WORLD RECORD Spore Speedrun Any% Hard 56:08

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Current World Record for Spore completed from Cell Stage to the Center of the Galaxy (Galactic Core) on Hard Difficulty in 56 minutes and 8 seconds. This is the first time Spore has been completed on Hard Difficulty in less than 1 hour!
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This was my first commentary of something this long so I really hope I sounded clear and concise and most importantly that I kept the commentary interesting throughout the run. The first 10 minutes or so were scripted but the rest was with notes. Feed back is always welcome as I want to do more commentary videos like this one! I know there are some commentary mistakes like claiming to have 10 spice geysers instead of 8 in Civ, sometimes confusing the Tribal Instruments, and some other small things ;) Overall I am very happy with this run and I am going to go update some of my other speed runs as well to bring them up to the current strategies.
This is the "New Game" (NG) category for Spore Speed runs. This is to simulate someone's very first time playing Spore. In this category only default Maxis made creations are in the Sporepedia at the start of the run, and there was no extra outside help from previous Space Stage saves during the run.
Cell Stage: (0:00)
Creature Stage: (7:55)
Tribal Stage: (24:03)
Civilization Stage: (42:46)
Space Stage: (52:22)

/////////////////////////////////// Pred 2 hodinami
i like your commentary style and i think it is a great addition, but the audio mixing is messed up. the game is louder than you when you speak. we can still hear and understand what you are saying, but not without a strain.
The one eggo
The one eggo Pred 17 hodinami
your factory was the same as mine weird
piece ctrl microwave
piece ctrl microwave Pred 2 dňami
Wow. Truly a Legend.
Tobot 27
Tobot 27 Pred 6 dňami
My personal best is 2:14:29
Santiago Toledo
Santiago Toledo Pred 8 dňami
wow the first speedrunner who talks on his speedruns
Ethan Lundeen
Ethan Lundeen Pred 9 dňami
Your telling me that I've played this game for a decade and still haven't been able to complete space stage, and you complete the entire game in an hour?
Rujewitblood Pred 12 dňami
Never heard of this game. Damn, looks like literally a few different games in one, they don't make them like this anymore
Ян Корнаков
Ян Корнаков Pred 14 dňami
I can't download spore, because it requires old system.
KinglyValence Pred 13 dňami
I play through Steam on Windows 10. Works great there :D
O am L
O am L Pred 18 dňami
I would have been so lost if you hadn't added the commentary. Watched the whole video!
daven Tito
daven Tito Pred 19 dňami
I dont really know or how to play this game but youtube recommendation showed it to me and im interested.
Carlos Gabriel Aguilar
Carlos Gabriel Aguilar Pred 19 dňami
i thought nobody would
Shadow64 Pred 20 dňami
Why is this on 2M views
Seth Bell
Seth Bell Pred 20 dňami
In civstage you could just ctrl+shift+C and type in the command to unlock superweapons, then unleash the biggest one. It takes over all colonies at once
KinglyValence Pred 13 dňami
The speed run is always done without cheats. But perhaps a speed run using all the cheats would be fun one day!
randomeuropeanguy Pred 21 dňom
I feel like im probably on my own in my love of the Space stage, but its my favourite stage XD I love the combat and conquering and diplomacy and all the kinds of things ill meet and do! really soak it in. takes me....almost infinitely longer to get to the center cos i never aim for it im having too much fun in the stage just being an empire and conquering and trading and such
randomeuropeanguy Pred 13 dňami
@KinglyValence also just noticed you're the poster of this video, I adore watching you speed run spore haha, its by far one of the best games out there but you certainly add a lot to it here for me
randomeuropeanguy Pred 13 dňami
@KinglyValence yeah its like all the other stages to me are just the story of how my galactic empire came to be I only play those stages for the colour cards for space empire types (and they're fun too) and to make my race feel developed/grounded in the universe and then the space stage is where the real game begins hehe
KinglyValence Pred 13 dňami
Space is by far the most fun casually. I have hundreds of hours doing the exact same thing you described! I totally relate to that! :D
Google made me change my name damn it
Google made me change my name damn it Pred 24 dňami
How fast do you think it could go with say a hundred hours practice or a thousand?
