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Truth · Gucci Mane
Big Caz Presents Down South Bangers, Vol. 2
℗ 2013 Mothugrecords
Released on: 2013-05-07
Writer: Radric Davis
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4 • years ago
4 • years ago Pred mesiacom
And jeezy
He next
All these rappers dieing 😭😭😭
Kawactus v2
Kawactus v2 Pred mesiacom
Jeezy better but Gucci is more street nigga
agthaog1986 Pred 2 mesiacmi
1st time hearing it ( well 2nd time if u count the verzuz) not gonna lie this shyt is tough. He speaking wiiillld facts even if u not familiar at all its all closely connected info
Beautifully Tee
Beautifully Tee Pred 2 mesiacmi
Beautifully Tee
Beautifully Tee Pred 2 mesiacmi
b g
b g Pred 2 mesiacmi
My bwwwwoooooyyyyy‼️🥶
Ysl Niles
Ysl Niles Pred 2 mesiacmi
Ready for the November 19
Ronald Fry
Ronald Fry Pred 5 mesiacmi
Maybe one day? Who knowzzz
Kristian Kolev
Kristian Kolev Pred 5 mesiacmi
I just read the references in Genius and oh boy Gucci is even more savage than I thought
e Pred 6 mesiacmi
the 808 bass in this sounds evil af lol
Derrick Norman
Derrick Norman Pred 6 mesiacmi
Right now
Clarence Frerene
Clarence Frerene Pred 7 mesiacmi
First off nigga let me load my pistol
Gui West GAMES
Gui West GAMES Pred 8 mesiacmi
name of 1 song ???
ShaneStrom89 Pred 7 mesiacmi
@Lah Ant i remember slappin' that shit back in the day :P
Lah Ant
Lah Ant Pred 8 mesiacmi
If you talkin bout tha 1st song dat came on it was "Icy”
Dani Baez
Dani Baez Pred 8 mesiacmi
el mejor 👌👑💲
Andrew Thunder
Andrew Thunder Pred 8 mesiacmi
One of the most underated beef in hip hop since pac and big, Gucci caught a body then threw it in jeezys face lol
Germaine Rucker
Germaine Rucker Pred 8 mesiacmi
Nigga he went to jeezy Birthday party. Bruh
official slaytoven
official slaytoven Pred 8 mesiacmi
facts and beat the case "go dig ya patna up be he caint say shiii
Alex Maness
Alex Maness Pred 8 mesiacmi
Like flocka said let them guns blam nigga
Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson Pred 8 mesiacmi
I aint a real rapper ima fuckin grave digger
Josh Poinsett
Josh Poinsett Pred 9 mesiacmi
Got shot in the chest , played this song on my way to the hospital
Josh Poinsett
Josh Poinsett Pred 7 mesiacmi
@Jonny Arant still alive homie
Jonny Arant
Jonny Arant Pred 7 mesiacmi
Praying for you man
Jonny Arant
Jonny Arant Pred 7 mesiacmi
Caught a hot one huh? Yep it ain't cheap pain,that's pain,like rit there with death holding hands with death.
Alex Maness
Alex Maness Pred 8 mesiacmi
Damn homie, for real?
Lucas Varela
Lucas Varela Pred 9 mesiacmi
I think the game diss harder
Money Makin Mitch
Money Makin Mitch Pred 9 mesiacmi
Xanman did it better idc idc
DeeMuneyy TV
DeeMuneyy TV Pred 7 mesiacmi
U tripping xan bumping but nahh
Hayden Gary
Hayden Gary Pred 9 mesiacmi
Taylor Bridges
Taylor Bridges Pred 9 mesiacmi
DOES ANYONE know what Sound the producer used for that Melody?!?!????
Jose Razo
Jose Razo Pred 2 mesiacmi
Shit lot of drugs for sure
Akers OL
Akers OL Pred 8 mesiacmi
It sound like some nexus synth
Baby Reasons
Baby Reasons Pred rokom
R M Pred 5 mesiacmi
official slaytoven
official slaytoven Pred 8 mesiacmi
still here burrr
RageHD Pred 8 mesiacmi
FinessedBricks Pred 9 mesiacmi
Baby Reasons 2019 :/
BEPIS Pred rokom
[Verse 1:] 80 chains going and ain't took one yet Ain't nothing retarded 'bout Gucci but this gold Rolex A ten thousand dollar bounty put on my neck I hope you didn't pay them cause they didn't have no success You seen my interview nigga and you got upset I seen your interview too, you looked oh so stressed I think the nigga just mad cause I fucked his ex And I'm a big dog, he got the lil' boy complex Go dig your partner up nigga, bet he can't say shit And if you looking for the kid I'll be in Zone 6 I hit a birthday party fresh, you and ya homeboy Tip I know y'all seen me over there with that black fo' fifth I bought a Bentley Mulsanne, it look just like Tip's But I never went platinum, do you catch my drift I never let a nigga do me like Tip did Flip This the same shit that got Big and 2Pac killed [Interlude:] For the record, this is not a diss record Just the truth It's Gucci the living legend Oh, yea I'm a legend Living legend nigga Respect that [Verse 2:] I ain't playing with ya, I ain't trying to dance with ya I ain't using hands, let them rubberbands get ya It take money to go to war and we can go to war nigga I ain't no real rapper, I'm a fucking grave digger I'm a old school fool, don't make me show my age nigga Grab a Louisville and turn it to a batting cage nigga I did a song with Keyshia Cole and I know you still miss her But Puff was fucking her while you was falling in love with her Call you to do a song, wouldn't even smoke no bud with ya I was screaming so icy and was a neighborhood nigga This AR is my back up cause I don't need nan nigga Must didn't hear when Flocka said "Let them guns blam nigga!" Used to drive to Birmingham with a lot of grams nigga I'm just who I am nigga but I ain't sparing nan nigga I know it's hard for you to sleep knowing you killed your homeboy You left his son to be a bastard, won't even raise ya own boy [Outro]
Mark S
Mark S Pred rokom
Jus counting paper.. Just counting paper
Mike S
Mike S Pred rokom
Dam Gucci dope ass song vibes playa as fuck.
Truth remix
Juan Antonio Bal
Juan Antonio Bal Pred 2 rokmi
Brrr Dont play boy 🔥🔥🔥
Andrew Espejo
Andrew Espejo Pred 2 rokmi
Alzabian Horne
Alzabian Horne Pred 2 rokmi
jesse lane
jesse lane Pred 2 rokmi
i did a song with Keyshia Cole and i know u still miss her but puff was fucken her while u was fallin in love with her.
Dank Beast
Dank Beast Pred 2 rokmi
Gucciii MANEEE you gotta bring this song or beat back for a throwback. this is probably the chillest simplest song eva.
Tonya Blackwell
Tonya Blackwell Pred 2 rokmi
mike jones
mike jones Pred 3 rokmi
Suckas keep on doubting mee
Dylan Zook
Dylan Zook Pred rokom
@DarkBluCuzU100 shut up
Swagkashi Hatake
Swagkashi Hatake Pred 2 rokmi
mike jones downing me*
shemar perkins
shemar perkins Pred 3 rokmi
ayy this was my song
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