Xiaomi Mi 11 Unboxing & Review.

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Unboxing and Full Review of the New 2021 Xiaomi Mi 11! Includes Camera test, battery test, specs, features and more. Subscribe to see the Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra when those phones inevitably come out too!
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Mrwhosetheboss Pred mesiacom
For everyone who came within the first hour, here's a virtual cookie 🍪 To see the video all about Fake Reviews on SVpost: svpost.info/project/video/3Nt6pZSrm2awfrY.html
H MY Pred 6 dňami
can you review the Mi 11 Ultra?
Peachy Milk
Peachy Milk Pred 8 dňami
Aren't 90 percent of the things software wise on the samsung
Ts Ong
Ts Ong Pred 9 dňami
Mi 11 is value for money
Ts Ong
Ts Ong Pred 9 dňami
Thank you for sharing
Uroš Stanišić
Uroš Stanišić Pred 18 dňami
I like icons on miui
Marcus Yeung
Marcus Yeung Pred hodinou
i regret checking the tv behind you
Gucci Pucci
Gucci Pucci Pred 3 hodinami
If only xiaomi is available in the us
hkfo Pred 3 hodinami
Hi Arun, I'm harvey from Malaysia.. After watching ur video, I have decided to get the latest Xiaomi Mi 11..Its about time to change my old phone..Thanks Arun, love ur channel..
Satinkuti Pred 11 hodinami
I'm sad they didnt stick with the skeleton desing, i really liked that.
2GAMERCLUB Pred 14 hodinami
3:30 look at the left screen he rick rolled us 😐 Also 13:23 in the right screen 😒
Wolfy da Gamer
Wolfy da Gamer Pred 14 hodinami
Why is there like a rick-roll in most of the videos.. is it a joke?
Chubbyknoob Pred 15 hodinami
HOLD UP YOU HAVE A PS5...... HOLD UP or is it just the controller😅
Someone Pred 17 hodinami
MW3 was one of the things I least expected here
M PM Pred 17 hodinami
Or buy the China Version, unlock it, install xiaomi.eu rom and then don't worry about OTA nor updates nor bloat anymore.
Mehmet Barış Kırçı
Mehmet Barış Kırçı Pred 18 hodinami
12:19 khm khm TURKEY
Owen Blue
Owen Blue Pred 20 hodinami
3:25 wow thanks for rickrolling me
Phantom Dark
Phantom Dark Pred 20 hodinami
Mrwhosetheboss Rickrolled 4.3 million people Now that's impressive
GOLDEN. Pred 20 hodinami
8:27 SUS! Are you sus? I NEED to make sure..
zej lol
zej lol Pred 21 hodinou
3:33 please explain why i got rick rolled in a review😂😂😂
This is the best face looking phone ever.
Aman Ali
Aman Ali Pred dňom
12.5? I already have 12.6
nasrin akter
nasrin akter Pred dňom
3:22 never gonna give you up
THEOP05 Pred dňom
Did anyone else see Rick Ashley in the background???
Jedric Barlow
Jedric Barlow Pred dňom
What is your outro music?
Jedric Barlow
Jedric Barlow Pred dňom
3:25 did we just get Rick rolled?
Ian Sinkovits
Ian Sinkovits Pred dňom
So, in conclusion.... 1. The camera gives nice detail, but still flawed, like every other hi spec mobile, meaning they all almost even out. 2. It actually will cost more than you think. 3. The animations make you smile. 4. The charging is super ridiculous. Does that mean it will naker out the battery faster then other devices? 5. Small battery, considering the rest of the spec sheet. NOT a must buy for me, although it clearly has a lot going for it, and that binning photos to 20 odd megapixels IS much better than down to 12 (SAMSUNG!!). Am on the S21 ULTRA, and it is nice, but not perfect, but it is nicely balanced out. Not super fast charging, but not exactly slow. Nice sound, but lacks base, still not quite a match to HTC's old boom sound, but hardly anything is. Le sigh. No SD card slot....nope, hate that. 512 gig storage, yeah, OK, I can live with that. Adaptive refresh 120 H is v. nice, no complaints. I can see why anyone would be giddy over the Mi 11, it's mostly the pointless shiny shiny tickling our funny bones, but that is fairly inconsequential and cosmetic stuff. Still, looks cool, but it is just THE FLASHY shiny shiny.
Allian Forest
Allian Forest Pred 2 dňami
Good review we having here mate.