_ghayth Pred 27 dňami
Man I love this vid and the commentary 👍
TheOhGodOfHangovers Pred 28 dňami
I loved this game SOOO MUCH. I spent months just making creature to populate other peoples worlds lol ❤️
Wojszym PL
Wojszym PL Pred 28 dňami
Mayoo FM
Mayoo FM Pred 29 dňami
nobody makes this kind of game agane :c
nightfoxy Pred 29 dňami
This speedrun made me play spore again I forgot how awsome that game is
ADDS FTL Pred 29 dňami
9:41 god damn zerglings are just speedrun spore's creature
Eli Adams
Eli Adams Pred mesiacom
My least favorite was in space, it’s just boring at that point
Abelardo Mangold
Abelardo Mangold Pred mesiacom
nice content
Floyd Näher
Floyd Näher Pred mesiacom
Imagine aliens speedrunning humanity
Sleepy Aj
Sleepy Aj Pred mesiacom
Never saw past tribal from like 6-8 years ago from the yters i used to watch being able to re experience spore and see more of the game i never got to see as a kid within a hour is amazing
Jesse Suppers
Jesse Suppers Pred mesiacom
when he died in creature stage, the timer was at 2020. coincedence? i think not
DubstepMagiic Pred mesiacom
At first I wasn’t taking this seriously but your knowledge of this game is actually impressive man. Good job ❤️
Chesterness_ Pred mesiacom
Your voice should be louder and the game lower volume because we have trouble hearing you sometimes
KinglyValence Pred mesiacom
Good to know thanks for the heads up, I'll try to improve the audio balancing on future videos :D
John B
John B Pred mesiacom
Spore, probably one of the more modern non pay to win EA game.
l4Jimmy4l Pred mesiacom
Charkit Pred mesiacom
2:11 "Shiked Spyster"
Q Curtis
Q Curtis Pred mesiacom
Me: **Dies in creature stage** The game: **Crashes** Me: Well at least I saved. The game: Welcome to cell stage!
Risenex Pred mesiacom
It's so nice to see that so many people have interest in this legendary game. So happy here it's my fav game from childhood.
xD slippery_ Aneurysm
xD slippery_ Aneurysm Pred mesiacom
This is super entertaining
Dawn Of Merc
Dawn Of Merc Pred mesiacom
Never thought the youtube algorithm would give me a hidden gem for speedruns
Baroque TV
Baroque TV Pred mesiacom
This is game i hve been playing long time ago.. and im forget the name of the game until now.. thank you bro 👍👍
Captian Corn
Captian Corn Pred mesiacom
I was reading this and my brain broke so I was like WORLD RECORD (ree-cord)
Video Kedisi
Video Kedisi Pred mesiacom
As someone who owned spore since when my older brother bought it when I was barely 6, I've been in love with Spore. The game that teached me english and a bit of reading // writing seeing some attention today makes me really happy. Amazing speedrun :)
Rialyn Yiftheg
Rialyn Yiftheg Pred mesiacom
"It's not like they can...yknow go to a different one" 🥺
Matei G
Matei G Pred mesiacom
i used to play this game but i never finished creature stage. no i just went to blowing up the planet with ICBMs great vid, even to i didn't watch it all
Zed Pred mesiacom
I really loved this game.
CouchPotato Pred mesiacom
great commentary!
Tavon Luther
Tavon Luther Pred mesiacom
How is the video length longer
mettatonic404 Pred mesiacom
Watched the whole way through gang?
Luis Pérez
Luis Pérez Pred mesiacom
My men you make it look so easy!
Daniel Graf
Daniel Graf Pred mesiacom
Wow, you make this shit game look like it was actual fun! Most disappointing video game ever!
