Cinematic tests
iPhone 11 Pro cinematic tests - Apple
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A first look at 4K video in a series of cinematic tests on the new triple-camera system of iPhone 11 Pro. Shot on iPhone by Diego ...
Cinematic Tests - Sony NEX 5R
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More info here: Exclusive film tutorials: Watch over 6 hours of free ...
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Film Look Test
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For all questions regarding the video, please visit IndieTips - Short natural light test with the Blackmagic ...
Sony A7SIII + Atomos Ninja V CINEMATIC Camera Test
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Testing the Sony A7SIII in Low Light - My friends at Kondor Blue want to hook you guys up! ➡ Order your Sony A7SIII Cage at ...
FUJIFILM XT-4 | Real World Cinematography 4K | Cinematic Test Footage
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So you may have seen that I recently managed to get my hands on the Fujifilm XT-4 for a couple of weeks. I've got a few videos ...
iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Cinematic Footage and Photos Camera Test
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Vintage Lenses Feel so Cinematic! - Examples + Tests
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Vintage Lenses and why I love them for videos and filmmaking. Get amazing SFX and more from Storyblocks ...
Source Filmmaker - Cinematic Tests Episode 3
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For those who may not understand, I do these videos for practice. It could be practice for anything, lighting, animation, camera ...
Canon EOS R5 CINEMATIC Camera Test in 8K RAW!
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Testing out the NEW Canon EOS R5 in 8K in a real world production environment to see if it overheats.
Source Filmmaker - Cinematic Tests
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Just wanted to test out lighting and camera angles and whatnot. Hope you guys like it, spent a lot of time on this! Fun to do tests ...
Source Filmmaker - Cinematic Tests - Episode 2
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More tests. Doing these have helped me improve in so many ways, some are simple lighting tests, some animation, some framing.
iPhone 12 Pro VS $40,000 CINEMA CAMERA | B-Roll Camera Test
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Comparing the iPhone 12 Pro against the Red Komodo 6k. The results are surprising! ⚡︎ MY LIGHTROOM Presets: ...
Zhiyun Crane 2S - Cinematic test on Red Komodo 6K
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Since our latest camera upgrade on @RED Digital Cinema Komodo, @Zhiyun-Tech Challenged us by asking: "can you try out our ...
iPhone 11 Cinematic 4K - Short film
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We went to test the iPhone 11 on video and the rendering is very impressive! Just like the iPhone 11 Pro Max it has UltraWide ...
iPhone 11 cinematic tests - Apple
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Shot on iPhone 11 By RD Creation #iphonephotography #iphone #shotoniphone #photography #nature #ig #photooftheday ...
BMPCC 6k Test footage, LOW LIGHT, Graded and Ungraded
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A selection of ungraded and graded clips and low light shots at high ISOs from the BMPCC 6K. Shot in some challenging front lit, ...
Fujifilm X-S10 Test Footage | Cinematic Beast Camera!
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Here We Have The Fujifilm X-S10 Test Footage | Cinematic Beast Camera! | CONNECT US :) Instagram ...
Black Magic Cinema Camera Test
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Testing RAW 2.5k With BMCC EF Lens:Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 canon:24-105mm f4 IS Edit:Premiere cs6 Grade:Davinci resolve 10 ...
Canon 90d Cinematic Video Test (4k)
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Hey, I hope everyone is doing amazing right now. Today I got to test the Canon 90d to see if I could get cinematic video out of it.
ZCam E2 S6 "Cinematic" Test
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Ay yo! Just running some more tests on my new ZCam E2-S6. Shot in 2.4:1 4K, 50FPS, ProRes 422, color graded in davinci ...
ZCam E2 S6 "Cinematic" Test
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Ay yo! Just running some more tests on my new ZCam E2-S6. Shot in 2.4:1 4K, 50FPS, ProRes 422, color graded in davinci ...
Fujifilm XT4 Video Test Cinematic
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Video test: Fujifilm XT4 - Night city cinematic My setup : Fujifilm XT4 Samyang 21mm T1.5 Cine Smallrig (cage, baseplate, rod, ...
Epic Galaxy S20 Ultra Cinematic 8K Video Test!
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review 8K Video Footage Sample! This Cinematic video test is from the Samsung Galaxy S20 series ...
A Cinematic Evening in Chiang Mai, Thailand - Sony A7RIII Low Light Test
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A slow and cinematic evening in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Low light test shot on the Sony A7rIII in the cine4 picture profile, edited in ...
LG V60 ThinQ Camera 8K Video Test! (Cinematic)
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Here is my LG V60 Camera review of the 8K video! The LG V60 shoots in HDR 10+ by default so work has to be done in ...
Canon Rp + RF 24-105mm f4 USM Lens Cinematic Test Video
Zhliadnutia 22 tis. Pred 5 mesiacmi
Can you capture great looking footage with the Canon RP with the RF 24-105mm F/4 USM lens that is usually offered as a kit lens ...
Sony A6500 4k cinematic video test I The Adventure
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Once again with my Buddy Simon and Christina. A short trip to the Highline179 in Austria. I'ld be pleased about your critics and ...
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Cinematic 4K Video Test
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Apple iPhone 11 Pro 4K 24p Cinematic Video Test This is the Apple iPhone 11 Pro 4K Video Test, I have been an apple user for ...
DJI Mavic Mini Cinematic Test (Amsterdam)
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Footage @ 0:53 Order Here: Please LIKE, COMMENT, AND SHARE this video as well as SUBSCRIBE ...
GH5 Cinema Set-up & Tests
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My recommended camera gear Today, I unbox and set up my new camera, the Panasonic GH5! I ended up ...
Canon M50 cinematic tests
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Shot with the Canon EOS M50, in 1080/24p, in our local park. I shot using the VisionColor CineTech picture profile (settings: 2,0,0 ...
Shot on Mi 10 Pro - Cinematic Tests - Xiaomi
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Xiaomi©2020, all rights reserved. I do not own every photo, image or audio in this video. Shot on Mi 10 Pro, with 108MP, ...
iPhone 11 Pro Cinematic 4K: Turkey
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Excited to share with you guys some of the things we got to see and experience on Valentine's day all thanks to the Turkey tourism ...
Cinematic - iPhone 11 Video Quality Test
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iPhone 11 Cinematic Video Test Music licensed by Artlist. Get 2 extra months of unlimited music for your videos: ...
DJI Mavic Air 2 ULTIMATE 4K Cinematic Footage Test (Summer in New England)
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This is the ultimate DJI Mavic Air 2 cinematic video test. Over 300gb of footage and 70 flights went into making this 4-minute video ...
Star Citizen - Director's Mode Cinematic Tests
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MAKE SURE TO WATCH IN 1080p! These are just some cinematic test shots I got in the PU, and threw some Interstellar music ...
Panasonic LUMIX GH5S 4K Cinematic Film test in London (UK)
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Our latest Film Hunters - Global Pandemic LINK Daylight scene start at 0:05 Night ...
Viltrox 23mm f/1.4 XF 10Bit 4K Cinematic (Tested on Fujifilm XT4)
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For more information about this lens plus the Coupon Code, please visit, ...
More Cinematic Tests
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In Preparation for Mexico, I continue my tests of shooting styles. I don't typically say what I'm testing, but this time around I am ...
GoPro Hero 5 Black 4K Cinematic Camera Test
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A 4K Camera Test with the new GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera. Find the GoPro Hero 5 on Amazon: ...