龚德飞 Pred 2 dňami
The thin particle culturally coach because baritone comparatively switch notwithstanding a magical anatomy. hysterical, incandescent july
Giuseppe2245 -H_27_RUN
Giuseppe2245 -H_27_RUN Pred 2 dňami
600 dollars... seems a fair price...ITALY: 900 EUROS... LIKE 300 MORE THAN A FUKING S2O ULTRA... . UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE... how much of iva (imoposta valore aggiunt) or translated TAXES am i supposed to pay??? God above this is rubbish!
arian ifty
arian ifty Pred 2 dňami
Oneplus 7t pro maclaren or mi 11??help me to choose?
hiroshi yamashita
hiroshi yamashita Pred 2 dňami
5:02 Amogus
My s7 edge does this vid in 2160p
Mr. Small Dancer
Mr. Small Dancer Pred 2 dňami
2:15 “128/256 gb of fastest storage” 🤣
ThebossVEGETA Pred 3 dňami
ok : )
Dastageer Masali
Dastageer Masali Pred 3 dňami
gigglebob69 Pred 3 dňami
It's also very pretty lol
Mike Ivsin
Mike Ivsin Pred 3 dňami
Very nice review. Two things: the 888 has heat issues on other phones. No word on that here. The second thing is that I love pop up cams and have a Xiaomi phone that I just cannot put aside. Oh, how much does it weigh? Too many heavy phones out there and would like to buy a phone under 200 grams.
Set Hut
Set Hut Pred 3 dňami
Please give me a phone
Phones Tablets
Phones Tablets Pred 3 dňami
Congratulations on the format display of the video
the chubby artist
the chubby artist Pred 3 dňami
Is that a rick roll in the TVs
Wikidi Pred 3 dňami
I really want a xiaomi but I am in the states
Giada Francisca
Giada Francisca Pred 3 dňami
The woozy hurricane operationally surprise because witness consistently inject onto a physical desire. alcoholic, modern donkey
DunePanda Pred 3 dňami
that sub request was ......... ACE! lol
goldenyoda Pred 4 dňami
gotta get the purple one too
GinoMarks Pred 4 dňami
Other country’s: wow there’s so much competition in the smartphone market I’m going to have to do my research to see which is best for me US for 14 years now: what do you mean “there’s other phone brands?”
Henrik Koukku
Henrik Koukku Pred 4 dňami
This Xiaomi Mi11 camera comparison (Huawei P30) ...please. 🤔
Négyszázhúsz69 Pred 4 dňami
Global version has a charger in the box
ScottishTamburello Pred 4 dňami
Where can I buy this for $600 then? lol
PlaybyRaine Pred 4 dňami
I waaaant it!!!
Jaden Lobo
Jaden Lobo Pred 4 dňami
Hi Arun, Please do an in-depth review of the ps5 and the dual sense controller. 😁
Carole Saad
Carole Saad Pred 4 dňami
Im upgrading from my iphone 6s soon. I was sure of buying the iphone 11 (or the 11 pro) but holy now im really reconsidering
Blue Gaming Media
Blue Gaming Media Pred 4 dňami
This phone haven't gone out of stock
Mohammed Naseeruddin
Mohammed Naseeruddin Pred 5 dňami
Plz xiomi mi 11 ultra
amir Pred 5 dňami
R u gay bro??
Epic Clips
Epic Clips Pred 5 dňami
S21 ultra is good but the only reason why Samsung can getaway with charging high price for it is because xiaomi is not mainstream in the US yet
MikeFromLunch Pred 6 dňami
i got rick rolled.... and so did everyone else that watched this video
Aamir Shafi
Aamir Shafi Pred 6 dňami
Got mine for £610 🤫
Locked Down
Locked Down Pred 6 dňami
getting one if it releases in New Zealand
Locked Down
Locked Down Pred 6 dňami
ffs no charger
Just Vernon
Just Vernon Pred 4 dňami
Global version has a charger
Kacper Pred 6 dňami
you can fix camera with GCam
Kirtiman Gupta
Kirtiman Gupta Pred 6 dňami
"ACE" MrWhosetheboss
Itz Faith
Itz Faith Pred 7 dňami
Hi Mrwhosetheboss, in my opinion most of these phones that give lots of value at lesser prices end up developing issues out of nowhere after a year of usage, so it's like just buying a hardware that will still need to be paid up for again to keep it working...it feels like scamming.🤷
Matthew Baitus
Matthew Baitus Pred 7 dňami
Xiaomi is dominating right now I got the mi 10 t and its price and specs are unbelievable
Devv Nandan Veeravel Murugan
Devv Nandan Veeravel Murugan Pred 7 dňami
Did everybody forget that Harman Kordan is a “Samsung Company“!
Zane Thind
Zane Thind Pred 7 dňami
Xiaomi loves making a big impact somewhere with their smartphones whether it'd be the US or China for example
LearnWithMeJRG 11
LearnWithMeJRG 11 Pred 7 dňami
I Really WISH Samsung would bring back ir blaster!!! :)
LearnWithMeJRG 11
LearnWithMeJRG 11 Pred 7 dňami
Nothing looks better then my Note 20 Ultra 5G.... it is Media Marvelous!!!!
