs
Dior Diorrrs Pred 11 mesiacmi
Theres no way that shes not drunk. I think its water. Id be acting all crazy.
Marry Janne
Marry Janne Pred 11 mesiacmi
Damn I know she was fucked up after she left she took like 8 shots
Rockyy 14
Rockyy 14 Pred 11 mesiacmi
wen she said left eye 😍
This is M&S Vlogs
This is M&S Vlogs Pred 11 mesiacmi
There’s no way she took that many shots back to back and talked completely sober... hmm
Nea Santos
Nea Santos Pred 11 mesiacmi
Beckey G 🇧🇷🤘
Abigail Mills
Abigail Mills Pred 11 mesiacmi
When she said Selena i screamed
Il Italiano
Il Italiano Pred 11 mesiacmi
Where’s Guillermo?
FullRiver Pred 11 mesiacmi
Wow, I didn’t think she was this person. I am actually surprised. I just hope the sociologist won’t shit on her at a certain age like they have done with others in music multi million business industry of money making machine. Britney Spears was one of those naive teenage girls who thought was doing the greatest thing until the sociologist question her in the whole superior morality crap probably a decade ago. She certainly lost her mind for a short period of time when they confronted her with that morality shit as if the US or any western society has or will ever have any moral authority.🙄 Time will tell how she will survive what is coming for her. Fame in mainstream media is not what most people think. There is a price to it.
FullRiver Pred 11 mesiacmi
Did she just said bucky G?
Durval Fabiano Barbosa
Durval Fabiano Barbosa Pred 11 mesiacmi
te adoro gatinha ,com tequila fica (do jeito que o diabo gosta )
Na'ilah Vicente Playz
Na'ilah Vicente Playz Pred 11 mesiacmi
Am I the only one who saw she doesn't even finish it
Senai Acosta
Senai Acosta Pred 11 mesiacmi
Uhhh 3 shots in I would have at least a BUZZ!!! that's water!!! Lmao
Trinidad Cordova
Trinidad Cordova Pred 11 mesiacmi
I hate how she says "Duh" 😒😒
Brian Djordjevic
Brian Djordjevic Pred 11 mesiacmi
You can be my Uber driver
M H Pred 11 mesiacmi
That one pup when she’s talking to it 👀😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖 I love how it made eye contact with her while she was speaking.
thatssosarah Pred 11 mesiacmi
Literally though I was the only one that liked pepperoni pizza with pineapple and jalapeños until I saw this and I love Becky G even more now because of it.
CGmomo Pred 11 mesiacmi
Would really like to know what kind of tequila she's drinking lol it seems like it looks good to drink ☺️😋
Fernando Cardenas
Fernando Cardenas Pred 11 mesiacmi
0:21 😂🤣🤣
christina marion
christina marion Pred 11 mesiacmi
becky: *takes a shot of tequila like a champ* me: *almost dies , starts coughing, faces scrunches up, drowning it down by chaser*
desiray Chacon
desiray Chacon Pred 11 mesiacmi
I love her! She seems so down to earth and I can relate to her on a latina vibe 🥰
Linda T
Linda T Pred 11 mesiacmi
Party foul, she left some tequila in the cup.
sky blue
sky blue Pred rokom
I wanna see Becky G and Selena Gomez do a song together or a movie together. It would be nice to see a Hispanic cast in a movie, especially with them. Love them both!
Prof3ssor's Lab
Prof3ssor's Lab Pred rokom
Why is she so perfect 😭😭😭😭
Pamela Gallo
Pamela Gallo Pred rokom
The salt on the side of her mouth for a while was bugging me lol she’s still a cutie
Cynthia Ramos
Cynthia Ramos Pred rokom
Becky G is so tiny but shes my woman crush 😍😁
docteur Imene Dr Imene
docteur Imene Dr Imene Pred rokom
My best single in the world Becky G ❤👍
Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez Pred rokom
Is that water
Salvador Ruiz
Salvador Ruiz Pred rokom
She’s not drinking them completely lol
Emily Pablo
Emily Pablo Pred rokom
Who else would accidentally stretched a leg out and throw everything down 😂
Alex Vigil
Alex Vigil Pred rokom
Becky G is so adorable 🤧😍😍🥺
John Diesel
John Diesel Pred rokom
She’s so gorgeous!!! If I was famous I’d send her flowers every week 😍 & whatever warms her heart ❤️
Summer510 Pred rokom
Gaby Polanco
Gaby Polanco Pred rokom
You can even see in the glass the cold water mark. Tequila does not cool to drink ;)
Jonathan Maldonado
Jonathan Maldonado Pred rokom
Eso es agua...
LyricalteaTingz Pred rokom
Dis how many times she said like? ⬇️
Paula Cruz
Paula Cruz Pred rokom
Hold up- i'm all for pineapple pizza, but... pineapple AND pepperoni? Yall-
Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz Pred rokom
Joel Percy De La Vega Calixtro
Joel Percy De La Vega Calixtro Pred rokom
Soy de Perú i no entiendo ni mucho y además los que son de PERÚ un laik 🇵🇪🙃😶
Joel Percy De La Vega Calixtro
Joel Percy De La Vega Calixtro Pred rokom
Joel Percy De La Vega Calixtro
Joel Percy De La Vega Calixtro Pred rokom
Maaike de Jong
Maaike de Jong Pred rokom
Why isn’t she drunk yet?????!
Andres Alvarez
Andres Alvarez Pred rokom
Marry me! Jajajajajajaja
Evelin Contreras
Evelin Contreras Pred rokom
The fact that she said one of her favorite names in her collection is “chola” and now she has a whole collection named “hola chola” 🤩❤️
sandra aghelian
sandra aghelian Pred rokom
i think some were tequila and some were water, and it was a surprise what she ended up taking 😂
Vanessa Ramos
Vanessa Ramos Pred rokom
Becky u leaving some tequila in that cup girl. U need to drink the whole thing
britt.b Pred rokom
Who the hell is this lmao
Alondra Rangel
Alondra Rangel Pred rokom
i love this new BECKY G SHE IS MORE OF MY TYPE
Marcelo Zamora Pisfil
Marcelo Zamora Pisfil Pred rokom
i didn't understaund a shit , but it went well
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