He TheForgottenOne
He TheForgottenOne Pred mesiacom
Felt more like a tutorial than speed run
croissant Pred mesiacom
Who knew you could speed run spore
Tuxedoed Bird
Tuxedoed Bird Pred mesiacom
Watching this makes me want to buy spore and play it again
LetsJess Pred mesiacom
man i want to play this game again but im scared of viruses that will appea when i want to download it
KinglyValence Pred mesiacom
I play on Steam. The game is safe to download there :)
bd95382 Pred mesiacom
What a callback. Glad the algorithm decided to favor you. Shame I feel like I've totally outgrown the game. Hopefully we get a second one some day.
DarkStroph Pred mesiacom
He do be speedrunning life tho
Ibechillin_34 Pred mesiacom
i dont even know wuts going on and havent even heard of this game but i still watched the whole thing
aldyooo Pred mesiacom
aldyooo Pred mesiacom
Notice how your creature are ugly, we guys spent 2 hours designing our creatures😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ben Troyer
Ben Troyer Pred mesiacom
Okay I know this has probably already be pointed out but spore is primal zerg simulater.
John Westmoreland
John Westmoreland Pred mesiacom
i was watching bugs life or for the first few seconds. decided it would be boring, skipped to 49:37. the guy is now playing starcraft 2, and talking about how to win you have to “overpower their religious attacks when 2 other religious groups meet in battle.” i think to myself, “ok. ill watch it. fine.”
Arxenium the Immortal
Arxenium the Immortal Pred mesiacom
Nice playthrough! Thanks for the nice hour of commentary!
NotYozuka Pred mesiacom
I've never seen a Spore speedrun. I've never even played the game. But the SVpost algorithm led me here. The way you explaied why and how you did all those little tricks and glitches is great, Valence! Thanks for the enjoyable video! And congrats for the WR!
CoDangIt Pred mesiacom
I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone go last the tribal,,,,
meltingzero Pred mesiacom
Spoiler: ------------- Me in the center part the run: Is this a speedrun until 42 or just until the end of civ stage? I don't know how Spore any% works. Me at minute 43: So apparently it's just until after civ, I mean, there's only 13 minutes left now and even if he finishes civ stage very fast, there's no way. Aren't there all these things you have to do in space stage until you can hope to reach the center? Me from minute 52: what is happening, what is happening, WHAT IS HAPPENING
meltingzero Pred mesiacom
To add to that, I really enjoyed your playthrough. You really sold it for me with your post-commentary. Elaborate, comfortable, refined, made me want to watch til the end when without it I wouldn't've. Deserves every single view.
Joseph St. Jules
Joseph St. Jules Pred mesiacom
This is the greatest thing I never knew I wanted to see
RandomFlyingSoup Pred mesiacom
Great, now I wanna play spores again.
Mike S.
Mike S. Pred mesiacom
Ah, the ol' “we do a thing” commentary. Speedrunners have so many split personalities
JR R Pred mesiacom
Your commentary had me hooked and this brings back great nostalgia. Good job!!! Its harder than it seems to be engaging and not droning on and on
Louis Goodland
Louis Goodland Pred mesiacom
Anyone notice how the squigglys AI is broken? they seem to think they are carnivores... and the needle buzzys are peaceful! I think the AI between the two were switched
Paolo Marinos
Paolo Marinos Pred mesiacom
Glad ppl still play this, I just got to the center of the galaxy for the very first time this week!
rat Pred mesiacom
For me, the tribal stage is way too short
Mr Squidward
Mr Squidward Pred mesiacom
Hey this is was going to be world record no matter what you do anyways lol , you was first to speedrun hard mode . Nicce job !!!
Michał Krawczyk
Michał Krawczyk Pred 2 mesiacmi
It's 2:38 am, I don't know why I'm watching this.
somelcs / Priel
somelcs / Priel Pred 2 mesiacmi
You searched for this right? Or is it only me?
Leviatano Oscuro
Leviatano Oscuro Pred 2 mesiacmi
The alternative timeline were Nicol Bolas take over the universe
Shortie Pred 2 mesiacmi
why am i watching a spore speedrun at 5:30am
welzze Pred 2 mesiacmi
Spore is so nostalgic i rember when spore came out 2008
im not telling you my name
im not telling you my name Pred 2 mesiacmi
Might be worth it to grab a proboscis in the cell stage you can eat right through the mouths of other cells with it instead of angling your spikes
Bihexmor Pred 2 mesiacmi
i finish the cell stage in 3 mins
KinglyValence Pred 2 mesiacmi
Got a vid? I'd love to see it!