Ahmer Islam
Ahmer Islam Pred 7 dňami
in germany its price is euro 899 mean 1100 dollars
Michael andrei Decendio
Michael andrei Decendio Pred 7 dňami
He rick told us 3:33
Mr. 2cents.
Mr. 2cents. Pred 7 dňami
FYI there is no gravity. It's called buoyancy.
golden gamer
golden gamer Pred 7 dňami
Xiaomi makes value flagship phone Apple : plans to remove in 2024 phone to save *the earth *
Hamed Muana
Hamed Muana Pred 8 dňami
You can clearly see everyone being rick rolled
Nero Pred 8 dňami
Every otaku gamers when we see his apps i- theres genshin impact omg-
Chris acevedo
Chris acevedo Pred 8 dňami
I had the MI 10 and I love that phone like no other phone, but I had to let it go because I live in the US and the phone does not has all the bands to work properly with GSM networks💔 current phone the oneplus 8T and it's aight
Manohar Kawade
Manohar Kawade Pred 8 dňami
3:23 Jokes on you,I enjoy that shit
Muhammad Hassan
Muhammad Hassan Pred 8 dňami
You can be a really good marketer man The way you explain has made me a fan of this phone
CA Sneaks
CA Sneaks Pred 8 dňami
The rainy thistle concretely smell because drama essentially bake lest a depressed gray. straight, ordinary pet
Tarek Crash95
Tarek Crash95 Pred 8 dňami
Redmi k40 pro is OUT 😝😝
Cyrus Wong
Cyrus Wong Pred 8 dňami
Mi 11 released in Malaysia just hours ago. come with 55W Gan charger. 8/128 for RM 2799 (~693 USD), 8/256 for RM2999 (~743 USD)
Shaswat Manoj Jha
Shaswat Manoj Jha Pred 9 dňami
Sound like paid review. But OK.
Ts Ong
Ts Ong Pred 9 dňami
Mi11 is a real value for money
KicksReview J
KicksReview J Pred 9 dňami
The knotty raft shortly burn because lentil naturally glue a a yummy park. previous, elated metal
FIERCE WOLF Pred 9 dňami
Stop rickrolling
Izuco Pred 9 dňami
13:21 bruhh
Goof Kid
Goof Kid Pred 9 dňami
Please do a comparison between this phone samsung s21 ultra and iPhone 12
John Min
John Min Pred 9 dňami
Hi does it have front face speaker with Dolby atmos?
Stelrax Gaming
Stelrax Gaming Pred 9 dňami
Can somebody tell me all the music he used, i make my own vids so i kind of need them
Blossom Glean
Blossom Glean Pred 9 dňami
His accent😫 What Country are u from
oj vic
oj vic Pred 9 dňami
When it comes to value for money, nobody does it like Xiaomi
Snekky Pred 9 dňami
5:03 amogus!1!1!!
Switi Pred 9 dňami
Shut up and take my money !
Micheal angelo Torres
Micheal angelo Torres Pred 9 dňami
Well there's a heating issue in Mi11 Right??
JaayOnPC Pred 9 dňami
i'm going to wait.. It looks great the 10T pro is cheaper than a samsung SE for me on amazon and i'd personally choose that over the samsung but i'm just going to wait for the pro model and see what happens there. I'm on a S9 and im not rushing to upgrade yet but i dont fancy buying a samsung phone to have the gimped exynos version instead..
Lolohenry oi
Lolohenry oi Pred 10 dňami
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john cao
john cao Pred 10 dňami
The melted conifer equally pop because rectangle marginally appreciate like a eminent poultry. weary, acoustic puffin
Andrew Wei
Andrew Wei Pred 10 dňami
How does this compare to the S21 Ultra? I'm about to drop the money on an S21 Ultra, but if this is better, I could save a few bucks purchasing a Mi11 instead
Kurt F
Kurt F Pred 10 dňami
You can see rick astley in the back
TheGloriousPotato Pred 10 dňami
That Fricking tv in the background
TheGloriousPotato Pred 10 dňami
This is the only new phone I'd buy to upgrade from my LG G7 if I had the money.
Best Nkhumeleni
Best Nkhumeleni Pred 10 dňami
is no one going to mention how we were getting rickrolled all throughout the video...
Christopher John Llerin
Christopher John Llerin Pred 10 dňami
I love mi11, but I'm contented already with my pocox3nfc.🥰
d4dragon Pred 10 dňami
wow you just had to do it look an the left screen in 3:28
Osama Navaid
Osama Navaid Pred 10 dňami
waiting for the camera test!
Aiden Castillo
Aiden Castillo Pred 10 dňami
Who else thinks the camera on the phone was a little bit inspired by the iPhone 11?
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