Nova Sky
Nova Sky Pred 2 mesiacmi
Great run, i used to play Spore all the time but i'd always get to the space stage and start playing it like it was Elite spend weeks just exploring and never get to the core. So it was nice to finally meet Steve from Earth Time- shares plc. XD
Brunardo 0'8
Brunardo 0'8 Pred 2 mesiacmi
Boseis. Saber cómu descargar espore
Jaden Jn charles
Jaden Jn charles Pred 2 mesiacmi
The current 999 dislikes
Filip Dolanský
Filip Dolanský Pred 2 mesiacmi
This creature used in the speedrun reminds me of Kha'Zix from LoL, wings, spikes, invisibility, similar body posture, and even the whole "evolution" theme of the game matches the character
Andre C. Fennell
Andre C. Fennell Pred 2 mesiacmi
It’s reached that point in the night
old CB
old CB Pred 2 mesiacmi
alystair Pred 2 mesiacmi
This... seems like something that should be part of AGDQ.
No Name Sorry
No Name Sorry Pred 2 mesiacmi
I find civ stage super fun to play but actually equally as boring to watch for some reason I really enjoyed your commentary btw
BoxBoi Gaming
BoxBoi Gaming Pred 2 mesiacmi
This guy beat spore faster than me trying to design a car
Tygon Pred 2 mesiacmi
23:34 2 different feet lol
Machr293 Pred 2 mesiacmi
Wauw, I thought you could only create something in Spore, there is actually things to complete!?!
黃大佬【Pewdiepie粉丝】 Pred 2 mesiacmi
Hoppy The Ghost
Hoppy The Ghost Pred 2 mesiacmi
I hold control and try to rip off a limb for my feet but it doesn't work, guessing it was removed
KinglyValence Pred 2 mesiacmi
When grabbing the legs to rip off the part grab between the blue scroll balls on the legs. Won't work if you're moused over those (when they're yellow) I hope that helps!
frenchiveruti Pred 2 mesiacmi
Hold up. What about this video. It states it holds the WR...
Kodlaken Pred 2 mesiacmi
That's an easy difficulty speedrun, this is on hard difficulty.
khomo zhea
khomo zhea Pred 2 mesiacmi
the fact thatthat's how the most efficient creature looks like, is disapointing
Vlnny The Clown
Vlnny The Clown Pred 2 mesiacmi
me at 2am: i should go to sleep youtube: wanna see spore WR? me: *shit redboy thats all you had to say*
Benedek Molnár
Benedek Molnár Pred 2 mesiacmi
How can you recharge your energy without clicking it in space stage?
KinglyValence Pred 2 mesiacmi
Ctrl + 1 is the hot key :) Holding control uses the second row.
Knordik Pred 2 mesiacmi
Speed running spore in 2020.. the video game community is seriously the best community
Maiguelairou Pred 2 mesiacmi
love how chill the speedrun is
lil cyka
lil cyka Pred 2 mesiacmi
spore remasterd would be epic!
Rosa Lane
Rosa Lane Pred 2 mesiacmi
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Peter Prime
Peter Prime Pred 2 mesiacmi
What's with these bots?
The Worst Abomination
The Worst Abomination Pred 2 mesiacmi
Hey m8, speaking from someone who has zero attention span, nor am interested in Spore or ever watches speedruns, nice. Your style with the explanations through commentary is extremely engaging and kept me of all people watching.
nah fam
nah fam Pred 2 mesiacmi
I'm a huge fan of your speedruns! I went to and I found out you are 1st place in almost everything Spore related, plus second place in some halo stuff (I don't play halo so I don't really know.) Please continue to post videos and I hope you have a nice day!
Jonathan H Kim
Jonathan H Kim Pred 2 mesiacmi
I've never played this game and I ahve no idea what's going on lmao from cell to space ship like whaaaaaaa
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